New Hot Shots Golf Out Today – What’s Next?

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Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds
Hey guys, it’s been a while since the last Hot Shots Update … we’ve been a bit swamped here what with the endless hours we play… I mean work… on Hot Shots Golf; however, the timeless idiom is indeed true: all good things must come to an end.

Well for us at least.

And now, we’re officially done with the production side (in a way) of things, and the past few year’s worth of blood, sweat, and tears has finally come to fruition: Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds is officially available nationwide, at retail outlets near you.

I know we’ve been kinda quiet, and the questions have been building up; however, lest you think that we’re all fun and games (well we are in a way) – we’ve been hard at work, like for example hosting various online tournaments both in person and virtually online… and you can check out some of the results here, here, and here.

Right, moving on: “so what’s next Chris?” you might ask. To that I’ll answer “DLC” – as in Downloadable Content… of which we’ll have plenty of, and not just extra characters or new outfits… but actual new game modes, which brings me back to the first paragraph: our work is not finished yet.

What can you expect? You’ll just have to wait and see… but it’s really going to put the “Go” in Golf (is that cryptic enough for you?); it’ll knock you down and under; it’ll make you feel like you’re a small speck on a giant planet… anyways, I could go on and on with cryptic clues – but I won’t. Just be ready for an update from yours truly to unveil some of the cool things we’ll be offering in our downloadable content department.

While you wait for these great goodies to come by, you can spend your days (weeks, nights, months) building up your character’s loyalty and pinning them against the best players (worldwide) in the new Real Tournament online mode. If you’re up for a little friendly match, jump in to the lobby and kick start a quick 8-player match. Just in the mood to hang? Drop into any of the lobbies available and strike up a conversation with players from all over the world… just make sure you sharpen up your international etiquette beforehand, oui?

And please don’t forget the coolest gameplay addition we’ve brought and that is the new Advanced Shot mechanic. We didn’t make the game look this good so you could go through an entire round staring at a power meter! Plus, this system makes the game just that more challenging, so gaming and golf fans alike will really appreciate the nuances the shot system offers. We love it here…we hope you do too.

Oh, and so do the critics. Check out these rave reviews from IGN, G4TV, GameZone, Gametap, and Cheat Code Central.

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  • @15: I agree, I spent 2 hrs and 42miles yesterday going to 9 different stores looking for it.

    Go in Golf could mean a few things.
    A: A game of HORSE, but GOLF
    B: Remote ready, hopefully, probably more wishful.
    C: You’re now working on HSG:OB PSP edition.
    If it’s C, can you repeat what was done with Mario Golf 64 and Mario Golf Gameboy edition. You could build your stats up w/ Gameboy edition then plug the game into the N64 cartridge w/ your new built up stats. AWESOME!

  • i cant wait, i always loved this series, my fav golf game around, ill pick it up when i find a copy

  • and… can you make Han Solo available to me only as dlc??

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Of course, here\’s how: close your eyes really tight and imagine your character is Solo.

      FYI, your scores might suffer a bit playing with your eyes closed.

  • I’ll definitely buy this game when voice-chat is implemented. It’s 2008. No online game should be void of interaction between online gamers — especially in a “take-turns” type game where you don’t actually interact with the other players during gameplay either. The social aspect of golf is the HEART of the sport (at least for non-professionals).

    Ideally, I’d love to see the PSEye incorporated, with small video boxes of each player along the edge of the screen. But I’d settle for simple voice chat.

    Till that happens…this game is “Out of Bounds” for me.

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      \”this game is “Out of Bounds” for me.\”


      In all honesty though, voice chat is something that\’s been suggested a few times over (internally) and we\’re continuing our internal discussions with the team as to this matter.

      That being said, we\’ve got a chat system implemented — alls you need is to plug in a USB keyboard (or use the keyboard interface) and gab away with your fellow Golfers at the speed of type.

  • Ooooh TouchyEd! You one-upped my post with that snappy closing line …. lol


  • I should point out that I loved the demo, and think the game is going to rock (after a patch or two) — but lack of online chat is a deal-breaker for me. Hopefully it gets implemented soon.

  • Hi, can someone tell me if it will be in Spanish in the USA?

    BTW, I hope Sony enables the possibility of saving internet connection settings like in PSP since I move my PS3 to several sites and it really piss me off to configure it every time I do it.

  • Why did the US release lose the Japanese voices? After playing the EG demo from the Japanese PSN I really fell in love with the voiceovers. At least an option maybe?

  • Just picked up my copy!

    It is sad to hear so many people pass on this game because of voice chat. The devs should really think about implementing it.

    Oh well. Off to the links i go!

  • Hey Chris,
    How about passing along the suggestion of at least having VC in the games that are setup as Friends Only.
    I don’t care to have it in the lobbies, but a friends only game would be great.

  • So many return comments! Color me (red) impressed. I was going to rent, but decided to buy b/c Circuit City is selling for $50. They don’t have it yet, but hopefully they’ll get it today so I can jump into that aforementioned tourney tonight!

  • what?? no voice chat?? is it a joke??
    please, if its true, make a patch and include voice chat

  • Hey Chris… the guy in the screenshot at the top of this post looks like a dead ringer for Kaz Hirai. Is he a secret character?

  • I didn’t even know this game was set to release any time soon…Why are you guys keeping everything under wraps?

  • I am thinking I will hold off on the purchase of this game until voice chat is implemented. Consumers obviously want it and we have been given no reason why it was not put into the final version of the game. Chris, Jeff? Any comments on why an obvious element of the game was left out? I have been following this game with much anticipation and read many of the reviews that have been posted on the inter-webs (all of which are bewildered by the lack of voice chat as a means of online communication). The game is getting rave reviews. But I will hold off until either the addition of voice chat or a fitting explanation as to why it was left out.

  • why does the JP cover have a cute girl with mini skirts and we get a fugly looking dude? :(

  • why does the JP cover have a cute girl in mini skirts and we get a fugly looking dude? :(

  • Enrichovega,

    Dude! I was thinking the exact same thing ever since I saw that character. He looks a lot like Kaz. lol To heck with the given name- he’s Kaz to me.

  • “Circuit City is selling for $50. They don’t have it yet, but hopefully they’ll get it today so I can jump into that aforementioned tourney tonight!”

    Just take the Circuit City ad over to Best Buy and they’ll match it. That’s what I did today here in Michigan (Southfield). Obviously, not all Best Buys may have the game yet, but it’s worth a call at least.

    One note, I printed out the online version of the ad and the clerk said they typically don’t honor that and require the actual ad to be brought in. Luckily for me, though, they had the Circuit City ad there already just for price match purposes.

  • “Picking up on what others have said about mic access, I’d love to see push-to-talk for talking to others in-game and easy muting for those silent concentration moments. ”

    Please tell us if mic support will be available at some point. If you can’t say, a simple “no comment” answer will suffice. Thanks! :)

  • I think video feeds of the current player as they take their swing and react to the ball in flight, etc. from the PS Eye would be very cool feature, much like the takedown cam in Burnout: Paradise, but live video.

    There’s no reason not to have full audio chat, IMHO. It could be disabled or low-prioritized for people with lower bandwidth perhaps, and definitely have muting, but otherwise waiting for someone to tee off without being able to yell “jinx” just doesn’t seem right :-)

  • Neat, I’ve never had a chance to play a Hot Shots game, but this looks nice, and I always like playing Golf games from time to time. Can you use the Sixaxis?

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  • 4 gig install is far too big for a bloody golf game. This is supposed to be an ‘entertainment center’ 10 games w/ installs like this and your HD is shot w/ the 60gig I personally have… 4 gigs for a golf game???? come on. Cut this b.s. trend and learn how to code for the console please.

  • Type? Type? What is this cowboys and indians with a telegraph? It is expected that online games would support voice chat. I will hold off until it comes. Why would you delete this common function from a otherwise solid game? I would rather have no online that online with no voice… Thanks anyway i will wait for the next one.

  • Why no Mic support? Is this not a function that we should expect in an online game? I mean really, why even add online play if you need to type to talk, i am really dissapointed in the laziness displayed by the HSG staff on this one. Iwill be waiting for the Mic suport. I gave this post 5 stars because i found out i do not ned to waste my money on a game with a incomplete online experience. SONY, YOU NEED TO STANDARIZE ONLINE FUNCTIONALITY WITH YOU DEVELOPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW MANY GAMES ARE BEING RELEASED THAT WILL NOT WORK WITH HOME, OR EVEN THE FRIENDS MET LIST!! WAKE UP YOU ZOMBIES

  • No voice support?… I won’t be buying this game. I would buy it to play with friends online, but without voice support it will be simply a rental to play the occasional game with them.

    Such a shame that voice chat functionality was not included in what could be a very fun social online game!


  • This game is great so far.
    I just wanted to point out that there is a printing error in the manual. On page 7 next to HINT it states Soft Reset. I am pretty sure that is not suppose to be there since it is also on page 6 with the correct HINT information.

  • @Jeff

    *What happened to Pata-tips?
    *How many people is in your PSN buddy list? (Wondering about max number)

  • picked it up today. i’m still a fan of the classic shot mechanics. the game looks incredible though. online play w/hot shots golf?

    it’s a winner.

  • A lot of my fellow gamers and I would love to see more in-depth stat-tracking for online play. Like easily accessible data like fairways hit, par pace, etc; Also LADDERS would be awesome!!

  • @54 & reply: You must be kidding. I have a BT keyboard and it’s still annoying to drop the controller grab the keyboard and try to get in 2 words in between holes.

    @76 Amen Elsa. Shouldn’t they listen to us GAP members? This is being marketed as a social fun golf game…w/out voice support. The ability to play with friends is great online, too bad you can chat with each other.

    A great game, I can’t wait to get home and play some more. Think about adding voice chat. My BT headset is getting lonely.

  • Can’t wait for this one. For some reason, Amazon says shipping on the 24th. May have to cancel and buy at my local gamestop. The trailers have even gotten my wife excited for this one!

    Looks like so much fun! Come one thought – a better hint for the future DLC pretty please.

  • After buying the game and playing I have to make a request. PLEASE patch this game and give us the option to switch from imperial to metric.

  • Got it and played a little last night. Overall VERY happy. On-line is fun, & had a great game last night. Controller-typing in the comments box with the limited time between holes is almost impossible though. Used my wireless combo joystick-keyboard (9019URF = cheap) & it’s better.

    I tried the new shot system, and don’t like it because you can’t really do the math for a good shot with it like you can with the meter. (dist .vs slope .vs height).

    Also, the time allowed to finish each hole online seemed really tight to me, I timed out once on accident cause of a missed put. Next thing you know I’m outta the game. I just hope that in the future you can adjust it up a few seconds in a patch. I understand you need a timer to move the game along, but it doesn’t have to turn into a speedgolf round does it?

  • so far, things to be added in a patch..

    1 mic support, its a must
    2 metric, most of the world uses it
    3 more FREE courses, since there are only 6 and for a full priced game… its too little
    4 star wars characters dowloads ( but han solo only available to me )

  • I have to give credit, I really do like the game, nearly missed my train b/c I was playing this morning. Only thing is, it seems like alot (ALOT) was left out so they can convert it into pay 2 DL content, which is bull for a fully priced game. Hopefully your smart about it and bundle ALOT into a very budget bundle. Sorry but TW’s photo realism v.s. HotShots cartoon take can’t be worth the same $ when you get far more w/ TW. Really hope stain the carpet w/ content.

  • Why no rumble support in the game? Almost sure there was in the demo. But in the retail copy I got today there aint any rumble my PS3 Dualshock…. is this something that been overlooked or? Will there be rumblesupport added?

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      HSG has never supported rumble, even in the PS2 days. As a whole, its been a feature that really didn\’t add a significant amount of experience to the overall gameplay.

      Personally, I feel that rumble functions well in games that are constantly active, such was the case with Hot Shots Tennis where the player had to constantly be on the move. In that case, the rumble feature added a certain amount of \”excitement\” to the match. In golf, its more about concentrating on your swing and being one with the hole.

  • Ok ok ok. I bought your Hot shots Golf, please don’t draw a mustache on Hannah Montana. :(

    Thanks Chris. Thanks. Accept my friend request on PSN, while you’re at it. (By it, I mean not drawing on Hannah Montana)

    Good day sir.

  • CHMIranda & Jeff:

    First of all, this game is everything I wanted it to be and more. Well ok, not MORE, because ideally it would have an infinite amount of courses etc… But it’s a great game and I’m part of a gaming forum where a ton of us bought it and are playing it fanatically. That said, we have 2 or 3 major complaints that keep this experience from being perfect: 1) Voice chat on 8 player games. It’s REALLLY hard to coordinate things with the limited chat options. Also Golf is a social sport. It needs chat. NEEDS IT! ;) 2) Ability to invite friends. This seems like a glaring oversight. 3) Lobby notification of “X is starting a game” would be VERY helpful.

    Please do not take these as insults to your otherwise awesome game. Merely suggestions and I guess my question is, please can and will you be able to patch these things in?
    Thanks for such a great game!

  • Guys, slightly off-topic and a little late – any news on a NA release for Hot Shots Portable 2? Haven’t heard much since some hands-on time at GDC last month..

    Thanks. Loving HSG: OOB!

  • Absolutely loving the game, as my PSP version of Open Tee led me to believe I would. Great work!

    The only real room for improvement is on-line matchmaking. The ability to invite people in your lobby would make playing games with friends so much easier. Nobody is sure who is starting a game, who to join, and so on, so either we all sit around refreshing the game list, or everyone makes a game, and wonders why nobody is joining! Maybe we just need to learn to type much faster with the controller, but the process of starting a game with people in the same lobby who aren’t on your friends list is awkward.

    That said, I am still loving every second of playing this game, and looking forward to the DLC!

  • also…. and I am not excusing you guys from patching Voice & invites, but could you make the softkeyboard a STANDARD keyboard instead of the Mobile phone text chat one? That only ADDS to the amount of time it takes to say something. :\

  • Hey Sony, here’s an idea for voice support.
    Under game room options: Have a button to choose to enable voice support. So this option ofcourse won’t be available for online tournaments.
    Then in lobbies, you press L3, point to a friend, view their profile and have a voice chat button. If their mic is on and linked, the button can be clicked. The button will be greyed out if not connected. The person then has to accept your request for voice support to chat through voice. I think everyone will support this feature. It’s a social fun game, it requires voice support.

  • Also, have you noticed that no one’s scores are showing in the lobby profiles. If you choose someone there are no wins or losses or what not on peoples profiles. Are you aware of this, and looking into it?

    Thanks for the game, it’s super fun. It’s obvious you guys spent alot of time on shadows in the game. They’re super realistic with tree shadows on the greens, nice job.


  • Is there any chance that you could give the anime style characters and let them have the japanese voice overs.

    I would so like to see these guys in action.

  • What is up with the censorship in the US version? It is bothersome, that we are being censored.

  • Sorry to sound like a nitpicker but when a core game is so good, you really notice the issues:

    Major issue: Why does it seem like you guys intentionally made it so frustrating to play online? No voice. Numpad keyboard. 4-word limit. Inability to invite friends. And the real kicker? You can’t play with eachother unless you have the same course. You don’t even see the room. No scratch that. You can’t play with eachother unless you have the SAME Membership to tees. (long tee, short tee). These are objects earned at RANDOM. I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but this is pretty ridiculous. Can’t play together unless we both hit the lottery for a membership? You guys need to smooth a few things out, because if you do, I promise you, this game has LEGS. It will last.

    While we’re at it, will be ever be able to set up our own tourneys? How come the manual mentions spectating for tourneys but none are set to allow . (Exhibition.)

    Please take these considerations to heart. I’ve played a ridiculous amount of HSG:OOB since last week and I want to play it for a long time to come, but some of the decisions made are just mind-boggling.


  • Love this game!!

  • Love the game!!!!

    Do you have a timeline to fix the glitch in not recording online stats?

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