New Hot Shots Golf Out Today – What’s Next?

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Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds
Hey guys, it’s been a while since the last Hot Shots Update … we’ve been a bit swamped here what with the endless hours we play… I mean work… on Hot Shots Golf; however, the timeless idiom is indeed true: all good things must come to an end.

Well for us at least.

And now, we’re officially done with the production side (in a way) of things, and the past few year’s worth of blood, sweat, and tears has finally come to fruition: Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds is officially available nationwide, at retail outlets near you.

I know we’ve been kinda quiet, and the questions have been building up; however, lest you think that we’re all fun and games (well we are in a way) – we’ve been hard at work, like for example hosting various online tournaments both in person and virtually online… and you can check out some of the results here, here, and here.

Right, moving on: “so what’s next Chris?” you might ask. To that I’ll answer “DLC” – as in Downloadable Content… of which we’ll have plenty of, and not just extra characters or new outfits… but actual new game modes, which brings me back to the first paragraph: our work is not finished yet.

What can you expect? You’ll just have to wait and see… but it’s really going to put the “Go” in Golf (is that cryptic enough for you?); it’ll knock you down and under; it’ll make you feel like you’re a small speck on a giant planet… anyways, I could go on and on with cryptic clues – but I won’t. Just be ready for an update from yours truly to unveil some of the cool things we’ll be offering in our downloadable content department.

While you wait for these great goodies to come by, you can spend your days (weeks, nights, months) building up your character’s loyalty and pinning them against the best players (worldwide) in the new Real Tournament online mode. If you’re up for a little friendly match, jump in to the lobby and kick start a quick 8-player match. Just in the mood to hang? Drop into any of the lobbies available and strike up a conversation with players from all over the world… just make sure you sharpen up your international etiquette beforehand, oui?

And please don’t forget the coolest gameplay addition we’ve brought and that is the new Advanced Shot mechanic. We didn’t make the game look this good so you could go through an entire round staring at a power meter! Plus, this system makes the game just that more challenging, so gaming and golf fans alike will really appreciate the nuances the shot system offers. We love it here…we hope you do too.

Oh, and so do the critics. Check out these rave reviews from IGN, G4TV, GameZone, Gametap, and Cheat Code Central.

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  • Coolness. Looks like another great game in this year’s line up.

  • “but it’s really going to put the “Go” in Golf (is that cryptic enough for you?)”

    …you’re not saying what I think you’re saying, are you? If so, you just changed my opinion about whether to buy or simply rent this game. I guess only time will tell.

  • Oh great, more DLC. Its great to have the stuff, but its become rather pricey lately for DLC. But glad to hear the game is done, it looks great and know a few people who will be picking it up.

  • Oh, by the way, about my last post (since I don’t think it was clear), I was leaning towards renting this game. If you mean what I think you mean, that changes it to a buy.

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      I hope you\’re thinking what I\’m thinking, because if you are then I don\’t think you should think about renting but think more about buying… because if you think what I\’m thinking… then you\’re thinking right.

  • That’s great news, and I will definitely be picking this up tomorrow.

    However, I do have one question. Why is there no voice chat for online play???

  • I cannot wait for this game. I would buy it even if there was only once couse, i’ve been playing the three hole demo from japan non-stop until the us version came out. I only have one question that i hope to get an answer for. Understand, I’m not asking when, but IF there is any possibility of getting a mini golf course or two? Just a hint if possible, I’m a very loyal fan and would really appreciate any info that could be provided on that front. The mini golf is the best aspect of HS4 for friends that do’nt have the patience to sit through the MANY hours of regular golf I play. Thanks! and good work guys!

  • Well done guys. Can’t wait to dig into your finished product. How about posting some of your PSN handles so we can look out for all of you online? :)

  • Ugh. I had to cancel my preorder on this game, too many games coming out. And I have weird spending habits that allow me to buy a bunch of games over time, instead of wanting to spend a lot all at once on a sixty dollar game. I promise to pick it up after my taxes come back in!

    I’ve been looking forward to this forever, there’s no way I’d fail you now!

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      What?! That\’s preposterous. I better see you at with your own copy post April 15th… or else I\’ll draw a mustache on your Hanna Montana icon.

  • I really hoping that the summer firmware update includes a voice-chat option for this game – it’s the one thing that’s keeping me from a purchase. I don’t imagine that golfing in silence would be a ton of fun.

    Oh, and let’s see a mix of free/priced DLC – learn a little from Warhawk.

  • Picking this game up Friday after school. Can’t wait for some golfing goodness.

  • “I hope you’re thinking what I’m thinking, because if you are then I don’t think you should think about renting but think more about buying… because if you think what I’m thinking… then you’re thinking right.”

    *chuckles* I saw that coming. Anyway, it’s a buy. Just not until GTA4 comes out . . . I went on record last year as saying that GTA4 would be my first PS3 game this year. Can’t go back on that. So, GTA4 4/29, Hot Shots Golf 4/30. Works for me.

  • Does the game include Japanese voices? And if it doesn’t, would it be possible that it could be provided in terms of DLC?

  • Jeff, your friends list is full :(

  • Any plans to implement online mic support? I have numerous friends/family that are out of state, and the lack of online mics really killed it for us.

  • “Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds is officially available nationwide, at retail outlets near you.”

    See, the thing is, man, no it’s not. If it was, I would be playing it now instead of posting this comment. Chris, I know you’re squirreled away madly producing games, but publishers’ release dates are actually ship dates, which most local chain retailers insist on calling “release dates” — but the games aren’t actually available in stores until the day after at the earliest, and for some bizarre reason some of them are even embargoed (“street dated”) for the day *after* what’s listed as the *release* date, the date you expect if retailers have the game in stock, they can sell it.

    Here’s some bold territory for SCEA: Start shipping on Mondays instead of Tuesdays, making the current ship dates the actual release dates, so most retailers have new games on “media day”, a day people are out shopping for new music and movies, anyway. Bound to increase game sales, even if you already have a basketful of music and BDs and DVDs bankrupting: if you want that game, you’ll buy that game if they have it on the shelf for sale.

    As it is, available nationwide at your local retailers means available tomorrow, probably sometime after noon, unless some people got their shipments today or earlier — and they’ll refuse to sell the game even if SCEA did not stamp the 19th on there as an embargo date, and the 18th is actually fair game for sales, because down at the store level the staff and management just don’t know any better.

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Someone get this man (or woman) 500CC\’s of Hot Shots STAT.

      Capa, as far as the date goes, you are right, it\’ll probably be until tomorrow or Thursday for some… depending on how fast the shipments come to \”a store near you\”.

      And what\’s all this about squirrels

  • I’ve been patiently waiting for a game to replace Tiger woods. I played a hot shots game a long time ago on the psone, its about time to give it another go!!! I have been patiently waiting for another golf game besides tiger woods!! Since EA has been disappointing me lately with their lackluster ports, this game will sure bring life back to the golf genre!!!

  • jeff and chmiranda i was wondering can we get advance notices on when are coming out on the blog now i have to run to my closest game store and buy this game i love the hot shot games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! add me to your guys buddy list when u get times!!erico316ecw

  • I agree with jwcivicdx . It would be nice to have Voice Chat. Maybe not so much in the tournaments (I can understand where 50 people can get out of hand) but for private matches with friends it would be very nice to have.

  • on when games are coming out typo in last one sorry about that

  • The ability to make our own Tourneys, again, is great. But will we have the ability to password protect the rooms like in HSGF? I have my copy next to me, but I’m still at work. :(

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      You can\’t password protect, but you can set your Game Room to be \”friends only\” that way you and your entourage can be privy to a quiet round hassle-free from pesky strangers.

  • I’ll think about it… could there be dlc for more American-ized announcers? The characters are a mix of American & Japanese, but the rest of the styling just seems Japanese- I’d prefer a mix of both…

  • Yeah, nationwide isn’t today, at all. Just spent 2hrs and 42 miles looking in 9 different stores.
    Go in GOLF will mean one of two things. A: It’s remote play ready, wishful thinking? Hope not. B: It’s a game of HORSE, only GOLF style?
    The coolest feature ever in a golf game was Mario Golf for the N64 and Gameboy. The Gameboy version was a RPG, that you could then plug into the N64 cartridge for improved player statistics that were built up from the Gameboy. This would rock in a PSP version to co-op the PS3 version.
    DLC is great, until it ends up not being a ready release, and after all the new features it ends up being an $85 game like Motorstorm is now. $4.99 for this track, $1.99 for this car skin, this stuff adds up!

  • Thanks for the clarification, Chris!! See you online!! :D

  • Too… cryptic… for me…
    Well Chris and the team, this game looks awesome. I bought my dad a PS3 and he only plays the Tiger Woods 07 game. But that online group is dying away. He heard 08 isn’t very good. So I will try to get him into this game. How is it for new players to the series?
    Oh.. and he’d like a demo. How about one next Thursday? ;)

  • Just to clarify, are people with the Japanese version of the game going to be able to play with owners of the US and EU versions?

    Does the US version have an option for JP version voices and BGM?

  • I’m sorry but no voice chat in a SCE-published title is pathetic. I hope you are planning to add this in a patch.

    I’m still buying the game (and I guess thats all that really matters to the publisher) but voice chat adds so much to the online experience. I just can’t fathom why this isn’t included.

  • Does this year’s game have mini golf on it?

  • It’s good to see you guys answering questions – but do you have anything to say about future chat implementation (or even why it was left out)?
    It’s something that’s swaying my purchase – and from what I hear, a lot of other people’s too.

  • Will the demo of this become available on the US store as well? And if so, when?
    Really want to play this game, but would love to get the demo first.

  • HotShot games drop so fast in price that I’m going to wait this one out. Wait, the new Sony motto. :)

  • Hi Mr Chris,
    i asking this question so many times already… game worldwide server or region base???????????????????????????
    thank you

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Two part answer:
      – Yes we\’re on a worldwide server; however US and EU players will not be able to go against players in Japan.

      – US and EU players will be able to go head-to-head in some trans-continental HSG action.

  • This really sucks. I just ordered the game today online and when I go to Bestbuy with my brother I find out it came out a day eariler and I could of been playing it today :(

  • i went to 4 stores today hunting it down but they all didn’t recieve the game yet =(

    i’ve been playing the EU demo nonstop and i just can’t put the game down… i’m a little scared of what the full retail game is going to do to me… o_O

  • hey guys, how do you reply to specific posts?

  • First off The HSG games are great fun. Its a series that my kids and wife can enjoy with me. The demo is great, and cant wait until the local game store gets their shipments. However, as several others have asked and been ignored. Why is their no in game chat? This is a very simple feature which needs to be in any game you play online, especially sports. I think this game is going to be fun, but the lack of being able to chat with my friends and family while playing is very disappointing. So can you please answer us, about this question. If there is a very valid reason as why this is not avaiable please enlighten us. Is there a possiblity you can add this to a patch of some sort? Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

  • Can someone please tell me how to get the demo? I tried the Japanese shop, but can’t find it in there.

  • Any chance the ability to play in 1080i got added? The demo was 720p only, which sadly makes it a no-buy for me.

  • @35 Good news for you then. The PSN is getting an overhaul in a couple of months. This could very well make it easier to find things you are looking for. So hold on the fix could be on the way. :)

  • I will be picking this up just not tomorrow, sorry. Rainbow 6.2 is also dropping the same day.

    Hot Shots has always been one of my favorite games and this one looks great though.

    Oh, and I had to pick up I Am Legend on Blu-Ray today, I loved this movie and cant wait to watch it on my XBR-5. :)

  • @35 I looked for it on the Japanese PSN Store too and could not find it. I believe that the European PSN Store still has it.

  • Just a head up to everyone that plans on picking this game up in the next couple of days. Check out the Circuit City Sunday ad.

  • cereasly, this game has been one of my favorites since ps1,
    ill probably be picking it up this saturday or sunday

  • Sweet, I’m looking forward to picking this up and hitting the links tomorrow night!

  • OH I’m sooo happy this is for sale finally. I can’t wait to play my friends online. This is what HSG is all about. Fun and good times, Right Jeff?

  • Kudos on a beautiful looking game! This was going to be a day one purchase, it looked like an excellent alternative to TW . Every time time a potentially awesome online gaming experience is released without voice chat I am just blown away! What are you guys and gals thinking? Should it not be a (N.A.) standard by now?

    I hope the reason you have not responded to the others that have posted before me on this issue because you are searching for an answer… not because you are ignoring the issue.

    I would love to be playing this online with my friends but no voice chat is a deal breaker.


  • I am a Hot Shots lover, but I will have to go with the PSP version. Unless there is a mini-golf mode. I rather play on the go.

  • @Chris Hinojosa
    does this game support the:

  • “Chris Hinojosa-Miranda replied on March 18, 2008 at 4:38 pm
    Someone get this man (or woman) 500CC’s of Hot Shots STAT.
    Capa, as far as the date goes, you are right, it’ll probably be until tomorrow or Thursday for some… depending on how fast the shipments come to “a store near you”.”

    Kind of hard to complain when you folks have for years made a golf video game franchise such a blast, and as rabidly addicting as the actual sport is for some real-world golfers. I credit Open Tee for PSP for getting me through the first four months of caring for a 21-month-old boy and a new infant son, keeping me sane — or at least from going no more insane than when it began — when you desperately need a break but have neither time nor energy to read, no uninterrupted time to work, not enough time to watch a movie, and TV, even if you have a half hour, will make you despondent and edgy. Hot Shots was really *there* for me, man. *sniffle*. ;-) Congrats on releasing the game. Besides the obvious, typical quality of the gameplay franchise in this version, what’s been surprising to me in seeing trailers, screenshots, etc., is how much you bothered to take full advantage of the graphical capabilities of PS3 for a title in which the style of art direction is not ever intended to approach photo-realism. That’s a long extra mile when it’s a title just that just require the uber-graphics to be great, and fans of the series expect improved graphics on PS3, of course, but nothing so much as the lengths to which the team went with this title.

    It’s an odd thing to thank someone for allowing them to spend sixty bucks on their product. But thanks.

  • I love hot shots golf as a franchise and I’ve been going on and on about this new version to my wife even before I’d seen trailers for it.

    That said, PLEASE tell me you have optional 1080i support (talk to Naughty Dog, they added it last-minute to Drake’s Fortune for us), some in-game music capabilities and friends-list access.

    Picking up on what others have said about mic access, I’d love to see push-to-talk for talking to others in-game and easy muting for those silent concentration moments.

  • Sorry this may come out as whining but its not really intended to. Why wasn’t the demo released last week for this game in the US. I know its available in the other stores under everyones golf or is everybodys. The point is I played that demo and its great just not sure why you didn’t slap on the localized name(which is bad ‘out of bounds’) and post it for us. Beyond that slight moaning looks great. Love the series! :)

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