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We’re back again for another round. The newest EYE OF JUDGMENT expansion is shaping up to be much deeper than I thought. Lately, I’ve spent many late nights designing crazy combos in my new decks. With some of my favorites – check out these screens…

126_General Lug

155_Novogus Sinbearer141_Corleo, Venoan Capo

Thanks again for all the great comments and questions from the last EOJ post. I know a lot of questions were generated and I’m happy to throw in some more information for everyone. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get all your answers (yet) but we’re still tracking them down (Canada cards is still a priority for me). I’ll be reading over the weekend so jump in with your questions and I’ll get cranking…

So … some new info …

Different Races
Ok, if you were paying any attention to some of the comments on the first post, there were some hints of a new set of characters to enter the EOJ universe. Of course we will have new exciting additions to the current races, well, here they are – The Sacreds:

card 187187_Sword of Juno

card 190190_Fist of Juno_01

*Notice the anti-Biolith gameplay features* (MANY more pics on our Flickr site)

Promotional Cards
No deck would be complete without some slick promotional cards. Throughout the year be on the look out for these special cards so you can add them to your deck. They have been specially designed to actually form one image when placed together, so if you are FIRE Fans, these are a must have. Be on the look out at for upcoming hints on where these will be available (might actually do something on this blog) …


With that I’ll end with another addition to the Tritonan Water Queendom, Ship’s Surgeon!


Finally, what most people are waiting for, the price … In the US, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT: Biolith Rebellion 2 (Expansion Set Two) download will be available on the PSN for $14.99 on March 27th.

We’ll be back next week with more updates and phantom card info. We’re open to any suggestions on the next topic too … just start your comments with “***blog post idea***”

Let the comments begin …

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  • Thanks for the update.Any plans to make any PS3 themes for this game?

  • I love the game, but I was wondering if this update adds/changes any interface features. One in particular that would be nice would be the ability to use your own music. The in-game music gets very repetitive during long sessions! Can’t wait for the new cards!

  • To be honest I still don’t really understand why we ‘the consumer’ have to pay twice for something…

    I prolly wont’ get the new cards just because of that… I don’t mind paying for content, but i have to pay for the ability to use cards that I am going to pay my money for. This somehow doesn’t make sense to me ~_~.

    I understand the need of paying for the starter package.. I don’t understand the need to pay for ability to pay for expansions… isn’t this sort of a strange and chocke hold business model to be making us pay twice for the same thing?.. really we’re not buying ANYTHING except the right to buy cards w/ the expansion.

    SO i guess to make this sound less ‘pissy’… why isn’t the price of development integrated into the card price and the software download jsut free so that everyone can play w/ everyone?

    Does this mean that if I don’t buy the expansion i can’t play w/ my frens woh did anymore?… is that reduced incentive… or increased? *scratches head* opinion i guess….

    just rambling now…thoughts tho?.. I for one just wanna know why this isn’t intergrated into card pricing(past starter disc)

  • can i just say that this idea from a gameplay perspective is one of the coolest implementations you could’ve come up with for the eye.

    i’m not big into card games but i like the idea of PS characters added to the mix. THAT is something that might make me consider picking this title up.

    or a seperate game altogether that used cards the same way this does but had a card fighting game (like eye of judgement), but also had chess in the same package…all using PS characters.

    characters from all of sony’s most loved franchises, god of war, jak & daxter, ratchet & clank, heavanly sword, crash bandicoot, metal gear solid, tekken, and even new exclusives like pixel junk monsters. THAT would be a card based game worth picking up!

  • Never got into card games like this, paced a bit too slow for me (strictly from a judging the book by its cover perspective) but I see alot of people ranting on about pricing. I guess look at it this way – the expansion is like a car and the cards are like gasoline. You can buy one without the other, but they’re useless seperately. Besides, its a one time payment, if you don’t have a job go cut your neighbors lawn.

  • @SDkngsht

    Kratos would be King. No doubt about it.

  • People are really complaining about the $15 dollars?


    After all the cards you bought and will buy for this game, this $15 bucks put you over the edge?

    I’m sorry…perhaps you can ask your boss or an extra couple of hours of work so you can afford. Would hate for you all to miss the fun.

    Anyway, I’m excited about the anti-biolith and spellblocking cards…it’s about time.


  • Its unfornate that there still a percentage of Individuals who complain with regarding to paying for new middleware update. Please keep in mind to takes funding to get Sony Of Japan Studios & WOTC together in efforts of creating new cards.

    Why is’t that I don’t see individuals complaining about the cost of new Expansion pack for Oblivion or WOW not to forget Sims 2. Which run around $28.00 USD.

    Mark said it best when:
    Definitely not a ‘minor’ patch. In general, I don’t think you can compare this with a ‘new level’ that other games provide, because with those games the ‘engine’ is already done. With EOJ, card design (new abilities, creatures, artwork, localizing text / naming, balancing), programming (new character models, animations, debugging the new set rules), testing and manufacturing and distribution (of cards), makes this game a completely different animal.

  • @58 … its more unfortunate that consumers would defend this pricing. People dont complain about paying for expansions to Oblivion or WOW because YOU ARE GETTING CONTENT FOR THE MONEY.

    We are BEING CHARGED TO BUY SOMTHING. That update is worthless unless you buy cards as well.

    Thanks but no thanks Mark. When I first heard of the pricing I was upset, but I figured at most I would be looking at $5. But charging $15 for features that should have been done right the first time, and allowing us to use new cards that cost even more money is wrong, its greed and Sony knows it. Your pushing your luck because the stereo type of fans of cc games will pay for anything and everything.

    No wonder people print cards out.

  • what sony need to do is put all the cards in one set and then sell it would be better for us serious players who love eye of judgement

  • A lot of the fun is in collecting and trading for the cards that one needs. Heck, the offical playstation site has a whole community built around that. To make all of the cards available in one shot would be foolish and would detract from what a CCG is all about.

  • So is this how Wizards of the Coast and you guys are going to run this game? Charging insane fees for every aspect of it? $15 just to activate the booster, which is not even a booster, it’s a second set of cards, then $4 for each pack of cards?

    Are you guys trying to make this game fail? Quit it, I like it, so stop charging people out the ass. This should be a free update to those who want to change their decks up a bit, $15 could buy 3 or 4 packs of cards. That’s outrageous!

  • Hi from Spain, first sorry for my awfull english,
    then the set comes 3/27 and will be downloable no? then it means the servers are gone to be too busy then we can play well on april no?

    Are EoJ go to gift anything for the people buys the expansion?

    one UR promo card what we most do for take it, sell our soul to the demon?, because take 1 japanese promo of Biolith bomber its like the movie, imposible mission.

    And for the new people that wants to start is there any pack with set1 + set 2.

    best regards, im waitin for the set 3 now hahahaha :P

  • Regarding, “We have a new manual in the works (needs translation and re-layout).” Will the English version of the manual have a promo card in it like the Japanese manual? And if so, which card? UC, R, UR – or will they randomly be placed?

  • $14.99 is a little expensive no? Specially when we still have to keep on buying random booster packs. So far I’ve spent a little over $200 on this game since both my girl and I play during our off time.

  • I don’t think I’ll be spending more money on this game unless the pricing becomes a little more reasonable.

    By the way, please fix that update warning when the game is launched. It’s pretty annoying. A couple of different theme music wouldn’t hurt neither.

  • I’m not spending anymore money on this game unless the pricing becomes a little more reasonable.

    Please fix that update warning when the game is launched. It’s pretty annoying. A couple of different theme music wouldn’t hurt neither.


  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks $15 is ridiculous to pay just to activate a second set of cards we haven’t even bought yet..

    It just seems that if this type of thing continues with other publishers and different games, we will be paying FOR EVERY LITTLE THING on games!

    Publishers will complete a game, then purposely take out some of the content so they can charge us more for it!

    I think this is a horrible marketing tactic becuse the consumers who are half-way smart WILL see this as RIPPING US OFF!

    Just make the damn thing free! We still have to buy the cards!!!!!

    geez, how disappointing!

  • Yeah that’s a pretty high price point. I wouldn’t touch that with a 20 foot pole.

  • @ 58 You’re not being charged to buy cards. You’re being charged for the large amount of work modelers, animators, and programmers have to do to add new creatures and spells into the game. Sony isn’t going to invest all that money into the software and give it away for free so Wizards of the Coast can make money hand over fist selling the cards. Unfortunately, because Sony and WotC’s revenue streams for this game are largely separate, players get hit at both ends. I’m spending $90 on a booster box and will probably pick up a few theme decks, so $15 for the software isn’t that much to me.

  • How would you guys say the community for EOJ is? Is it a big one?

  • Ohh! I would love to see new boards, and Sony franchise characters, just like GeminiBoy mentioned. Imagine using Solid Snake, Lara Croft, and her two companions (boing boing), Hey! why not Transformers since its Hasbro! that would be awesome, use melee, and weapons attack, power-up would be casted with minicons, huh!? Whatcha think!?

  • Why the hell can you not delete more than one message at a time from the friendlist? All those expired invitation messages from Rock Band are taking up to much clutter on my message list.

  • The pricing isn’t that bad as a standalone idea but when coupled with the Wizards percentage it becomes bad. As stated before, you’re charging us for the “opportunity” to use the cards that we will pay for. That’s pretty poor customer service. So if I pay for the download I now have to buy cards to justify the $15. What happens if I bought the cards before reading this? I can see some kid getting the cards, coming home, and then getting a message about how he can’t use them unless he pays again. What about players who may not have a broadband connection and aren’t online with their PS3?

    Too many holes in this situation but you still have time to brainstorm and find a solution. I’ve dropped cash on WotC products for a long time and ended up feeling screwed on most. I went with EoJ because of my love for card games but after the inital 2 weeks, I see little to no strategy differences and non-personable characters. Sounds like MtG all over to me.

    Thanks, but if the current system stays as planned I’ll have to pass. Sony should have passed this whole idea to EA…Wizards and EA together would have let me know to prepare for a royal “screw job”.

  • puppeteers_nightmare

    This game is like … only for the … higher socioeconomic group!
    Ok, maybe that’s a bit too much but how would Sony feel if they were the consumer? This business tactics is totally aiming towards the earning layer isn’t it? What about kids who might want to play this game fully but end up in a frustration pool because of this price?!
    This ain’t PS3 user friendly …
    … enough with the negativity :P
    Bet you guys have been reading this kind of chocolate-fudge too much so I’ll stop. lol
    I love this game … just hoping it doesn’t get less polularity because of the pricing.
    ps. I think everybody would agree with the 15$+, if there was going to be a story mode. ( I know it’s too late but I think it should of started with a story mode, and the update should of updated the story mode as well ) Just a thought.

  • @70 FilliamHMuffman

    Your post are teh winner!

  • hey, mark
    will the set 2 promo cards be widely available? i don’t want to miss them. i have the full set of set 1, but am missing the promo cards (heart-breaking to miss just a few cards). i do not want to miss set 2’s promo cards since i will be collecting all of set 2. thanks, brother.

  • I’m not going to bother complaining about paying $15 for the update (on top of also paying for additional card sets). I’m just not going to buy them.

    And it’s not a money issue. I would have gladly bought every additional set of cards that the EOJ team decided to produce. And I probably would have continued buying them for years on end.

    But I won’t buy them. Because I feel like I’m getting ripped off having to pay for both the updated cards AND the updated software. And worse: I get the feeling that they’ll do this to us EVERY TIME they produce a new set of cards.

    So no complaints. But no customer either.

  • DLC has the potential to be an awesome approach for delivering content to gamers on the Playstation 3. But as customers we can’t allow the DLC system to simply become a method for price-gouging.

    The only way we can stop companies from double-dipping us with these ridiculous charges is to simply not purchase their products.

    Truth is: we’re eager to be lifelong customers in to the EOJ world. We respect the product. And we’ll be a damn loyal customer base. But we’re not going to be played as suckers.

    So don’t just complain in blogs. Take a stand. Vote with your wallet. And walk away from EOJ until they respect our initial investment in this product and abandon their double-dipping disrespect.

  • Hi Mark,

    Again, I just want to say how impressed I am with the work you put into talking with fans on this site. I think Sony does a good job in general responding to fans on the blog, but the EoJ team takes it to an even higher level. It really makes me feel good as a consumer that I am treated like my input matters.

    Last time, I put in a strong argument for not charging for the software update. Now that the price is known, there does seem to be a good amount of backlash. Now, I am pleased that you have shown some movement on the price point from the JPN price. I do, however, think that this price point is still too high.

    I still don’t completely understand your arrangement with WotC, but if you truly don’t see much income from card sales, it seems like that was probably a bad decision to make a deal so beneficial for WotC and leaving you guys out in the cold, and now your customers are paying for it.

    Consumers don’t seem to have a hard time justifying card purchases. Purchasing software just to allow them to then purchase cards does seem like a bad deal (double-dipping) to most consumers. What I mean to say is, that regardless of whether it actually is a bad deal or not, all that matters is that your customers have the impression that they are getting screwed. You can tell us as much as you want how much value we are getting for our money, but all the customers will see is that they have to pay twice for Set 2.

    Regardless, I personally am satisfied with the movement you’ve shown on the price point for North America, and I will be purchasing the update when it hits the PS Store. I will not be willing to pay this amount of money for every set update, so I expect to see more movement on the price point in the future.

    Again, I would just like to reiterate, every time you make an unpopular decision to charge for something that most of your customers think they should be getting for free, you will lose some customers. This game seems to have been getting a lot of attention lately, and that probably won’t hurt you right now (because you will get more new customers than you will lose) but I don’t think this is a trend you will be able to count on forever.

    Treat this game carefully. I love this game, I love the communities that have formed around this game, and I don’t want that to go away just because you wanted to make a few extra bucks. The game and communities are at a critical juncture right now, where they are showing signs of health but have also yet to firmly take root as a part of mainstream gaming culture. I worry that too much price pressure could cause the online community (which drives demand for this game) to wither and die.

    Best regards,

  • I just can’t believe what I’m reading here. I wonder how many actual adults here are gamers who actually pay the bill versus asking their parents for the money.
    $15 is nothing compared to the monthly fees by Xbox and MMOs just to have the service.
    Its obvious that the top cards won’t ever win the game everytime so buying only a few boosters on top of that is nothing. One theme deck plus update is only $30.
    If any of you are deciding to try to collect all of set 2 then you should all know by now just getting your hands on set one cost you all 100s of dollars.$15 is nothing, especially for the needed updates to the game.

  • I can understand certain players are upset about the pricing of the DLC pack. But the DLC pack is optional. I can’t wait to go online with my Set 1 decks and compete with the new cards.

    You still can play Set 2 cards as a traditional CCG and as a tabletop game without using the PS3 if you choose not to support “buying” DLC.

  • i would buy it all, expansion….. cards…. but i cant since they dont sell it in canada, no cards…. at any stores, and i wonder how many more people are in the same situation

  • Please keep us posted on how to get the promo cards. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • oops took me awhile to get back, thanks for answering regarding world wide release.

    now im even more excited.

    wish more companys would release in same fashion!

    thanks again :D

  • Regarding: “I had no luck with Phantoms in Set 1, I hope I get something good in Set 2.” and mvalledor replied on March 15, 2008 at 4:48 am
    “Shoot Jeff over an e-mail and we’ll get you a phantom…” Who’s Jeff? or what’s the email address? I bought a box of boosters, all the expansion packs, and at least 2 dozen stand alone boosters from different stores and rec’d 0 phantoms. Appreciate the hook up too, if “supplies last” :-) I’m concerned over the card printing also, had a Gamestop employee question me when I bought 3 booster packs, He Said “Ya know you can just go online and print these if you have a color printer” Jeez, I started to lecture til I saw that glazed look….I really hope future updates can reduce the ‘ability’ for those to cheat.

  • To those who suggest that the people griping about the price need to get a job or some other equally witty comment, the price isn’t the problem here. The problem is inherent in this ****** marketing strategy; I mean, come on. Card games are not even the type of game that this should need to be implemented in. Yeah, you can get away with it in most other genres (IE: “updates” that are really just developer laziness and/or inability to meet deadlines and are left out of the original game), but that doesn’t make their actions any less despicable.

    Oh, wait, it kind of does. You know why? Because you’re ALREADY BUYING $3-4 UPDATES JUST TO PLAY THE GAME.

    The car/gas analogy is irrelevant, and doesn’t make any sense given the context.

    For those not paying attention, let me sum this up for you:

    Game: $79.99 (prices vary, but this is MSRP). You can’t get the game without the Eye unless you get it from eBay or some other such BS.
    Cards: $2.99-$3.99/pack. I don’t remember how much they cost, I stopped thinking about buying any the second I heard we’re going to be participating in such a pathetic ploy.
    “Updates”: $14.99. Apiece.

    You know what I see this as? A ****in’ MMORPG. You’re paying $80 for the game, then $14.99 every few months, whenever they decide to release a new set of cards. Maybe cards are micro-transactions. In this way, the car/gas analogy makes sense, but with one key omission: PSN is supposed to be FREE. It seems like WotC and the developer have created an elaborate way to bypass this whole “free online” thing. Subscription fees are stupid as hell, and everyone knows it. The only people who pay for that kind of thing are idiots who play point and click MMORPGs (Yeah, I generalized, and for the most part I’m right).

    I realize I’m ranting here, and that the developers likely won’t even see this, or, more likely, judging by their sleazy actions, don’t even care at all, but this has to be said. I have a decent enough job, and if I wanted to, I’d easily afford this lackluster update. I feel that I speak for a good percentage of the game’s loyal userbase when I say I will NEVER pay for an update that should have been in the game in the first place, or should be a free addition. The whole concept is asinine, and I refuse to support this micro-transaction takeover of our fair industry. Things were going great, and then all these wannabe EA companies came in and started charging people for intangible properties, and the fact that it’s doing so well is a testament to human gullibility. It pisses me off that you money-grubbing jackasses are ruining my favorite pastime, something I’ve been attached to for 19 years, and for me and those of like mind, we won’t go down without a fight. You may not give a damn about what we have to say with our words, but we know you care about your almighty dollar, and so we will speak with it instead.

    I hope the money you make from your scamming ways makes up for the amou

  • t you lose from your once loyal fans, before you decided to screw them over.

    On second thought, no, I don’t. I hope this game fails miserably and its headstone reads like a manual of how NOT to treat your customers.

    Martin Rainer – over $140 on ONE GAME. Squandered.

    Thanks for 3 months of bliss, jackasses.

  • Hey guys,

    Sorry, its been a busier weekend than normal and haven’t had much time to log-on and answer questions.

    In general re: pricing, whatever side of the fence you’re on, we appreciate the passion coming from your comments and support. Keep in mind that this is a new system with new technology, and comparing it to only an MMO, which is all digital, and a TCG which is all physical, isn’t really a fair comparison. At the end of the day, we do listen to your feedback and are always looking into evolving the current system – whether its in-game or business strategy.

    BTW…the EOJ bundle (in the US) is only $69.99 – including the PSEye camera, which by itself is $39.99, so the EOJ the game and componenets w/ cards and booster is…say $29.99…

  • #81:

    I’m not concerned with the $14.99 per se. I’m concerned with the worrisome trend of charging us for the cards and then charging us again for the software to use the cards.

    As anyone in the card-gaming world knows, most dedicated players stick with these games for quite a few years — and buy a ton of additional card packs over that time period (and lure lots of friends into playing the game too). But I’m not going to start down that road if I suspect that I’m going to get double-gouged every time a new expansion set is released. No chance. I may be dumb (clearly), but I’m not a chump.

    Hell, I’d even pay more for the card sets just to avoid the feeling that someone is jacking me up.

    And as for the WoTC deal between the developers…who cares? It’s meaningless to the customers. If they negotiated a crappy deal for themselves, tough luck. Don’t try to correct the problem on the backs of your customers. Because we’ll hit the highway faster than you can say “Bob’s Your Uncle”.

  • Hi Mark,

    I have a problem….the problem being that I bought the Eye Of Judgment, however, I can’t find any cards. I live in Canada, and no where near an EBGames (and their website is crap for Canadian orders), so where can I buy Eye of Judgment cards. I haven’t played the game since I bought it at release because I can’t find the cards….They’re not at Walmart, they’re not at Future Shop and they’re not at Zellers….I don’t know where else to look ?

    Where can I buy the cards, preferably without having to order them online and pay 10 bucks for shipping a 15 dollar pack of cards ? Any help would be appreciated….

    Thanks in advance.

  • You know, I’ve been reading through this blog and there are alot of people that are really focusing on this pricing issue. I myself would surely love a price break on expansions etc…however, I don’t think it will ever happen and I don’t think those that are complaining about this issue are truly being honest with themselves. Frankly, this is not double-dipping.

    The bottom line is, you know what you were purchasing. This is a standalone CCG that also has the ability to be played online with your PS3 with some amazing graphic animation.

    When you buy the cards, you are buying the CCG and paying WOTC for the cards, just like you would if it were MTG.

    When you pay Sony for an update on the software, you are paying for data modelers, animators, computer graphics and the money it costs to develop new rules, code etc for the game to function correctly online and on your PS3.

    These are mutually exclusive aspects of the game.

    Buying Set 2 cards does not entitle you to Set 2 online graphics via the PS3. It entitles you to the CCG aspect of the game and that is it.

    What some of you are suggesting is like saying, since I bought a computer that has a LAN card in it, it should come with internet access. What do you mean I have to pay monthly for internet access? I already bought the computer!?!

    You can use the cards separately just like you can use a computer without internet separately…but if you want to go online and use it with your PS3 then you have to pay Sony their share…

    Either way, if you get into a game like this and you are price sensative…it’s probably best to get out now….because CCGs are expensive.

  • Done. I’m out.

  • Sweet! I’m looking forward to this, even though I’m still really new to EoJ (picked it up late last week). Is Set 1 still going to be around for a while or will I have to go to the “trading circuit” to get Set 1 cards shortly after Set 2’s release.
    And I don’t think that the $15 for the download is unreasonable considering how great this game is and all the work that needs to go into making a ~100 card expansion. Keep up the great work!

  • hey mark,

    great game (as you can probably tell by all the [DELETED] and complaining over a few bucks – they love it, just don’t want to pay for it…lol).

    i extend to you an invitation to check out one of the best eoj sites on the web. we have it all. bi-weekly tourneys, leagues, and an awesome forum that includes in-depth strategy, deck-building, card-trading, and an amazing chat room. we work together with many other great eoj sites to promote the game and our community. sony really needs to kick the PR into gear and start working with some of us to launch officially sanctioned tourneys and events.
    you have a standing invite to drop by whenever you have the chance. just let us know you’re there. thanks.

  • hey mark,

    i am a moderator from the best eoj site on the web, i would like to invite you to visit our website on behalf of our 300+ members. we have bi-weekly tourneys, leagues, an awesome chatroom, and an in-depth forum on strategies, deck-building and pretty much anything and everything eoj.
    with set 2 just around the corner, it is time for sony to kick their PR and marketing into gear for this great game and start sanctioning official tourneys and events. up to now, it’s all been up to us. your support would be appreciated.
    i know you’re busy, but take a few minutes to check out what you’ve started.
    you have a standing invite – just let us know you’re there. thanks.

  • Hmm, 14 USD. That should mean a price of around 7 GBP here in Europe which is absolutely acceptable. Was worried it would be priced at least double of that, so I am happy to see that even though I still do not feel good about having to pay in both ends, at least the download price is decent.

  • @shaeth: Very, very well said. No matter what you’re buying, pokemons, yugioh, magic the gathering, you name it, cards cost the same. In fact, if you would buy all the cards for MTG, your could likely buy a small car with that kind of money!!! EoJ, cards wise is the same as ANY other similar card games. People are just not used to pay that much for simple price of cardboards, but that’s the way it was long before EoJ…

    And as Mark said, the game is $69.99 and that include a $39.99 camera, 38 cards and the mat. If you buy just about $50 worth of extra cards, you will be as competitive as anybody in the world. Now, I’ve played 500 online games so far. Average 30 minutes each. That’s 250 hours of online gaming. Probably about 125 offline and unranked games including many tournaments.

    375 hours of gameplay for a $120 investment. Not so bad. I’ve payed $59.99 for many games I played less than 30 hours…

    Now, $15 for more game functionality…. Sure I wish it could have been there originally. But, hey, like many players who have played with game cartridges, I also said then, for many games: ” I wish I could pay to add more functionnality into my cartridges….” Now we can. And it’s up to us to decide if we want to!

    Guess what, I’m a huge mega Motorstorm fan. I didn’t buy any extra race tracks, any cars, nothing. Mostly because they were more expensive in Canada then in the US (a personal choice, not paying more when dollar is at par), but also because I like the game as it was. My choice. For EoJ? Well, bring it on! I’m ready for at least another 400 hours of game play! (And sadly, I’ll likely pay more than the U.S., but hey, for once, I’ll break my rule…)

    Hint to Mark Valledor: I would have also bought a few Eye item as well like the aquarium, but HEY, no way I’m paying %33 more for a $3 item!!! They should lower canadian prices for those items, or at least bundle them, and maybe I would break down : )

  • To #90
    Look, I think the problem here is that this is more than just a regular CCG. and to play a high tech CCG, its going to cost more money. It doesn’t make sense that it wouldn’t be other wise. If someone can’t afford the update than they need to drop the game whether they love it or not.
    CCGs are expensive and this system is marketed toward people who are able to pay the price.
    Not personally at you but sometimes its irritating to see people complain about price and this phantom evil Corporation mentality. To think anyone can lay claim to a marketing stategy outside the company is fooling themselves. There is a serious lack of knowledge in the gaming consumer world about how business works. This is not price gouging. If anyone really knew how much money it costs to develop something like this especially on a system that is lagging in console world, and has FREE online service they’d be blown away. Just becuase Sony is attached to it, doesn’ mean there is one guy with a gold sword reaping the benefits. A Corp. is made up of thousands of people with dozens of divisions.
    Again, this game is the only one I’ve really played where you don’t need expensive cards to win. Set 2 theme deck +update is a $30 expansion. Thats it. Not a big deal and a competitve price.

  • Its not a matter of NOT being able to afford the update, its a matter of principle. I’ve already blown $170 on the game and cards, so money is not an issue. Its the idea, that to keep the game interesting you have to buy cards, but now you cant even use certain cards you pay for unless you pay for software. Im not going to contribute to this idea of double dipping, any hopefully more people will stand up to it.

    And as far as this game being “marketed to those who will pay the price” , we will see how far that gets them. Its not like EOJ is a huge hit, or has critical acclaim. The hardcore fanbase they do have, probably just got split in half, further decreasing their market.

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