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We’re back again for another round. The newest EYE OF JUDGMENT expansion is shaping up to be much deeper than I thought. Lately, I’ve spent many late nights designing crazy combos in my new decks. With some of my favorites – check out these screens…

126_General Lug

155_Novogus Sinbearer141_Corleo, Venoan Capo

Thanks again for all the great comments and questions from the last EOJ post. I know a lot of questions were generated and I’m happy to throw in some more information for everyone. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get all your answers (yet) but we’re still tracking them down (Canada cards is still a priority for me). I’ll be reading over the weekend so jump in with your questions and I’ll get cranking…

So … some new info …

Different Races
Ok, if you were paying any attention to some of the comments on the first post, there were some hints of a new set of characters to enter the EOJ universe. Of course we will have new exciting additions to the current races, well, here they are – The Sacreds:

card 187187_Sword of Juno

card 190190_Fist of Juno_01

*Notice the anti-Biolith gameplay features* (MANY more pics on our Flickr site)

Promotional Cards
No deck would be complete without some slick promotional cards. Throughout the year be on the look out for these special cards so you can add them to your deck. They have been specially designed to actually form one image when placed together, so if you are FIRE Fans, these are a must have. Be on the look out at for upcoming hints on where these will be available (might actually do something on this blog) …


With that I’ll end with another addition to the Tritonan Water Queendom, Ship’s Surgeon!


Finally, what most people are waiting for, the price … In the US, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT: Biolith Rebellion 2 (Expansion Set Two) download will be available on the PSN for $14.99 on March 27th.

We’ll be back next week with more updates and phantom card info. We’re open to any suggestions on the next topic too … just start your comments with “***blog post idea***”

Let the comments begin …

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