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We’re back again for another round. The newest EYE OF JUDGMENT expansion is shaping up to be much deeper than I thought. Lately, I’ve spent many late nights designing crazy combos in my new decks. With some of my favorites – check out these screens…

126_General Lug

155_Novogus Sinbearer141_Corleo, Venoan Capo

Thanks again for all the great comments and questions from the last EOJ post. I know a lot of questions were generated and I’m happy to throw in some more information for everyone. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get all your answers (yet) but we’re still tracking them down (Canada cards is still a priority for me). I’ll be reading over the weekend so jump in with your questions and I’ll get cranking…

So … some new info …

Different Races
Ok, if you were paying any attention to some of the comments on the first post, there were some hints of a new set of characters to enter the EOJ universe. Of course we will have new exciting additions to the current races, well, here they are – The Sacreds:

card 187187_Sword of Juno

card 190190_Fist of Juno_01

*Notice the anti-Biolith gameplay features* (MANY more pics on our Flickr site)

Promotional Cards
No deck would be complete without some slick promotional cards. Throughout the year be on the look out for these special cards so you can add them to your deck. They have been specially designed to actually form one image when placed together, so if you are FIRE Fans, these are a must have. Be on the look out at for upcoming hints on where these will be available (might actually do something on this blog) …


With that I’ll end with another addition to the Tritonan Water Queendom, Ship’s Surgeon!


Finally, what most people are waiting for, the price … In the US, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT: Biolith Rebellion 2 (Expansion Set Two) download will be available on the PSN for $14.99 on March 27th.

We’ll be back next week with more updates and phantom card info. We’re open to any suggestions on the next topic too … just start your comments with “***blog post idea***”

Let the comments begin …

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  • this game look amazing, any word about bringing the booster packs to mexico?

    hope you guys have found a way to stop thouse who print their own cards.

  • awesome! still not so happy about price though. oh well, im still buying this!!
    i want those fire promo cards!! i’ll pay 20 bucks for each. j/k maybe 5.

  • Might want to hide the codes on the cards no?

  • Very cool game, i bought it when it came out along with a few packs. Will you guys have any downloadable game boards available? I mean, the ones you have now are cool, but a few more wouldnt hurt. And while it may sound far fetched, is it possible that Sony may do a special card set based on some of their franchises?
    I mean, you could have Kratos, Ratchet, Clank and a host of others in a special SONY deck.
    Just a thought…..

    • intersting….i\’ll bring up different gameboards and the PlayStation characters have already been brought up…I\’d love to see Nariko, Sweet Tooth, LocoRoco & Patapon too…

  • Awesome! I can’t wait for the 2nd series of cards to come out!

  • I was thinking the same thing chubigans. I was wondering if maybe they did that on purpose, they said these were promo cards. Seems like a mistake though…

  • Eh. The price kind of hurts. Still, fun game, and it looks like it’s shaping up to be even better.

  • I like the price, although free would be better for my wallet. Excellent job as always.

    Mark – Can you clue us in on why disconnectors (especially when in check) cannot be handed a loss in rank play?

    I had no luck with Phantoms in Set 1, I hope I get something good in Set 2.

    • Its tough to police players who \’disconnect\’ and separate them from honest players who just had bad luck with their internet…and it would be bad if we penalized honest players. With that said, Set 2 will bring extra \’ranking\’ features that will rank both skill and honor…so you\’ll know over time who the \’disconnectors\’ are. Shoot Jeff over an e-mail and we\’ll get you a phantom…

  • Amazon has the Eye of Judgment on sale for a good price. Check it out. Don’t know how long it will last.

  • Hi Mark,

    There’s been numerous complaints from various users still encountering problems connecting to rank matches. Even with the latest firmware update 2.17

    Even with my helpful guide on port forwarding, I have created.
    “Having difficulties connecting to others via on-line Please visit”

    I feel its that in the best interest of the consumer and our ever growing install base that this gets looked into and hopefully the game gets patched prior to the release of series 2 on March 27th.

    Please keep in mind new users of Eye of Judgment that there is a work around until the patch is released.

    By going on-line->ranked matches->then by selecting create dual room. Once you have set the parameters for the room give it couple of seconds and new opponent should be displayed in the bottom portion of the screen.

  • 14.95 eh? oh wells. I hope that it’ll be 14.95 canadian too, seeing as how our dollar is equal to the american one. I’m paying 50 cents to a dollar more for rock band songs. if i have to pay 20$ for the update it’ll be 2 less booster packs i’ll be able to buy for set 2.

  • NIce! i like this game a lot but i didnt get much into it because like you said it was hard to find the cards in Canada… i bought some boosters from 13th floor store in UK lol… but if the cards will be easier to get this time i might try this new expansion.
    Great game!

  • Wow! I’m a huge fan of Eye of Judgment, and I’ll have to say, I’m pumped for Set2. Reading through the new cards, it sounds like there are a lot of new gameplay mechanics, (which is exciting), but I’ve got to ask about the documentation… The first set is lots of fun, but the manual is a bit lacking in detail… You mentioned an in-game encyclopedia, any chance it will be formatted nicely for home printing, or could you perhaps make a printed version available for a ‘nominal fee’ somewhere? Keep up the good work guys.

    • We have a new manual in the works (needs translation and re-layout). We should have by next week\’s post…or at least by launch. Stay tuned…

  • Here’s some great Ideas comming from users I wanted to share with you and the staff.

    5)Scheduler (unified Tournament Builder, Background Scheduler) Similar to the one currently being used in Hots Shots Golf 5 Out of Bounds. However tailored for Eye of Judgment.

    Heres the comment from Alex_BF2142: Considering outside forms of tournament play that have already begun in the game, it would be a very nice addition over-all to the system to allow for an in-game kept schedule that players can construct to allow other players to know when they will generally be available to play the game, making communication easier for friends who bought the game to play together, players who are in the middle of more professional aspects of the game and generally anyone who has a hectic real life schedule that they need to maintain while still trying to get some games in while playing EoJ. This idea isn’t exactly EoJ specific but can definitely be a huge improvement to the way the game works.”

    ACE72 Wrote: Yes a unified Tournament Builder, Background Scheduler would be an excellent I Idea!

  • Hi Mark,

    One more thing check out some of these custom Eye of Judgment Playmat Boards are users have been creating,
    Truly Innovative user By the name of Hollanas Created:

  • i love this game keep bringing the updates

  • I’m still pissed off about having to buy the download AND the cards. That’s bollocks.

  • I want this more and more, just gotta save up I guess.

  • that’s nice but theres something i don’t get, am i paying $15 just to be able to play with the cards or do i actually get something extra?

  • Sony may have won the format battle but the Fanboy war is Losing instead.

  • Fantastic!

  • one thing i want to know are we going to get a single player expand ????

  • will everyone be able to get these promotional cards? also will EOJ be compatible with home when it comes out? btw awsome blog cant waite to purchase it!

  • Hi Diablo13,

    Yes, Eye of Judgment will be fully supportive of Home and its features.

  • I know this has no thing to do with the new pack. But is there any chance to take this series to some thing other then a card game. Like could this universe may be some day be put into a turn base RPG or action RPG. Bevause this world seems really rich and so I would love to see these different characters fight in a different set up.

  • Sweet. And I was just thinking today that the new set is going to be out soon. The cards look sweet so far. And a decent price for the new update. I figured it would be between 10 and 20. Right in the middle is perfect ^^

  • Looking forward to Set2. Still wish I could play it on my PS2 someday!

  • I would love to make a request for this game. Can we please get in game soundtracks for this game? No other game screams for it as much as Eye of Judgement does.

  • @ chubigans all the cards have the same code on it. They’re placeholders.

    Anyway, $15 is much better than I expected, since it will be about $30 from the Japanese store. Since Sony doesn’t make much off card sales and have to pay for the programming and art costs for each expansion somehow, I can’t complain about the price.

  • just got the amazon deal, cant wait.

    not bad of a price on expansion, they have to make money somehow

  • *off topic burning question*

    I’ve read that the Ferrari F2007 will be in GT5 prologue, can you guys confirm?
    Also does this mean that sony has renewed their F1 license? [please say yes]

    Link to article:

    Thank you

  • I have to get me a PS3 Eye!

  • Mark: First: just want to thank you.

    Thank you for being here many times so far and updating us on EoJ

    Thank you for taking time during YOUR week-end to answer our many questions.

    Thank you for also taking care of canadian’s supply problem. (Will the expansion be more expensive in Canada than the U.S. like every other DLC?…)


    “We’ll be back next week with more updates and phantom card info”…. So, there will be another bunch of phantoms!!! Will we see new heroes as well?

  • Will there be a “Sacred Theme Deck,” besides the $3.99 individual booster packs for Wave 2? Also, will the cards for Wave 2 be available at retail during the week of March 24th? Looking forward to more EOJ!

    • There will be 5 new Set 2 \”theme decks\” (check next weeks post) but none of them will have Sacred creatures (sorry)… As for timing, we\’re told the cards are on a big ship US bound for 3/28…stay tuned for future posts where we\’ll list specific retailers carrying the cards.

  • I dont know never tried this game. I only got the ps3 eye toy for chating with friends.

  • Man I bought a booster box for the set 1 and no luck with phantoms either :'(

    I hope I could be more lucky next time I buy some boosters

    Nice update!

  • hi, realy sorry if someone has asked but i didnt see it.

    would you be able to tell us the rough time of the expansion to be released for euro/aus audiences also?

    thanks alot!

  • Sounds like Gamestop’s listing of 3/17 for cards and theme decks is definitely an error then. I placed an order thinking there was a possibility they’d be selling cards early. Looks like I should cancel.

  • So the expansion is available on the 27th but the cards are arriving in the US on the 28th? That doesn’t make much sense to me. Wouldn’t you want the cards in the hands of the players before the expansion so that when they buy the expansion they can actually use it? Is buying the expansion worth it if you only have set 1 cards and have to wait for you set 2 cards? Won’t the lack of Set 2 cards hurt Day One sales on the expansion?

    ~Need to stop, too many questions~

    BTW I’m LOVING this game I started playing on the 3rd, and I haven’t put it down since!

    • Its a distribution challenge. The PSN store refreshes with new content on Thursdays which unfortunately isn\’t the same day as Wizards of the Coast distribution.

  • When it comes to the issue of disconnectors, I think that most people (from reading the EoJ forums) would pefer to be awarded a win regardless of the real reason why their opponent disconnected. If someone’s just spent over an hour on a match and their opponent disconnects (and it’s usually because they’re about to lose or have an unfavourable board position), then I think the guy still connected deserves to get the win (it doesn’t matter if the opponent disconnected because of real connection problems). Otherwise, it gets too frustrating to continuously play people who disconnect and getting nothing to show for it. It puts people off the game, simple as that. From the EoJ forums, it seems that disconnectors is what annoys people the most about this game. In MTG Online, if someone disconnects (for whatever reason) and don’t get back on after a certain amount of time, then the other guy gets the win. It’s very simple and everyone understands the rules. Why can’t they implement a similar simple mechanism for EoJ ?

  • Hi Mark,

    I also wanted to share with you a great site that one of our members from community has developed in bringing the up most up date information regarding series 2 straight from Japan.

  • wow thats VERY disappointing.

    you guys are actually charging for a game update…..looks like im never buying any cards for the game and selling what i have. what a rip off.

  • Quite judging me :(

  • *just a reminder to look into the Canadian Card situation – we really do want set 1 and 2 to be available unlike last round.

  • Just a question, I have already bought the PS EYE camera, but since I did not have enough money to purchase the EYE OF JUDGMENT with the ps eye I do not own the card game.

    The question is, will you guys consider releasing the game without the PS EYE for a cheaper price?

    If so I would happily purchase the game.

  • Thank you very much. How do I email Jeff?

  • 1.will we now be able to access our friends list
    and send an invite on the next update
    2.any custom soundtrack on the next update

  • hey mark i asked this one on the previous blog , can you guys change the gameplay rules like changing the card deck limit etc… you know juz for offline playing cuz i bought lots of cards most im not even using hehe , anyway great news on set2 , game rocks

  • *****BLOGPOST IDEA*****

    How about for the next post, detail some of the new hero cards for us? those are always cool!

    Maybe any new cubics?

    I really love this game, but i gotta say it-

    $15 just to play with the new cards?!?!?!

    We already have to pay for the new cards, don’t we?

    I bought the Eye with the game for $70, then about $85 on cards so far…

    Now we have to pay MORE just to play with the new cards..

    This is really disappointing, and reminds me of Xbox Live’s nickel and diming of EVERYTHING.

    very disappointed in the money grubbing guys!

    All advertising money should be made back with the price of the cards themselves…charging us again is really pretty petty.

    Too bad, such a great game marred by such a blatantly cheap pricing strategy.

    I know people are thinking it, I’m just saying it.


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