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Hey everyone, some of you may already know me from my trolling around the PS3 Downloadable Games forum here, but for those that don’t, I’m the associate producer on a few of the PSN titles such as Blast Factor, flOw, and Everyday Shooter.

Today however, I’m here to tell you the great news that flOw for the PSP is right around the corner, releasing Thursday on the PSN Store. The folks over a SuperVillain have done an awesome job recreating flOw on the PSP, keeping it true to its roots. Rather than use a bunch of flowery words to describe the game, I’d much prefer to let the game speak for itself. We hope you enjoy!

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P.S. Make sure you try out ad hoc mode with your friends. =]

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  • A few months ago a friend of mine mentioned this visually tantalizing game called flOw. After looking around I came to find it being sold on the PS Store, as well as for free online. Once I’d tried the free PC version I thought about purchasing it and decided I’d wait to see if they let the download for the PS3 carry over to the PSP, so I may have it on both of my systems. If that was the case, I would have purchased this nifty little game hands down.

    In the end, they’re separate products and I won’t be purchasing either. I really expected this release to be thought out better.

  • @ Windseek – it was thought out. they are thinking of capitalizing and taking advantage of the portable scene.


  • lol, I find it funny when people are complaining about Flow for PSP not working with PS3 or Flow being two separate products. A lot of games have portable versions of their console game title and people sometimes buy one or both versions. Flow for PSP is a PSP game for people who want to play it on PSP. If you played it on PS3 and do not have 8 dollars to buy this cheap priced game than do not buy it. We should complain about the other games that have portable versions too if we are going to complain about this. ROCK ON SONY!

  • So how about we discuss the fact that this game was announced yesterday as being on the store TODAY. But I have yet to find anything but the stupid trailer. is this a tease?

  • I’ve always looked at Sony as an innovative and progressive company. Free PSN, awesome! PS1 games on the store port for free to PSP, just great! There are some super cool things they’re doing to make their products lustworthy, but not porting flOw in this way leads to one conclusion (imo). Money > customers, or as lakaihigh said “hey are thinking of capitalizing and taking advantage of the portable scene.”

    I don’t see how porting it would have hurt them at all financially, just the opposite, in fact. Someone that only has a PS3 has to buy it to own it. Someone that only has a PSP has to buy it to own it. But someone that has BOTH systems need to pay twice if they’d like to own it? Hmm…….

  • the last comment doesn’t make sense to me. They charge 5.99 for psOne games on the store….not free….”just great!”…..If you have a game on one system…and have beaten it, why would you even keep playing it on the one system, let alone buy it for another? Idiots.

  • “….not free….”just great!”….”

    I wasn’t saying the games are free, the ability to transfer them from your PS3 to your PSP is free. The reason I thoroughly enjoy this is it allows my girlfriend and I to both start a file (on Wild Arms for instance) and lets us both play at our own pace.

  • that is somewhat irrelevant to what is being discussed. Also, how would one begin to think they can charge for something like that? it’s your ps3…what are they going to do, monitor your thumbs every time you hit X?

  • by the way. i thought flow was due out today? did they lie?

    • It will be out when the PLAYSTATION Store is updated. Should be around the same time as usual in the early- to mid-afternoon.

  • I really like fl0w on the PS3 with its gameplay and music but I was wondering. When will this come to the PSP in Europe? Plus is there any chance you’ll be making more expansions for the PS3 version? I know you can’t say anything about it but just to give you a heads up, I’d love for fl0w.


  • The PSN is a joke, no content, how is this possible??? Could you answer that one pls???

  • they won’t answer it.. i asked a question… i got ignored and then my comment was deleted. I ask again and still no answer.

  • “By the way, this is much different and a much richer experience than the flash version, so to say that it’s just a port of the flash game isn’t at all accurate.”

    well randy,

    i appreciate you answering my post, but i dont think you understand what i mean. on the ps1 games that were “remade” for the ps3/psp the quality isnt really changed. the manual is added, but its the same basic game. Flow, is in that same boat. i swim around peacefully, eating things and mentally relaxing. the gameplay is the same, and the psp version will look pretty close to the ps3 version (not to the flash as you replied). it feels like i am paying twice for the same thing, just like echochrome, when really instead of segmenting your potential customers i think it is time to realise that people like me with both a psp and a ps3, telling our friends that the download games are good, isnt because we enjoy paying twice for the same content.

    just because i can port my save doesnt mean a thing, flow isnt about saving or anything like that. take a look at the sales for the expansion pack of flow, i bet they sold miserably compared to the full game, ya know why, content. it wasnt a justified purchase, and its happening again. it seems like you all at sony want to milk us, and, well, we can tell.


  • I think maybe it wasn’t clear to everyone what flOw PSP is, and that might be the cause of all the disagreement that’s going around in this thread. It’s a port of the PS3 game to the PSP. It’s not added value or new content — it’s flOw PS3 re-created as exactly as possible on the PSP. If you have already played the game to death on the PS3, then no one is holding a gun to your head to buy it for the PSP. If you had two PS3s, would you buy the original flOw twice, once for each machine?

    However, there are actually people out there who have a PSP, but don’t have a PS3, and were never able to play flOw before. They might be interested in this download.

    There’s also a simple reason why flOw PSP wasn’t built into flOw PS3 as a remote-play feature or whatever. When That Game Company developed flOw a year ago, they had their hands full making the game for PS3. I hope it doesn’t surprise anyone to hear that the PSP does not have a PS3 inside it. They are completely different machines. When flOw PS3 met with some success, Sony hired SuperVillain Studios to re-create the game on PSP. A whole staff of people worked for months and were paid salaries in order to make this happen. Thus, the game is sold as a downloadable game, rather than a free give-away. It would have been neat, yes, if they were developed at the same time as a unified package, but that just isn’t how it worked out in reality.

  • This game looks really great, I can’t wait any longer to play it… Oh but wait ! WTF ! I thought it should come on the 6th ! What ? Only for the US store ?

    When will sony (and actually all the video game industry) consider to come the game out in europe as in usa ?

    I’m really pissed off ’cause I have to wait until… ??? and I can’t create a US PS store account. I DON’T care to play a game in english so WHY should I wait for a bad translation to be made ?

  • It is on the way to both Europe and Japan. It is really regrettable it wasn’t ready in all three territories on the same date, but the QA departments outside the US have a slower turnaround time. The North American version waited for a while, after it was deemed ready, for the other territories to be ready too, but I think after a while Sony felt like enough was enough, and let it go to the US store.

    It really shouldn’t be too much longer before it hits Europe.

  • Also, BTW, the European version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese (well, really the US version does this too). I can’t attest to the quality of the translations, since I speak only English, but I can say that text is less important in this game than in most.

    And, not to be misleading — when I say “not too much longer”, we are likely talking about weeks, but not months.

  • I hope you’re right. I’m more pissed off because of the lack of communication, no release date was given for Europe so “we”, I mean, I, the magazine’s, people on forums, thought that it will come out on the 6th.

    There is no big deal announcing that the european version will comme out one the [insert any date], we are used to it…

  • It was planned to come out on the 6th… but QA just needed more time with it than expected.

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