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Hey everyone, some of you may already know me from my trolling around the PS3 Downloadable Games forum here, but for those that don’t, I’m the associate producer on a few of the PSN titles such as Blast Factor, flOw, and Everyday Shooter.

Today however, I’m here to tell you the great news that flOw for the PSP is right around the corner, releasing Thursday on the PSN Store. The folks over a SuperVillain have done an awesome job recreating flOw on the PSP, keeping it true to its roots. Rather than use a bunch of flowery words to describe the game, I’d much prefer to let the game speak for itself. We hope you enjoy!

flow 2flow 3

P.S. Make sure you try out ad hoc mode with your friends. =]

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  • Huh. It’s Wednesday isn’t it? Tomorrow is update time. Nice.

  • Is it similar to the Psone games on the PSN, i.e. is the game both PS3 and PSP compatible or are they separate downloads/ purchases? Is it remote play compatible on the PS3 too?

    • It\’s similar in that you can purchase it from the PLAYSTATION Store on the PS3 and then install it on your PSP, or from the PC Store, but it does not run on your PS3. This, and flOw PS3, are two separate products.

  • For people who havent played I recommend however Im not going to buy it again.Beautiful experience though

  • I am kind of on the out’s on whether I should get this or not. I’ve read that the controls are way too responsive losing the “fl0w” feeling, anyone that’s getting it tomorrow mind confirming how it’s like?

  • nice, really nice.

    any possibilities for a demo? or atleast a price cut in the ps3 version?

    PSN 4 México

  • Sorry but jeff I want to email the blog with a suggestion but when I click the contact us link theirs no address in there.

  • Flow on the PSP sounds cool, but I guess that depends on the price of the game?

  • It would be awesome to play this on the subway ride home, would really help me unwind…


    Unless its super super cheap, I personally cannot justify buying this again. It was a pretty short esperiance on the PS3, and this offers non of the bonus content available on PS3.

    How about offering a discount to those who, like myself, are interested but already have the title.

    Anyway, I think its great for those who have a PSP but not a PS3 and missed experiancing flOw the first time out.

  • Ditto,
    This is a great game to kill 20 minutes on, but i already have killed this game on the PS3. Is this the same game? or is it idfferent with the same theme?

  • Do the PS3 Flow owners need to buy the game again for the PSP or is the PS3 version going to be compatible with the PSP version???

    Personally I thought it was pretty nice concept for a game but if I need to spend extra on top of the Flow I already got for PS3, not going to bother getting.

  • any chance we get a flow 2 on ps3? maybe this time with online co op.I love one and i got every freind of mine to buy and they love it to.

  • No review scores?

  • It would also be nice to have a demo, to be able to see how it controls with the D pad or the analog stick. That does make a difference.

  • So are these titles the ones that will get me to buy a PSP?

  • @11

    The team that made flow have moved on to making a game called Flower for the PSN so I dont think there will be a flow 2

  • How long until Europe gets it?
    Place your bets people!

  • No pre-paid PSN Cards means no fl0w for me.

  • Speaking of Europe, Europe doesn’t have the flOw expansion pack.

    Speaking of expansion packs, we don’t have the Blast Factor expansion either.

    Will Sony ever give us a reason for this?
    Place more bets!

  • Anyone know what the price will be?

  • Awesome. I like that it’s coming out for PSP, but if the price is to spicy, my wallet won’t deal with the pricy (wow rhymes?).

    @11/15, thatgamecompany is mainly about trying to renew games. Trying to make something different. They are trying to find out what you can do with the gaming industry. They are indie, and they are a company with a mission =D Btw, they’re awesome!

  • “It’s similar in that you can purchase it from the PLAYSTATION Store on the PS3 and then install it on your PSP, or from the PC Store, but it does not run on your PS3. This, and flOw PS3, are two separate products.”

    You know, you guys created this really great concept of having stuff go back and forth between the console and the handheld. It’s really a great idea that I think consumers wanted. But now you go and do things like this? I don’t get it. It’s really just an underutilized feature now. Flow really should have just been made for PSP and PS3 to begin with, along with a lot of these arcade titles. Right now it just seems like the PSP to PS3 connectivity is a bullet point for a slideshow rather than an actual plus for the system. Make use of this. Why is it just Playstation One games to get the treatment? Heck, get other developers on board.

    For instance: Disgaea 3 has been released on PS3 in japan. It features visuals many have complained about, because they look PS2 esque. Well, how about you get developers with games like this to release PS3 games that can also transfer seemlessly to the PSP so you can take your game on the road. I mean, the technology and encryption is already there with your blu-ray ripping that you’ve announced already.

    If you want to beat Xbox, Live, and Nintendo and it’s Wiimote offerings, this is something you really should do, I think. Sure, you can replicate live and its features with home and in-game XMB, but you’d be truly compelling by really pushing these features out there.

    I’d totally be 100% on buying this title if it was PS3/PSP, but as it stands, I can put my money elsewhere, and that’s where it stands on quite a few titles. Come on Sony, make this connectivity feature more than just a bullet point. Give us a new gaming experience.

  • DemonOfRazgriz89

    I already bought flOw for PS3 and wasn’t superbly impressed with it. i mean it’s very relaxing and can be wicked trippy (especially when at the higher “floors” of the ocean), but i’m def not gonna be buying it again for the PSP. i was gonna say they should just have it through Remote Play, but i’m guessing they can’t due to the “Sixaxis motion controls only” setup. o well.

  • How much?

  • Ah, it looks like a beautiful game, still haven’t bought it on the ps3, but really….. I don’t want to have to choose between buying it for my ps3 or my psp………….. thts just cruel so it sucks tht you can’t download 1 version for both. Though this would have been a great time to take advantage of the remote play feature.

  • @ 20 i know they like doing new things and i a huge supporter of indie games cause they alway bring some thing refreshing everytime i wish there more more indie developer made game byside everyday shooter and flow i love them brought but i want more indie game are we getting more byside flower i be buying flower day one.

  • How much is this ?

  • Offtopic, but can someone explain why Patapon’s volume is so low, even on the highest setting?

  • Hello, Sony, the6one……..signing on here!

    I know that we now have the momentum and that prospects for this year as well as projections are looking good for SCEI in the year of 2008 and beyond. Stringer, keep up the good work, and lets make sure that everything that we plan is applicable as well as tangible to our consumers. We need to begin to show exactly why blu-ray is significant and how the win will carry on into the years to come. I can’t stress this enough! We can’t allow the competition to reaccess their plans in responding/rebounding against our strategy for the Playstation businees this year or for the years to come. It is important that we give the consumers exactly what they want without compromising the image and integrity of this great establishment. I, however, do agree that the company needs to once again gain superiortiy as being the top brand name in electronics entertainment. Sony Corporation is famous and known for high-quality electronics entertainment. The vision of the company should remain the same, though, it should continually strive for expansion and growth. I think Stringer is definetly on his way to making SONY a brand name that is once again unmatched in quality electronics entertainment. It was smart to sell our European Headquarters, this should definetly begin to stabalize profits within the company. I think our main goal here at Sony is “redemption.” I think we are seriously being restructured in order that we might again be the company and brand name that sticks out. We do need to continue the momentum we have been building with PSP and PS3 throughout this year. Nintendo is still beating us in Japan, our rightful territory, as well as in our other territories. This is the year that the company needs to make a claim again at dominance and recapture the hearts of our Sony-faithful as well as our general consumers. Gentlemen, let us once again establish why this company stands out among many other corporations, as being distinct and noticably different than our competitors. Let us here at SONY Corp. in this year of 2008 begin to solidify that we are indeed the leaders and innovators of high-quality electronics entertainment. Good luck to everyone that is even remotely involved with Sony Corporation; I wish you the best with my deepest and highest regards.

    Sony……..like. no. other.


  • Can we get the GDC 08 answers?

  • Randall,
    Does the PS3 and PSP versions of flow have any inter-connectivity between the two, i.e. transfer Flow game saves to from the PS3 to PSP. In your answer to my previous response I assume you mean it’s like Beats where it can only be transfered to a PSP and is incompatible with the PS3. Still, since the game is on both systems will it have any interconnectivity at all?

    • Bingo, it\’s exactly like Beats in that respect. Unfortunately, there\’s no interactivity between the PS3 and PSP. Like all developers, we\’d love to be able to put every feature for every aspect in every game, but game development doesn\’t give you that luxury. :)

      For everyone that\’s asking, the price will be $7.99.

  • @ Afrosheen

    Use headphones, it helps soooo much in Patapon.
    You could always buy a cradle that offers sound amplification if you have the old PSP. Sony has announced a slim PSP docking cradle that may do the same (unfortunately it is unannounced by SCEA as of right now).

  • @ Enedok, emperor799, gamegenieny

    It is supposed to be $7.99

  • @tagout

    The US $20 PSN cards are available, but are somewhat hard to find in the wild. Some military bases have been reported selling these $20 PSN cards.

  • I love flOw, it is my favorite thing I have downloaded of the PSN.

    But, I already bought it for the PS3…not really willing to buy it again.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Yes I as well am unsure if I want to buy the game again….it was fun but Patapon has been getting my time lately..stupid addicting ADDICTING.

  • I dont know if youll see this Jeff but it works for me now thanks

  • is this the only update the PSN can expect for tommorow???? Seems about on par with the last 2 months of PSN updates…maybe throw in a movie trailer too, doesn’t have to be HD.

  • I see a typo :o

    Ad-hoc only? Why not infrastructure? That’s what most PSP games are lacking, infrastructure mode..

    Depending on the price, I might add it to my list.

  • Fantastic! Thanks SuperVillain, I can’t wait to buy this. :)

  • Love this game and don’t mind buying it again for portability’s sake.

    Off Topic Question:
    ***Will we see Memory Stick Mark 2 (16GB) support for PSP soon?***

  • @ayrkain
    I would expect when the 16GB MS: Pro Duo’s arrive a firmware update will enable the cards to work. The PSP originally only supported up to 2GB, firmware updates enabled up to 8GB (I use a 4GB).

  • I see a lot of people wishing for games with interoperability between ps3 and psp, like the ps1 games. However, I would argue that even better than one game operating on both consoles would be a game that utilizes both consoles AT THE SAME TIME to expand and add depth to the gameplay. The best example I can think of is the Zelda 4 Swords game for nintendo’s purple lunch box. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen very many other titles taking advantage of the portable/console connectivity in this way. Think of the possibilities available, especially for multiplayer games since each person would have their own private screen. Seriously, this would be a much better incentive for people to go out and buy both consoles rather than the media streaming features we’ve seen so far.

  • Well, between this and upcoming Burnout and Orange Box patches/updates/dlc, it looks like the next few Thursdays will be very interesting, especially when Home finally emerges on one of those Thursdays…

  • “It’s similar in that you can purchase it from the PLAYSTATION Store on the PS3 and then install it on your PSP, or from the PC Store, but it does not run on your PS3. This, and flOw PS3, are two separate products.”

    ya know, this was a free game, remade to have sixaxis, and im quite sure the only reason at all that it sold so well is word of mouth. you really shouldnt have made two seperate products, but made flow ps3 the same thing as the psp version. i mean, seriously, isnt the functionality coming soon on the psp so that we can remote play all of the psn games (by soon i mean 08). this really feels like a slap in the face. i love the game, but its not meant to be played anywhere but on the go or in spurts.

    i would love to support the original dev of this game, but the fact of the matter is i can just as easily grab the .flv file and play it legally on my psp that way.

  • I can’t seem to reply to people right now, but I’ll answer the questions I can.

    The price will be $7.99. A pretty good deal for a full PSN game *with* added functionality.

    @DevonTheDude: It doesn’t support any PS3/PSP interconnectivity. It’s just like Beats in the way it installs to the PSP from the PS3.

    Nothing like a busy day at the office to keep you from answering blog posts. :)

    By the way, this is much different and a much richer experience than the flash version, so to say that it’s just a port of the flash game isn’t at all accurate.

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

  • Can we look forward to other non PS3 download games for the PSP? I know your expanding the PSPs appeal with causal games, but I think a few hardcore games for he PSP would rock as well. Like say some games for hard core fans and not just causal PSP gamers on the PC store would be nice.

    • Well, I can\’t comment directly on what\’s in the future, but I can tell you that the team I am a part of at SCEA Santa Monica Studios is always looking for people with great and unique play experiences. It doesn\’t *have* to fall into the casual games area, but it does need to have broad appeal. After all, we picked up Everyday Shooter for PS3, and that\’s just Jonathan Mak doing quite literally everything. If the concept is good enough, we can move with it. If the individual submitting the concept is skilled enough to be an everyman, then it makes it a bit easier as we don\’t have to find a developer to fit the concept. :)

  • I have flow and wish I could play it on my PSP then.

  • Well on behalf of the European community i would like to congratulate SCEE on the ability to bring out crappy updates as from the start of 2008….amazing, this is an achievement or should i say entitlement on its own. Don’t bother replying as you never do, only if its positive for you or your company.

  • Maybe I don’t understand the differences between PSP Flow and PS3 Flow, but I fail to see $8 worth of value in this.

    I can only assume this is targeted at the new PC store PSP market. Since Flow was the most purchased PSN game (according to the GDC presentation), you may just assume any PS3 users interested have already purchased it.

    I find it odd because one thing that could justify PS3+PSP users purchase is specifically excluded. That being PS3 & PSP interaction. With that, you get a $16 version of Flow that works seamlessly between them, a real (not an F1 rear mirror) bragging point for the entire playstation platform, and delivers value for money.

    Without it, you end up with arguably overpriced games, and a missed opportunity.

    So while I think this may be good for those that own a PSP and no PS3, I personally will have to pass on this one.

  • My daughter and I both have PSPs linked/associated/authorized/whatever with the family PS3. Eight bucks American is a fine price for Flow PSP, but will we need to buy two copies to play it on two PSPs? Especially to do so in ad hoc mode?

    I’m quite a bit more concerned about how the PSN Store will let me actually buy two uniquely ID’d copies of the game than I am about an extra eight dollars. We love the PS3 version of Flow, and it’s certainly very well suited to PSP.

    • Hey capa, I\’m not 100% certain in my answer as I have neither a second PSP or a daughter, but I think you could install it to your second PSP. Again though, I\’m not real sure.

      Thanks for your support!

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