Patapost Friday: Pata-tips #1

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P-Day 2008-02-26: hordes of Patapon fans storm local shops in search of drumming musical goodness; Thousands (millions?) of people found across the globe hypnotically chanting “pata-pata-pata-pon”.

Ok, so that faux-news bit might be a bit of a hyperbole, but I’d like to personally thank everyone here on the blog (new comers and old timers) on the support, good vibes, happy thoughts and overall positive sentiments towards this little bit of land we call Patapolis… and welcome to the tribe.

Last post, we mentioned that we’ll be answering a few questions on gameplay and offer some tips as long as it doesn’t spoil the ending.

Patapon 5

Crossing the Dessert
Many of you are getting fried trying to cross the desert, so here’s a little tip for you guys: hook it up with the Rain JuJu, Don drum and get a’ chantin’…

Patapon whereisthejuju

Rain Juju and Don Drum

  • Successfully Defeat the Great Guardian Dodonga.
  • Go back into the Patata Plain (first hunting level). March until you approach the totem pole at the beginning of the level (get close enough, but don’t go past it!). Press the buttons indicated in the Totem Pole, and of course, keep to the rhythm!
  • Pick up the compass and finish the level.
  • Find the secret level now unlocked and battle against the Dauntless Dragon Majidonga! This will give you both the DON drum and the Secret Rain JuJu!

Patapon 6

Fever Mode (aka Patapon’s Gone Wild)

  • Get your Patapons up to fever mode. This is done by successfully executing a series of commands (6-10) in a chain without breaking the beat.
  • Once you hear/read “Fever!!”, chant Don DonDon DonDon. Make sure to keep to the rhythm when you drum!
  • You’ll enter into full JuJu mode and get with the rain making!

Patapon juju dance

Final Tip
You can equip different JuJu’s in the HQ, just scroll over to the right with the directional buttons and press the X button to select your JuJu.

Patapon 2

Keep the Fever Going
The hardest part is not reaching fever mode, but actually keeping it! This is where the Pata-(wo)men are separated from the Pata-boys (and girls). You must ignore all distractions and keep to the beat! Sometimes the Patapons will start talking and not chant, but you must not let that distract you. One easy way to keep the rhythm is by tapping your feet, or bobbing your head, or humming along… this will make sure you’re always on top of it and it will help you reach Earthend.


Team Patapon
Working on Patapon has been a great experience, something that could not have been done with out the help of our marketing team (Chuck Lacson), PR (Alex Armour) and last but not least, the entire QA team that incessantly made sure that all bugs were fixed… these guys have you guys in mind when they play through the title making sure that everything is on the up-and-up so you guys, the fans, have a great gaming experience. These guys know the game back and forth, from here to Earthend and back – that sort of knowledge is ka-ching… so we’ve recruited Rodger Aladray, our QA lead on Patapon, to help out with some tips here and there as well.

Thanks everyone for the support, keep the rhythm going and see you next week. Get those questions in!

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  • its a patapon tree,
    full of pataons,


  • Patapon brings out the crazy in people I see

  • The desert is driving me up a wall.

  • “The desert is driving me up a wall.”

    Same here.

  • when i got the game i use 11 hours and then the story line once with only 2 rare patapon( it is a lot of pain to fight and always lose on the mission when i first doing it)

    I love the game a lot and i am trying to get divine weapon

    I need help for an answer

    I have a question about mini-game that my singing tree doesnt look like the one on screen shot. What can i do for that?

    Thx to read my post!

    And I will be gald if anyone could able to answer the question. thanks here

  • Thanks for bringing game to our life. Please keep up with the good work. Look forward to playing more Patapon games (PSP, PS3) in the future.

  • yea, more patapon games for psp,


  • I’m glad I tried the demo, without it I probably would of let this gem get by. Hey any help, tips on the convoy mission greatly appreciated…

  • YOU MUST…MUST make this game available for play on the PS3…even if it is the same game, that I have on the PSP. I would buy this game again just to play it on my Big Screen HD-TV. Is there any chance in the future of this game being available for download to play on the PS3? You would sell TONS…TONS!!! Please tell me you are at least considering putting this on the PS3.

  • I’m stuck on the rain dance, it’s fine until they chant something that seems to be real fast, any tips?

    • If you dont get it the first time just remember the pattern the second time and try to match the chat pattern. Just like memorizing a song. Its tough to get the rhythm right under pressure, but thats why this game is so fun!! Good luck!

  • @ Confused # 57

    At least you made it to the boss, I can’t even make it 4 paces past the sign that says to make it rain when I finally get around to it, it stops midway. Since it takes me forever I have but one little guy left.

  • @C-h-a-o-s

    Hmmm…to make it a little easier maybe you should take a music course ;)

    That part was really hard for me at first, but all you have to do to get the “Fever” mode again is to stay in one spot, use the Defense Chant, and then do the rain dance.

  • I have to congratulate Sony on it’s achievements in this game. This is one of those games that makes you wanna buy a PSP, just so you can play it. A Patapon theme should really be made for the PSP. That would be awesome.

  • One more thing. Maybe, you could make an update available on the patapon website that included the flying units, just like wipEout pure did, eh?

  • @Chuck Lacson

    I’m fighting the Golem boss right now, any tips? The laser from out of his mouth annihilated my army with 4 hits..

    Please put several Pata-tips about the mini-game.

  • You guys should add those flying patapons that we saw as promos from TGs in the game as downloadable content. That would be really cool. Or if you make a PS3 version you should add the flying Patapon as exclusive for that version.


  • Thanks, I was trying to figure out how to retire soldiers to make better ones. Loving this game :).

  • I must admit I am very frustrated with that Rain Song, I get my dudes into fever mode and then i get those buttons to press while the background is blue and that statue is rotating, and I get to the one that is X X Square X X X X and each time i mess it up somehow.
    Any tips???

  • “I must admit I am very frustrated with that Rain Song, I get my dudes into fever mode and then i get those buttons to press while the background is blue and that statue is rotating, and I get to the one that is X X Square X X X X and each time i mess it up somehow.
    Any tips???”

    It’s simple once in FEVER!! hit the button in the following sequence but still in rhythm.
    X XX XX

    Now what you wanna do is hit the ○ (PON) button to match the chants of the Patapon. The only time you’ll hit a different button (■ PATA) will be at the last chant. As long as you mimic the chants you’ll be able to make it rain. But you will have to start your combo over to get to FEVER!! again. On the desert you will have to do this several times to get across. Good luck

  • I absolutely love this game. Right now I’m trying to get the dodge song (pon-pata-pon-pata) but I can’t seem to beat the damn creature. I guess I’ll try the normal missions for now. But I love the challenge and depth involved in this game beneath its deceptively simple and cutesy surface. I really hope to see more unique and original games like this for the PSP.

  • Level 1, and level 2 bosses are easy with only the attack song, but level 3+ bosses requires strategies, and fever.

  • I fight the first boss 25 times and it become lv 26 already and i dont feel I can not fight it at lv 30

    it seems unlimite lvl for boss

    So far i got all the divine weapons now

    I have a trouble about the psp version of patapon video 1

    My psp and the media manager for psp said it as and unsupported file

    what can I do with it because i really want it on my psp??

    Thx for any help

    • re: the Boss

      Wow..thats a lot of times to take out 1st boss, there are more bosses to conquer so save some fight for them too. :)

      re: Video

      Are you downloading it of the Game Detail Page on

      That should be perfectly formatted for your PSP.

  • this game rocks… i just beat the sand fish guy….

  • This is the best damn $20 game i ever spent in my gaming life.. in a long while…

    Keep supporting these kind of games Sony! This is what makes u better than the other platforms

  • Just in case anyone is as dumb as me, when you start the Don DonDon DonDon for the rain…that’s the last time you hit X for the rest of the sequence. I kept using the Don drum over and over and couldn’t figure out why it was so hard. Once I actually *read* and started comprehending Pon and Pata…it all made sense. I felt like a moron.

  • Thanks for the tip raladray/confused (although a music course is out of the question)

    I’ll try my hand at beating the two bosses over and over, any tips on not getting eaten?

    I wish there was a move backwards chant, it would make things a poop load easier for me. It wold save me ka-ching on getting new eyeballs.

    • The key to not getting eaten is keeping your distance. If you get too close, he\’s gonna have a pata-snack. You will notice if you stop marching and start attacking, the tatepons will still advance and attack, then when you do the defense chant, they will go back to where Hatapon is to defend. If you time everything right the tatepons will come back to the fold before the boss chops down.

  • wuhocheung | March 2nd, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    “I have a trouble about the psp version of patapon video 1

    My psp and the media manager for psp said it as and unsupported file

    what can I do with it because i really want it on my psp??”

    Just go to the Playstation Store and download it directly to your PSP in a format that IT can recognize.

  • This game is teh awesome. Ponponpatapon. >:(

  • Please, bring a PS3 version.

    please, pretty please

  • Question:
    If for example you are already in fever and done an attack or defense, can you just throw the rain chant in or does it have to be right when the fever starts only?

  • Good tips, I almost resorted to a FAQ on the rain thing, until I saw the totem pole in the Pataplains (HINT HINT). Awesome game guys, and all my questions have been answered promptly upon reading this. My main one was #15 I think, the one about replacing troops. Good stuff.

    Keep up with the good work, and do these kids a favor and do it up for the PS3 if ya could?

  • stlthriot | March 3rd, 2008 at 6:42 am

    If for example you are already in fever and done an attack or defense, can you just throw the rain chant in or does it have to be right when the fever starts only?”

    You can do it anytime while in FEVER!!

  • Sorry for this comment being so pata-late:

    Love the tips, thanks. After having a weekend with the game (wow, spoken like I’m dating… the game…?), I have some ideas for further pata-tips:

    1) Mini-games. The tree one – I think I’m hitting the beat… and sometimes he drops leaves and sometimes things more valuable. Is this random or what?

    2) The lady you need to clean. She’s nice and, depending on how well you clean her up, she’ll shoot some items in the air. What I do is hit ‘pon’ on the beat while she’s shooting them up… and I keep on doing so and SOMETIMES I “catch” the items, sometimes I don’t, I’m sort of confused.

    Thanks! Love the pata-coverage (and the pata-price!)

    • 1. Drops are random, but keep trying because sometimes you get some rare drops.

      2. Try timing the catches to the beat, when the veggies are on the way down, just above Fah Zakpon\’s head.

  • best PSP game ever

  • hey clacson: any idea WHY this game is $50 in the UK??? we are used to the one dollar = one pound scam but this just takes the biscuit.

  • Can we have some info if a PS3 version will come (Over the PSN possibly?) Also, Can we have some details on firmware 2.40 coming this summer for the PS3 (which supposedly has in-game communication…sigh no music eh?)

  • This. Game. Is. Great.

    Bought it yesterday, and it’s been hard to put it down. In fact, it’s hard to type this message when my PSP is sitting right in front of me, and I’m thinking about what I have to do not that I have that catapult, and how I really need to go on a few more hunting missions because I need the ka-ching . . aw hell; I gotta go.

  • hey all we just posted some Patapon skins Gamer Cards out of and even PSP Gamer Card wall paper .. enjoy! … by the way how LONG is this game! Cant wait for the DLC to drop already.

  • Another question…

    When your characters are eaten, and you lose the cap because they swallow it, do you lose all the equipment that one was wearing as well? Or does it go back into your inventory?

    Oh, and is there any way to sell items for money?

    Thanks! :)

  • I must be some kinda’ stupid at this game, the rain juju isn’t working for me, and the prompt won’t let me get past it without performing it…?


  • Instead of moving forward, stay there and defend with chaka, chaka, pata, pon until you get the fever. Then you can hit the don, dondon, dondon to bring up the rainmaking mini-game.

    I have to say this game is mad fun! You guys really hit the recipe with this by making game play deceptively easy, while making a good strategy necessary. To boot, I can’t get the song out of my head!! lol

    Thanks for taking time to respond to some of the questions too… #15 is a biggie that seemed to be missing from the manual.

  • What an awesome game. I couldn’t put this down last night after buying it.

    I must admit though, the desert crossing totally had me stumped and I had to (embarrassingly) check on the blog to see what you had to do. Didn’t seem very clear what to do on that part.

    Although that that slight niggle, top notch. Thumbs up!

  • I cant seem to get That totem part. I press O(triangle)O(triangle) to the beat and I get nothing

  • Just beat the game last night. It registered as 18 hours, but i think it took a little more.

    My favorite PSP game so far, and one of my favorite games of all time :) Great job guys.

    I am still addicted enought to put a dozen or more hours into beating bosses and getting loot!

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