Patapost Friday: Pata-tips #1

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P-Day 2008-02-26: hordes of Patapon fans storm local shops in search of drumming musical goodness; Thousands (millions?) of people found across the globe hypnotically chanting “pata-pata-pata-pon”.

Ok, so that faux-news bit might be a bit of a hyperbole, but I’d like to personally thank everyone here on the blog (new comers and old timers) on the support, good vibes, happy thoughts and overall positive sentiments towards this little bit of land we call Patapolis… and welcome to the tribe.

Last post, we mentioned that we’ll be answering a few questions on gameplay and offer some tips as long as it doesn’t spoil the ending.

Patapon 5

Crossing the Dessert
Many of you are getting fried trying to cross the desert, so here’s a little tip for you guys: hook it up with the Rain JuJu, Don drum and get a’ chantin’…

Patapon whereisthejuju

Rain Juju and Don Drum

  • Successfully Defeat the Great Guardian Dodonga.
  • Go back into the Patata Plain (first hunting level). March until you approach the totem pole at the beginning of the level (get close enough, but don’t go past it!). Press the buttons indicated in the Totem Pole, and of course, keep to the rhythm!
  • Pick up the compass and finish the level.
  • Find the secret level now unlocked and battle against the Dauntless Dragon Majidonga! This will give you both the DON drum and the Secret Rain JuJu!

Patapon 6

Fever Mode (aka Patapon’s Gone Wild)

  • Get your Patapons up to fever mode. This is done by successfully executing a series of commands (6-10) in a chain without breaking the beat.
  • Once you hear/read “Fever!!”, chant Don DonDon DonDon. Make sure to keep to the rhythm when you drum!
  • You’ll enter into full JuJu mode and get with the rain making!

Patapon juju dance

Final Tip
You can equip different JuJu’s in the HQ, just scroll over to the right with the directional buttons and press the X button to select your JuJu.

Patapon 2

Keep the Fever Going
The hardest part is not reaching fever mode, but actually keeping it! This is where the Pata-(wo)men are separated from the Pata-boys (and girls). You must ignore all distractions and keep to the beat! Sometimes the Patapons will start talking and not chant, but you must not let that distract you. One easy way to keep the rhythm is by tapping your feet, or bobbing your head, or humming along… this will make sure you’re always on top of it and it will help you reach Earthend.


Team Patapon
Working on Patapon has been a great experience, something that could not have been done with out the help of our marketing team (Chuck Lacson), PR (Alex Armour) and last but not least, the entire QA team that incessantly made sure that all bugs were fixed… these guys have you guys in mind when they play through the title making sure that everything is on the up-and-up so you guys, the fans, have a great gaming experience. These guys know the game back and forth, from here to Earthend and back – that sort of knowledge is ka-ching… so we’ve recruited Rodger Aladray, our QA lead on Patapon, to help out with some tips here and there as well.

Thanks everyone for the support, keep the rhythm going and see you next week. Get those questions in!

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  • This game is the best handheld game of all times.

  • Ahh, I needed that rain tip. Thanks!

  • Desert Crossing is soooo hard.

    Define “Coming Soon” for me please. (God of War III)

  • How do you change your avatar in this blog?

  • I know most will appreciate the tip. I sure needed it a while back but I’m past that now. Thanks for it anyways.

  • Nice! I was confused when I hit fever mode because they started talking and not really chanting. Now I know to just go on ahead without them really helps. I’m going to pick this game up tomorrow. Thanks, Pata-Devs!

  • Patapon is the alpha and the omega.



  • Thanks for the site, and the tips. God, I wish I can skip this level, it’s so frustrating keeping up with fever and doing rain dance.

  • pon-pon-pata-pon! Ω

  • Thanks for the tips. Now i just need to hurry up and get the game!

  • i sold the game away, its just too frustrating. Plus SONY did not save me the in shirt xmb so =P

  • The game is amazing, any thoughts on a sequel or PSN version, like LocoRoco did perhaps?

  • I don’t understand why people capitalize every letter in “Sony”… It always looks like they’re shouting it.

    Anyway… Pata-perfect! Those voices are absolutely addictive. I can’t wait to pick it up in June (when I pick up my God of War PSP :D ). Thanks for speaking with us over the past several weeks! I look forward to your next project! :D

  • Is it possible when I am in fever mode and go to JuJu, to come back to fever again, or I must start over ?

  • love this game.

    is there anyway to get rid of some of your soldier people? i have enough items to make better patapons but no more room. all but one of my spear throwers are normal wimpy patapons lol. and the tree mini-game is really fun. thats why i have so many items lol

    • Enter world map screen – select any mission – on Headquarters screen select the squad that you want to remove the Patapon soldier and press \”Triangle:Equip\” – highlight soldier you want to remove and press \”select: Quit\” – select \”yes\” on Retiring selected unit display and conformation screen, and walah, your Patapon soldier retires to Earthend heaven

  • o yeah for people who have trouble with fever mode i just watch the flag now. whenever he lowers the flag i know its my turn lol

  • Thanx for the tips!

  • I had to do it again. (This is from the previous Patapost)

    “Man I hope you guys are serious about making a Patapon theme. Especially if Rolito gets involved. At this point my mind is on a Patapon high. And man it feels so freakin good!”

    Please make it happen for us fans!!!

  • Thanks for a great translation job on Patapon. The dialogue is funny at some points and quite somber at others.

  • Glad this post is about the rain, I can get it to rain but it stops and my poor little ones get burnt to a crisp.

  • Jeff,
    Is there an area for posting off topic questions related to the Blog specifically? The Contact Us/E-mail Us doesn’t seem to be working (for me anyway).

  • lol you guys ever try to play this game while high? It’s damn hard since my timing gets delayed. I’m a Pata-Pot smoking Pata-Poster.

  • I can’t help but noticing the Patapons dialogue sometimes is a little off.

  • This is the Game Of Forever <3

  • haven’t played it yet, but judging from the comments it seems great. Will we ever see an adaptation on the playstation store for ps3?

  • How do I defeat the Desert Boss? Every time I get “Mission Failed” the loading screen tells me to hunt two or three times and then defeat a boss. I’m just lost when it comes to defeating this boss. I do the Rain Dance every time I need to. Any tips on formation of squads? How am I able to add more spots for more Patapons from the Tree of Life Mater?

    • Which Desert Boss? Look for patterns in the bosses actions, you will learn when to attack and when to defend. If not building strong troops is key. Look at comment #15 on how to free up slots for stronger pons. As for formation, personally I love having archers in the back when I face a boss cause when you hit FEVER, you can make it rain \”300-style\”! Good luck blotting out the sun!

  • How come you guys didn’t appear to advertise this game that much? I’ve not seen any commercials or web ads for it yet except on the Sony site (or PSStore). Maybe I missed something, maybe I didn’t but the awesomeness of this game should be known by all. The store I preorder mine from only recieved one copy, and it was already paid for by me. Don’t let this game slip by!!

  • Let me start off by saying I have been a gamer for a long time. Ever since the days of Nintendo. I have grown up, and have bought many systems after that, and many, many games. This game is honestly one of the most fun I ever had in a video game. The game is so simple, but also hard. You need to have strategy, and can’t just go in without it. I catch myself singing the songs after I am done playing the game. I am in love with the Patapons. There are so dam cute, lol!! There game is so colorful, and so fun to play. I have you make more games like Patapon! Maybe a sequel, and maybe a version for the PS3. But please keep it simple like this one, and keep the price the same!! I love you Sony for making an epic game! Now on to more playing PataPon…. Pata, Pata, Pata, Pon!!! =)

  • Ahhhh! My gamestop is STILL out of Patapon. Its been like two days! I want it so bad! I guess I am going to have to wait for a week or so more till I can play… *crys*

  • Love the Game!!!!!!

  • thanks for the game guys! i love it. im kinda scared though… what’s the replay value of this game? is it existant or not, it doesn’t really matter though cuz at only 20 dollars idc. i still love it and its keeping me busy.


  • thanks for the respond. now my yaripons arent so wimpy lol. now that i passed the desert level and am good at using the miracles this game is even better. i cant stop playin it.

  • Btw. Can I have a free copy so that I may pimp the game out to my friends and family? They’d be so tripped after hearing and seeing me play this game!

  • The game is incredible.Well worth 20 dollars,and thanks for the tips!

  • gash nabbit sony this game is too damn cracky……., for effs sake I’m hooked

  • PLEASE I really would LOVE a Patapon Theme for both the PSP, and the PS3.

    This would also make a great addition to the PSN Store, in a few months when the sales for this game die down. Make it playable for the PS3.

  • @ 26

    Which Desert Boss? Look for patterns in the bosses actions, you will learn when to attack and when to defend. If not building strong troops is key. Look at comment #15 on how to free up slots for stronger pons. As for formation, personally I love having archers in the back when I face a boss cause when you hit FEVER, you can make it rain “300-style”! Good luck blotting out the sun!

  • Played the demo & loved this game, it’ll be a little bit before I’m able to pick up the full version though >.< (even though it’s only $20 haha)

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for the tips!

    – Matthew

  • I just convinced my friend tonite to buy it over Dead Head Fred. Thank you. Hehe.

  • Stinkin Mushroom

    is this blog becoming a patapon blog?

    here’s a question: why is it 20$ and in europe 40€?

  • i bought this yesterday (got the last one at eb games) and i have to say i hate you for the fact that i got chaka chaka pata pon in my head:p when i got my psp i got it mainly because i can’t wait for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII but this is on of the rare gems that SEEMS simple but is so entertaining i could sit for hours without realizing it and just play. and for $20 it doesn’t get much better so thumbs up guys.

  • This game is too addictive :)

    I keep singing, my family think i’m going nuts…

    pata pata pata pon,
    pata pata pata pon,
    pata pata pata pon,
    pon pon pata pon,
    chaka chaka pata pon,
    pon pon pata pon,
    don dondon dondon …

    rahhhh, help me :D

  • Cheers to the Patapon team.

    I’m writing from Canada and wish to express my concern over Sony Store pricing in Canada for this game.

    The Canadian Playstation site has a news release about Patapon and mentiones the MSRP at $19.99 CDN. ( )

    It is common practice for stores to sell at or BELOW MSRP as far as I know and all the retailers I’ve checked in Canada are selling Patapon at $19.99 EXCEPT your very own SONY STORES!

    The local SONY Store is asking $22.99 and your online store isn’t even stocking it!

    Please send a note to whomever and get SONY Stores onside.

  • This game is dangerous!
    It is very addictive :P
    Great job!

  • we’re getting stiffed 24.99UKP for the game here, that’s $50 of your american moneys, you can keep it at that price, sorry SONY, it looks great and everything but not at that price!

  • @clacson

    That’s my problem I can’t keep the fever going I need practice, I get it to rain and by the time I get the fever I have two little guys left.

    I have question, how come I can’t register anymore yaripon(I think that’s it) I only have 6 I need like 20.

    • Ahh, if you are able to time when the boss attacks and defend against them more Patapons will be arround to deliver crushing blows to the boss. Keep at it. Fever is an art, it will take practice, (Not sure if you really need the rain miracle against the boss, actually.) As for Yaripon, you cap out but there are \”different\” types of Yaripons you can make that are WAY stronger than the base guys. Find them and get them in your crew.

    • Also don\’t forget to go to the tree of life. There you can create archer units as well as melee units to add to your army. Filling these slots with soldiers will create a total of 18 soldiers. A mighty force to reckon with.

    • Fear not desert dwellers. Here\’s the thing – make sure your units are strong, go back to previous bosses for rare drops to create a more powerful army. This will enable you to destroy Gunchiku (snail) more quickly. The key to crossing the desert is to gain fever more quickly once the rain dance has been activated. This can be achieved within 3 combos (minimum), but the timing allows for 10 combos before rain ends. The key to gaining fever more quickly is to listen to the pitch of the beat when pressing the buttons. if the pitch is deep then your on the right track.

  • It was the first desert boss, the worm. You pretty much answered my question though. :) Multiple times :D Thanks, and yes they will blot out the sun while they dine in heck!

  • I seriously don’t get all fanboy of a game. I call Sony out on stuff a lot….

    BUT OMG this game is the best EVAR!!! Seriously fine design only rolls along once in a great while. The creativity and fun in this game puts a lot of other great work out there to shame. I could just see Reggie green with envy over this great content.




  • Somebody tell the6one that this is a Patapon blog.

    Seriously though, you’re barking at the wrong tree.

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