P-Day is upon us!

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Gather up all spears and swords; mount the horses and man the catapults; shelter all the women and children: P-day is upon us!

Yes kids, Patapon is now available at all your fine retail shops, mega-stores and game stores nationwide. You are but a drive (walk, bike, skate) away from drumming up mighty rain clouds and creating unstoppable kawaii-armies of doom (to the Zigotons that is)!

Cold Pata-feet
If you’re on the fence or have commitment issues, here are a few items to help you decide and take the pata-plunge:

  • Check out the demo available for download at the PlayStation Network Store or Patapon Web site.
  • Read the accolades here, here, here, here, and here (Not to mention here – Pata-Props for the sweet Pics).
  • Stroll through our Patapon trophy case
  • Patapon Awards

  • What the reviewers are saying:
  • Patapon is the greatest game this system has ever seen“- IGN.com
    unlike any game that has come before it” – GameSpot
    a bona fide hit for the PSP.”- GamePro
    just dynamite.”- Electronic Gaming Monthly

  • How else do you plan to spend 20 bucks?

Fear not, ye weary Patapon fighters, we’ll be checking in here on Patapost Friday with game strategy and special tips. So if you have questions on gameplay or are feeling a bit stuck: drop us a note, we’ll see if we answer them then.

Till Friday … same Pata-time, same Pata-channel.

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  • Id love a ps3/psn-version in HD. That would be bliss.

  • this is the best game that i seen that refreshing i would get this game in a heart beat but i don’t have a psp. Just wanted to say to the developer of the game u are freaking smart i was tired of seeing the same thing over and over.any change it would come out on a diff system likethe ps3 or even the ps2?

  • I hope this game doesn’t make it’s way to the PS3, the PSP is losing all it’s decent games to the PS2 via ports and possibly now the PS3? What’s the point of having the PSP then, or even making games for it?

  • I went to go buy this game at Gamestop (the nazis of the gaming industry) only to find out that they “don’t get games on their release date, they prioritize shipping on release dates.” As in, their shipment (at least at 2 of the Gamestops in MN) doesn’t actually SHIP until the game is supposed to be in stores. Anyone else find that ridiculous?

    Anywho, went to Target, they had it, en masse. I literally walked in right when they got their box in from UPS. Mmmm. It’s a good one boys. Hold tight, I may be playing it for a while.

  • Oh, and BTW, much Pata-thanks.

  • @ C-h-a-o-s:
    PSP = playstation PORTABLE
    So, I just want to have some PSP-Games at HOME for my PS3 because I don’t have a PSP and I don’t want to buy one only for playing 2 or 3 PSP-Games at HOME.

  • yay just in time pay day for me is Friday so I’ll be picking this up then . Can’t wait to play something to do on the bus rides from work and back home.

  • 54: Do you really need that explained to you?

  • @ Doucu

    It’s not the issue of portability, it’s taking away from the system and bringing them to others. The PSP isn’t exactly great in the games department, and when excellent games come out they’re now getting ported to the PS2 (Soon PS3 from the looks of it). That’s taking away from a system that needs all the help it can get.

    And just because it is a PORTABLE doesn’t mean it’s not good for the HOME.

  • @ Doucu

    Well, if you’re not willing to buy a PSP, I don’t think you should be able to play PSP GAMES.

    Though, the ability to download this to the PSP through the PS3 (or PC Store) would be nice. At times, changing the UMD can be a pain. Actually, you could probably go with the recently announced PSP Store. Just something to consider.

  • @59

    It’s a rhetorical question, do you really need that explained to you?

    Just in case you do, “a question asked solely to produce an effect or to make an assertion and not to elicit a reply”

  • Seriously WORTH the $20 bucks, thats 1/3 of a next gen title!!! And its even better than some games that have come out on PS3 or the 360! I’m buying!!!

  • You guys have nailed it with this game. i hope this starts the upward trend for the psp tha many owners like myslef have been looking for. with GOW,FF7 on the horizon… it is a good time to own a PSP :D

  • Chaos,

    Actually, that was an idiotic question, not a rhetorical one.

  • i unfortunately cant use the word i’d like to use to describe this game for fear of retaliatory banishment…LOL

    but this game is just ***!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hint. starts with G and ends with Y)

    sorry just my opinion and no i will not be buying this cheezeball game

    i WILL however be buying GOW:COO :)

  • Any chance that Patapon will be released as a PSP Downloadable? I would love being able to take it along on my memory card. I am picking up my reserve today, but if you release it soon on PSN, I will buy it again =)

  • Whoo Hoo, Finally the day has arrived!

    I’m going to run out during lunchtme and grab my copy.

  • @ Jeigh:
    ok, then a PSP-owner should not be able to remote play PS3 games on their PSP… *sigh*

    So what’s wrong with a PS3 version?
    Are the PSP-Owners really as jealous as the XBOX-Fanboys??? ;)

    Patapon is a great game. It should be available for alle Playstation users

  • @65

    You really are touchy huh, it’s not my fault the original question surpassed your feeble mind.

    Not to go further off topic I will say my last remarks for this post of the blog, I will difinitely be picking up this game later today. Twenty dollars is a hell of a deal for what seems to be a great game.

  • You know what. I shouldn’t of called you feeble minded. I don’t know you, so I am sorry for that.

    To Doucu

    It’s not fanboyism, you don’t own a PSP so I don’t expect you to understand my point.

  • You’ll probably get an announcement on Home (and/or XMB) when Sony has something legitimate to announce. And likely not a moment sooner.

    So quit asking.

  • …or at least quit asking in Blog topics that have NOTHING to do with Home or XMB.

  • @74

    Your not posting your concerns in the proper place. This post is for Pata-Pon, so go out and buy it to distract yourself from the other concerns ;)

  • @ 24
    Oh my god! Are you… are you spamming!? I don’t believe this!

  • @Chris! Or chuck?
    I would explode if this game came to PS3! I hope all those requests are getting through.
    You guys don’t know what monster you have created. Cute+Deadly= well… deadly!

  • Come on!… Is there a way to get the new trailer as a PSP MP4 file? I really like the intro.

    • Just for you! Check the Patapon Game Details Page on PlayStation.com later and you should be able to download all the Pata-Videos there formated for your PSP!

      (I liked the intro too, our cinematics team kick butt with that.)

  • enjoyed the demo and am currently waiting for amazon to send me my copy

  • how bout some tips for fever mode on friday. i suck at it and cant figure it out lol.

  • I’m having the same problem as NewYork214. When I hit fever mode I always lose it after the first go in fever mode. O and can you give some tips on hunting (it’s hard for me to keep close to the monsters as they always run from me.)

  • Just got 2 copies. One for me and one for my son. YES!!!

    I still would like to download the new trailer though.

    • Yeah!

      A family that Patapon\’s together, stays together!

      The videos will all be on the Patapon Game Details page on PlayStation.com, all formatted for your PSP and ready for download!

      (Just for you and your son!)


      ps- So who is going to finish first?

  • pon pon patta done!

  • sorry to dbl post. but hunting. two move forward and then an attack, then one forward then attack. death then three forward then attack, then two forward then attack, then defend, defend, defend, if you’re that far yet.

  • I just picked up Patapon from my work today, I’m really excited. It’s like Christmas all over again (and it’s even snowing outside!)

  • http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs29/f/2008/054/d/1/Pata_Pata_Pata_Pon_by_AlceDeChocolate.png

    Hope you like it. Tried not to trace. I wish us widescreeners weren’t forgotten when it came to wallpaper :(

  • So when does this come out for the PSN on PS3? Get developing!!!
    clacson replied on February 26, 2008 at 7:41 pm
    I’ll put in a request for ya.
    (and tons of others who have mentioned this)

    HE WILL PUT IN A REQUEST!!! YES!!! THANK YOU! I knew persistence would work out! Or get me banned. Either way some kinda action happens!

  • again can someone explain to me why it’s 20$ in america and 40€ in Europe? what’s up with that??

  • how about a patapon theme for the psp?

    • I know right? That would be sick! I\’m actually working on trying to get that to happen. I\’d love to get one created by Rolito himself if I could.

      Be sure to download the fan kit on the website, you might be able to make your own Patapon goodness in the meantime.

  • Umm yea so 29 bucks for US player but here in Australia its going to cost over 60?

    You just lost yourself a customer.

  • walked into gamestop today and they were unboxing them as i walked up to the register.

    bought it and walked out. very glad i decided to pick it up

  • I mean 20, and yea thanks for nothing, arsewipes, u charge us over 200 bucks extra for the PS3 and now this?

    Im so peed off right now……

  • Well I picked up my copy and I have to say I am pata-pleased. The best thing of this game is all the compliments, since my name is 4 letters long they praise the almight (insert my name here), which is absolute greatness.

  • I have just download the video for the psp. It was surpise that the post master is on one of the pataponvideo.

    I will sure getting patapon tomorrow. (I am doing an 30% marks assignment due on this Friday).

    As my prediction, I hope I will finish the story of the game in 4 days with less than 25 hours. Because if I am in one thing I will really into it.

    And I am gald that there are patapon 2 will come out later. I hope I can save enough pocket money to buy at that time.

    I just wonder its there a way I can get the OST in patapon in the future??

    • Hmm…if there is enough interest in the OST, that is something we can ask about.

      As for Patapon 2, I really HOPE there will be one. No official word yet, but \”with any luck\” and with the great support you all are giving now, we might see these little guys come marching back.

      Good luck in finishing both the game and your assignment!

      ps- Big ups to Chris who braved the camera and did an awesome Q&A video! It was not an easy task. If you all haven\’t seen it yet, hit up the Patapon Game Details Page on PlayStation.com.

  • very fun, awesome idea….. ill beats… bring on revenge of the zigotons!!!!

  • picked up the game tonight and I LOVE IT!!! thanks for the awesome game guys! you had my $20 at pata-hello. I can’t believe ive already logged in 5 hours of it and have only gotten to the desert level where you bring down the rain. it makes me so addicted to beating. I went back and got the rain juju so now its time to beat that level. i hope the game is a huge success for you devs, i want to see all your hard work getting paid off. oh yeah and bring on patapon 2, ill be all over that. hope to see more original stuff from you guys and i hope this inspires more developers for the psp to make new original IPs. it needs it.

    @ chris or clacson – any ideas or thoughts of developing new games for the PS3 or PS2? cuz i would gladly support your guys work on all the PS systems!

    thanks again,

  • @93 Why do people find the need to complain about problems specific to other countries on the USA playstation blog? *sigh…*

    Anyway, I picked this up today at bestbuy. They hadn’t even put it on the shelves yet, I made the guy go get it from the back room >:D They even had one of the demo disks left and let me have it since there wouldn’t be anymore preorders with the game already out. So now I can get the special spear!

  • I’m liking this so much I went and bought a third copy. This one I will keep sealed… FOR EVAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!

    Really hope this becomes a series.
    A PS3 port would be sublime right about now.

    • 3!?!

      Wow Talk about Pata-Love!

      If you really want something to collect hit up some of the online sweepstakes going on now and win a Patapon Be@brick.

      Some others like IGN give you a shot at other Pata-Goodies too.

  • Any word on Be@rBricks coming stateside? I wouldn’t mind having a collectible item from this game. I would import it from Japan but I don’t know of any trust worthy sites that would have them.

    I have entered every contest I’ve seen. PSPFanboy/Joystiq/GameDaily (I think) and IGN. I would have entered Kotaku but by the time I saw it I was porbably too late.

    • As far as I know they are only available in Japan. :(

      Good luck in the contests, there are more to come. Rumor has it our promotions group will be taking a bunch of them to big events like Comicon and PAX as giveaways so if you find yourself there you might score.

  • Disclaimer: I’m posting this here because your “Contact Us” link is a steaming pile of crap that doesn’t work. Already tried it and it keeps erroring out saying “remarks not valid” without explaining what isn’t valid, thanks. Just put up a friggin’ email address already and ditch the stupid forms and I’ll gladly not post things like this here in the future.

    There is an article up on ps3.qj.net about PEGI having rated 25 “new” PS1 titles for release on the PSN Store in Europe. In one fell swoop, by my count, that’ll put Europe ahead of the US in the number of PS1 releases on the PSN store. And that’s not even including the number of titles they’ve already got released there.

    Meanwhile, Nintendo’s managing to get 3 additional titles out on their Virtual Console every single week.

    Some forum-goers are speculating that the slow release schedule for PS1 games in the US may have to do with licensing issues for distribution. Is that true? If so, what happened to the licenses you previously held when the games were originally released? Are those no longer applicable for digital distribution? Have they expired? If licenses need to be renewed, why is it taking so long? How is Nintendo of America managing to get it done, but SCEA cannot?

    I own all four PlayStation video game consoles ever sold in the US. I’ve been a loyal owner, not purchasing any other video game systems since 1997 when I got my PS1. I’m growing weary of seeing the US continually passed up by other markets when it comes to software and peripheral releases. The US never got the PSX unit like Japan got. The US had to wait forever to get the HDD accessory for PS2 even though it promised every since a couple months after the console launched and by the time we did get it (several years down the road), it was already dead in the water and no one supported it. Japan has had the Chotto Shot and the GPS accessories for about a year now and still barely even a mention of them in the US. Still not available here… Now with PS3, we’re getting hosed on the release of Play TV and PS1 titles on the PSN Store. It takes three instances to be able to form a trend. We’re past three instances now and there’s clearly a trend here.

    Frankly, I’m getting a little sick of it and I have more patience than most people. I’m not asking for a larger number of releases or better support than other markets. What I’m asking for is parity. Am I whining? Sure, I am. But I think it’s justified and I think loyal Sony supporters deserve an explanation.


    P.S.: Feel free to contact me via email if you’d rather reply privately. vipre77@sbcglobal.net

  • I’m buying this game as soon as I am done with Jeanne D’arc.

  • the game is sweet. I love it and have already put in about a good 10 hours on it. Only things I don’t like is some of the stuff is so vague on what you have to do. Like learning the dance to change the flow of the wind. I didn’t know where to go to unlock that. I just got feed up and started playing older levels and came across it. The second this is there is no Pause. Some levels take like 10 minutes to play through and you cant pause the game to take a bathroom break. You have to put the PSP to sleep and you loose your combos. Besides those two things the game is a 9/10.

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