Work at Insomniac, play life-sized chess

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The Game Developers Conference isn’t just about showing off new games (really, that’s a rather small part of the conference). It’s a place where aspiring game developers can land themselves the job of a lifetime. Like working for Insomniac Games. As if getting to work on the Ratchet and Resistance series wasn’t incentive enough, the Insomniacs are attempting to lure in new candidates via song at their booth. Take a look:

Twice weekly massages(!)

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  • Get well Jeff

  • Ok Jeff, thanks for answering me. Get well soon man! :)

  • Best recruitment video ever! Pop Up Video FTW!!! :D

    Looks like they are a cool company, and I think it comes through in the great games they make.

  • 12 new chimera and it will be released 07-08. Cool.

  • Get well jeff! Thanks for doing your part to keep us informed.

  • Great video , cool that they added hints for resistance 2 also.

    PS: For the website admin, Could it be possible to add a icion at the websitelink ? (with firefox you can use tabs and in those tabs some website’s got a image, and the PS blog is the only one without one and that’s pretty ugly now in my tab selection.)

  • Lmao, thats alot of muffins and cereal! I loved the “Happy endings only happen in games” part. I’ll definitly be looking for a career in Insomniac after I’m done with my schooling and everything.

    lmao, and why is there always someone putting down Sony, even when its NOT Sony, its about Insomniac, come on they are like the leading developers for Sony. Its not like they can’t have just a day to goof off like everyone likes to have a chance to do. For all the great work Insomniac has done…I congratulate them and hope they all get a “happy ending” soon enough XD

  • loll very nice video! i want to work for you now with that song that stick in my head loll

  • Okay okay… I will come work for you…

  • 0708 = R2 ??

  • I think PS3Fanboy said that the 0708 can’t be the release date for Resistance 2 because the game is scheduled for release in Autumn? So a demo or something is what they said is more plausible.

  • I was an HR recruiter for over 12 years and I applaud your inventiveness!!
    It’s very difficult to find quality employees… but the employee perks you offer- wow!! (not to mention being on the list of one of American’s “best places to work”).

    yeah.. so if you ever need a retired experienced recruiter… who wants to work from her home… part time… from Canada… sure, look me up! LOL!

  • That video was kind of scary honestly. I guess it should be to a non-Insomniac in a way.

  • Again E3 = 0708
    not release date for R2

  • 0708 could be the release date, you don’t know either way……

  • Thanks for the PS3 compatible video.

  • What is PSU?

  • I’m guessing it’s Playstation Underground, and yeah i’m a meber 2

  • *member* sorry…

  • Haha! That’s some funny %$#@!

  • i love this song! :)

  • You guys are goofballs!

    Props on the announcement to offer your assets open source to other PS3 developers!

    Hopefully that will help other not as smart coders make some great games!


  • @KnaveX

    Let me know if you need an up and coming design/concept artist, I’m currently working freelance on a few minor projects with some independant development teams, one is a Sci-Fi FPS, and the other is an mmorpg, The other is my own strictly paper planning stages design for a game/story, but I have a fairly honed talent, and I’m hard working, I have no problem plugging out images left right and center. Add me to your PSN if interested, I have an extensive collection of my scans on my ps3, and can give you further contact information ie. messengers etc.

  • “And dont trip over Ratchet’s Boots .. ya dude you can lose that suit”
    “12 new chimera enemies”
    E3 .. muhahah

    E3 going to be rocked by Sony

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