Work at Insomniac, play life-sized chess

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The Game Developers Conference isn’t just about showing off new games (really, that’s a rather small part of the conference). It’s a place where aspiring game developers can land themselves the job of a lifetime. Like working for Insomniac Games. As if getting to work on the Ratchet and Resistance series wasn’t incentive enough, the Insomniacs are attempting to lure in new candidates via song at their booth. Take a look:

Twice weekly massages(!)

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  • so far i v seen in the vid 12 new chimera enemies

  • Hey any word on In Game XMB or home. yeah I lied when I said I was going to post on the blog anymore. How you like that guys( not insomniac themselves but the others) that I lied to you? feeling dissatisfied, betrayed? I hope so! that’s how we all feel. well maybe not all but most of the 10.5 million users out there.

  • I vow to open Insomiac Games 2.0. MUAHAHAHA! the humor that they put in the video.


  • Damn, I would sell my soul to work in a place like that :D. On another note, I knoooow Sony is not going to get owned by Microsoft in GDC. What is it? We sell a few systems and we’re back to letting the 360 steal our thunder? Can we have one freaking announcement? Anything? Tell me my PS3 will automatically explode in the next few hours, I need any type of information. As of now, this GDC is nothing like last year, I remember Sony showing Home and MGS4 and pleading gamers and develpers not to give up on them :(. I’m searching everywhere and don’t find anything interesting. Sorry about the rant.

  • @55 i seen something big but i think it got overlooked by gear of war 2 .It was that the psp store is going to be access from the psp instead of having to to go pn ps3 and pc.Also u can download game without using usb port on psp

  • By the name Insomniac, you’s assume you’d see a building full of sleepy looking, energy-less people slowely walkign about.

    Quite the opposite :P

  • That is awsome!lol Makes me wanna go work there. So what is 0708 hmmm release date.

  • 0708 = E3 to those who are wondering

    07 = July
    08 = 2008

    E3 = July

    Crap load of Resistance 2 stuff = E3 2008

    Resistance 2 Release = Fall 2008

  • This is why I am going to GDC ’08. I am looking for work in the games industry. I just hope companies are also looking for people that want to work on the business side of the industry, like myself. See ya there at GDC ’08 on Friday Jeff. Don’t forget to keep that t-shirt safe for me.

  • @56 Thanks, I read that but I don’t find the news important because of the “TBA” date. I hope that’s not our answer to Gears of War 2 :/. I hope Sony didn’t have a conference because of the holiday sales surge.

  • I was going to apply for the summer internship, but, alas, I will not have the means to go 5 days a week as well as go to school in the opposite direction.

  • @61 i don’t think that was Sony answer to gears of war 2.Sony had 20 games to be reveled but they haven’t shown anything on them.I think between fall of man 2 and mgs4 gears of war 2 being the main and only game that will be good to the 360 this year in my eyes i think sony already got gears coved.Also if u think about it the xbox 360 games all becoming a port after a few month and it starting to piss me off being a 360 owner

  • Where is home?

  • lol,that was actually a decent song.Nice way to advertise your company. The more games Insomniac makes for PlayStation, the better!

  • LOL That made me chuckle, I started singing along lol. Anyways, I expect to hear alot of news about the “developers’ from Sony tomororow.

  • This video reminds me of one of the best comedies on TV, Flight Of The Conchords..Speaking of FOTC, info on that Rat Race game would be appreciated, as I expected it to be out around this time…

  • @66 why u say that?

  • lol thats a funny video. right when resistance hit insomniac became my favorite developers. it was around the time capcom became in love with microsoft and started making western type games.

  • It seems that Jeff keeps telling us this is a “Developer’s Conference”…well…then were going to here news on the “Developers” if you know what I mean. What I mean..,one of the devs are prolly going to unveil something for us. Also, looking forward to PSP store and the new Warhawk Update…new content mentioned in the Twitter feed only confirms Operation Broken Mirror…but when are we going to see all thos epain video as well?! Cmon it says the video is made but we cant see it :P

    Also, when he says lets go into the kitchen, there is bunch of stuff posted on the White Board:

    Top ten things about R2 that we can’t reveal n Public:

    1. Level 5 reveals that Hale is lactose Intolerant
    2. Chimeran Jerry(?) Licensing Deal
    3. Dancing Hybrid Machines (OMG Groovatron!!)
    4. Project Abraham (google it) is real
    5. Anything about (???????)
    6. 12 New Chimeran Enemies
    7. 07/08
    8. Hybrids wear (???) due to (????)
    9. Swifton Blade
    10. Dynamic Moustache System (????)

  • how do u know that

  • reminds me of companies like google and valve, very cool

  • That was awesome. Made me lol. I can see why they are consistently voted the best company to work for.

  • Because I is teh leetest.

  • will there be a bloggers lounge day 2 highlights??

  • Man . . . that’s cool as hell. GDC looks like fun.

    BTW, Jeff, thanks for getting back to me regarding that F@H update. I didn’t expect for you to take time out of GDC to do that, but I really appreciate that.

  • @NewYork214

    busy thinking of new ways to torture us with “in shirt xmb” type ideas

  • If I get into the industry I’d certainly want to go with Insomniac. Though that was true before I saw this.

  • LOL Pretty soon we’re going to have

    rofl :P

    anyways, there is a somewhat better quality one on Gametrailers, hope I can find a better version…

  • @70

    Its funny I just was looking at that movie in that concept..

    First 10 seconds they show the employement payper covering the rachet and clank game… New Game?

    then theres the 12 new ch.. enemies, and the white board and the 0708 thing.. lol lots of googies hidden :)

  • i was talking to one of the HR people and i kept laughing at the video in the background. btw thank you insomniac for the slinky. i asked the woman if they were death springs, but she had no idea what i was talking about.

  • Simply beautiful, it almost makes me want to get a job there, but it’s in california so probably not. RFOM2 out in july, possible, but not likely. If it is, it won’t going to be that great. Take your time insomniac, make it good.

  • @43

    haha, I thought the same thing! I hope Jeff uploads those vidoes soon …

    Insomniac you guys rock!

  • So what are the highlights today? I thought the blog was gonna give us constant updates?

  • nice video sony(insomiac)
    great hints of whats coming in the future, and life as a video game developer.

  • @ 9. CrashSharc

    Dude! I’m in the exact same boat your in. 3rd Yr. Mechanical Engineer. I’ve always enjoyed video games and Insomniac is one of the places I would love to work at. Too bad I don’t have any drawing skills and I’m not a big fan of programming. That’s KINDA important in making video games. *sigh*

  • Top 10 small and medium companies to work for 3 years running. Now you know why.

  • Awesome.

  • I’d so love to work there. I have way to many game ideas rolling around my head.

  • @70:


    Anyways, i fixed some of the stuff. Some points are jokes, some points are serious. It’s upto you to decide:

    1. Level 5 reveals that Hale is lactose Intolerant
    2. Chimeran Jerky Licensing Deal (lol wtf?)
    3. Dancing Hybrid Minigame :P
    4. Project Abraham is real
    5. Anything about (???????)
    6. 12 New Chimeran Enemies
    7. 07/08
    8. Hybrids wear pants due to tougher (????)
    9. Swifton Blade
    10. Dynamic Moustache System (????)

    Can’t read it properly (thus ??? on some phrases that i skipped) but thats the best i could get.

  • well i have a game idea and im been trying to get someone help me get it onxbox live or the playstation store.This is my first game i ever made but i believe this game can be succeful on the playstation store then it could be over xbox live.This game is an rpg with a story line so deep and rich.I also blieve with the size limit on the playstore being limitless that it could work best on it.You have any advice for an 19 year old game developer trying to get his great game in the playstation store maybe u can help me if u cannt i understand.I would also like a in shirt xmb extra large.Hopely u answer back and by game idea i mean i have a game running on pc i made it on my free time last year

  • And i forgot to add get well soon

  • the 0708 could ether mean July 8th(maybe the release or a ingame video of Resistance 2) or july O8 (meaning sometime in july it could be released or have a ingame video shown of it).

    i wonder? because July 8th is a tuesday, which is when games are usually release… guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Hey Jeff I just applied for an internship at Insomniac :-) I did their little queue test assignment and everything. Do you know the guys there? Anything I can do to blow their minds? I’d do anything to work with those guys. Thanks a ton.

  • Haha, that was pure awesome. The song is really catchy, it will be stuck in my head for while now.

    ~sigh~ Isn’t it all of our dreams to work at such a marvelous place as Insomniac. I really wish I could get into that line of work.

    But, I wouldn’t even know where to begin…

  • Resistance 2 is going to be way better than KZ2.
    We always see same old GREY level from KZ2 and R2 we seen alot is less time.

    Anyway, where is my In-Game XMB and Home? Everyone did pay big money for PS3 right?

  • I hope we can expect more news about sony related games and stuff for PS3/PSP

    Maybe today or tomorrow sony will blow us away with one after another huge announcement.

    The vid was great and we’ll see or here more about RFOM2. Let the info come to us :D

  • Get well soon Jeff and bring us something :-)

  • Yeah Jeff, I also add a get well soon. I appreciate all you do for us fans and you seem to care about replying more than anyone in the industry. I know it’s your brief, but you do some great work.

    So, let’s hope your fever goes down and I hope you enjoy the rest of the conference.

  • For goodness sake, buy some hand sanitizer and don’t eat the food. Almost all of the press pick their a$$ and nose and the devs are even worse.

    I hope you learned your lesson young man and get well.

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