Weekly Patapost: Valentine’s Day Demo Download

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Goodbye sadness, hello Patapon (demo that is).

This is an official announcement for the Patapon demo, and yes, this isn’t Groundhog Day; and no, you didn’t just have a Memento moment.

So, what’s all the fuss about? Well since Valentine’s Day is coming up, we decided that instead of sending each and every one of you heart-shaped candies and sappy cards, we’d provide you with something you’ve been asking for… so to keep the Valentine’s theme going:

Patapon + Interwebs = BFF’s 4-ever.
(Translation: Patapon PSP demo goes live on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC this Valentine’s Day; *hearts* for you)

Yes, it is true. After reading some of your comments (you know who you are), we decided to extend the demo to all corners of the North America, thanks to the powers of the interwebs, so come February 14th, 2008, you will be able to score the free Patapon demo online over the PLAYSTATION Store for PC.

But wait, there’s more! For an unlimited time only, you’ll also be able to download the Patapon PSP demo over your PS3 as well! Oh Pata-SNAP! So make sure your PSP’s Memory Stick Pro Duo is good and ready to download and transfer the demo from your PS3 over to your PSP.

So to summarize:

  • Patapon PSP demo to launch over both the PlayStation Store for PC (http://store.playstation.com) and PS3 on February 14th, 2008
  • Patapon PSP demo will have the same save-to-final feature as the UMD version.
  • Memory Stick Duo needed to transfer the demo to your PSP. Your PSP does not have telepathic powers nor does it learn through osmosis (yet).
  • Patapon PSP demo will complete your life and fill you full of hearts and French stuff (you know, like Rolito).
  • You know what to do on February 26th

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Chris “Candy Heart” HM.

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4 Author Replies

  • I like the link to this blog via information board.

  • Glad to see a downloadable demo coming. I’ll give it a shot.

  • “Now all we need is the Patapon swag!”

    OoooH!!! Great idea.
    Btw, will this downloadable demo also have the so called “exclusive weapon” as well?!?

  • Win. I’m a lonely, hate filled man. This warms my cold dead heart slightly.

  • Cool. Now all you need to do is release the full game on the PSN for PS3 and everyone will be happier than a pig in mud.

  • Is this playable through the PS3? I think it’s not, but a confirmation would be nice.

  • Wow.. finally you all are implementing the blog post in the information blog in the ps3… good job from sony… finally what I was asking for… now if sony put the information board like any item in the ps3.psp… in the same xmb like it was rss feeds.. because in that tiny thing is :S… good idea bad implemented to me… imagine how good will be in the same icon in the xmb and when you click it more big.. with the same pics and headlines and click it and it will more big, better to read and more beautiful… with white words and black in the background to read it better… just an idea anyway

  • AWESOME NEWS! I’m going to blindly buy this one anyway, but nice to play the demo first!

  • hey sony.. do us a favor.. ban this dude…

  • I really wish that is was possible to back up PSP files on the PS3

  • Don’t care if it’s not on PAL PSN’s just don’t region/user lock it like the jap one. It’s only a demo after all.

  • http://img.qj.net/uploads/articles_module/113683//In-Game-XMB-hinted-01.jpg?663310

    I guess the in game xmb is coming :)… the site was down after everyone spread the rumor so people… soon.. maybe after the GDC I hope so lol

  • Now make it work on the PS3 as a PSN download game. (I know it’s not going to happen, and even if it did it wouldn’t be for at least a year, but I can dream right?)

  • Yes! Patapon demo! Can’t wait for this, and the MLB 08 demo. Go Sony!

  • How much space do I need to make on my Memory Stick?

  • This is great ! I’m on the fence on whether or not to get this. This demo should help me decide !

  • Maybe Im just blind…is the demo available yet?

  • not available for both us and canadian stores!

  • Thanks for making the blog seem more like a blog and less of an official news cast! :)

  • I’m not convinced that I will like Patapon.

    I can’t get the demo directly on my PSP.

    I can’t get the demo through my PS3.

    I can’t get the demo on my PC, since I run Linux and haven’t supported Microsoft since early 2002.

    I can’t get the demo UMD since I don’t have a GameStop here, and I don’t even want to pay for a game I am not sure I’m going to enjoy.

    How can I try the demo?

  • OK, I mis-read, I guess I can get this demo on the PS3.. That’s good. But I’d still like to know why we can’t just download directly on the PSP – I got several demos directly on the PSP, but now you can’t do that anymore? That’s stupid.. Oh well, at least I can try Patapon tonight. :)

  • Thanks. :) But is the demo up yet? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the psn store.

  • When can we expect some sweet PSP wallpapers for this title? I’ve only seen one and it’s from the Japanese site header. I want some official ones now. Oh and also a PSP theme would totally PON PON PATA PON. (Patapon way of saying KICK @SS!)

  • were is the demo? i see it nowhere on the PSN store or the PC store????

  • Excellent, Thank you Pata-Team-Pon, I’m glad you decided to include a mass distributed version of your demo, It helps a lot of us to convince ourselves, or our girlfriends/wives/mommies&daddies, that it’s worth a purchase.

    I look forward to trying it out, and thank you for making it no different than the spear donning version.
    Much respect for reconsidering the exclusivity of your demo.

    We will not forget it.

  • I assume the special weapon you get from completeing the demo is the same weapon mentioned as a prize for pre-ordering the game? Perhaps the demo UMD was being given away with preorders, I’m not sure. Thx

  • I assume the special weapon you get from completeing the demo is the same weapon mentioned as a prize for pre-ordering the game? Perhaps the demo UMD was being given away with preorders, I’m not sure. Thx

    Yep! The same stinkin thing. But in a great way. And yes, the UMD was supposed to be for those that pre-ordered.

  • OMG i love this game sooo much….i cant put it down at all…well now i did but i had to force myself…this demo is such a tease

    but really awesome awesome awesome game

  • I think not being able to get the demo when preording from Gamecrazy was why I didn’t preorder this the last time I was down there.

    Guess it is time to go down and nab a copy, or consider Amazon.com


  • This game is amazing! I’ve not stopped playing it since getting the demo. Are we going to be seeing a sexy HD version hitting our PSN stores in the future? Hope so! :)

  • Neato, Patapon (LocoRoco II) Looks coolness! Cant wait to figure out how to get the Demo. By the way im kidding with the LocoRoco II thing :)

  • I have three questions?

    Is there anyway to transfer/download the Patapon demo from the playstation store for PC using a Mac? (I only have a mac)

    Can I download the Patapon demo directly onto my PSP through the PSP online store? (similar to the locoroco demo)

    Will we ever be able to download PSP titles from the playstation store onto our PS3 and then transfer them to our PSP?

    Thanks, looking forward to trying the demo (if I can get my hands on it).

  • @ 83 iowaboyjcb ^^^^

    u can get most of the PSP games and demos off the PS3 store now and just transfer them over to your PSP.

    just go to the games tab in the store and on teh 2nd page it has PSP Games and PSP demos

  • think of it this way guys (who think its lame they released the demo online)

    …more people will play the demo this way…

    …and that means more people will INEVITABLY buy the game.

    …and that means the game will probably make more of a profit.

    …and that means we’ll all be more likely to get a sequel one day!

    …see! it is a gift for everyone! :D

  • Sony: For those of us who do not own a PC or PS3, will you be making the demo available via the PSP site, so we can download it directly to our PSPs?

    I have downloaded a couple of demos from that site, but the most recent demos have not been made available there yet.


  • Am I blind, or is there no way to save during the demo?

    The instruction manual in the demo file says that SELECT saves the game, but it never does.

  • @ #87
    You can save the demo when its over.

  • This game looks really good, I hope they put this game on PSN later this year.


  • Chris,

    I am so glad you guys listened to the feedback on this demo and decided to post it on the store. I was very skeptical about this game, until I tried it – now I know that I love it’s unique style and that I am going to buy it.

    It’s so nice that you guys read these forums and really listen to the consumer. You should be congratulated for not being so inflexible that you stick to rigid marketing plans. The idea of releasing a demo as part of a pre-order is fine for games that everybody knows are going to be worth buying, but for something like this, most of us were a little unsure about the game. Having played it, I know that I want it.

    Great job once again Sony!!

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