Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Demo Update

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The multiplayer demo for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is temporarily being removed from the PlayStation Network in order to address issues that have come to light. We will be working overtime to correct the issue and expect to upload a new version to the PlayStation Network as soon as possible that accurately reflects the incredible online features of the game. For those of you who have already downloaded the demo, the servers are being taken down until the new version is ready to go. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and your interest in Lost Planet! Keep an eye out here for more info…

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  • Ports in the first place equal Epic Fail, and a port to any system should be accepted as an inferior experience (with some exceptions). If you’re going to take a game multiplatform, do as IW did with COD4 (Game of the Year among other presteigious awards) and develop on each system. All three versions finished in identical timeframes.

    But then again, what do I know – i’m no game dev and i’m sure some wisecracking interweb guru will come and refute everything I typed.

  • what the hell ever happend to you own sound track in video games. I think that would be awsome expecially with all the music you can put on the ps3 ??????

  • ..and i was thinking that the problem was my IP, good to hear they are fixin’ it.

    Meanwhile can YOU please put the new Harvey Birdman demo for psp on the PS3 store. i already try to download it on the Pc store but doesn’t work.

    p.s. Any info about the Méxican Playstation Store??

  • I’M buying the game anyways i been waithing for the PS3 version to come out i would not buy it for the 360

  • no wonder it wasnt there last night.

  • I give no damn to a prostitude-like company like Capcom.

  • @55

    Capcom did a great job with making both versions of DMC4 look and play similar, and you should definitely give it a try. With Lost Planet, they didn’t really have a choice. The PS3 wasn’t exactly a known quantity at the time and now Lost Planet is old enough, that it isn’t going to sell that well so they handed it off to a b team to do port work. I’d highly recommend against the PS3 version of Lost Planet though. If the demo is anything to go by the frame rate took a small hit, the textures and AA took a large hit.

  • That’s what I love about the PLAYSTATION Network you don’t pay to play. So technically no one can’t really complain since they weren’t forced to pay.

  • Any chance stuff like this could be incorporated into the PSN at some point, maybe a very cool Sony version of http://www.multiverse.net/

  • Will these fixes be allowing European gamers to play it, rather than have to wait several months for it to appear, along with Everyday Shooter?

  • its a great game, I can’t wait for the demo to come back online…. I will be buying this game

  • The demo is working perfectly at the moment, and the servers haven’t been taken down even though they said they would be. Not one game i’ve tried to join has given me errors etc. so if you haven’t deleted it, try it!

  • I am SOOO Sorry, I just KNOW this isn’t the best place to post this, but I am hoping the Blog Master can help put me in the right area/direction?

    I need a feature for my friends. I need to be able to give them a nickname, and add them to a particular category.


    Friend #1, I know personally, I hang out with them, we do lunch.

    Friend #2 is Schfen from Sweden, I have no clue who he is, but he kicks some major butt on a particular online game.

    I want to add Schfen to my friends list, but if it gets too big, I won’t be able to keep track of all of them.

    Let’s be honest, not all of my friends have an easy to remember name like “Hyena”, but if I could list my friends differently, like display a “Nickname” of his gamertag XxFaKegamERtAg2836xX” to say “Jim”.

    And I can change Schfens ID to Schfen – COD4 or put him in a category like COD so I know where I remember the guy from, and if I have the need to invite him to a game I have going on.

    Please email me any responses, I do subscribe to the RSS, but don’t read often. I am playing a game now, and just wish I could do this.

    I find myself intentionally not adding people because I am retarded at remembering gamertags. It’s like remembering online screennames, it gets crazy.

  • Hey capcom, how about you stop crapping all over the ps3, money grubbing whores

    – PS3 community

  • ummm. is it fixed yet? Im sorry capcom for what i said earlier. my gf left me and i unloaded it on you. I love u capcom. I love resident evil and devil may cry. Happy valentines week.

  • Do us a favor and just leave that garbage off the PSN.

  • The xbox360 version plays in 1080, the ps3 version can not, FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • could you please put the time and date on the dashboard like the psp.

  • I hope they address the fact that it is a terrible port. It looks like crap and runs like crap. Come on Capcom, DMC is a good port, stop slacking. I never liked Lost Planet that much anyways, so unless they had majorly revamped the game, I would probably pass on it anyways. Still Lost Planet PS3 is stinky, play it on the PC if you really wanna see some good graphics and it has some extra content too.

  • It’s working fine for me now. In an unexpected surprise, this game is actually awesome! I just pre-ordered it, I was that impressed with the demo. :)

  • I am so disappointed with Capcom.

    This game was their big surprise that was to win back the hearts of PS3 owners after they gave DMC4 to 360? It is nothing more than a poorly executed port!

  • The demo was decent, I like it in some ways… what I don’t like, is contributing to a company that turned it’s backs on it’s true hardcore fanbase, everyone thought companies like Capcom etc. favored Sony, and in doing so rushed out to back our system of choice on day one, giving the competition a game first, then porting over back to us, is a ridiculous state of affairs, and when the industry starts just being about how much a company can make, over what can we make, we’ll truly be in collective turd hole, swimming in exscrement… thanks Capcom! for at least bringing DMC4 to us. on time. That and RE5 could be the last games I ever buy from you guys… we’ll see.

  • Attn:Capcom

    For the record, the players you’re neglecting atm, are the ones that built your company via’ our hard earned dollars, buying into your great franchises that you keep tossing around exclusively for more money, first you did it to us on ps2 when you started to favor GameCube for your Resident Evil series we all loved, sure you gave us DMC, but then you take it’s exclusivity away this generation, I think people in general just aren’t going to follow you as a company for much longer unless you are 100% multi-platform, which let’s face the facts here, your higher ups won’t let happen, because their wallets be hungry for exclusive rights kind of $$$$$

  • Well said Kedaro. Its a shame how corporations are willing to punk out and spit in a couple faces for money – the ultimate lame move.

  • I would not put the Demo back up if you want to sell this game. I have already deleted this game from my HD, as it was not that great.

  • @MrCamo
    I would not agree with you on that, the more demos the better, and if it prevents people who don’t like it from buying it, then that’s a major plus… I personally didn’t care for Lost Planet one bit, until I tried the demo, it’s not so bad, kinda’ reminded me of a mech-riddled Socom.
    Grappling hooks were great fun, and the aiming was hokey but at least it felt different’ than everything else… I’m more un-impressed with Capcom than I am with any of their titles, which are usually quite amazing.

    And why the hell are people rating this topic down, I think it’s good of Sony’s blog to inform us when crap like this happens so we don’t go and try to find the demo, or try to use our demo to get online and can’t, and just end up getting frustrated, thank you Sony for keeping us informed.

  • Capcom is the new EA

    Stop giving us games that do not support 1080 and there fore not in HD on all HDTVs

    you are sacrificing money and losing customers by not implementing 1080 scaling

    it is disapointing to see a once big company fail at doing what others can easily do.

    Turok was patched the day after release to include 1080 upscaling, please do the same for DMC and Lost Planet

  • I second JuanLeche’s suggestion for this and future Capcom games.

    Many PS3 owners out there have slightly older HDTVs that don’t support 720p. Thus, if a game does not support 1080i output, none of them will be able to play the game (in a reasonable resolution).

    It would be greatly appreciated and helpful if Capcom were to enable 1080i or 1080p upscaled output support in Lost Planet, other future games, and if possible patch DMC4.

    The biggest obstacle to many developers implementing upscaling in their games is lack of awareness. There IS a scaler chip inside the PS3 that can output 1080i/1080p, but it requires the developer’s awareness, acknowledgement, and implementation of it.

    Check out this short Beyond3D technical article for information on how to easily enable 1080p support in all PS3 games: http://www.beyond3d.com/content/articles/16/2

  • I hope they fix the issues fast

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