Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Demo Update

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The multiplayer demo for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is temporarily being removed from the PlayStation Network in order to address issues that have come to light. We will be working overtime to correct the issue and expect to upload a new version to the PlayStation Network as soon as possible that accurately reflects the incredible online features of the game. For those of you who have already downloaded the demo, the servers are being taken down until the new version is ready to go. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and your interest in Lost Planet! Keep an eye out here for more info…

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  • I think it has to do with ‘not being able to connect to any multiplayer game lobby’ issue that I am having. :P Thanks for the heads up!

  • Things happen. Good to hear its being fixed and I hope we do not have to wait til Thursday for it to go back up? And can we also get a single player demo? I’m more interested in that. ;-)


  • Dear Danger-x,

    Umm… How do I say this… Um… Shut up?

    Your Pwn’r

  • At least I got to play one game online (took me a while to connect but it finally did). And I owned 8) 10-2

  • I got to try it only once and it was fun, but boy it took FOREVER to connect to a game. Thanks for taking the time to fix it!

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for taking the time to post here about the problems and letting us know that you are working on the fix. As you can probably tell from the forum, if you are honest with people, most of us are reasonable enough to support you.

    BTW – I was wondering why I couldn’t get into a game!!

    I look forward to having my arse handed to me when the game is back up!

  • @3

    What does any of that have to do with this thread? Please wake up and forget about that stuff for once. They will come when they are ready.

  • Thanks for the speedy and professional response to our problem.

    Ignore the child.

  • I’m glad capcom is adressing the issue, good job

    (hey, maybe capcom can release Mega Man Legends 1 and 2, along with the Tronne bot game, and the first two Dino Crisis games on the playstation store. Nudge nudge wink wink)

  • I can give Capcom a pass on the state of this demo for a couple of reason. First and Foremost though if anyone read the start up screens, it did state that the software is in production so they might be some unforseen problems.

    Off Topic, another reason Capcom get a pass is that they announced a Bionic Commando Remake of the Original to release in Spring :)

  • I figured I had problems with my Internet connection that were keeping me from joining a game.

    Should we delete the demo if it’s already installed?

  • Glad to see that it’s being taken care of. But you’re not forgiven unless you re-make Strider on PSN ;)

  • good
    dont anybody test these demo

  • Better make a single player demo, and BTW wasn’t it tested before yesterday?

  • Thank you very much Sony Thank you.

  • ok so when you guys fix this mess… do i have to redownload the whole demo? or is it gonna be like a small dl patch?

  • Good decision, it was almost impossible to join a game. Something like a bad first impression.

    I bought this game last year for X360 and it was a lot of fun online. I hope the PS3 version is going to be as good as the 360 version was.

  • Tried about a dozen times then deleted it.
    I have intentions of buying the game anyway until the rumor of the sequel not being released on PS3 surfaced. Now I am going to be cautious, would not want what happened to the people who bought Sigma to happen to me with LP.

  • I’d like a single-player demo instead.

  • Ok, so its cool if we have to download it again, beacuse it was oly about 200mb right? At least I played once. It was alright. Still not worth losing an exclusive.

  • Grrrrr!!! i have try to conect more than an our, So ill delete the tham deme Capcoms Problem!!!!

  • Sounds good, guys. I liked the demo . . . I got it from the JPN Store and played it literally all night.

  • i downloaded from the PSN store jap, i works veru good, and it`s nice

  • people should learn how to read.

    Sony didn’t post this some guy at crapcom did.
    And it’s just like Crapcom to screw up a yr old ported inferior online demo.

  • I played for the better part of Eight full hours online. This has got to be one of the better loking and playing 3RD person shoots for the ps3. Thanks for repairing the damaged demo. This is a Game I WILL BE BUYING!!! Keep ’em coming!

  • this game is great, I have it on my XBOX 360 but I didn’t get into the online much though this changed with this demo, it’s a blast to play (it’s probably the controller and the friendly PSN users, unlike the hostile kids on LIVE)

    I’m seriously considering buying it again (on PS3). I would definitely buy two copies if it had online co-op (one for me and another for my bro)

  • While they’re at it I hope they take out ‘consistent microphone’ I like to have to push a button to talk, seeing as I usually have a house full of miscreants and children etc… It’s annoying to have people ask me what I just said, and why I sounded like Bob the Builder… etc… etc… etc…, oh and the connection issues, are bloody ridiculous. I had more fun with ps2 online games honestly, there is no ‘socom’ or ‘final fantasy xi’ for ps3 yet. unless I actually play my ps2 versions with the ps3, but you know what I mean… Right Sony???!!!

  • Chris

    I’d like to ask if Lost Planet’s servers are region locked?

    Example if I get the PAL version, I’ll only get to play friends who have the PAL version? I have friends who live in America and Japan and we are planning to play this together online so I just wondered if we could play on the same servers when our native versions of Lost Planet get released. Please reply when you can

    Many Thanks again for your honestly but hope you get it working!

  • Thanks Capcom, untill is fixed, I’m playing crash and having so much fun.

  • Please, take your time, its rubish anyway.

    When are the REAL ps3 games coming not just some half-assed port which is put together badly in the first place, just to earn a few extra $$$$ for the games company…….will they ever learn?

  • I guess testing the demo before releasing it would have been to hard… I hope someone at least checks if the disc is booting when the game is released!

  • lol @ the two or three comments above mine, and completely agreed…

  • Omg you agree with idiots, that makes you an idiot also!

    Sure the demo broke but it’s A DEMO, at the beginning of the DEMO it says NOT FINISHED and you may EXPERIENCE UNFORESEEN PROBLEMS. You were all aware of it and you [DELETED] like little 3 year olds. GROW UP, again it was a demo of a yet to be finished game.

    Don’t expect perfection from any demo EVER!!!! that’s why they’re called DEMOS!!! Sheesh you people, you think you can do aot better? then start up a company, aquire 5-10 million in backing and then maybe someone out there will hars on you. Then you’ll know how it feels. How about this, remember a time in your life when [DELETED] was very short(under 8 minutes) then remember what that other person said. Now you will feel like the developers when you all criticize work that is not totally done. jerks.

    This game is great, maybe you don’t like it cause you SUCK at it and got your arse handed to you all day long.

  • Thanks for fixing the demo Capcom. I’m excited for Lost Planet and plan to buy it on release. I’ll be waiting for the updated demo.

  • I hope the demo gets improved. Its hard to really judge the game imo. At times I have a ball but its really too short to relaly get into it, especially the times Im not having fun and it ends before I get into it. Needs the time limit unlocked to change at the very least, and maybe another stage in the mix. A single player demo would really help a lot too.

  • The question has to be asked, how can other developers like Insomniac, Incognito Criterion etc manage to get things working without the mess that the Capcom developers seem to have made.

    Are their ego’s so big that they can’t ask other developers, with actual PSN networking experience, for some help??

  • Where are the Home updates? Whats going on with Home??

  • Thanks for the heads up. And good luck fixing the issues!

  • O.k. capcom, no problem. Now reward us for our patience with Dead Rising or by making Street Fighter IV PS3 exclusive!

  • @Kedaro

    I don’t necessarily have any connection issues. Where are you at. Everyone knows Sony has great online service. Espcially WarHawk. Games like Tekken 5 and NBA2k are designed for home networks that don’t use a router. If you have a router you have to set the firewall differently.

  • that is what happens when we get crappy 360 ports, thank you capcom lol

  • @37

    What does Capcom know about Home? Stick to the topic and stop rambling off about stuff this thread has nothing about.

  • Hey Capcom, I know you people aren’t reading this but I just want to let u know something. Its beacuse of developers like you that this generation isn’t going well. Real developers, or good ones such as Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Incognito to name a few from PS3 are those that don’t only care about cash, but they also care about their fans and gamers. You guys took monster hunter and did not only make it a non exclusive, but you made it exclusive to an inferior console, why? Because u know that wii= cash because you can move the controller (Woohoo)

    And then to “make it up to PS3 owners” whataya do? You port Lost Planet Xbeam contraption to the PS3, a crappy former 360 exclusive, and why? because you just stick the 360 disc in the crap port machine and spit out a bluray disc labeled lost planet. Its so easy.

    Capcom is just like the rest of em. At least EA has leraned from their mistakes. Thank god ive never bought anything from capcom.

    I bet your workin overtime, eating doughnuts and thinking of a new way to make quick cash.

  • Oh, hush KnaveX. You would have done the same thing.

    Not everyone dares to take risks. If something fails you can’t shake it of easy.

  • Stop blaming Capcom, it’s not their fault that the PS3 is doing so poorly. It’s only natural to expect that they rather focus on the system that is actually making them some money.

  • @ KnaveX

    You seriously have a problem, if you don’t like Capcom then that cool, but why are you here? Also Bionic Commando Rearmed as well as the Sequel was also apart of the “Megaton” they had for gamers. Hell most games have gone multiplatform, for the simple fact that the PS3 doesn’t have enough consoles (At the moment) to consititute exclusives, Konami was even complaining about MGS4 cost compared to PS3 consoles in homes. Capcom is just doing what any other smart business is doing, and thats protecting investment and maximizing profits. Also please be smart in your responses, ports as you so say are easy aren’t ported the way you think, you can not just take a game from the 360 upload it to a BD Disc and market it, the time has to be put into converting the game to be able to be played on the PS3. Now some companies upgrade graphics and such in these ports and others do not. As it looks in the demo (from what I’ve played) it looks like the graphics will be the same. In any case not everyone thinks this title “Sucks” so your gripe about it is pretty lame, don’t like Capcom then don’t bother with them, if you do like Capcom then don’t troll.

  • It’s great that they’re fixing the problem on a demo, great news indeed, I found it very fun, it’s just the connection issues were really bad. I was about to give up on it. Now I can give it another shot.

    And the graphics don’t look that bad, sure they might not be identical to the Xbox game but it did start dev as a Xbox game so there’s always a limit to how the graphics look on the port. Still graphics look very nice and polished.

  • this game looks horrible… anyway i dont like Capcom anymore… they are becoming like Microsoft…. they only see $ everywhere.. anyway thats my point of view

  • I have a new title for this game:

    Lost Connection: Epic Failure

    Seriously…how hard would it be to beta test stuff like this? And why does it seem like we’re dealing with system-level calls instead of being inside the game when the multiplayer stuff is happening? It seems like I’m still in the XMB and I’m about to pick an mp3 to play when I try to connect to a game.

    Anyway, since I already have the stinkeye for EA garbage on PS3, I’ll reserve judgment on Capcom for a few more months. We’ll see how RE5 goes.

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