Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Priced and Dated

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It’s official – SCEA announced today the April 17 North American release date for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, available exclusively for PS3. Developed by famed Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be available for $39.99 on Blu-ray Disc (BD) and as a download via the PLAYSTATION Store.

The BD version will offer added value with an exclusive behind-the-scenes High Definition (HD) video feature called “Beyond the Apex”. This video will offer some awesome access to the folks at Polyphony and give some background on how they are able to create such a realistic and beautiful driving simulator. We’ll have more information on GT5 Prologue leading up to its launch in April, but until then, check out this video:

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  • I think I going to spend $40 on a full sp and mp game like this one

    and wait for the full version GT5

  • I love the GT series but I am not sure I want to double dip the game at this price point considering I would have to drop $60 on the retail version. Typically I am not concerned with pricing but this has grabbed my attention.

  • Its up to each person to say if its “worth it” or not for themselves.

    Playing online with 14 other people in GT alone may be worth the price of admission for some.

    I do agree that the price is $10.00 to high, especially for the PSN version.

    If you have a problem with this, keep playing the GT freebie Sony gave you untill the full version comes out. :)

  • I’ve been playing the Japanese demo of GT 5P for awhile now and it’s my first time playing a GT game. It was a bit tad rough at first trying to get a grip on the controls(mainly b/c I had no clue what the menus were saying) but I somehow figured out how to map acceleration and brake to the R2 and L2 triggers and after that it was smooth sailing.

    I can’t wait for the American release so I can get more cars and tracks and hopefully by the time the full version of GT 5 comes out I will be able to go online and not embarrass myself. :P

  • I understand people’s concerns about the price but they have to understand Prologue has more playability and longevity than a lot of full price games because of online multiplayer and the ability to earn credits through races and build up your car collection. It is a lot more than a demo. I have Warhawk which is an equivalent price yet no single player and limited maps. Do I feel ripped off? No. Saying that I would like to see some kind of discount for people who buy both Prologue and the full GT5 though.

  • Yes! I’ll buy it, the only problem is i got like 2 weeks to beat it cause GTA IV comes out the same month!

  • I’d rather them work on the full game and get that out sooner than bring these prologues out. I hope they fix the A I for the full game’s release.

  • this is probably one time i will not buy a GT game, since it’s not actually a game, but an enchanced demo..i understand the amount of work they are putting into this game, but seriously, 40$ is just too much for me to pay for the limited cars and tracks…i would have given up 20$ and no more for this game.. i’ll just wait until the real GT5 comes out, thank you very much.. plenty of other racing titles to keep me company ’til then…

  • Is there going to be a split screen mode? It’s so hard to find split screen games.

  • wonder of the chat will be broken when it comes out- bet it will.

  • I generally avoid racing games like the plague, but something about the GT series makes it a different experience altogether.

    Perhaps it’s all the leveling up and unlocking of cars in the Career mode.

  • Bet it get delayed.

  • Wow, if this is what the precursor to GT5 looks like I can’t wait to see the genuine article.

  • How to use the PSN Network if you live in Europe: Get a US PSN login, and a US credit card, that way you won’t feel totally ripped off having to wait ages for stuff to appear in the cold war Russian store that is the EU PSN.

    But maybe, maybe the got it right this time and we get GT5 Prologue at the same time?


  • I don’t understand some of you. Why would you spend $40 on this demo, and buy the $60 version later? Thats $100 spent on a single game.

    Sony will obviously use GT5 prologue to test online play. It’s like an online Beta, except you are actually paying for it, which is beyond ridiculous.

  • Thank you very much for finally giving us a release date! Just about a month and a half away! One question about online play… can we make our own races, or will be be forced into “events” like the Japanese GT5 Prologue has?

    Thanks for your time :)

  • I’m getting this game on the net for sure.It’s nice to see games as a digital download now a days.

  • @ 63

    The game isn’t a demo. For what you get in the game its more then some games out already. It’s a full game. I think it’s well worth it.

  • @66

    It’s not a full game; for the same damn price you can get Forza 2, which offers a ton more features then this so called “game”. GT5 prologue doesn’t even offer split-screen, how can anybody consider this a full game?

  • @Zorox — To each there own porogative.

    The fact of the matter is, if you’re a fan of GT and are needing a fix then GT5 Prologue will fit that bill plus honestly it’s much better than Motorstorm and it’s cheaper than what i paid for Motorstorm.

    I enjoy racing games and GT series is one of my favorites.

    Besides all the money/credits you’re earning will translate over to the final version.

    If money is the only concern then walk away no loss to anyone that doesn’t buy it and wait for the next version of GT5 to be realeased, but if you’re a gamer and enjoy gaming and racing games then why not pick it up. Personally I will get the BD version cause I prefer a physical copy over a downloaded copy.

    I suck at the game but I will see anyone that buys it online in April because let’s face it.. I want to see how well I really tuned my car :)

  • Why bring motorstorm into the mix?

    BTW – motorstorm is a kickass game picked it up this xmas and it’s great fun and looks wicked….

  • I have the JPN version of GT5 and believe me when i say that this game is absolutley fantastic. I do have one question i’m hoping would be answered by an admin or someone who has deeper knowledge on the subject. Will people who have game saves from the JPN version of GT5:P be able to pick up the US version and still have access to all of their cars? Or will we have to start anew?

  • Is this gonna have damage or is it gonna be like all the other non sim racing gt series games.

  • This has got to be the biggest scam ever. Give me a break Polyphony. I love your games a ton, but how can you honestly expect me to pay 40 dollars for 5 tracks and only a handful more cars than the demo, then pay an ADDITIONAL 60 on release of the full release… What’s my incentive? Are the 5 tracks unfeatured in the official release? Do I get a discount on the game if I buy Prologue? My guess is no. Sorry guys, but I’ll play Burnout: Paradise until you can get me an official release of GT:HD.

  • LOL $40. I’ll just wait for the full version.

  • Here’s an idea…
    If you think it’s too much, or just a glorified demo, don’t buy it.
    Why are you wasting your time complaining?
    Seriously, if you think it’s not for you, then that’s fine. You’re obviously not the people that this is for.
    Once again, the voice of the disgruntled few seems to think that they’re the majority because people who are happy, you know – the real majority, tend not to complain.
    If this is your kind of game, then it’s an amazing deal for all of the content that will be provided / offered. I prefer more arcadey racing, but that’s just my, oh, what’s it called again…”personal preference and opinion” and NOT “fact”.

  • to all the whiney little s–ts going on about the price, you don’t like it, don’t buy it, and as for your $60 full price games, a new off the retail shelf game here in the UK is $100, you should consider yourselves lucky in the USA.

    why should Prologue be free or cost next to nothing? i bet you happily paid good money for GT4:Prologue i know i did, or maybe you really are just a bunch of kids spending daddies money! got it out to play again the other day. the difference between that and the full game is amazing.

    so forget your $10 to upgrade to the full one once it comes out as well!

    for the record GT4:P had 5 tracks a good selection of cars and a couple of other bits, and yes, it cost $40 too here. GT5:P has 5 tracks a good selection of cars and some extra things for $40. i can’t see any problem personally.

    i bet there are others that paid more getting it on import.

  • @m3thod:

    Saying that GT is an average game, makes it clear you do not play the game.
    Also, if you haven’t lived under a rock for the past decade, you know that the GT series had numerous “Prologue” games, all selling at around 40 bucks.

    A demo is 2 to 3 cars, and 1 or 2 tracks at best. 60 cars, 5 tracks and 16 cars online racing is NOT just a demo.
    True, it isn’t the full game, but it is much more then a demo.

  • When MGS4 gets released I will still revisit MGS1,2,&3. I don’t know about the rest of you but I frequently play theolder games of a series. What Sony fails to realize is when GT5 does come out next year there will be no reason to EVER play prologue again for those who buy both. Unless we get a rebate on GT5 then we’re basically PI$$ING away 40 dollars on this game that will have no replay value!

  • This looks amazing!

  • Will someone PLEASE tell me if this is FINALLY the racing game that will use the PSP as a rear-view mirror???? Is so, how? if not when? what game??

  • I want to get this and I probably will but 40 bucks for a glorified demo is pretty ridiculous. $25 would have been more reasonable in my opinion but then again I don’t price these things. I will hope that my saved game data will be transferable to GT5. Gripes aside, I can’t wait to actually play GT online.

  • @scorpio

    I brought motorstorm into this because GT5 Prologue to me offers more than that game did at Full price.

    It is a very good game at what it does and I have hours of enjoyment from the game. It was not a knock on the game at all. It was more to show that GT5 Prologue does not deserve the “demo” title it is being labled with since it compares to a full version of another racing style game.

  • 40 for a almost a game is a rip off sorry to say it, maybe I will buy it because I love GT series but you don’t add car damage right?…

    It can be the best looking car simulation game to date… but you need more, I don’t see a good future in this prologue game at that price tag…

  • No wonder GT5 is taking so long to finish, perhaps if the developers weren’t wasting their time creating the first GT5 demo that was released, I believe, last year – and then taking the time to polish this Prologue, we probably would have the full game by now.

  • is a demo of the game coming out like they did in japan a months before the release.

    ps. why would i wan’t to pay $40 for a demo/beta of a game that isn’t close to being finished? cut the price in half and you might have convinced me.

  • Keep your 40 bucks method. This is what millions of PS3/PS2 users have been waiting for.

    GT Prologues have always been more than merely “demos”.

  • Echoing the sentiment $39.99 is on the steep side. I think $29.99 would be more reasonable. Admittedly though I may consider the purchase.

    I think what would definitely make it worth it would be if there was some sort of bonus that carries over when the full retail version of Gran Turismo 5 is released.

    Prologue is a smart idea though, they’re essentially getting people to pay to beta test their online mode.

  • Is it true that some of the things I do in GT5P can transfer over to the full version (licenses, unlocked cars or modes, money, etc) That would give me an added incentive to pick up the demo

  • @Dreamkin (#34)

    You’re right. You could put giant red letters on it. Also on the back of the 40GB PS3 box, there’s a red box that says WILL NOT PLAY PS2 GAMES. Guess how many questions I’ve answered on forums as to why their 40gb PS3s won’t play PS2 games?

    If you make something idiot proof, they’ll just build a better idiot.

  • @88

    I think you’re able to carry over the cash and cars you get in Prologue to GT5

  • LMAO GT is a joke, it’s not even realistic. Ever hear of GTR 2, GT legends, rFactor, Live for Speed, or even ToCA?

  • Hmm….since im in australia, it will take another year and a bit for this demo to hit our shores.

    But by the looks of it, i would buy it, just that i hope that you can rollover your progress or something. The game looks like something that would put every xbox owner to shame.

    I found forza not as realistic and aimed for younger people while GT has always been about realism. The reason that damage hasnt been included is due to the fact that it is unreliable. Say you slammed in a wall with the rear-right of the car. You don’t just get some scratches on the body. Your differential is stuffed if it is rear wheel drive or the axles would have been knocked off alignment for front wheel affecting the ability to go straight. Theres just too many variables involved in damage and how much damage. You would need atleast 2 SPEs on the ps3 to process this. If its not done properly, dont do it at all. Though saying that, the ps3 is capable of doing it, just requires alot of coding.

    If the prologue is gonna get released this year, that means GT5 wont be out till next year….thats suck. Oh well, atleast GTA:4, MGS4 and will keep me preoccupied.

  • As a fan of the GT series, this is some great news. The only thing I feel that it’s too late. Also, why isn’t the price reduced on the downloadable version. It’s cheaper to distribute, no extras from the BD version, and it was cheaper in Japan. Hopefully the price issue will get sorted out.

  • I’m not sure what content is in the prologue, where could I find this information out?

  • This game seems to get progressively better and better every time I watch it… I’ll have to wait and see on Prologue for it’s just a stripped down version of the final GT5. I would just like GT to some how introduce a crashing/damage engine, any word if the final product of GT5 will have this?

  • Prologue is not the full GT5 game right? It’s just a…”prologue”.

  • Cool released on my birthday i can’t wait.

  • This game has horrible jaggies. Sad that ps3 cant handle anti-aliasing

  • Cool. I have a few questions for you:

    1. Does this include the Top Gear and the Top Gear TV Japan got? If so, what’s the pricing on the Top Gear TV?

    2. Is this the same price in Canada?

    3. Does this run at 1080p60?

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