Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Priced and Dated

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It’s official – SCEA announced today the April 17 North American release date for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, available exclusively for PS3. Developed by famed Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be available for $39.99 on Blu-ray Disc (BD) and as a download via the PLAYSTATION Store.

The BD version will offer added value with an exclusive behind-the-scenes High Definition (HD) video feature called “Beyond the Apex”. This video will offer some awesome access to the folks at Polyphony and give some background on how they are able to create such a realistic and beautiful driving simulator. We’ll have more information on GT5 Prologue leading up to its launch in April, but until then, check out this video:

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  • Awesome. By the way, will the online part of the game be working day 1?

  • Many GT fans in the US bought the Japanese version when it was released in December last year despite the absence of English text. I hope Sony can release an English language patch for these fans corresponding with the April release.

  • Sounds very nice! :-)

    Really looking forward to this great game, definitly going to by it on the first day! :)

  • What does this game still miss?
    1. Crashes, hopefully we will see that in the ultimate version.
    2. Very intelligent A.I.

    When Polyphony can implent those two things than it will be the best driving simulator ever.

  • When is this released in Europe, and at what price? If you could grant me one wish for 2008 though, it would be to have one global playstation store. Or at least give us the possibility to buy what we want in all stores…

  • I still don’t understand how the BD and the PSN version is the same price. The download should be cheaper ! It makes no sense that a digital version of a game that I can’t lend to a friend or sell is the same price as the BD version that I can do those things with.

  • Now thats the price all PS3 games should be! I like it! Keep it up Sony!

    BTW can we get some info on Wipeout: HD, as well as Killzone2s MP game? Please?

  • Sounds like what they are saying is that the bluray version is 39.99 and that there will be a psn version available but no mention of price yet.

    Thats the way i read it anyway

  • @gamegenieny – they can’t make the prices different or the brick and mortar retailers would break out the pitch forks. They have to cater to them still.

    Back on topic, it looks awesome. I think I’m going to try and hold off for the ultimate epilogue? version, but it may be too tough to resist seeing that PSN version staring at me everytime I log on the store.

  • very awesome . How about putting that trailer in it’s FullHD glory at PSN Store this week ;)

  • SWEET! GT5 is the reason I bought a PS3! This should hold me over until it comes out!

    Now how about the GT5 Prologue Demo that Japan got to hold me over until Prologue comes out? Pretty please?

  • Partly
    @anyone in sony

    This policy of PSN you are practicing is not really great. In fact in some areas it damages the company. What am I talking about?

    The fact that PS3 games are not region locked is great. It’s a slap in the face of those other backwards thinking publishers. This is the age of internet. I can prettymuch buy any title I want and download it from any digital distribution outlet. Just look at Steam. It works like a miracle.

    Now the games are region free, but the store isn’t. Even the free content is not region free. e.g Motorstorm’s Time Attack mode only works if you download it from the correct store. If I was a european person who imported the game from the US, I would be unable to download that add-on without creating a false ID…

    Even more important is the issue of different stores and different paymant methods. There is absolutely no reason why people in the US should not be able to access the content in the Japanese store. These people import games published by Sony from Japan and want to download the additional content. In my mind it is mind-blowingly stupid to reject this.

    Language and different money is often stated as a problem but money can easily be converted on the fly. We all know how credit cards work. They are prettymuch international. I see absolutely no reason why a person from let’s say Turkey should be unable to purchase DLC for a japanese (or american or korean.. whatever) game with his credit card especially considering the credit card works perfectly when he goes to Japan…

    I expect the problem may also be about publishing rights. It is understandable that some content may require regulation. Streamed TV shows or Movies are an example. I understand this perfectly. So you can make that content restricted. IPs can be checked etc.

    Sony needs a unified store structure. And I don’t think this is very hard to do. If language causes problems, very well, them arrange them in tabs. As in tabs like English content, Japanese content etc. Warn them that the following content is in English. Trust me everyone in Europe speaks English. And eventhough they don’t, why would I be shut out of the store?

    I also understand that different regions of sony are run practically by different companies. But this is really not helping. It is as if America Sony and European Sony are in constant contest to see who will win. (Europe is losing badly, especially considering the store isn’t even available in some countries) This is not really helping.

    This is not region free gaming. You seem to be going for a relatively open platform. But all your games are region locked naturally because no one out of that country can purchase them.

    Furthermore this is quite disrespectful towards your customers. They buy the PS3 thinking they will be able to reach the PSN store from anywhere. And they cannot. I know the fine print says it may not be available everywhere. But that’s not the p

  • I have a few questions
    1) is the online-acing feature active from day one?
    1) Can I race against my online Friends?

    If the answer is Yes for both I will buy it for sure. If now, I will wait until the full GT5 version is released

    Please let us know


  • @11 i agree can we get the same demo japan got? please? i am begging to tell you the truth. lol

  • So, do we Europeans again have to wait several weeks for something to be released for us, or will we finally get something on time?

    I know, this is the SCEA blog, but still you guys can contact each other for information!

    And I hope, the currency conversion doesn’t fork us over (as with retail games, 60USD to 70€ just doesn’t cut it). 40USD are about 30€…

  • sounds good to me. any word if damage will be included in the blu-ray version?

  • Just want to say this will be a day one purchase for me .. oh and also..

    Boo Red Sox.. Go Tribe!

  • WAY too much money for a partial game. Yeah yeah i know it has a lot of features but cmon $40?!?! thats almost a full game (double for some even). I would have gladly paid $15….MAYBE even $20. No way im paying $40 for this. Sorry. Ill wait the extra 6-9 months(or whatever it actually will be) and pay $60 for the full game.

  • When’s the real GT5 coming?

  • $40 for a demo? Well, I guess since PS3 fans have nothing else to play, they might as well pay for a demo.

  • April 17 is so far away. :-( But can’t wait for it!

  • HURRAY!!!! It’s a bit far off though. I’ll probably burn a hole through my Japanese version by April 17th! Hopefully, more people will grab the import version, since they know how long they have to wait.

  • I’m disappointed at the price. It’s terribly too much for a demo / game still in the development cycle. Now I understand that you need to pay the translators, but you’re still up against the Forza community to impress and have them jump ship. This game should be either free or reduced to something like $10.

  • $39.99 is pretty steep, but I understand the amount of work put into this game and the GT5 engine. I will definitely be checking this out. I hope that Prologue users will get new content added up towards the final release of the full game.
    Oh BTW, when will they show the remote play via PSP while the PS3 is running again? That is, are there still plans to use PSP as rear-view mirror?

  • Is it so hard to translate racing game from japanese? LOL They are crazy!!!

  • $40 sounds a little high. Let’s face it, when the full game comes out, it should go for $60 like all other new PS3 games. Do you really think it’s 2/3 of the entire game?

    This is going to be a hard decision for me. I did buy a PS2 for GT3 and I bought the PS3 knowing GT5 would be on it but spending $40 now and $60 later might be too much for me.

    We’ll see how I feel when April rolls around, but if I do get it, I’ll be picking up the BD and not the download if they’re the same price.

    On a side note, will Sony be releasing a new wireless sterring wheel for this game? I don’t mind the one I have now but an upgrade would be nice.

  • @Zorox

    Im with you on this one…these people are out of their f***ing minds $40 for a demo…then $60 in 2009 when the game comes out…LOL

    i’ll wait till 2009 when the full game is launched…maybe even by then the 2007 games will be out

  • @25
    No, I doubt the game has that much text, but it’s also a thing about the music. Do you really thing Japanese players like the same music we do? Think of playing GTA: Vice City listening to Jpop. How well do you think that fits?

    I would like a unified PS3 store also, but you then run into the inevitable stupid people, that will buy a region locked PS1 game from the PSN store. They won’t be able to play it because their console type doesn’t support it. We’re moving into an age of limited region locks, but we’re still bound by the past of DVD regions.

    Also, you run into the problem of licensing, and IP. You can have the game licensed for Japan, but it’s not licensed in the US. But that could be fixed (I think) by having a person agree to the terms & conditions of the place from which they are downloading it from.

    But you know everyone would be downloading from the Japanese store, because the exchange rate works in our favor.

  • #20 – “$40 for a demo? Well, I guess since PS3 fans have nothing else to play, they might as well pay for a demo.”

    That is the lamest thing I’ve read. We have nothing to play? I guess you must be an Xbot since I have way more games to play than I have time to play them. The PS3 is doing great. I guess you’re living in the past. Welcome to 2008.

  • I can’t believe all the crybabies on this board complaining about $40 for GT5 Prologue. Then don’t buy it. Wait for GT5. Prologue isn’t really a demo though. No demo gives you what Prologue gives you. It’s better than most racing games.

  • japan->december 07
    usa->april 08
    europe->??? next year!?

    everytime the same with sony! we`re always the last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @BrianC6234

    in all fairness…not everyone plays rated E and T games as much as yourself…being an Xbot has nothing to do with the poor selection of rated M games…i personally refuse to play childrens games ie. ratchet and clank if thats your thing then thats your thing…i’d rather have my games say s**t and F**K and assh**e etc etc…so with the lack of those types of games its understandable why people say theres not much to play

    all the multiplatform games suck for PS3 so i wouldnt go there if i were you either…bad ports thats are WAY better on 360…sorry if the truth hurts :)

  • 39.99 is ok IF when the full version is released we could upgrade to that version without extra fees

    Also the PSP-as-mirror is a must have for the full version ;)

  • @28-tuaamin13

    So what? All this can be arranged. You can just put them into different directories and warn the downloader with HUGE GIANT RED LETTERS, against buying that game. And that’s it.

    Again. I have a guy here who bought a PS3 in Turkey in order to play Warhawk. He could not buy Warhawk because there is no PSN store here (eventhough Greece for instance has an English store mirroring the UK store). He opened a fake UK account to access the store. But then the UK store naturally rejected his Credit card (which is illogical in itself even because even if he lives currently in UK it is quite possible that his credit card billing address is in another country.) So he BOUGHT the DVD version from Turkey. (He wanted to buy the downloadable version because he already had a headset) Now he cannot buy the expansion of the game he loves so much.

    He lives in Europe
    He bought the game from Europe
    And yet he cannot buy additional content from the European store.

    You will always run into stupid people. In PC, you can run into stupid people who may pay for Windows games while using Linux. Or vice versa. Or you can buy a game you cannot even play with your system requirements. Hell don’t make PS1 games available if THAT causes problems. (although it is quite unlikely)

    Stupid people are stupid everywhere. I am just sick of this general opinion of thinking of console gamers as retards.

    The only reason I can see is the size of Sony. But PSN really NEEDs a unified structure. In my eyes this is far more important than in game XMB or that custom soundtracks thing.

    After all what would I do with custom soundtracks if I am not able to PLAY the game in the first place in my region free, online enabled console?

  • I so agree with Dreamkin. The PSN Store needs to be the forefront of Sony’s thinking. It is the unified way for all users to purchase games and items for the system. There should be no boundaries on the store. There were times I wanted a game from the Japan store. But can’t due to Credit Card issues.

    In Game XMB is the only chant I hear on this blog, but it’s not the only thing that is broken. I agree 200%, fix the store first, then give us the In-Game XMB. After you fix the XMB and other interface issues. Bring out home.

  • I agree with Sephiroth, otherwise the price is too high for an incomplete game

  • @Loucifer: seriously, you choose your games based on whether the characters swear? Not whether its fun? That’s fantastic for you I guess, but I’m pretty sure 95% of the game buying public buys games on the basis of how FUN they are to play, or how entertaining they are in general at least.

    Ratchet & Clank for example is beautiful, fun and exciting to play with a well-written story and well-executed dialogue to boot. If you don’t like the games on the PS3, don’t play on the PS3, play something else, or go write to the developers about what games you want, but for all of our sake, please stop whining about it in here, its hardly relevant to anything.

  • i cant wait for this game.. i cant wait.. i want it!! i want it now!!

  • Loucifer – So you’re saying you won’t play anything if it isn’t mature? Ratchet & Clank Future is a great game. It’s far from kiddie too. If you refuse to play it because it’s a platformer then your loss. This is the big problem for gaming now. Too many people look at a game and say it’s too immature for me. That kind of thinking will get you nothing but a bunch of dumb games that are all the same. Like most of the games on the 360.

  • Man, for a second, I thought they were showing live video instead of CGI in the trailer. Nice. I don’t know if I’ll e picking this u, I’m going to try to resist the temptation and wait for the full game, but it’s not going to be easy…

    Also, guys, I agree 100% with the whole “unified PS Store” thing.
    So how about it Sony? What is the big problem with writing a few filthers to block content that you are forbidden to publish, for example, in North America or Japan? I mean, you have our address from our PSN account information, so, if that’s the reason why you can’t make a world store, then I just solved your problem.
    Also, if “stupid people” are a problem, just make language filthers that we can use to ensure we see content that is in our preferred language.

    hmmmm….I see Loucifer has returned… *cocks guns, revs tank engines…*

  • Wow, for a second, I thought that was real video of cars in the trailer. Sick. I’m going to try to wait until the full version of this, but it won’t be easy…

    hmmm.. I see Loucifer has returned.
    *revs tank engines*

  • Hoped it was cheaper, oh wait im in canada so it will be even more… :(

    I need to try a demo before i buy as I’m tired of the racing genre really unless is a Burnout type game which is loads of fun.

  • @ #40

    The funny thing is, physical PS3 games cost the same in Canada as they do in the US, but for some reason downloadable content on PSN costs MORE here, so we might see the Bluray of the game at $39.99 and the download at something ridiculous like $44.99!

  • Other option could be 39.99 for the Prologue but when the full version becomes available, let’s say for example it will cost… umm… 49.99 on the PSN, then we only pay 9.99 to upgrade, sounds fair enough to me

  • I am so looking forward to this Thank you Sony for releasing the date for GT 5 Prologue

  • GT5 looks great. Overpriced demo if for hardcore fans.The content on the PSN Store is fantastic,. We should have one PSN store. I think it is a legal problem. Playstation has Mature games. Xbox360 is unreliable.

  • I’m a huge fan of the GT series and there is no way in h*ll I’m paying $40 for this game. I’ll just wait for the actual game to come out and pay the extra $20 for a full game. Like someone else said, maybe I’d pick it up for $15-20 (MAYBE).

  • for people complaining about the “demo” being priced so high b/c your looking at it at a typical demo situation. Hey if you want to feel better think of it as a mini-game for the Wii, their not “real” games but a bunch of em piled together and charged about as much. I see this is more like buying a subscription to Fileplanet to get access to a game. Seeing as people buying and commenting on aspects of Prologue will effect the final game making it better before it’s shipped

  • Yeah I think the price is reasonable considering this game has more cars and tracks than many full versions of other games! People need to stop calling it a demo. The demo is what the Japanese got to download on PSN before GT5 Prologue came out there.


  • $40 bucks for a demo that merely has a little bit more than an average title? Why would anybody pay almost full price for a preview of a game that’s been delayed and delayed?

    Sony you’re breaking into Xbox Marketplace territory with this announcement. What’s next charging for PS3 themes ;)

    Why not just bundle prologue with another PS3 title, like Microsoft did with the Halo 3 beta by bundling it with Crack – that at least makes sense.

    I’ll keep my 40 bucks, thanks.

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