Two New MotorStorm Tracks Tomorrow

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Hey racing fans, the wait is over and we are excited to alert you to some new MotorStorm downloadable content that will be available this Thursday, January 17th. I want to take this opportunity to correct some mis-information currently floating around the web regarding pricing of the content. This latest Track Pack, to be available on the PLAYSTATION Store tomorrow, will be priced at $2.99.

In this particular pack you will be getting access to two brand new tracks – Diamondback Speedway and Eagle’s Nest. You can play these two new tracks with all vehicle classes Online along with Time Attack and Eliminator.

MotorStorm 1MotorStorm 2

Diamondback gives you all the thrills of a speedway circuit, where flat-out pedal-to-the-metal driving is the only way to compete. Speed is important, but watch out for those banked corners because this snake-like circuit is not for amateurs.

MotorStorm 3MotorStorm 5

Eagle’s Nest is set on of top of a remote mesa, but it’s not for parking and viewing the sunset. Instead, it’s for those who wish to prey on your rivals and cause total mayhem. This track is all about experiencing a brutal, fast-paced, and adrenaline rushing racing experience. Once again it’s MotorStorm at its finest.

See you all out on the new tracks!

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  • @ #9 Gavi

    You bought an 80GB for $500 with Motorstorm included, I got the 60GB for $600 and no game at all, if someone has to get free stuffs is “us” who bought for $600. But that would never happens.

  • MotorStorm 2 – Want/Wish list ;)
    1-Offline 4player splitscreen mode(+you can race trucks vs trucks)
    2-In car view
    (i.e you can see the steering wheel,and you can use the window screen wipers
    to clean off the mud/rain off the windows!!!) ;-P
    3-Rain poring down!!!(+other weather effects)
    4-You can play your own music tracks(off hard drive) while driving!!! ;-P
    5-More tracks!!! ;)
    6-Stunt games???
    (like the ones in the intro video, would love a cross-over circuit!!!
    they had one in Destruction Derby 1 on the ps1)
    7-Give me a job!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

    +Can’t wait to try these 2 new tracks!!! ;-P

  • Nice this will be cool stuff to get when the PSN cards get here! BTW when are those going to hit the US!? We want PSN CARDS NOW!

  • I would get the new tracks but I have a Japanese copy of Motorstorm and I found out the add ons are region locked. I do not have a Japanese credit card and can not use my perfectly good credit card on the Japanese store. Pretty disappointed there is no offline multiplayer with Motorstorm either. I hope this is included in Motorstorm 2 otherwise I will not buy it.

  • @49

    No thanks. I like the fact that its clear exactly how much im spending. I dont want to have to work out how many points is how much money.

  • For those b1tching about price differences…if you don’t like it…don’t buy it…SONY will then lower the price as the previous price was to high for the market to bear. Or move.

    To SONY / Evolution.

    Thank you for continuing to support this game with OPTIONAL content at REASONABLE prices to that your fans can make a CHOICE.

  • Real Gambler, Isn’t it obvious? Sony hates Canadians and likes to price gouge us. It costs them $0.00 more to sell it to Canadians but they make 33% more profit because it’s common practice for companies to rip off Canadians. This isn’t the only Sony product that is ridiculously more in Canada even though our dollar is more valuable than the USD.

  • Awesome, i’m such a whore for Motorstorm content. Damn you all for making such a great game!


    I have bought d/l content and would buy more but enough is enough, I WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE UNTIL THIS IS CORRECTED.

    Come on Canadians lets make a petetion or something, this is a scam.

  • Split-screen is essential for any future version of MotorStorm. I don’t know why gaming developers think we want to sit alone in dark rooms playing games by ourselves. We have friends. We have family. And we want to play games together.

    And with 1080P, we’ve finally moved into an era where we can play 4-player split screen and still have EACH individual screen segment exceed the resolution of a single full-screen PS2 game.

    Online multiplayer is great. But split-screen AND online combined is even better. Warhawk is amazing when played this way (4 buddies in a room against 25 other people around the world).

    The technology has finally arrived to allow us to experience this — but the game developers need to step up to the plate and start delivering.

  • I’m right there with you Jocaju (50) but I figure if it will help sales, go for it. We did get the Emotion Engine, so all the whining and such about B/C doesn’t concern us. I think that’s a good bonus, ignoring the fact that many got their’s for $500 after they were discontinued. But that goes with the territory of being a true fan. Just imagine how early 360 adopters feel with their wimpy Core package that is already broken and/or simply rendered obsolete.

  • It would be nice to purchase these tracks and other games from the PSN if my region existed.
    Sony, what’s the sense of purchasing a game and are unable to purchase DLC for it.

  • Well, I was happy too but be prepared to a huge disappointment since both tracks only needs 35 seconds to complete.

    yeah, you heard me 35 seconds and the tracks are over.

    Disappointing at best.

    Ridiculous attempt to earn more easy money at worst. :(


    THANKS! I got motorstorm at launch,a nd have been rocking it ever since!


    Motorstorm is pretty much perfect, othen than shipping BAREBONES and it simply felt “incomplete”…rushed to meet the launch deadline. We forgive you, but please listen to these ideas!

    1. Split Screen racing for 2 players offline!! PLEASE!!!! My girlfriend loves this game, but having to pass the controller and watch the other person play is LAME! WE WANT 2 PLAYER ACTION! woo-hoo!

    2. Custom Soundtracks from the Hard Drive! THIS would bring me back much more often!

    3. Finally- All the new tracks to be put in a “bundle” for a one time purchase to get them all!!



    Can’t wait for Motorstrom 2!

  • delorean please!!!

  • @ Felice
    Can you please acknowledge if 2 player split screen is possible through a downloadable update for this game. This is a topic that has rumored for so long and really needs to be put to rest. END THIS NOW!!!


  • To all the Canadians B1tching…

    You DO know that SONY is the ONLY game company to adjust their CONSOLE price to be the same in the US and Canada right?

    Stop whining. The price is either good for you or it isn’t…what Americans get is IRRELEVANT.

  • I’m willing to bet if someone added some generic ticket based races to it, that would take all of a day to code, it would be $5.99-$6.99 so I guess although it’d be nice to give the tracks an offline purpose, I’m kinda’ glad you guys didn’t, because $2.99-$3.99 feels right for a mere add-on, thank you guys for lowering prices as your game gets older.

    So about that Destruction Derby style mode… anytime soon?

  • I for one, will never purchase a racing game that does not have offline split-screen.

    I can imagine some suit sitting in a corporate meeting playing “fun with numbers” about how not including that feature would lead to more console sales by people having to purchase a seperate system to play multi-player.

    This game is old now and has been milked, release the freaking patch for split-screen please, and I’ll buy your game. Simple.

  • Yea none of us Canadians can understand it, for over 40 years our country has been using both American and Canadian currency like it’s one, even though the American Dollar was worth more, so now that our dollar is on par, why should anything change, what I mean is, I walk in to future shop or whatever, and I’ve got $20 American, and $220 Canadian, I consider myself to have $240 cdn dollars even when the American dollar was worth more, our country shares currency with the USA, has for many years… now we’re on par with the US $, and STILL getting the friggin’ shaft, Sony changed the prices of retail games in Canadian stores to match American prices, but the PSN is still ripping us? this is ridiculous, get your facts together, get it straight, and for what it’s worth it couldn’t hurt to have your various divisions, and marketing execs, and whatnot actually communicate with eachother accross the offices.

  • Is anyone else here old enough to remember those car toys, that you could buy, that came with a launcher, the cars themselves were roughly the size of a tuna on rye, and when they crashed they literally seperated into like 20 or so pieces and had to be put back together with every piece or they wouldn’t hold together, I just remembered this the other day while playing MotorStorm, and such a fond Nostalgia it was, remembering playing with those cars with my cousins, crashing them into eachother at a high velocity, seeing who got destroyed and who didn’t… That was flippin’ GREAT!

  • Real Scalextric in one player!!! ;-D Wouldn’t work would it! ;-D
    Can the PS3 handle 4 player off-line
    split-screen MotorStorm tho???
    When you got all the cars on the screen close to each other it does slow down a bit :-/
    +The new BurnOut will be 1 palyer
    off-line only! :-/ Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    @51 i want all you said to!!! ;-D

  • No. Don’t change to M$ point system. I had 360 for 2 years. Point system=No Good. I like spending real money and knowing how much I’m spending my real money on. Don’t turn it into a game, please.

  • motorstorm got pretty old for me fast.
    Got tired of loosing all the time online.

  • DEAR GOD NO!!!

    DO NOT CHANGE TO A POINT SYSTEM!!! That’s the one thing I love about the PSN Store more than anything! I hate the Nintendo and M$ try to disguise the prices with points! It’s stupid, doesn’t fool anyone and just acts as a major annoyance.

  • @Sony

    I dished out $700 bucks for a 60GB. I bought it one month after release, and currently I have 11 games all bought for $60 or perhaps even $70. If you do the math I’ve spent about $1400 including my 2nd controller. I also bought the Warhawk expansion pack, but I didnt add the price of that.

    Now you guys are offering 2 tracks, for $3 ?? Come on guys, you’re kidding me right? How much friggin money do you want? I’m tired of spending my money carelessly! You guys should start making expansion packs free, since you are making the poor people who already spent soooo much money for your products pay even more! So start CARING for your costumers already!

  • To all complaining that you have to pay for expansions: Are you kidding me? Since when has any store, or mult-billion dollar corporation been a charity. This is the REAL world. You MUST pay for everything (except online gaming). Get used to it ‘cuz it won’t change.

  • @ kedaro – yeah man I remember those things! they were frickin sweet… I can see how you thought motorstorm was alike to those. but I was thinking about what you were saying about you guys getting the shaft over there… I don’t think you’re gonna have to worry about it much longer as I believe the states are gonna take over you guys. this country is gonna rule from “sea to shining sea” and that includes canada man. all I’m saying is don’t grow any grey hair over price differences man there are way bigger things going on here LOL


  • I need motorstorm, I’ll buy it when its $39.99

  • Thanks Evolution. Two more great tracks. Good idea to wait and release these after the Christmas holiday when so many 80gb PS3 Motorstorm bundles were sold. We saw Phil play this track last Feb. 07 @ GDC. Wish you guys would have released it then, and given us a couple more tracks now. Also, why NO WEEKEND TICKETS? Granted we all love the online play, but for some of us. We finished the offline play some time ago. There’s no replay effect in this game. How about some WEEKEND TICKETS for Diamondback and Eagle’s Nest?

  • Thx for the new tracks- wait, someone’s complaining about paying 3 frickin’ dollars for 2 tracks? Please understand the hours put into not only designing the levels, but the entire game. If you’re gonna complain about it, don’t get it. If you only want the 9 initial tracks, fine by me, but don’t be so cheap to not pay $3 for it. It’s pocket change, c’mon.

    Also, please don’t consider a matchmaking system. Server lists > Matchmaking. I’d rather choose what I’d want to play than be forced to play w/ some little kids out there screaming at their parents over the race.

    Again, thanks for the tracks. Nice job.

  • So Felice or anyone from Motorstorm can you guys slip some new songs in these add-on packs so it doesn’t feel like constantly the same songs still after so long

  • KSPRAYDAD: You say if you don’t like paying more for the SAME game, don’t do it. Well, that’s what I’ve been doing.

    And trust me, I love Sony for giving us the PS3 and some games at the same price as in the US.

    Now, think about it. YOU would not say anything if it was the other way around??? For $30 you get 10 games/packs, we get only 7. You get 3 more games for the same price for absolutely no reason, and we should not say anything about it??? It’s not like they have to do a Pal/Secam conversion. Or a 50Hz/60Hz conversion, or remove blood to meet some standards in some foreign country. IT’S THE SAME GAME!!!

    So if you would not complaint, I just wish I was a salesman in your area. Boy, you would be my favorite customer!!!

    There’s no shipping fee, not packing fee, nothing. Yet, we get 7 games while you get 10… So yes, I’m not buying any. And yes, I feel like I should complaint, otherwise, they may simply think canadians are not buying games. And yes, I could get an american credit card, but again, they would think canadians are not buying games. So I’m hoping that by complaining a bit, they will eventually also offer the DLC at the same price as the US.

    Now, I have a $99.99 PS2 for sale. Please send me $133.99 and I will send it to you right away. It’s a good deal, don’t complaint. Just send the money, quick!!!

  • We Europeans have to pay double the price to compensate the devaluation of the dollar. Great Strategy Sony. Europe is important they say…important to their wallets so it seems.

  • Whats going on with the new tracks? I paid the money yet I can’t access the new content via motorstorm Time Attack. I have the asian vesion of Motorstorm, whats going on SONY??? The tracks show up as faded on the time attack screen and I can’t play them. Ridiculous. I have patched my motorstorm to version 3.1

    BTW, might I add, what happen to integrated WORLD servers? The motorstorm servers I access have noone online at all — it would be smart to have access to the US servers so I can actually play the game online.

  • Be on it all night tonight…gettin’ my a** kicked!

  • I’ll buy this, but I’d wish they’d put it in single player’s tickets. It’s fun, but I don’t play this game online, because I suck at this game.


    I’m a Canadian.

    If YOU want American prices…move to America. You CHOSE to buy your PS3 and got it at par (if you bought it recently).

    SONY is the only console manufacturer to lower their prices during this recent increase in our dollar vs the US.

    Stop caring about what the US gets…you don’t live there.

    Again. If no Canadians buy the content SONY will lower the prices…its a free market thing.

  • sweet I just bought them and by the way split screen sucks you only get half the screen big TV or not your not getting the full experience ind I here that MS2 is a WIP right now and on gamespot they said that Evo studios was readying MS2

  • ok first it sucks that they cost money and why are they only online also if motorstorm 2 comes out please add multiplayer every racing game should be mp also i dont see these new tracks in the store anywhere ???????

  • game fan intervention 2097

    CAN YOU WIN SOMTHING!!!!! ether way, i buy it… and i will! but what i was hoping for was a NEW vehicle and not something like the mcqueen… WHY ISN’T IT A RALLY CAR!!!!! IT WAS A MASTAKE MAKING THAT MUD PLUGGER!! but the atlas varjack turned out sweet… but it needs to be faster! AND WHEN WILL THERE BE BUGGYS ON SALE ON PLAYSTATION SHOP?????

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