Two New MotorStorm Tracks Tomorrow

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Hey racing fans, the wait is over and we are excited to alert you to some new MotorStorm downloadable content that will be available this Thursday, January 17th. I want to take this opportunity to correct some mis-information currently floating around the web regarding pricing of the content. This latest Track Pack, to be available on the PLAYSTATION Store tomorrow, will be priced at $2.99.

In this particular pack you will be getting access to two brand new tracks – Diamondback Speedway and Eagle’s Nest. You can play these two new tracks with all vehicle classes Online along with Time Attack and Eliminator.

MotorStorm 1MotorStorm 2

Diamondback gives you all the thrills of a speedway circuit, where flat-out pedal-to-the-metal driving is the only way to compete. Speed is important, but watch out for those banked corners because this snake-like circuit is not for amateurs.

MotorStorm 3MotorStorm 5

Eagle’s Nest is set on of top of a remote mesa, but it’s not for parking and viewing the sunset. Instead, it’s for those who wish to prey on your rivals and cause total mayhem. This track is all about experiencing a brutal, fast-paced, and adrenaline rushing racing experience. Once again it’s MotorStorm at its finest.

See you all out on the new tracks!

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  • @felice
    when is the US getting the patriot 85 rally car that asia and europe have?

  • Can you consider changing the DLC for Motorstorm and packaging everything in a bundle pack that’s cheaper than buying them all separately?

    That would make it more likely that I’d buy the addons. Getting a bunch of stuff at one time would make it more like an expansion pack rather than a micro-DLC.

    Also, one thing that really is nagging me with Motorstorm is that there is no matchmaking for the multiplayer. This would go a long way to making the game more accessible to me, just selecting what I want to race and then the game just keeps connecting me to various races and so on.

    But also that I cannot select to play globally over the world. Since I’m in Oz-Land I can choose to play against Australians and Europeans but I can get better connections towards Japan/Asia or the US compared to Europe.

  • 2 new tracks a year after release… thats great marketing……just get to work on MS2 and forget about this one as you have done for so long.

  • nice price

  • I agree about the price being good, but I kind of wish you’d bundle maybe all new tracks together for like $8-$10. I know I’d buy it all at once.

  • Great price for the tracks. I agree though, maybe this should be the last of the updates to this version. You guys should bundle ’em up and get to work on the next one.

  • nice that some games are getting some support well after release, but others are not.. it’s just too bad some of them have to be too pricey to be worth it… got that EA????

  • Nice price for the 2 tracks. I’ll be making a purchase tomorrow. You guys should think about bundling all the content together for all the new 80GB owners who have just got MotorStorm in the past month or so.

  • seriouly, when we getting the Patriot 85 that EU store got long ago?

    i’m gonna get this anyways. mmmm…. my friend just got a PS3 too. hopefully he will get it so we can do the tracks together!!

    so, they’re totally new, right? not reversed or anything?

    can’t wait! :)

  • Great news…I might just pick this up. Anyhow, how bout you guys spill the beans a little early on what else we’re getting tomorrow…and anyone know when GDC starts?

  • Please, please, please keep the pricing low just like with this map pack. There is too much DLC between Motorstorm and Rock Band for me and I want them all!

  • Being a huge fan of Motorstorm, I would buy them right away, but I’m sure, like usual, they will be $3.99 in Canada….

    33% more, even if our dollar is par with US.

    If someone could explain this, I would be happy.

    Otherwise, I know I’m missing on all the DLC, including everything that came out for the eye since I also own Eye of Judgment, but paying 25% more for something that should cost the same is against my principles.

  • I agree with u Gambler, i’m in Toronto and it’s a [DELETED] we gotta always pay like 1$ more…but The dollar is just the same as the US…so what the hell? The tax being higher here is a possibility but they also charge tax on that frigging extra 1$ we adds up! WTf is going on here sony? I might as well as make an american account and use my visa on it and i would save money..

  • @ Real Gambler – 33% more? Count yourself lucky! Here in the UK, we get charged GBP 3.49, which at current exchange rates is more than DOUBLE the US price.

    I can live with us getting most things later than the US, but paying more than double for something developed here in the UK is taking the pi… erm, extracting the urine!

  • 2 tracks for 3 bucks… im buying

  • I bought my copy of Motorstorm while on vacation in the states. But now back to Japan I have no way of getting my hands on any of the add-ons since the stuff on PSN Japan is not compatible with the US game. I don’t mind the delay or paying a few bucks extra, but I guess I’m out of luck… or am I?

  • just get an international visa (credit card/gift card….online just seach for it) and use it after creating an american account for all your oversea needs

  • what about game demos for upcoming new releases? any ps1 classics? and why are our japanese brethren getting the ps1 and psn goodies and not other regions?

  • keep supporting this great game and please fix some of the little bugs with car selection missing cars (for some of the DL content) thanks :)

  • i wish i wouldnt have sold my motorstorm
    this looks really fun
    i cant wait to get motorstorm 2

  • ummmm, shouldn’t the majority of the Motorstorm updates been part of the $60 packaged game? Seriously though, Motorstorm feels like an incomplete game that being fill in the blanks.

    Hopefully we can get a complete game with Motorstorm 2.

    On a positive note. Its great that Motorstorm is being updated.

    Thanks for the efforts.

  • Great price!!! FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!!

  • I’m fairly sure Motorstorm is already being worked on. The whole of the dev team are not working on DLC.

  • hm, i think the maps were like 10SFr (now like 10$) here in Switzerland.

    I have been playing them since like two weeks, but it was hard to find a server which those maps. Maybe this changes now :-)

  • ^ “Motorstorm 2”

  • That sounds great – how about adding the Patriot ’85 which looks to be a sweet rally car that Europe and Asia have had for a couple of months now.

  • WOOOHOOO!!! I sold Motorstorm a while back but I think I need to go buy it again to play some of this new DLC. Great work devs!

  • I’ve purchased everything that’s come out so far for Motorstorm and quite frankly, I think I’ve spent a lot of money on not much at all. I’d like to hear that these tracks we’re buying can be used in Motorstorm 2 before I spend any more money on the game.

    Also, how come we don’t get the 2D GUI for choosing cars for offline single-player? Why is that MP only when we have to wait for the bad loading times regardless of whether or not it’s MP.

  • DUDEEEEEEEE 2.99 for 2 tracks, SOLD!


    now can we have local multiplayer, i really want to play it with my bro.


    I know It’s annoying but seriously, Motorstorm is awesome but split screen would make it all worth the downloads.

  • split screen – no way! two ps3’s two screens LAN and away you go mate!, split screen is only good for games like micro machines or the timesplitters series(if you have a big tv that is!)
    HD would lose its strength if it had to split itself on one screen, thats what i think anyway. I’m sure there’s damn good reason whyso many next gen games aren’t split screen.

  • Yes we do need splitscreen very badly. I really hope Evolution makes part 2 with splitscreen. It would be very appreciated.

  • linton
    Screens don’t lose resolution because of split screen. Even though each side has less pixels, they are all the same size. That’s the difference in resolution-size of pixels.

    I’m a big PS supporter(look at my forum posts here) but MotorStorm isn’t getting the attention it should because of the simple fact that it doesn’t have split screen. Want to name a recent FULL release racer that doesn’t have split screen?

  • Add another vote for splitscreen here.

    also, where is this 2d car selection screen? when i went online i only saw the 3d one.

  • Oh and for the record, a TON of next gen games on Xbox 360 and PS3 are split screen. Warhawk, GRAW2, RockBand, Blazing Angels, Guitar Hero 3, mostly all multiplayer based games are. Yet this one isn’t.

    And some of us aren’t rich enough to own 2 PS3’s and 2 HDTV’s, nor have friends with PS3 in local vecinity.

  • @#33Xplosneer: Burnout Paradise, no split screen.
    I really do not care about split screen. What I do care about is rubber band AI that magically catches up to you when you are winning a race.That is the reason I sold my copy of Mororstorm.

    I hope the sequel does not have this catch-up AI or has an option to turn it off.

  • This game should’ve been bought at $50 at launch. That would have made the whole downloading extra tracks and vehicles more palatable. As it stands now those who bought the game and are buying every single thing are spending around $75+ to have all the recent tracks and vehicles.

  • you know what would be a great service to the consumers? Have the DL content for Motorstorm be compatible w/ Motorstorm 2

  • How about teaching MS how to price their DLC. Sony seems to be very good at adapting to consumer’s needs for value. $3 for 2 maps is great and I hope you will see the volume to keep this kind of practice going in the future! Nice job and I agree with the others about bundling every map addon thus far together for a good price.

  • $2.99 man you guys sure like my money
    Come out with Motorstorm 2 already so there can be some split screen (and there better be!)

  • Yeehaw… Love t3h Motorstorm.

    Also, can you guys maybe look at working on the browser – like making it more compatible with Youtube?

  • Do these tracks have tickets for single player, like the revenge weekend and devils weekend?

  • Amazing price. Instant Purchase!

  • This is great. But im on purchasing strike until i see some psn cards in my neighborhood store.

  • Wow! Nice…

    The ammount of DLC that comes out of first party games is amazing!

    I say keep paying for PSN like this, its a wonderful strategy!

  • You can’t be serious. It takes months until US releases come to europe and what is this now? The US gets it one week later at reduced price? **** that ****.

    Why is Feel Ski 2.99$ in the US and 7,99€ here? Where is Everyday Shooter, High Velocity Bowling and Pain? Why did it take 3 months to bring High Stakes Poker to europe? Isn’t Everyday Shooter older than 4 months?

    Translations don’t take that long, most games and demos from the us store are in fact multilanguage so tell us one good reason why you hold back DLC for such a long time.

    Stop treating your customers like that!

  • I’d buy em…if they came with tickets. Seriously, why are you guys not supporting the single player mode in this game? Some people…like me, enjoy playing Motorstorm without waiting SOOOO long in between races (Online). So, no thanks. Oh, and BTW people these tracks are like 30 second laps.

  • I wonder why these are more expensive in the EU, as posted by someone above, we are paying nearly double the US price for living in the EU. While the price is not exactly breaking the bank, it’s still nearly double the price, unacceptable really.

  • I have just got PS3 and have 360 one thing microsoft dont seem to charge extra for downloads in europe standard charge for game content as they have system called microsoft points standard charge in all countrys may be sony should bring in sony points same idea you charge up wallet with points then you all pay same for downloads as if they think im paying twice price in US they will wait a very long time for me to buy down loads we have to pay £299.99 for 40gig PS3 nearly 600 dollars we are not all rich it took me six months to save up for PS3 and I mainly got it as Blu-Ray player and I got most of good games to go with it but will not be useing sony market place if they try to charge double price for downloads.

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