CES Day 2: The PlayStation Presentation

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Our stated goal of blogging from CES was to try and replicate some of the feel of the show for those of you who couldn’t make it to Vegas. This video should help. Mere minutes ago, this LittleBigPlanet video debuted at the PlayStation presentation, so only a couple hundred people in the world have ever laid eyes on it.

So what do you think? For a higher-res version, click here.

Shortly after posting yesterday’s LittleBigPlanet video, I ran into a couple of guys, Pete and Leo, who were at CES from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in Liverpool. They were all too happy to share this video with the readers of the PlayStation.Blog. Thanks guys!

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  • this game still wows me…

    question, how deep is the character customization?

  • Sackboy is the shiz.

  • @Jeff
    Has there been any mention of Playstation HOME?
    And if so what was said?
    Thank you, for any info, because you will be saving me the hassle of looking on the web for any info on it.

  • I don’t know if this has been answered before, but can users customize or make their own characters from scratch?

  • @JEFF

    thanks for the reply, and the info about LBP- I’m glad to see there is going to be some dynamic interactions between the world and our characters!

    a few more questions about LBP from what you have seen so far-

    Can we create enemies to overcome, or fool, or sneak past…maybe even create big bad bosses?

    How about adding our own music with a simple music creation system (is there one?) Remember Mario Paint? you could simply add in notes on the scale and it would play! That would be great!

    thanks for all the info!

  • I can’t wait for this game to finally come out :).

  • oh yeah, if you want to talk about other Sony tech at CES, how about this one?


  • oh yeah, if you want to talk about other Sony tech at CES, how about this one?

    oops sorry about that first link!

    wireless Sony transmissionof data! cool!

  • @ frito.

    There are clearly ‘bosses’ or ‘enemies’ in the video.

  • Another thing I’m looking forward to is the physics side of it, there should be some tricky scenarios/puzzle solving that some peole can set up and share with the world.

  • Is it me or does LBP just look so boring and childish????? Have to wait and see if its worth dropping some greens for.

    As for the rest, o wait, i have olny seen LBP……oh yeah and Skype for the PSP 200, i myself have a PSP 1000 so, sony, thanks alot for that.

  • i’m just wondering how long it’s fun to run/climb/fall from point A to B.. but it looks great and making a level looks fun.. if you’re creative.

  • I can’t help but smile when I see the Sack people’s expressions. :) My favorite little thing about the game.

    I guess most of the amount of fun you have with the game is based a lot on how creative you are. Can’t wait to see some levels of other platformers remade (if thats possible).

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  • please add these videos (high def and standard def) to the next ps store update – i want to see them on my hdtv!!!

  • Another good link to share…


    they don’t tell nothing if you ask me, but is a news that today doesn’t appear anything

  • Man,you guys have really brought out the big guns at this event.Talk about stealing the show!

  • Every time I see LittleBigPlanet video’s, I get excited for it all over again! Thank you Jeff, for giving us some new videos! Have fun for the rest of CES 2008!

  • I just totally need to know when the demo will be available!! NOW!!!!!!

  • tehuber1337pwnage

    @ Jeff Alright, Home has been getting on my nerves because of the lack of news… Is there going to be anything about Home on CES? Please answer I beg you.


  • it will be cool if they can add as an option some levels that there is a life bar, so like this u will try not to die in the journey to the end of the levels!
    and if there is some enemy bosses will be cool with some at least basic AI, so like if we can make some monsters that when they see me in their sigh vision would attack me some how! either throw balls or attack with his body(hand or legs) or breath fire on me etc!! when i get this game i will make some amazing levels, i might make it very difficult so the fun dont stop!!

  • looks neat.

  • jeff

    wat do u think of my idea? its comment 69

  • @JEFF and how about if u add funny voices in LBP? like ouch or arrrrrgh etc, like tom for example!!

  • When are you going to create a post called ‘Vindication Week!’?

    This has been a great week for Sony from the number of units sold during the holidays, to vindication over the choice to include Blu-Ray in every PS3 to the free PSN vs. the wacky $50 live service (which I also have).

    Sony, congratulations and keep the momentum going!

  • @64
    Damnnnit!!! They don’t even specify a specific date. sometime during 2008. LOL

  • man do i want that OLED TV

  • wow in-game XMB but no custom soundtrack… sucks

  • You link to the Hi-res video. Is the same res.

  • Looks like I’m buying another PSP for Skype as well. Its such a good deal

    I have a small question. Could someone confirm this as being true?


    Says Sony confirms in-game XMB. Is this true?

  • LBP seems so damn boring. Is there any sort of goal, or do you just build levels and walk across it looking for sponges or whatever? The game is so gonna bomb.

  • @Darkendless

    isn’t the same? when I heard about in game xmb is for in game messaging and in game music… but anyway they don’t tell any details… maybe because home will integrate the in game xmb and they will not release a date to home either but that just a guess…

  • @Zorox..

    finally I’m not the only one… I need to know more about the game.. beyond the creativity side of the game… anyway it a little early to know but I don’t want another hype turned into a lair…

  • LittleBigPlanet is looking great. To bad it’s pushed back to next Fall now. But it does give the dev team time to make the killer software i’m looking forward to. I really hope that they make a way for me to add custom audio that I’ve made. Like uploading a mp3 to a level that I made.

  • What nothing about “home”? I definitely want some C-es Swag now.

  • You know what, I don’t really care about when LBP comes out, it’s games like MGS4 and GTA and the Socom franchise that I’m concerned about, It looks cool and all but its just a game.

    I’m calling you all (Sony)on a quote in the Keynote about “Listening to your Customers”.

    Well this customer and a few million others would like an Official Announcement about Home’s Status. This Customer is sick and tired of waiting. No more Delays without valid information from the top.

    Tired of waiting…

  • @Jeff Hey, I don’t know if you’d be able to reach this guy any easier than anyone else, but if there were somehow you could relay this to the guy I’d appreciate it.

    @ John Koller, Sony Product Manager

    I read your interview with Joystiq (http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3165293). I was quite impressed with how well you handled all of the questions and I especially like the direction SCEA is taking with the PSP. However (come on, clearly I was going somewhere with this), as a member of the PlayStation Nation smack dab in the middle of the demographic you were referring to towards at the end I’d like to offer some advice if I may be so bold. True enough, a $9.99 Old School UMD is quite tantalizing, but I know no one my age who has the time outside of their homes to watch an entire movie. Sitcoms, TV shows and the like on the other hand are perfect for your basic lunch break or trip to where ever. Even better, if you get a group of college guys together there’s a good chance it will lead to Family Guy at some point in the conversation- you have no idea how often it happens. I even considered picking up that Family Guy collection on UMD for $40 (on a number of occasions, actually). But just as you had mentioned in the interview, the right content at the right price point is crucial. To the point, I’ve seen a number of series from Sony Pictures like Just Shoot Me and Mad About You among undoubtedly many others that I would assume you could get a pretty sweet price point on that would really fit the demographic’s style and attention span/schedules. (Well, maybe not so much Mad About You, but I’m feeling lazy and didn’t want to look anything up. Ironic since I bothered to write all of this, huh? :P )

    Well, whatever happens and whatever you do, good luck.

  • Wow, you’ve got the whole freakin’ press conference there- I’ll need to get to a better connection for that thing. Thanks again, Jeff! :) But if you see this in the next three or four hours… Go back to sleep! :P

  • Studio Liverpool will always be PSYGNOSIS to me! :-D

  • Good news on the confirmation of In Game XMB.

    Why not release Skype for the PS3? Yes the 360 has MSN Messenger but it would be really cool to see Sony have Skype on PS3 to make up for the many people who have PSP-1000 like me who are going to miss out on Skype for PSP.

  • @88

    What a great idea… since the PSP doesn’t have the PSN friendlist… if the PS3 have skype the psp users can talk to the ps3 users and like you said, since the 360 have an external instant messenger (msn) why no the Ps3… and why not make an agreement with skype and skype add the possibility to talk with PSN users too… and the psp can talk with PSN people, skype people, and other phone available… it will be interesting to see that… since we can’t talk to the PSN buddies in the PC this will be a cool feature…

    just an idea

  • Thanks Jeff for replying.
    My other question is still open to answer. Somebody bring Jack Tretton, I’m sure he could answer my first question (since he did make the statement).

  • Can’t wait. I just hope that this game is able to create a great community for sharing levels/ideas, etc. I think that would make what looks like a good game, a great game.

    I am already keeping notes and making little sketches of levels I want to design.

    I think someone asked this earlier but I didn’t see it answered… will we be able to scan our own art to use for stickers and different elements for level creation, or will it all be things we win within the game? Being able to scan our own art would take the customization to the next level I think.

  • @Jeff

    why does SONY’s “hype” machine feel the need to ALWAYS hype games that are forever being delayed???

    shouldnt you be hyping LBP in like July for its winter release???…oh you guyz say Fall…LOL…im sure there are others out there not stupid enough to believe this game will be out in the Fall…just like Killzone 2 AND Metal Gear Solid which has already been pushed to sometime in June as well LOLOLOL which totally means MGS4 with any prayer will be out around Christmas 2008

    the DelaySTation 3 doesnt have a good track record at all….im so glad SONY does so much to try and change that reputation


    MGS4 is due out AFTER LBP…but that could all change when LBP is pushed back again

    what happened to the “Q1 of 2008”? for all 3 games??

    if the games due out in 2007 got pushed back to 2008 and the 2008 games get pushed to 2009…then SONY really has nothing…LOL

  • @JEFF

    and one more thing i’m curious about

    why have the Sony “HYPE” machine hype up a first party game such as LBP over other first party titles like Killzone 2 or MGS4 which im sure will sell better then frickin LBP??

    is that becuz neither game is close to completion?? do i sense a 2009 release for Killzone and MGS??

    can you confirm at all what the resolutions will end up being? will SONY stay with the 720p or finally join the real world of full hd and offer titles in 1080?? or maybe as a christmas present in 2008 SONY can actually make the PS3 upscale it own games…LOL…yea right i know wishful thinking = false hope…just like those in-game options and HOME that we’ll never see…

    oh yea whatever happened to the HOME open public beta that was promised in July last year then moved to October then nobody heard anything else??? until i believe mr. tretton mentioned in an interview that they were looking to do a beta in early 08…um its early 08…what do you say SONY bend us over some more and push that back again…better yet just tell us the entire HOME project has been scrapped

  • it would certainly be nice for a change for SONY to actually offer up some news and info…but oh yea i forgot….SONY wouldnt be SONY if they actually gave us what we really wanted

  • @ 92,93,94,95

    It’s okay dude. You’re going to be alright.

  • @Loucifer

    I agree, Sony tends to hype up games which either get delayed or bomb. They obviously don’t have their priority straight because they rather go after trash like Lair instead of good games like Bioshock and Ace Combat.

    But then again, Q1 2008 has like zero significant exclusives, which explains why they are hyping Fall 2008 stuff.

  • Ah, Loucifer’s trolling again. What happened? Get tired of looking at your RROD?

  • loucifer = waste of space/time

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