CES Day 2: The PlayStation Presentation

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Our stated goal of blogging from CES was to try and replicate some of the feel of the show for those of you who couldn’t make it to Vegas. This video should help. Mere minutes ago, this LittleBigPlanet video debuted at the PlayStation presentation, so only a couple hundred people in the world have ever laid eyes on it.

So what do you think? For a higher-res version, click here.

Shortly after posting yesterday’s LittleBigPlanet video, I ran into a couple of guys, Pete and Leo, who were at CES from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in Liverpool. They were all too happy to share this video with the readers of the PlayStation.Blog. Thanks guys!

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  • This looks awesome.

  • Very nice Jeff (Do you minf if I call you Jeff?). It would be more enjoyable if you brought me back a PS3 to enjoy it on when it’s gets released :).

  • Looks great….. just can’t get enough of that game.

  • Great video!

  • PLEASE LET THEIR BE A BETA! I’m lovin’ this game so much.

  • Speaking of PS3 did they mention anything about an upcoming product that will give us analog multi chanel outs for the ps3, currently we can only get multi channel thru the hdmi

  • @ ANY SCEA rep.:

    Regarding the recent PR statement that SCEA CEO Jack Tretton made regarding the sales for the PS3 during the holiday, when he said ‘SOLD THROUGH’ did he mean

    a) Sold to consumer


    b) Sold to Retailer.

    @ Jeff: Hi thanks for keeping us updated on events at CES, much appreciated. I have three queries.

    1) The Skype for PSP, will I need a slim & light.
    (I currently have the old one)

    2) Will there be a LBP beta this year?

    3) Do you have any plans to have in-game custom soundtracks on the PSP with the new slim&light (because it has 2X ram).

    I await your answer eagerly, and as always thank you for your time.


    Sorry to repeat. Just thought there’d be a higher chance of you seeing this.

  • Wow!

    It looks so cool! Too bad it is delayed so damn much…

    So one question, now that that level is done, what is next? You run through it? Can you die, if you hit that fire, or what? Do you have hit points, can you power up, to say, jump higher?

    Not much has been said about actual gameplay once you create the worlds…

    just wondering what the point of it all is, besides being cute!

    It looks great though, hoepfully you can answer some of my questions!

    – thanks!

  • Man, we need a demo SOON!!!!

  • God dammit sony. Why is it a fall release :(.

    Oh well, at least we’ll get MGS4 to keep us occupied :B.

  • Heh, excellent work. Give me more of the mexican themed levels please :)

  • what else was shown at the playstation presentation?

  • Looks amazing, I can’t wait to play it.

    Heard a bit of bad news in the video though….:(

  • @Baki (#9) – You will need a Slim PSP for Skype.
    As for LBP beta, Kyle indicated that it’s a possibility. Any news will be posted here (and probably everywhere else).

    @frito (#10) – running through the levels you gather up elements that can be used to create other levels, etc. There are elements of both cooperation and competition, but from what I’ve seen, LBP is a whole lot different from standard ‘beat this level, go onto the next one’ gameplay.

  • All these new clips makes me really want the game NOW!!!

  • Jeff

    Have you guys confirmed with anyone a September release?

    Sources are saying so.. just seeing if its true that we have to wait that long…

    Im not asking to confirm a date, but asking did anyone confirm Sptember from the sony camp?

  • Sweet.

    I don’t know but does the “Fire” affect the sackboys anyways like make him drop stuff or make different expression if he fall into it?

  • @SMoKeYRuN (#14) – it was all LBP – the team also played through a cool Indian themed level (subcontinental, not Native American).

    @willacuz (#18) – “fall” is what’s been said around here. I’m guessing the date will get more specific down the line.

    @darkiewonder (#19) – during the aforementioned Indian level playthrough, a number of times the sackboys hit the fire – they “die”, which kicks them back to a checkpoint. They do react.

  • Jeff,

    Thanks. Its looking great.

  • Brilliant! :D

  • this doesnt belong here but it seems to be my only link to someone at sony who actually reads and listens. so jeff, can you pass along the fact that the socom confrontation community wants some info?, the community is starting to seriously degenerate with the lack of communication we have. we cant even get anything out of the dev that comes to the boards because everything is being handled by sony. thanks!

  • hey jeff, have you had your hands on with LBP yet? how easy is it to create levels? there seems to be a lot of cutting and pasting.
    btw, the game looks amazing everytime i see it.

  • Pretty cool. I just love the Scottish accent. I also love the French, English, and Irish accents. Really, I should just move to Europe so I can hear them all day. :P

    Got anymore to show today? It’s only 2:34 PM where you (and I) are. Or does the show close down for the day after a certain point around now…? Either way, thank you, once again for keeping us in the loop! :)

  • @chaosatom333 (#24) – yes I have. Thus far, I’ve mostly jumped around and made stupid faces with my sackboy while the producer actually made stuff.

    The tools are fairly simple, but deep. As in, a talented person can make some incredible structures, etc.

    @Jeigh (#25) – you know, there’s not an E3/GDC level of gaming stuff here.

    Tomorrow I’m going to talk a bit about Skype/PSP, and later in the week I’ll focus outside of the Sony booth, looking at some peripherals and other devices that PS3/P owners would likely be interested in.

  • Thanks so much for the updates Jeff. I wish I had your job! :)

    I can’t figure out how you determine whether or not a prop is in the background or foreground when placing something. Hmmm…

    Are you going to be updating us like this for Gamer’s Day and GDC? Need any help? HA almost got you!

  • Can we see more about games please? The technology stuff is great but I’m more interested in games for the PS3.

  • Jeff, about PSP/Skype,

    could you please shed some light on what kind of mic will be supported. There is a lot of confusion out there atm. There are people who got the SOCOM headset, others with the Go! Cam (which has built in mic)… all these people want to know if the announced “Skype mic” will be mandatory or they can use what they already got. Thank you.

  • Jeff!

    When you say peripherals- What say you?

  • Hey Jeff!

    Thx for keeping us updated!

    I also got a little question:

    “Will LBP support HOME? ” i would love to for example make a mountain like in the movie and then put it against my wall in my HOME appartment for example.. .ofcourse this is a bit to much asked but will LBP support HOME in a way?


  • Jeff,
    Can we make level links? Level 1, then 2, then a boss or something? Can we plant the giveaways? i would love to make a multi-level experience. It would encourage a more thourough experience i think.

  • i hope you’re talking about that logitech mini keyboard, that thing looks awesome! and i saw on engadget it had a PS3 mode of some sort?

  • Can we import our own textures and items into LBP? It would be cool to use the Sony EYE to take a snapshot of some fabric in real life and use it in the game.

  • I’m glad I’m not too hyped up for this game because the wait would be a killer! It does look pretty cool though and has ENORMOUS potential.

  • I bet I could spend hours just making those funny faces. And days building. weeks playing. PLEASE LET IT BE POSSIBLE TO UPLOAD OUR TRACKS!

  • Once again, brilliant.

    Can you imagine, getting a clan together for 4 player co-op and conquering levels, trying to get the quickest times, the bonuses etc and then have your name as the fastest to be seen world wide? Nice.

    Then, if those levels bore you go create your own! Brilliant!

    Also can you imagine the advertising opportunities? For example, A Spiderman 3 level with ‘stamps’ of Spidey in the back ground, lots of swinging, even a spidey costume that you can win if you beat the level! And other things like music bands, just like Myspace, although I’m not sure if the game will allow us to play our own MP3s and if other people can hear them on that level, maybe you can load a soundbite in with a pic?

    This game is going to be something very special.

  • Great Video, Mm: Everytime I see LBP I love it even more.

    Can’t wait.

  • Glad to see this is coming a long just fine. Should be very fun when I play it on the PS4. Love the system, but as far as believing anything you guy say or suggest is very irresponsible.

  • release this thing already!!

  • That looks AWESOME!!! But just how long did it take to make that level, and can you save your progress as you go along? It would be sort of lame if it took 2+ hours to make even that simple level that looks like it takes about 15 seconds to run through!!!

  • Please do a bundle.

  • Is it Sony Liverpool actually developing the game?

    Does this mean we can have a Colony Wars or Wipeout level?

  • One thing that worries me is I’ve noticed alot of level creation demos we’ve seen are on high speed.

    How cumbersome is it going to be to create a level and how long is it going to take (roughly)?

  • Thanks for the video.

    It was a let down to hear that they still had a long way to go to finish the game, I was hoping it was nearly done. So I guess the 2007 release date was a lie to begin with. :-(

    But anyway, the game is looking awesome and can’t wait for it.

  • Congrats on wining the Format war

  • @44, yes it’s high speed but wouldn’t you want to take the time to uild a masterpiece that everyone would use? I know I will probably spend a month building before I release my creations to the world. Thats the beauty of a game like this. It’s totally user customizable and shareable. Jeff great job on the reports. I just hope you’ve got a great seat for the Keynote in 5 minutes. run run run get some info on HOME!

  • Will we be able to add music soundtracks to our levels off our hard drives? like if we have a song on our ps3’s HDD could we make it be the background music to the levels that we create?

    Also could we upload custom backdrops?

  • I have a quick question. There was a mention of a PLAYSTATION Presentation on the SCE CES website and im wondering is it out on video yet?

  • What will the interactions with the PSP entail, if at all?

    Thanks for the info BTW.

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