PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Add-on Game Content

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
For all song credits please visit

  • Die Fantastischen Vier “Ernten Was Wir Säen” – Single Track ($2.49)
    “Ernten Was Wir Säen” as performed by Ernten Was Wir Säen.
    File size: 27.7 MB
  • Trust “Antisocial” – Single Track ($2.49)
    “Antisocial” as performed by Trust
    File size: 17.8 MB
  • Extremoduro “So Payaso” – Single Track ($2.49)
    “So Payaso” as performed by Extremoduro.
    File size: 27.6MB
  • Warner/Reprise Track Pack ($6.25)
    “No More Sorrow” as performed by Linkin Park , “Sleeping Giant” as performed by Mastodon, “Pretty Handsome Awkward” as performed by The Used.
    File size: 45.1 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. Please note: you need to actually own Rock Band in order to play these tracks:

  • “Attack” – 30 Seconds to Mars ($0.99)
  • “The Kill” – 30 Seconds to Mars ($0.99)
  • “Dirty Little Secret” – All-American Rejects ($0.99)
  • “Move Along” – All-American Rejects ($0.99)
  • “Song With a Mission” – The Sounds ($0.99)
  • “Limelight” – Rush ($1.99)
  • “Hard to Handle” – The Black Crowes ($1.99)
  • “Gimme Three Steps” – Lynyrd Skynyrd ($1.99)

File sizes: 19.3 MB – 37.8 MB

Need for Speed ProStreet
Unlock vehicles for immediate use. These cars can be achieved without purchase by progressing through Career.

  • Shelby GT500 ($1.99)
    File size: 100 KB
  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06 ($2.49)
    File size: 100 KB
  • Lancer Evolution ($2.49)
    File size: 100 KB
  • BMW M3 E92 ($2.49)
    File size: 100 KB
  • Ford GT ($2.49)
    File size: 100 KB
  • Chevrolet Camaro Concept ($2.49)
    File size: 100 KB
  • Dodge Viper SRT10 ($2.99)
    File size: 100 KB


NFL Tour ’09 Network Demo
You are the star of the NFL’s traveling road show in NFL Tour! This is a hard-hitting, pulse-pounding game of 7-on-7 football. NFL Tour is football the way you always wanted to play it.
File size: 990 MB

Game Videos

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Japanese Launch Trailer (free)
The real driving simulator returns with the highly anticipated precursor to Gran Turismo 5, featuring 50 cars from world wide auto makers including Ferrari, Ford, and Audi. With an all-new interior dash view, online racing mode, and more, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue unveils revolutionary advancements that blur the distinction between simulation and reality. Download the official Japanese trailer from the December 13 launch of the game in Japan.
File size: 83 MB (1080)

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  • It was an okay update, how about for New Years Resolution you release more classic PSone Games and update the PSP so it can play multi-disk releases if they become available for download.

    I have made an article on a forum I visit for gaming and I want to show Sony and their fans my top ten essential firmware update features which need to be added to the PS3.

  • Ugh, so much for waiting for 2 weeks. Lame update. To all that are complaining about Home and PS1 games, SHUT UP! Go on eBay and buy as many PS1 games as your little hearts desire. Sony has already said that Home Beta won’t be available for a few months, so stop asking for IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Solace

    If our input doesn’t matter, why are you posting here?

    And those “trolls” you are speaking of, are Sony fans and customers, taking the time to post on the PS blog. What do you want us to post, “Sony is the best” or “I love everything for no reason” everytime? lol

    I can cut the smug with a knife over here.

  • last week was better!

  • Well Sony i will cut you some slack since it’s the begining of the year.

    ———-So any word on the DMC4 Demo——————

    Also sony try to get the Original MGS PS1 Game on PSN.

    Come on Sony provide us more content. I suggest you do these things to improve. (provided by 1up’s garnet Lee)

    1. Perfect PSN Before Spending Another Minute on Home

    GDC arrives in a month and a half, and that marks the one year anniversary of the big press unveiling of Home. Baring a miracle, it will come and go without Home being available yet, and most likely without even a real release date. I’m not going to argue the creative element of Home here (those of you who listen to Yours already know I hold serious doubts about the whole Second Life on a console angle). The bottom line right now is that its development occupies resources that could be getting the basic online gaming community functionality for PS3 done. Making matters worse, knowing these sorts of projects, even when Home is “ready” what we’ll get is the beginning of a protracted beta period during which they’ll figure out what works, what doesn’t, and how to make it into something relevant.

    Meanwhile, Xbox Live cruises along as a definitively better gaming experience, but with this enormous vulnerability that you squander. Deliver on the promise of a free-to-play online game community, with a single name (see, I almost called it a gamertag, that’s how ubiquitous Live has become), and an easy to use organization of your friends and communication and then you suddenly take the forefront of online console gaming. Microsoft has already done all the groundwork. Take advantage of that. There’s a good bit of truth to sayings like “don’t try to reinvent the wheel.” A strong PSN system tightly integrated into the Cross Media Bar is what we most want. Once you have that, fool around with Home all you want.

    2. Embrace the Playstation Legacy Across All Platforms

    I know I wasn’t the only one astounded that the newest member of the PS3 hardware family went back on what you told us was a fundamental principle. Whatever financial benefit you realized from giving up backward compatibility with the PS2 library, it pales in comparison to the negative gaming impact from severing the tie to the very heart of Playstation. Beyond the inconvenience of needing to drag out or keep connected a PS2 to play our old libraries consider the impact on the new gamers coming into the Playstation fold. For instance, Killzone 2 still sits a fair ways off in terms of release, but around the Net we see several stories of people who skipped the first game going back now to check it out. Without backward compatibility you can’t do that–no going back to check out the Devil May Crys, or the Metal Gears, or anything else for that matter.

    But no big deal, right, because the PS3 with its uber-powerful cell processors and graphics chip surely must be able to run PS2 software in software. I mean come

  • Boo. This was an incredibly weak update. I guess we couldn’t expect the world straight out of the holidays. I’m just getting tired of the same old lame additions to the PSN.

  • boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    dam EA and their $ for cheats. it’s a racing game not a Free-to-play korean MMO
    and dam it with another one of these weak and sorry of a excuse for updates from Rock Band/Guitar Hero 3 and the PSN in general
    how about getting around to those PS1 games hell there are people on the net doing it more often then SCEA/SCEE or hell SCE Japan is has tons more

  • rock man joey that was a very nice list!
    Hey everyone! How about Sony makes 2008 the year of the PSP HD release! Or 2009?

  • 2008 THE YEAR OF THE PS3!

    Sony sure knows how to build up hype. Then…splat, nothing.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. I don’t own NFS, GH3 nor Rock Band. So this update wasn’t for me.

  • ……we know you have the Devil may cry demo, guys WTF is this?

  • very dissapointing update not even new wallpapers or themes no good videos nfl tour better be a good demo

  • @ derrickgott007

    yes, thats true… they only answer when everybody is happy and Dylan is the only wants who stay to answer questions…

    The people here will get tired of post here and talk just to the monitor and being answered by the people here who comments… people like at least to hear an I don’t know the answer but at least is and official post… like always SONY have great ideas and never keep it in the work

  • Well its a pretty lame update

  • Just so all the 2 million new people know. It’s like this every week. When Sony has something you will hear about it a years before it comes. Not kidding, Home was announced almost a year ago and they can’t even say when it’s going to be released and if your in the beta that’s been happening now for 8 months it still doesn’t offer one service. Home was supposed to be a service. lol

  • It’s understandable that there would be insufficient content to please all parties., but like Jeff said yesterday, it would please guitar lovers.

    The only 2 things I would like to address are the Folklore add on packs which are available in the other stores and the lack of PS one games. Will we be getting them anytime soon? I’ve spoken before with Eric Fong and Jeff, but I’m curious as to why we’re still waiting for the other 4 to arrive in the SCEA store. Furthermore, what is the situation with the PSone games. Are you guys having troube emulating them? Doesn’t seem that way as Japan gets a steady flow on them in their store.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • @ #60 KnaveX
    Nice video. Hope Sony does actually release something like that. Sony, if you do go ahead and do that, why not release a “ultra-base” add-on that you snap the PSP onto to allow CD/DVD/PS1/PS2(and if you can do it BD) playback. How sweet would that be? Play your DVD/CD collection on your PSP and play your old PS2 and PS1 games as well.

  • Is there any chance for a PSN PC update as well? Or is that still only updated every 4 weeks or so?

    Common guys, whats the hold up here? Is there a good reason we have only the handful of PSOne games?
    Drop the curtain guys and let us know what your plans are, and some sort of time frame…

  • .99 is a good deal. Thanks.

  • I’m betting my money that they are going to show a loads of super cool ishhh at GDC08 to hype the public until June or July. But no delivery!

  • @ghostm.

    Sony build up hype or the internet? Take your pick.

  • thanks for the update, there’s definatly a lot of great song content for both rock band and guitar hero.

    I have a few questions, maybe someone there can answer them for me:

    1) is there an update on the pre-pay cards??? not to seem rude, but untill they come out, i will not be buying anything on the ps store, and am beginning to consider alternate ways to get content for rock band and gutar hero.

    2) why is it that both japan and europe have several dlc packs for the game folklore, yet here in the us we only have 2, counting the free xmas add-in?????

    3) is there an update on cross-game chat and in-game messaging on the network?

    4) what’s the word on home?

    those are my questions, congradulations to sony for really stepping up late last year, this year promises to improve on everything overall. keep up the great work, but please give us some answers!!!!!

  • @54 frito
    “What do you want us to post, “Sony is the best” or “I love everything for no reason” every time? lol”

    Seriously, what’s so hard with “wow, we got an update for free for our free service” and leaving it at that?
    When you go Trick-or-Treating, do you knock on the doors that didn’t give you the candy you wanted and demand they give you what you want?
    Example: I’m not a “football” fan (you Americans can keep your “football” till you realize that real footballers kick and don’t wear padding like extras for Gwar ;) ), but you don’t hear me bemoaning the fact that there’s a demo for something I’m not interested in. You know why? ‘Cuz the game doesn’t matter to me so therefore it doesn’t matter for me to get all worked up over it!

    Week after week, if people don’t get what they want, they act like chicken little, declaring that “Sony iz tha fail”.
    Even if there were demos for all the titles people request, and they were all released, what then? People’d find something new to complain about.

    I have Rock Band and love the fact that, (holiday week excluded) we’ve gotten new tracks every single week, just like the other console. Bonus that we don’t have to wait for our demos for our free service.

    Finally, for those of you calling for people to “respond on here or else” is really childlike. So if the Sony execs did respond on here all the time like some of you demand, you’d then switch around and complain that they were spending too much time on here and should be getting to work on whatever new whim you may have for the moment.
    And why should Sony respond to the “vocal minority”? Some of you act like little kids screaming week after week that you’re not getting what you want. All you succeed in doing is sounding like little brats who have no perspective of life or the way business is run.

    I’m not a champion for Sony; I’m a champion for thought, logic, and a little patient perspective.
    Take a moment and just look at how you come across. If you can’t see it from multiple sides or how you sound, then my only advice is to get a life since it’s obvious you haven’t found how to properly behave by the way some of you act on here.
    *shakes cane from my rocking chair at kids these days…*

  • You forgot about the PC Store and the PSP users…very disappointing =(

  • any chance of the SINGSTORE being updated, what a bunch of lies with ‘300 songs this year’…well for your information the year has been and gone and the same old,same old is in the store…so pull out your fingers and get working on it….holidays are over.

  • GH3 and RB songs should not be considered major part of updates. They should just come along with the other major parts of updates.
    We’re looking for more demos and games to play.
    These songs and unlock codes are just al a carte items. Not updates.

  • KatanaKing.

    This is SCEA, not SCEE. since the game is only out in Europe and other territories.

  • I really think that PSN should have more PS1 games like third party games. Its not fair that Japan has Resident Evil 1 & 2 and Dino Crisis while the United States psn store doesn’t have any third party games except for SOTN. If Japan can have third party games from Capcom, then why can’t the north american store? I really was hoping for an update for the pc playstation store but thats ok, maybe next week.

  • # 55, here are a few your forgot (thanks to microtechxp) :

    1. Sony please release games that have little-to-no bugs, is playable, and is worth what you are about to fork over for it. Let’s think about this for a moment, games are now $60 for a brand new game that has just been released (if you have not noticed it has increased $10 because of development costs), if we’re about to spend $60 on a game, don’t we want a game that will be enjoyable, playable, and well worth the money that we spent for it? A game like Heavenly Sword may be fun and amazing, but with its short gameplay and no online mode/play to give it more hours of play time is just not worth the $60 you have to spend, don’t get me wrong, its a great game, but it is just not worth $60 for a couple of hours of gameplay. also, catch up with the dlc from other regoins, i personally am sick and tired or reading about how Europe or Japan has received new dlc for folklore. the game did sell in the us as well, and who knows if you acutally start releasing content for it, you may get more sales of the game. either that, or make the European dlc compatible with the us version.

    2. No more SKU’s, please? First it was the 20GB version, then you canned it. That just left the 60GB version, then you canned it, for the 80GB version (although it is still sold in Europe, but hard to find now). Now you released the 40GB version, with no Backwards Compatibility. Are you going to can the 80GB or the 40GB now? The more you make the more your going to irritate your customers. Think of it this way, say someone just bought a 60GB version and then two weeks later you announced the 80GB version. Would you not think they would want the 80GB instead of the 60GB now because it has a bigger HD and a game included (Note: this is before the consumer bought this before they announced the 60GB price drop of $100 to get rid of the remaining stock) and now they can not return it and wait for the 80GB? If you keep doing this you will only be hurting yourself in the long run, more consumers will just want to wait for the next SKU, as they know you will be releasing something new in a couple of months (not including bundles) and the longer they wait, the longer you will stay in last. Do you get it?

    3. Exclusives, Exclusives, and Exclusives! You see the Xbox 360 having exclusives like: Bioshock, Ace Combat 6 (Yes, this is a times exclusive, but still counts as an exclusive until it is released on the PS3), Dead Rising, and much more, but do you see Sony having a lot of 3rd part exclusives other than MGS4, and Final Fantasy? Yes there is more, but those are the big ones. Now, yes Microsoft has paid for their exclusives and Sony has said they won’t stoop to their level and pay for them, but let them come to Sony. That may be a honorable thing to do, yet it is stupid. The game has changed from PS2 vs. GC vs. Xbox games are not that cheap anymore to develop, and because of this more companies are going multi-

  • I’d love to see less for those stupid music games and more PS1 classics and possibly PS2 games on PSN. I’ve always wanted Klonoa 2 and would love to download that little gem. Another would be One or either of the Vigilante 8 games. But that is just me bickering and whining. I’m definitely checking out that Football demo though.

  • Continued from #79:

    3. Exclusives, Exclusives, and Exclusives! You see the Xbox 360 having exclusives like: Bioshock, Ace Combat 6 (Yes, this is a times exclusive, but still counts as an exclusive until it is released on the PS3), Dead Rising, and much more, but do you see Sony having a lot of 3rd part exclusives other than MGS4, and Final Fantasy? Yes there is more, but those are the big ones. Now, yes Microsoft has paid for their exclusives and Sony has said they won’t stoop to their level and pay for them, but let them come to Sony. That may be a honorable thing to do, yet it is stupid. The game has changed from PS2 vs. GC vs. Xbox games are not that cheap anymore to develop, and because of this more companies are going multi-platform. So Microsoft, is paying companies like 2K Games to keep Bioshock exclusives and this makes up for the costs of not going multi-platform and in return it will just get Microsoft more sales of the Xbox 360 and more games and accessories will be bought from them and when this happens it becomes the main platform to develop for, now Sony do you really want this?

    4. Help developers develop games for the PS3. Seems like some developers are having a hard time developing games for the PS3 *cough* EA *cough*, even though developers like Infinity Ward, developer of Call Of Duty 4, say “developing the game on the PlayStation 3 was easy”. Now we can’t jump to any conclusions, maybe Infinity Ward developed the game on the Xbox 360 and thought it was a PS3 (I couldn’t write that with a straight face!), and the developers that can’t develop a good of a game as CoD4 then can’t you call them lazy? Now, its not Sony’s fault that these developers can’t take the time to learn a new system, it is their fault and Sony should not have to help them, but if Sony wants to win this console war also, well they need to do something to get rid of the crappy games from the 3rd party developers and get them to develop good games.

    5. Advertising is key. Yes, Sony has released a new ad campaign called “Universe of Entertainment” (View the ads here) and those are great ad’s, but to advertise you need more than TV commercials. You need billboards, in-game ad’s (I am not endorsing annoying in-game ad’s, I am endorsing in-game ad’s that are in the right place and those that make the game looks more realistic), ad’s in magazines, and ad’s on web-sites. The more people that see ad’s the more they will notice it and the more you will know a kid will be asking their parents for one if they see it!

    6. Release Home! As many of you know “Home” is a service from Sony that will be releasing for the PS3 next year (For more info. click here) and that is going to be the supposed “Xbox Live Killer.” With the PlayStation Home you will have a thing called Trophies and Trophies are given when you do something in a game that is like an achievement, just like Achievements on Xbox Live. You can design your own ho

  • Yeah, why is it we never get replies when it comes to Store content? Isn’t that the purpose of putting it on the blog?

  • Is there any reason there isn’t a PC store update? Not that I expect an answer.

  • continued from # 81

    6. Release Home! As many of you know “Home” is a service from Sony that will be releasing for the PS3 next year (For more info. click here) and that is going to be the supposed “Xbox Live Killer.” With the PlayStation Home you will have a thing called Trophies and Trophies are given when you do something in a game that is like an achievement, just like Achievements on Xbox Live. You can design your own home, walk into other people’s homes, talk to other people, throw party’s, and play games in the Home Arcade. It is going to be cool, but for the world to see it first hand without someone showing them Sony needs to release it and it might actually give Xbox Live some competition.

    7. Fix-up and polish the PlayStation Network! Now, the PSN is going to get some help from “Home”, but Sony needs to do more than that. Yes, it is free, but it can’t just be left the way it is right now. The PlayStation Store needs a redesign and to make it fit in with the PS3, why don’t you make it xmb just like the PS3 and PSP’s menus? I have seen many concept designs on this idea and now I just want it as it seems to fit in more with the PS3’s menus more than a website design. Next, have a “PlayStation Network” sign on the box of your games just like the Xbox 360’s “Xbox Live” and the Wii’s “Nintendo Wi-Fi”, show that this game has online with it, yes this is not important, but who cares it emphasizes the fact that an online option/component is there in the game.

    Now, there is another one, that does not go with the main 7, but I will post it anyway’s.

    8. Shut your Public Relations team up!!! Yes they are there for a reason, but if they are going to be stupid and talk about things that they don’t know then why have them at all?

  • LOL
    Sony is saving the best for when its to late.

  • I’m with EvoAnubis- I want the updated version of Super Stardust HD. Starting to look like I may have to find a way to put cash into my UK wallet to get it at this rate.

  • My main question is why do Canadians pay 50-100+% for Rock Band tracks when the Canadian and American dollars are at parity? I got the PS3 version of Rock Band cause I thought at least Sony or EA would charge the appropriate price for DLC for Rock Band compared to the Xbox Live Marketplace, now I find out it would’ve been cheaper to have gotten it on the 360. I am, and I bet all Canadians, are really pissed off at how all the game companies are screwing us blind. The only company not doing so is Nintendo cause we have to buy Wii Points in American dollars anyway.

  • @82 Stoffinator
    “Yeah, why is it we never get replies when it comes to Store content?”
    Probably because sifting through all the spam (look at grenell_prime’s opus for a perfect example), hate ful discontent, and non-OT posts takes too much time for some people or just plain isn’t worth it.
    I agree that it’d be nice to see one red reply in these weekly Store updates, but I mean, most of the questions that people ask can be answered with one of the following answers:
    – we haven’t received the demo yet
    – we’re testing it
    – we’re working on it
    – it’s coming
    – we can’t make Square release FF7; go bug them
    – we can’t make (insert company) release (insert PSone title) on the PSN; go bug them
    – we have no control over that
    – we’re working on making the PS3 spit out kittens as quickly as possible
    Seriously, what more could they say?

  • almost forgot (follow up to #84),

    8) keep dlc content for games relatively equal across the golobe. Using Folklore as an example, the us has 1 dlc content bundle, and 1, xmas dlc pack. In Europe, the total is closer to 9 or 10, plus the xmas pack, and in japan it’s somewhere around 8 – 9dlc packs plus the xmas pack. Since this game is avaiable in the US as well, where is all of that dlc for the us version???? it should not be that hard to get at least the European dlc to play in the us version.

    9. release the ps store prepaid cards – they’re a way of getting more users to buy online, with fewer hassels for the end user. while the cards may not give you a major shift, if they bring more customers to your store doing more than “window shopping” or downloading demos, how is this a bad thing for Sony?

  • Why are the Guitar Hero III Single Track
    $2.50? Single Track meaning only 1 song right ? Thats stupid having to pay 2.50 for 1 song

    When does Home come out?

    When is the next BIG System Update for PS3?

    Wasnt to Impressed with this PNS Update


    Please do not buy the over priced Guitar Hero III content. Activision is making a ton of money from the downloadable content yet they won’t give consumers what they want i.e. making our GH3 controllers work with Rock Band.

    Boycott all Activision games and downloadable content please!

  • Grace,

    What happened to the staff at PSN for SCEA? Do you guys get paid peanuts? You must since, there is little work besides this blog and posting stuff on the PSN?

    Pardon my ignorance, but it seems your staff and yourself are pretty lazy nowadays. If you guys have bare minium how about posting stuff that is easy to create?

    i.e. Themes, backgrounds, SCEA game soundtracks (ask the developers, try with incognito), blu-ray movie trailers, and what happened to movie trailers???

    Now there is barely anything, and your team assumes that if the customer really wants these things, they will look elsewhere. Why not upload these? I know there are copyright rules and string to go through but its worth a try.

    Hook up with IGN and get trailers from them.

  • awwww man i absolutely HATE football games man the update is better than eu woo they got it bad.japan is just not updating for the past weeks.wierd.but a little big planet demo would be nice

  • asian_chocolate68

    This update is no good. I don’t even have Rock Band and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Anyways, it’s better than nothing. And when can I buy the PlayStation Network Cards?
    P.S. I think that the Europe, Japanese, and the American PS Store should all just be in one big store, so everyone will not be missing out on anything.

  • honestly, not much for me to be excited about.. i dont own GH3 or Rock Band, so, none of the add-ons are for me.. especially not the ProStreet add-ons costing money that the PS2 game gets via entered codes for free.. how stupid is that..? we pay $60 for a game and then gotta pay even more money that the cheaper PS2 game gets for free..?? havent bought the game, and while i like the game, not sure if i will buy the game until its a used price where EA gets nothing from me, and not buying add-ons for it either.. I honestly don’t know how or why Sony would allow them to do this to people.. i wonder if Burnout is going to be the same way.. maybe i should stick to buying the PS2 versions..

  • If SONY would just release crap the day they test it, there wouldn’t be an unrealistic (yet self-created) expectation of wonder and amazement every week. PSN updates are seldom mind blowing, they REALLY don’t deserve a specific day of the week.

    You’re no longer in control, SONY, you were for the first year and you uber failed. Start listening to your customers to get back on top.

  • Could you tell us when new songs go into the SingStore too please?

  • @92 Omegasyde
    “Pardon my ignorance, but it seems your staff and yourself are pretty lazy nowadays. If you guys have bare minium how about posting stuff that is easy to create? i.e. Themes, backgrounds…”

    I spent 15 mins trying to put a theme together before I said, “screw this”. Why don’t you make a theme and tell us how easy it is?
    …and make it good.
    …and relevant.
    …and something everyone cares about.
    …for a game that everyone wants.
    If it’s so easy, it shouldn’t take you long to whip a good one together. Go on. We’ll all wait for you…

  • Lame… Thats why i stick to my 360 during the holiday season. I think sony fell so far behind, their not even attempting to catch up. The only time i turned on my ps3 during the holidays is to clear drakes fortune.. Again. Better get in-game xmb guys, i think everyone is running out of patience. Then again, i think they like to toy with us. Gamers wont get the same runaround and lame updates from microsoft. Please everyone, if your going to say something about my comments, make sure you have a 360 as well to back up your so called claim as to why ps3 is better.

  • dang man ELA tests are next week damn but grandell_prime has alot of good things to say. get jeff to answer our questions he answers frequently. and for everybody that says that the people recommending or watever are trolls got to if they have forums i bet there would be the same people there.i just want LBP demo and HOME.

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