PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Add-on Game Content

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
For all song credits please visit

  • Die Fantastischen Vier “Ernten Was Wir Säen” – Single Track ($2.49)
    “Ernten Was Wir Säen” as performed by Ernten Was Wir Säen.
    File size: 27.7 MB
  • Trust “Antisocial” – Single Track ($2.49)
    “Antisocial” as performed by Trust
    File size: 17.8 MB
  • Extremoduro “So Payaso” – Single Track ($2.49)
    “So Payaso” as performed by Extremoduro.
    File size: 27.6MB
  • Warner/Reprise Track Pack ($6.25)
    “No More Sorrow” as performed by Linkin Park , “Sleeping Giant” as performed by Mastodon, “Pretty Handsome Awkward” as performed by The Used.
    File size: 45.1 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. Please note: you need to actually own Rock Band in order to play these tracks:

  • “Attack” – 30 Seconds to Mars ($0.99)
  • “The Kill” – 30 Seconds to Mars ($0.99)
  • “Dirty Little Secret” – All-American Rejects ($0.99)
  • “Move Along” – All-American Rejects ($0.99)
  • “Song With a Mission” – The Sounds ($0.99)
  • “Limelight” – Rush ($1.99)
  • “Hard to Handle” – The Black Crowes ($1.99)
  • “Gimme Three Steps” – Lynyrd Skynyrd ($1.99)

File sizes: 19.3 MB – 37.8 MB

Need for Speed ProStreet
Unlock vehicles for immediate use. These cars can be achieved without purchase by progressing through Career.

  • Shelby GT500 ($1.99)
    File size: 100 KB
  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06 ($2.49)
    File size: 100 KB
  • Lancer Evolution ($2.49)
    File size: 100 KB
  • BMW M3 E92 ($2.49)
    File size: 100 KB
  • Ford GT ($2.49)
    File size: 100 KB
  • Chevrolet Camaro Concept ($2.49)
    File size: 100 KB
  • Dodge Viper SRT10 ($2.99)
    File size: 100 KB


NFL Tour ’09 Network Demo
You are the star of the NFL’s traveling road show in NFL Tour! This is a hard-hitting, pulse-pounding game of 7-on-7 football. NFL Tour is football the way you always wanted to play it.
File size: 990 MB

Game Videos

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Japanese Launch Trailer (free)
The real driving simulator returns with the highly anticipated precursor to Gran Turismo 5, featuring 50 cars from world wide auto makers including Ferrari, Ford, and Audi. With an all-new interior dash view, online racing mode, and more, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue unveils revolutionary advancements that blur the distinction between simulation and reality. Download the official Japanese trailer from the December 13 launch of the game in Japan.
File size: 83 MB (1080)

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  • nice update

  • Any note on when specifically we can expect the early ’08 Devil May Cry 4 demo? Obvious before February, so one of these weeks, eh?

  • A little weak for a week break, but I’ll take it. Here’s hopes that NFL Tour doesn’t suck.

  • We need some more PS1 games.

  • I was expecting the Kane and Lynch demo :S

    Not a great update but i don’t really mind, this time of the year is always like that.

  • Yeah! Pretty nice, though it would be good to see some more demos up there!

  • where the club

  • Thanks for the super late update.

    Can we please get any kind of news on the Dual Shock 3 controller please. I’d like to have the new controller for Burnout Paradise and DMC4.

  • this week is a let down

  • Ehh, better than nothing I guess…

  • I agree, MORE PSONE GAMES!

    I also CAN’T WAIT FOR DUAL SHOCK 2 controllers!!!

    I hope they are released soon! I got a 360 Elite for x-mas and it’s so nice to feel the rumble!!


    It’s time for some new ones, the new planet earth one is cool but gets old pretty fast…

    It would be awesome if you could make the visuals be affected by the controllers analog sticks like on the 360 music visualizations..

    I do have to say, the 360 audio visualizaions are cool, but the PS3’s are so much smoother and cooler looking..more “Hi-Def” for sure…so lets have more!!!

    thanks for the update!

  • Damn. I was hoping for a patch that would make MX vs ATV Untamed not suck. Seriously Sony, how could you let them release a game on the PS3 for $60 that looks THAT horrible? Ok, I’m done bit**ing.

    Decent update. I’ve been waiting for those Rock Band songs, and as much as I want those Guitar Hero songs, I’mma have to hold off because Activision is full of greedy bastards & wont let the Rock Band patch be released. They’re not getting any more of my money for a while.

  • When exactly is Echochrome coming out? GT5 Prolouge? (Not that they will answer). I wish Rock Band would have more .99 songs.

  • you cant complain about this, just look at the EU store – Folklore add on and a devil may cry trailer, it sucks

  • I hope the PC store gets some PS1 games.

  • Rock Band FTW.

  • @8

    wth that that have to do with this update?
    be patient. dualshock 3 is coming.

  • Very weak update. I agree with the above posters who would like some more ps1 games. I would also like add-on content for games other than Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Maybe some more Motorstorm skins or tracks? Anything.

  • @ #8 Goto I ordered the Dualshock 3 from them and got it yesterday. It came out to only $63 & change, shipped to North Hollywood. Works just fine here on my 40gb US PS3. Rumble is awesome :-)

  • Demos dont grow on trees. I cant believe peple just sit around for them.

    Consider yourselves lucky that developers are willing to let you sample their product.

  • dont own any of the games for add on content…I dont play sports games…and I dont play racing games…o so dissapointed

  • I’m off to create a UK PSN account, To the club and kane and Lynch!

  • @22


  • More PSOne games please?!?!?

    Don’t you want my money?

    Motor Toon GP
    Final Fantasy Vii
    Resident Evil


  • Ehh nothing I want. I wish the Sounds song was better. I like the band but not that song.

  • this week sucked, nothing that i can use, i don;t have guitar hero or rock band, 2 weeks and this is all we get?

  • Woo! new RockBand songs :)

  • No Super Stardust HD update!? NO!!!!!!

    Come on guys, that’s the only damn thing I wanted this week; custom soundtracks in my Super Stardust!

    Instead I have useless (to me) updates for games I don’t have and don’t want, more of EAs stupid “pay for cheat codes” mentality, a demo for a genre I don’t play, and a trailer for GT5 (and yes, I have the Prologue demo already thanks to my JPN account).

    Christ’s sake…..

  • Sometimes I wonder if Sony still wants to be the number one console? I really cant see the efforts. Continuous disappointments “weekly”.

    Burnout Paradise and the Warhawk updates were the last cool thing on PSN.

  • A bit dissapointing… but, it’s better than nothing. PS1 games please, I don’t get why Japan gets 10 every other week while we get none.

  • New year but same ol Sony. Pretty boring update except for those that like sports and play guitar games.

  • ok, i can go to the uk store and download there content, but u cant move it to the us store? take off the extra languages and make us all happy. i dont have any music games, so basically i got a single video, and a POS madden demo. come on sony, u didnt just drop the ball, u kicked it down the freaking hill.


  • Nice update!

    Gonna spend money for some rock band content. Waiting for the PSP store now lol

  • I really would like PSone games. I like the feature of being able to play them on my PSP and since my memory stick doesn’t have much room left I like how I can play them via Remote Play. Requests – Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, and Intelligent Qube. Also Can you PLEASE fix the stores organization it is very confusing to navigate.

  • BTW. why was Gran Turismo HD Concept v1.2 on the front page? Is that an error? o.o

  • It was really a weak update… the only good things was the late music thing… needed something good after the office close week… maybe because needed that week to put more this week who know…

  • Uk have a super stardust hd demo? And they get a cool little window saying happy new year!

  • Well, I guess its better then nothing.

  • $2.50 for a damn car. I’m done with the PSN. You all lack imagination and talent. Way to start a new year.

  • *points and laughs at:
    – all the people who thought that this would be a big update since it’s not like Sony was working for two weeks on this one update
    – the people who continue to get their hopes up to an unreasonably high level week after week (have the Star Wars prequels and Matrix sequels taught you nothing about expectations?)
    – people who think that Sony has control over telling Square to release FF7 on the store.

    *taps sympathetically on the shoulder:
    – those without RockBand
    – those with GuitarHero3 who are paying three times for their tracks compared to the RockBand tracks since Activision is in a race with EA to “milk your consumers as much as possible”

    – the trolls who post week after week the same thing in every blog post, thinking that their input matters…
    …then points and laughs at them.
    (bringin’ it around full circle here, people…)

  • Wow….We wait two weeks and this is the crap update we get?? No offence but if you don’t have Guitar Hero or RockBand or Need for Speed this weeks update sucks.

    Give us some more PS1 Games Sony…Look at Japan..They are OVERFLOWING with PS1 games. Can you at least tell us something as to why we arent getting them? It’s not that hard to put English PS1 games on the PSN, heck I can find ROMS for the PS1 just by using Google!

  • @WHAT, it’s not PSN, it’s EA’s (Too much partying during the holidays) dumb asses, or since when do you think the people in charge of PSN ot the tools to create this? If your looking for a lame ass reason to grab everyone’s attention and the only way to do so is leaving, then good riddance.

  • Just wondering when this side of the sea will see that new super stardust HD upgrade patch? The one with the custom soundtracks and network features and whatnot?

  • Happy New Year…thanx for the update!

  • good update if you own gh3 or rock band….
    alas….I own neither….sighhhh

  • BTW wow! A 2009 named game demo at the beggining of 2008

  • What a lame update to start the year! Good job Sony once again! (lol)

  • What about the Home open beta?

  • thanks for making the songs that weren’t released last week due to the holiday only 99 cents. that’s a nice price point don’t you think?

  • Like always, Sony will be silent on any questions asked here in this board. SONY should fire all the senior managers that just post and forget…

    Sony should applaud Dylan Jobe, he is the only one who will post and then STICK AROUND AND ANSWER QUESTIONS as they come in.

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