Warhawk: Omega Dawn FAQ

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Hi Everyone!!

Before I jump-in with the FAQ, I wanted to let everyone know that our V1.2 patch will go-live on December 19th at 10:00 GMT (that’s 2am pacific time). We will be bringing our game servers off-line while we roll-out the patch from 10:00 to 16:00 GMT (that’s 2am to 8am pacific).

Also, the Warhawk: Omega Dawn Booster Pack goes on sale December 20th on the PlayStation Store for $7.99!

So, below is a huge batch of questions that we grabbed from your comments. Hopefully you all find the answers useful, helpful, enlightening, entrancing … blah, blah, blah.


“OrganicShadow” Wants to know …

Can both teams have a dropship at the same time?
YES – the Combat Dropship only spawns in at specific locations and these bases become really important to hold. They also take awhile to respawn so you don’t see them constantly. But some of our best memories from working on Omega Dawn are from crazy Dropship-on-Dropship battles where nearly everyone in the battlefield is in the air!

Can you give us a roundabout estimate as to how much damage a dropship can take before kaboom time?
It’s really hard to estimate the time because it varies from weapon to weapon. It also varies because, just like a classic BOSS, the dropship has a weak point that causes more damage. I’ve seen a well coordinated team take a dropship down pretty quickly…but the inverse is also true. I’ve seen a team command a dropship for 10 minutes or more. It really depends on how you and your team or clan works together.

Image 1

Out of curiosity, what button grabs the vehicles and do you have to keep it held?
The CIRCLE button picks up vehicles and you don’t have to hold it the whole time. Also, the player who’s inside the vehicle being carried can also cut power to the tractor beam by pressing CIRCLE as well as long as they are in a “safe” place to dismount.

Will it be available through the game like an in-game store or will we have to back out and go to the PS Store, download it, then go back in?
You can buy the Omega Dawn Booster Pack in both places; the PlayStation Store *and* at the Warhawk in-game store. When you buy Omega Dawn from the Warhawk in-game store, it’s very streamlined. You just pick the product from the list, download the content, it automatically installs and BAM, you’re good to go. You don’t even need to restart Warhawk.

“P_tear_griffin” Wants to know …

I can see how people can be kept out of the new map if they don’t buy it but what about the dropship on the old maps?
The v1.2 patch includes some new features for the server/game list. It allows you to see maps that you don’t have but Warhawk lets you know they are locked until you buy them. So if you don’t have Omega Dawn, you won’t be able to join server running an update dropship version of an older map.

Will the SCEA, SCEE and other dedicated servers indicate the need to purchase the new content before entering the server?
We have also added a very simple color code to the server list. Players will now see a Green, Yellow or Red dot next to the server name that shows that servers content status. For example: if you see a Green dot, your content matches perfectly with the content of the server. If you see a Yellow dot, you have some but not all of the content. If you see a Red dot, you have none of the content.

If you join a server that is running content that you don’t have, you will be allowed to join but prompted that you need the required content to join the game. We then allow the player to buy the expansion content right there once the server has determined what they need.

By the way Dylan, will we see new troop weapons in the near future?
Good question!! I can’t talk too much about it right now but let’s just say that there is some new stuff in the works for ground troops…and it will be FREE for all players!

“Bierbeer” Wants to know …

How about v1.2? I know the Omega Dawn is BIG but I’d like to know how 1.2 is progressing?
We’re done with both. The v1.2 patch comes out on December 19th at 10:00 GMT and the Omega Dawn Booster Pack will be released on December 20th.

“Eclipsed4utoo” Wants to know …

How will this effect CTF? Will the dropship be able to carry someone who has the flag? Will it be able to carry a vehicle that is carrying the flag?
It makes a huge difference!! First off, you *can* be in a ground vehicle with the flag when you get picked-up by a dropship. This really changes the way teams work together when playing CTF. Swooping in to pickup your teammate that’s under fire, and whisking him away to safety is awesome!

You can’t be a normal passenger in the dropship when you have the flag, just like a Warhawk. However, if your server is set to allow “FLY WITH FLAG” then you can, just like in any other normal Warhawk game.

Image 2

“Bhive01” Wants to know …

Ever consider doing a snow/mountain level?
Hmmm … snow you say?

“MotoX3style” Wants to know …

The question I have is, will someone be able to be in the vehicle while its being transported by the dropship?
YES – its one of the great things about the dropship. You can pickup tanks and 4×4 with players still in them!

“D1rk-Knight” Wants to know …

Is this pack being released in all PSN stores at once or will it be available only in the American store?
Very good question!! The Omega Dawn Booster-Pack will be available in all PlayStation Stores world-wide!

“Agriel” Wants to know …

Will we be seeing a world-wide release on this or will Europe have to wait?
Ahhh … there’s a trend emerging here! Europe will *NOT* have to wait. Warhawk is a global game and our v1.2 patch and Omega Dawn Booster-Pack is being released simultaneously world-wide. The v1.2 patch is being release at 10:00 GMT and the Booster Pack goes on sale December 20th. The specific hour of the Booster-Pack’s release varies from country to country but definitely on December 20th!

“Carl” Wants to know …

Do you have any idea how much this will cost in the United Kingdom?
YES – It will cost £3.99.

How big will the download be? I’m running short on HDD space at the moment?
The Warhawk v1.2 patch is 42MB and the Omega Dawn Booster-Pack is 143MB.

“JJ-F1” Wants to know …

If I purchase this expansion pack, will all users on my PS3 be able to access it or will it be limited to my (master) account?
If you purchased a Blu-ray version of Warhawk then *any* account can play just like you’ve always been able to. If you purchased Warhawk from the PlayStation Store, then you already know that you are required to use the account that purchased the game.

“AbandonAllHope” Wants to know …

Any chance of adding minimum rank limited servers in the booster or patch instead of just MAX rank?
YES – We are adding this in our v1.3 patch. I’ll discuss that more in a later post.

“SeanScythe2” Wants to know …

Are we going to have flashlights or something like that? Maybe spot lights to shine the sky?
NO – Sorry there are no flashlights or spotlights :-(

“Snowglobe” Wants to know …

You are going to make sure that the patch/content works on non-NA PS3s this time, aren’t you?
Ha…Yes of course!!! That wasn’t really the problem that we faced when the wrong European v1.1 patch was released but long story short … YES!

Have there been any additional fixes in the 1.2 patch or is it exactly the same stuff which was mentioned before?
The same fixes that we mentioned back in this blog post are the ones that you’ll all be seeing in the release of our v1.2 patch on December 19th.

“Hplcman” Wants to know …

What kind of defenses will the dropship have? I know it will have that cannon but what help would that be against a missile turret? Will there be a stealth mode for it? Can it pick up the same powerups as the Warhawks?
The Dropship is very powerful and has a lot of health. It also can acquire chaff pickups. It can carry 6 of them. Chaff and health are the only pickups that the Dropship can get.

“Kurtkbee” Wants to know …

Is it possible that we will see game with more than 32 players and also more official (ranked) servers?
You probably won’t see more that 32 player in Warhawk. On the topic of more servers, we monitor our Official server load very closely. Right now we’re keeping up with demand and if it looks like we ever aren’t keeping up, then we’ll look at supplementing our server cluster.

“Youlikeyams” Wants to know …

So I’m guessing America will get this a month before Europe?
Oh wow … this is a bad trend indeed!!! Everyone around the globe will get Warhawk Omega Dawn at the same time! :-)

“Byrd864” Wants to know …

When you enter the KT-424 as a passenger can you free roam in the ship? Or is it going to be like flying as a passenger in the Warhawk?
NO – it’s not like a capital ship with different rooms that you can walk around in. Size-wise, it’s about 4 times bigger than the Warhawk.

When you are a passenger, you get to control a swarm missile turret so that you can help defend the dropship and attack incoming aircraft and other targets.

Image 3

“Reson8er” Wants to know …

How will it work for those that do NOT download the content?
Players that choose not to purchase the Omega Dawn Booster-Pack can continue to enjoy the same fast-paced gameplay they have been for the last 4 months. However because they haven’t purchased the Booster-Pack, they won’t be able to play on any of the new Omega Dawn layouts or play with the dropship.

“heihachi vs. Kazuya” Wants to know …

As for this update any chance it will be free after awhile?
Well…I’m not the pricing guy so I couldn’t tell you. Sorry. I will say this though. Our patches like the v1.2 update that gives you new server features and new layouts will always be FREE. I’m a firm believer that an online game needs to continue to fix bugs and exploits but also add new value for the player community.

As far as Booster-Packs…again, I’m not the pricing guy but I gotta believe that we won’t be giving Booster-Packs away for free.

“gardea” Wants to know …

Are the dropships the big ships we saw when Warhawk was still in dev?
NO – those were very early capital ships that were from our singleplayer campaign…may it rest in peace :-)

“Darkflame588” Wants to know …

So, by the sound of “boss”, that means there will only be 1 per map?
There are at most 2 Dropships per map. The vast majority of the time players will see only 1 dropship at a time but sometimes, when the respawn timers are just in-sync and the battles have played out just right, you can get some really great dropship-on-dropship battles that last a long time.

“Wilester” Wants to know …

Is this December release for Europe as well or will it fall into 2008?
We take our European players very, very seriously. Actually, we take ALL our players very seriously that’s why we are launching our Booster-Pack simultaneously world-wide.

“Contractkilla” Wants to know …

My question is how will the dropship affect pure deathmatch games?
This is a very good question! The dropship had a very big impact on pure deathmatch games. So much so that we felt it was massively unbalanced so we disallow dropships in pure-deathmatch games.

“Kenshin001” Wants to know …

Will the downloadable content be region coded?
More or less yes…it’s not based on hardware region code, but based on the region where you purchased the game Warhawk. USA, Europe, Japan, etc.

“Cerberus_hunter” Wants to know …

Will Omega Dawn be released on Blu-ray?
NO – The Omega Dawn is available on the PlayStation Store only.

How long are you guys gonna keep making Warhawk Booster-Packs?
For billions and billions of years!! Ha…no seriously we’re not sure. As long as there is a market for it I think we should continue to develop them.

“Gamenut6659” Wants to know …

Is the tank glitch gonna be fixed?
YES – OMG! It was a problem that resulted in players being able to mount invisible turrets and warhawks too. It was a terrible exploit that is fixed in the v1.2 patch!!

“Canthor” Wants to know …

Will there be new extras like a set of night vision goggles?
There are no new night vision goggles, sorry. But as I alluded to earlier…we do have some new troop stuff in the works for our v1.3 update.

Image 4

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3 Author Replies

  • this is going to be sick thanks for the new map just need a playstation card



    Can you fire the standard ground based artillery while it is being towed by a dropship?

    This could make a major difference in the results of say… a dropship vs. dropship battle, It’s more of a strategy forming question than a product question.

  • This is awesome. Thanks Dylan. You guys have done a great job supporting the community. You guys kick ass.

  • hey man i cant wait for this
    but im wondering if maybe after a long number
    of months will this booster pack be free to all?

    either way im getting it WooT

  • Looks sweet!!! I will be sure to get it on thursday.

  • Will the ground vehicles have Headlights that can be turned off and on?

  • Dylan I imported the game from the US to play in the UK, will I be able to download the Omega Pack?
    (damn my lack of patience)

  • And woohoo Yayy Rumble, licks my white DS3

  • That transport looks so rad! I’d download this just for that alone and I don’t even have this game.

  • Thanks for the faq. Keep it up and I’m eager to see that 1.3 already :P

    It’s kinda sad, tough, that we won’t see maps with more than 32 players.

  • Will there be any weather stages? Especially rain. I think it would be neat to have a possible random weather feature to put in that could work on all maps.

  • Cool! Finaly something that can make even a WarHawk/Nemisis run in fear! Yeah baby! BTW any idea on what kind of new infantry weapons we will get? I mean it’s cool to see that we will be getting all this cool new air support. But what about the ground troops? We could realy use an APC, as well as some type of water craft. IE a Patrol boat with morters, and a smoke launch would rock!

    Also It would rock to see tankers get some toys too! I would love to see a Flamer pickup for tanks so we can become a major threat to infantry in close combat. WW2 DD tanks anyone? IE the Shermans with the Flamers for main guns in place of their massive cannons comes to mind.

    Also a way for tanks to defend agenst aircraft would be vary helpfull! How about a flack shell pickup? It would only need 20 shots, max, but it would be more than enough to take down a pesky WarHawk/Nemasis from killing all your ground troops.

    BTW Love the idea of a heavy Dropship that can take, as much damage as it can dish out!

  • I still don’t think the pricing of this pack is a good move for building the community…
    It’s nice that the overall game has improved – but in reality, what it’s done is just made the original purchase price that much more expensive for those who haven’t adopted yet. By the time the next booster pack is out, it’s going to be $16 more than any other PS3 game. The community is going to stagnate way too fast unless there’s a way to offer a cheaper entry into Warhawk for future buyers.
    By trying to improve the game (and make some $), you may have just started to kill it.

  • Hey Dylan,

    First thanks for such an awesome game! I have a question regarding Omega Dawn; I have a US retail Blu Ray version of Warhawk, but I live in the UK and have a PAL PS3. (I needed to get it on Blu Ray because I share a PS3, so the store version wasn’t an option sadly. And I couldn’t wait till mid September for the game so I imported a US version). What I’m wondering is will the a copy of Omega Dawn purchased from the UK Playstation Store work on my US Blu Ray version of Warhawk?


    Hah, after writing this I just realised Violator up at #57 has the same question as me =P.

  • The update looks great.Cool video by the way!

  • Dylan,

    I like what you guys are doing. It’s all cool and stuff, but my Warhawk still doesn’t work right- Game full error still. My other PS3 games don’t do this. Are you guys working on it? I’m very upset as this has been my last purchase in a while and I kind of wanted to enjoy it fully.

  • Hi Dylan, congrats on finishing the first expansion, I’ll be purchasing it =D but now onto the questions I have!

    1) Will there ever be a way to bail out of a warhawk if you’re the passenger because it’s pretty frustrating getting in a Warhawk with some moron who doesnt listen to you when you ask them nicely to drop you off somewhere and they just ignore you and fly around resulting in you both dieing…

    2) Will you be able to steal the other team’s dropship resulting in your team controlling 2 dropships?

  • Dear Dylan,

    could you create Solider classes?

    Like a class with a specific weapon or certain ability not found in other classes?

    Like a Sniper class starting with a upgraded sniper rifle or wearing a ghuilie suit?

    A pilot class that can handle a warhawk better or starts off with more ammo?

    A Assault class that starts with a different machine gun and can run faster?

    A Special ops class that can starts with 1 binocular, and perhaps a weapon that will not show his “name ID” to the enemy when firing?

    A Demolition class that starts with 2 proximity mines perhaps? or 2 rocket shots? or could set timed explosives?

    I know soldier classes have been done before but I know this would be way better with the different classes.

  • Hi Dylan,
    It was a little unclear from your answers, will Europe get this expansion at the same time as the US? ;)

  • Totally off-topic (sorrt folks)

    Now that Warhawk if flyin’ and Omega Dawn and v1.2 patch is out the door, any chance you and the crew would consider a followup to arguably the most bawls-out FUN PS2 title ever: War of the Monsers?

    Seriously, a “War of the Monsters Returns” or “Son of War of the Monsters” or even “Bride of War of the Monsters” ;-) in all it’s PS3-driven glory would be hands-down the greatest thing since the dudes at Wonder sliced their bread.

    More monsters, bigger environments, online play, downloadable content, ohhh the mind boggles!!


  • looks veeeeery good, gonna download it as soon as i can!

  • the hong kong ps store shows a listing for Warhawk price cut durring dec 21 to jan 6 for around $30 USD. is sony hidding this xmas price drop or is it just region specific.

    ps. for $30 i think it would be a great idea for SCEA to do it.

  • i bought Warhawk the day it released and i gotta say its probably my favorite multiplayer console game EVER. It’s just awesome. I got destracted by Call of Duty 4, but i recently played Warhawk again and im hooked. I got hooked a few days before the patch. So when you annouced the patch details, i got giddy :P

  • Any plans for a messaging system ? Maybe accessible friends list from Warhawk ? Its annoying having to quit to tell friends to come play.

  • i forgot to mention this in my previous post, my bad guys.

    The only real thing i want is perhaps new Warhawks for the current teams. like have 1 Warhawk the green one, one a whole new design ( New design, not just a skin ) Just to change the pace alittle.

  • Wow you guys are really good at supporting your product, most developers just abandon their game. And the news about the free ground troop stuff… amazing…. thanks

  • Hi Dylan,

    how about improving the 3D engine performance ? Is that possible? Can you minimize tearing and frame drops accurring in full 32 player games?

    Please reply or I’ll randomly complain about something Wowhawk related.

  • @TTP

    there is no tearing or framerate problems in warhawk.

  • @joel

    there is.

  • Are there ever going to be any dedicated split-screen servers set up? (in uk) It’s quite easy finding player servers that offer it, but the host often leaves the game just as you’re getting into it, and I don’t think any support the full 32 players. I’m surprised even that there’s an option to _disable_ split screen, because it’s so fun :D

  • Hmmm… I’ll try to drag myself away from UT3 for a few seconds, but I doubt I can, UT3 rules! Hmmmm… that dropship looks like fun tho!

  • Hey Dylan, I’m a HOME BETA tester…tell me what your plans are for Warhawk @ HOME? :D

  • Hehe im defenitely staying up tonight :)


    One of my biggest problems in the game, is being in a warhawk and attacking ground troops. I’ll hover above them and blast them with swarm missiles. They hardly hurt the troops at all, only way to kill them quickly is if it’s a direct hit. Will you ever add in an “Area of Effect” for the missiles shot from a warhawk? Always during CTF, i’ll hover above my teammate with a jeep/tank and the flag, and when enemy troops are ahead i usually hover towards them and blast them with missles or a cluster bomb. Unless the bombs/missiles are a direct hit… it hardly hurts them… same with vehicles(the cluster bombs on vehicles anyways)

    And one more question. Will we ever be able to customize our controls? I hate flying in my warhawk and to select the weapons i have to use my d-pad. When I have 11 missiles on me, its hard to both maneuver past obstacles, and switch weapons at the same time. I’d love it if i could have an easier way to switch weapons at least x.x…

    Lol I know this post was long, but im a talkative person, and also a bored one as well! :D

  • WOW I am truly blushing right now that my questions were not only answered but POSTED VERBATIM!

    Ha, like talking to a celeb or something. Except without drugs and nip slips. ANYWHO…

    Thanks for answering my questions. Day one purchase right here! :)

  • One more question.. if you dont mind ^_^

    I was just wondering if we will see any new ground vehicles any time soon? Perhaps dirt bikes? Bicycles even(Hehe.. i’d love to ride around on a bike in a war zone, while listening to bicycle by queen!!) And if we ever end up having snow maps…. could we possibly have snow mobiles with machine guns mounted on them? :D!! Yeah i’m hyper right now, and im insanely bored with no way to release energy. My internets is screwed up for PS3 so yeah…. 4 buckets of cotton candy and 3 bottles of vault are not helping one bit x.x…. Hmm… Ok, sorryz, one more question!! :D!! I haven’t entirely read up on all the details of omega dawn, so I was just wondering… Will we get night vision or even a thermal scope for the sniper rifle in the night maps?

    Ok i’m done asking questions now x.x

  • AWESOME!!!


    Can you pick up ENEMY vehicles with your dropship?

  • This looks great, I will get it ones I get a gift card or something, since Sony is not releasing the PS Card until “early” 2008 =/

    Anyways, Dylan, are you guys still thinking of having those “station” or “frequencies” like Resistance does for in-game chat? That could be really useful.

  • WOW! Thanks for taking all that time to FAQ Dylan….Can’t wait for Thursday!!!

    For Booster Pack 2, how about a SNOW map and .50 cal armed snow mobiles to replace jeeps, and some sort of specialized tank for snow?

  • sweet the updates and a booster pack in the span of 2 days is definitly awesome.

  • I read through the FAQ and didn’t see this answered. If it was, my bad.

    If the dropship picks up a tank or 4×4, will we still be able to fire the weapons if we are in the vehicle?

  • I was wondering if you could make a single player upgrade, that comes bundled with the original Warhawk at retail (or make it a DLC if it does not take a lot of space on the HDD); that would be SWEET!!….. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! :D.

    I want single player XD.

  • @heavenly_king….lol

    Obvious NOT for free; because having story events, motion capture, recording sessions and other things cost money :D. I would pay for it gladly. PLEASE MAKE A STORY MODE!! XD.

  • This expansion is going to be awesome. You guys should also in a future update give the pilots parachutes to flee their ship before a missle strikes or to drop into enemy territory that would be awesome and would add a whole other type of strategy in Warhawk.

  • I cannot wait to play. I haven’t played Warhawk since… a very long 24 hours ago! I’m just sitting here in anticipation. Must. Get. Patch.

    *jumps for joy*

    The only thing I need to say is that I hope we get support to send messages sometime in the future.

  • Can’t wait :D

  • Have you guys though of releasing the Warhawk music for download? i really love some of the songs and it would be awesome to have them as mp3s

  • Awesome! Thanks for answering our questions. This game is addictive as hell even if I’m getting beowned! An in v1.5 or 1.6 (here hoping this game will have a lasting appeal for months/yrs to come) maybe hover boards?

  • I was just playing a Team deathmatch in Destroyed Captial. After playing it, i can only imagine how insane it would be with 2 dropships flying around unloading on everyone/each other :)

  • …Snow he says….”Hmmm … snow you say?” hmmm, I wonder….

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