Warhawk: Omega Dawn FAQ

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Hi Everyone!!

Before I jump-in with the FAQ, I wanted to let everyone know that our V1.2 patch will go-live on December 19th at 10:00 GMT (that’s 2am pacific time). We will be bringing our game servers off-line while we roll-out the patch from 10:00 to 16:00 GMT (that’s 2am to 8am pacific).

Also, the Warhawk: Omega Dawn Booster Pack goes on sale December 20th on the PlayStation Store for $7.99!

So, below is a huge batch of questions that we grabbed from your comments. Hopefully you all find the answers useful, helpful, enlightening, entrancing … blah, blah, blah.


“OrganicShadow” Wants to know …

Can both teams have a dropship at the same time?
YES – the Combat Dropship only spawns in at specific locations and these bases become really important to hold. They also take awhile to respawn so you don’t see them constantly. But some of our best memories from working on Omega Dawn are from crazy Dropship-on-Dropship battles where nearly everyone in the battlefield is in the air!

Can you give us a roundabout estimate as to how much damage a dropship can take before kaboom time?
It’s really hard to estimate the time because it varies from weapon to weapon. It also varies because, just like a classic BOSS, the dropship has a weak point that causes more damage. I’ve seen a well coordinated team take a dropship down pretty quickly…but the inverse is also true. I’ve seen a team command a dropship for 10 minutes or more. It really depends on how you and your team or clan works together.

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Out of curiosity, what button grabs the vehicles and do you have to keep it held?
The CIRCLE button picks up vehicles and you don’t have to hold it the whole time. Also, the player who’s inside the vehicle being carried can also cut power to the tractor beam by pressing CIRCLE as well as long as they are in a “safe” place to dismount.

Will it be available through the game like an in-game store or will we have to back out and go to the PS Store, download it, then go back in?
You can buy the Omega Dawn Booster Pack in both places; the PlayStation Store *and* at the Warhawk in-game store. When you buy Omega Dawn from the Warhawk in-game store, it’s very streamlined. You just pick the product from the list, download the content, it automatically installs and BAM, you’re good to go. You don’t even need to restart Warhawk.

“P_tear_griffin” Wants to know …

I can see how people can be kept out of the new map if they don’t buy it but what about the dropship on the old maps?
The v1.2 patch includes some new features for the server/game list. It allows you to see maps that you don’t have but Warhawk lets you know they are locked until you buy them. So if you don’t have Omega Dawn, you won’t be able to join server running an update dropship version of an older map.

Will the SCEA, SCEE and other dedicated servers indicate the need to purchase the new content before entering the server?
We have also added a very simple color code to the server list. Players will now see a Green, Yellow or Red dot next to the server name that shows that servers content status. For example: if you see a Green dot, your content matches perfectly with the content of the server. If you see a Yellow dot, you have some but not all of the content. If you see a Red dot, you have none of the content.

If you join a server that is running content that you don’t have, you will be allowed to join but prompted that you need the required content to join the game. We then allow the player to buy the expansion content right there once the server has determined what they need.

By the way Dylan, will we see new troop weapons in the near future?
Good question!! I can’t talk too much about it right now but let’s just say that there is some new stuff in the works for ground troops…and it will be FREE for all players!

“Bierbeer” Wants to know …

How about v1.2? I know the Omega Dawn is BIG but I’d like to know how 1.2 is progressing?
We’re done with both. The v1.2 patch comes out on December 19th at 10:00 GMT and the Omega Dawn Booster Pack will be released on December 20th.

“Eclipsed4utoo” Wants to know …

How will this effect CTF? Will the dropship be able to carry someone who has the flag? Will it be able to carry a vehicle that is carrying the flag?
It makes a huge difference!! First off, you *can* be in a ground vehicle with the flag when you get picked-up by a dropship. This really changes the way teams work together when playing CTF. Swooping in to pickup your teammate that’s under fire, and whisking him away to safety is awesome!

You can’t be a normal passenger in the dropship when you have the flag, just like a Warhawk. However, if your server is set to allow “FLY WITH FLAG” then you can, just like in any other normal Warhawk game.

Image 2

“Bhive01” Wants to know …

Ever consider doing a snow/mountain level?
Hmmm … snow you say?

“MotoX3style” Wants to know …

The question I have is, will someone be able to be in the vehicle while its being transported by the dropship?
YES – its one of the great things about the dropship. You can pickup tanks and 4×4 with players still in them!

“D1rk-Knight” Wants to know …

Is this pack being released in all PSN stores at once or will it be available only in the American store?
Very good question!! The Omega Dawn Booster-Pack will be available in all PlayStation Stores world-wide!

“Agriel” Wants to know …

Will we be seeing a world-wide release on this or will Europe have to wait?
Ahhh … there’s a trend emerging here! Europe will *NOT* have to wait. Warhawk is a global game and our v1.2 patch and Omega Dawn Booster-Pack is being released simultaneously world-wide. The v1.2 patch is being release at 10:00 GMT and the Booster Pack goes on sale December 20th. The specific hour of the Booster-Pack’s release varies from country to country but definitely on December 20th!

“Carl” Wants to know …

Do you have any idea how much this will cost in the United Kingdom?
YES – It will cost £3.99.

How big will the download be? I’m running short on HDD space at the moment?
The Warhawk v1.2 patch is 42MB and the Omega Dawn Booster-Pack is 143MB.

“JJ-F1” Wants to know …

If I purchase this expansion pack, will all users on my PS3 be able to access it or will it be limited to my (master) account?
If you purchased a Blu-ray version of Warhawk then *any* account can play just like you’ve always been able to. If you purchased Warhawk from the PlayStation Store, then you already know that you are required to use the account that purchased the game.

“AbandonAllHope” Wants to know …

Any chance of adding minimum rank limited servers in the booster or patch instead of just MAX rank?
YES – We are adding this in our v1.3 patch. I’ll discuss that more in a later post.

“SeanScythe2” Wants to know …

Are we going to have flashlights or something like that? Maybe spot lights to shine the sky?
NO – Sorry there are no flashlights or spotlights :-(

“Snowglobe” Wants to know …

You are going to make sure that the patch/content works on non-NA PS3s this time, aren’t you?
Ha…Yes of course!!! That wasn’t really the problem that we faced when the wrong European v1.1 patch was released but long story short … YES!

Have there been any additional fixes in the 1.2 patch or is it exactly the same stuff which was mentioned before?
The same fixes that we mentioned back in this blog post are the ones that you’ll all be seeing in the release of our v1.2 patch on December 19th.

“Hplcman” Wants to know …

What kind of defenses will the dropship have? I know it will have that cannon but what help would that be against a missile turret? Will there be a stealth mode for it? Can it pick up the same powerups as the Warhawks?
The Dropship is very powerful and has a lot of health. It also can acquire chaff pickups. It can carry 6 of them. Chaff and health are the only pickups that the Dropship can get.

“Kurtkbee” Wants to know …

Is it possible that we will see game with more than 32 players and also more official (ranked) servers?
You probably won’t see more that 32 player in Warhawk. On the topic of more servers, we monitor our Official server load very closely. Right now we’re keeping up with demand and if it looks like we ever aren’t keeping up, then we’ll look at supplementing our server cluster.

“Youlikeyams” Wants to know …

So I’m guessing America will get this a month before Europe?
Oh wow … this is a bad trend indeed!!! Everyone around the globe will get Warhawk Omega Dawn at the same time! :-)

“Byrd864” Wants to know …

When you enter the KT-424 as a passenger can you free roam in the ship? Or is it going to be like flying as a passenger in the Warhawk?
NO – it’s not like a capital ship with different rooms that you can walk around in. Size-wise, it’s about 4 times bigger than the Warhawk.

When you are a passenger, you get to control a swarm missile turret so that you can help defend the dropship and attack incoming aircraft and other targets.

Image 3

“Reson8er” Wants to know …

How will it work for those that do NOT download the content?
Players that choose not to purchase the Omega Dawn Booster-Pack can continue to enjoy the same fast-paced gameplay they have been for the last 4 months. However because they haven’t purchased the Booster-Pack, they won’t be able to play on any of the new Omega Dawn layouts or play with the dropship.

“heihachi vs. Kazuya” Wants to know …

As for this update any chance it will be free after awhile?
Well…I’m not the pricing guy so I couldn’t tell you. Sorry. I will say this though. Our patches like the v1.2 update that gives you new server features and new layouts will always be FREE. I’m a firm believer that an online game needs to continue to fix bugs and exploits but also add new value for the player community.

As far as Booster-Packs…again, I’m not the pricing guy but I gotta believe that we won’t be giving Booster-Packs away for free.

“gardea” Wants to know …

Are the dropships the big ships we saw when Warhawk was still in dev?
NO – those were very early capital ships that were from our singleplayer campaign…may it rest in peace :-)

“Darkflame588” Wants to know …

So, by the sound of “boss”, that means there will only be 1 per map?
There are at most 2 Dropships per map. The vast majority of the time players will see only 1 dropship at a time but sometimes, when the respawn timers are just in-sync and the battles have played out just right, you can get some really great dropship-on-dropship battles that last a long time.

“Wilester” Wants to know …

Is this December release for Europe as well or will it fall into 2008?
We take our European players very, very seriously. Actually, we take ALL our players very seriously that’s why we are launching our Booster-Pack simultaneously world-wide.

“Contractkilla” Wants to know …

My question is how will the dropship affect pure deathmatch games?
This is a very good question! The dropship had a very big impact on pure deathmatch games. So much so that we felt it was massively unbalanced so we disallow dropships in pure-deathmatch games.

“Kenshin001” Wants to know …

Will the downloadable content be region coded?
More or less yes…it’s not based on hardware region code, but based on the region where you purchased the game Warhawk. USA, Europe, Japan, etc.

“Cerberus_hunter” Wants to know …

Will Omega Dawn be released on Blu-ray?
NO – The Omega Dawn is available on the PlayStation Store only.

How long are you guys gonna keep making Warhawk Booster-Packs?
For billions and billions of years!! Ha…no seriously we’re not sure. As long as there is a market for it I think we should continue to develop them.

“Gamenut6659” Wants to know …

Is the tank glitch gonna be fixed?
YES – OMG! It was a problem that resulted in players being able to mount invisible turrets and warhawks too. It was a terrible exploit that is fixed in the v1.2 patch!!

“Canthor” Wants to know …

Will there be new extras like a set of night vision goggles?
There are no new night vision goggles, sorry. But as I alluded to earlier…we do have some new troop stuff in the works for our v1.3 update.

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  • Sweet stuff. Now once those PSN cards come out, this is mine. :-P

  • Im excited for this.cod4 as strayed me away so hopefully this new content will bring me back.thanks dillan.Is your team going to do anything for home down the line?

  • @ Frazz

    Oh yes…HOME support! But if I talk too much about it right now a PR ninja will kill me in my sleep. :-)

    Soon though!!!

  • thats awsome cant wait!!!

  • Dylan anything on Rumble Path, forgive me if mentioned before.

  • Sony! make those PS cards asap! I can’t believe I will have to wait these cards! Unless…

    The booster is shareable, Dylan? Could I ask someone to share it with me?

  • Dammit I hate those PR Ninjas…

  • good work Jobe glad to see this update! I’m more excited for 1.2 than the booster so my lag is hopefully reduced or removed entirely but dropships are going to be awesome!


  • @Violater

    Yes…Rumble is supported in the v1.2 Patch that is being released tonight at 2am.

  • DARN THOSE NINJA’S, any ways, any chance of warhawk 2 being single player with like 300 missions, that would be awesome

  • Is it shareable, Dylan? I must have this booster and this is the fastest way!

  • When do we get a party system Jobe? It’s something I really appreciate in Resistance and the lack of it does get in the way of the NEOGAF resistance clan from really getting into this game.

  • Awesome!

  • Thank YOU SOOoo much I’m a big fan of WHK GRATE JOB!! I just can be made happier, then when, SONY or game makers CARE what the people gota say!! Knowing this I feel I’m in good hands with my gaming choice.
    Thanks a Trill. “Sorry Computer Geek”

  • is there going to be skins for jeeps and tanks as well. ok, not tanks, but jeeps anyways? that would be awesome. (as my friend says, “alsom”)

    i have yet to read the whole article. thanks.

  • i agree with Kittonwy (havent seen on resistance in a while rawr)

    we need more features around clans and such. but awesome update! thanks guys!

  • I love warhawk, its my fav online game, can’t wait for the patch and omega dawn, Christmas came early!!! 5 and 6 days early that is XD lol

  • Can’t wait for the update! looks fantastic! it’s just a shame that some of the other online titles out there arn’t as stable as warhawk when it comes to joining matches with friends. Keep up the awesome work though, will definately be downloading!.

  • @kittonwy

    The party system in Resistance is awesome and, to be quite honest, its something that i wish we had done for Warhawk.

    We realize that its something that should be addressed. it might not be with the exact same party system as implemented in RFOM but allowing friend or clanmates to play together is something on our radar.

  • Love the video! Thats something I would love to see more of on the new Playstation commercials – – Warhawk footage! You guys really have a goldmine of a game on your hands and it needs more exposure. Everyone I show the game to fall in love with it. Casual/hardcore gamers alike. It could really be more of a system seller if it got more airtime on those commercials.

    That being said, I also would like to throw out my interest in a snow themed map! :)

  • Sounds good, though 2am tonight is tommorow morning really isn’t it?

    Also, was it really necessary to answer the same “Simultaneous world wide release?” question 3 times (possibly more).

  • @Dylan

    Will you guys ever put IN GAME messeging(like resistance) when your in warhawk in a new patch?

    That would be awsome, Also, TORNADO AND SNOW MAPS WOULD BE AWSOME!!

  • Why can’t you do more then 16 on 16? I feel that 32 players on one huge map is too small.

    Thanks for the info!

  • hey Dylan will we be able to access the friends list now or Access music files since now a few game are letting us do it

  • I want to know if Canadian pricing will match US pricing, or will we continue to pay more for digital content….

  • @Dylan

    Another question,

    Are you guys working on 32 vs 32 player games? If so that would be AWSOME!!!!

  • dylan, u r a genius. but if i had one complaint it would be the rank up system takes forever. i have had the game since launch and was very with how quickly i would rank up and earn new stuff. seemed every week i would get 2 a new level. then a found out it was a “viral” bug :(. all my hopes and dreams of fun killing in style smashed. im still airman 1 st class :( in the new patch is there easier ranking up, the medal and ribbon stuff i like just fine, just give more than 2 colors 4 my warhawk dawg. warhawk rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will you guys get a thunderstorm map out? i mean. it’s like dark and stuff. i like playing in the rain. is it possible to have a map like that or at least a nice snowy stage? ;o

  • Any plans for in game ” Custom Soundtracks”? I would love Warhawk and Incognito forever!

  • That video should definately be aired on tv as a comercial!

  • Are there any plans for game invites or messages inside the game? It would be great to invite a friend or message them instead of hoping they see I’m on and join my game.

    Will the 1.2 patch prevent flagtossers (emphasis on tossers)? Are there plans to go through stats and erase the obvious flagtossers?

  • Can we lift enemy/opposing team vehicles when we’re in the drop ship? With enemy players still in them? If so, can they just tap the circle button to break the lock and run away, or does it work differently? Will you be changing the fall-damage on vehicles if this is possible?

    You know you want to let me pick up tank whores and drop them from a few hundred feet in the air to their timely and just demise. You know you want to. Please.

  • Keep up the good work guys! love this game, some more custimization options might be good, ever thought of actually adding medals to outfits? or medals adding new outfits like ranks do?

  • is there a way 2 rank up easier in the new patch. im not good enough 2 last with 10 year olds with nothing better 2 do than memorize everything about the game. i get sniped from across the map teamkilled from my own side, shot while running from a warhawk, blown up by a tank @ respawn locations, can i please just have more than 2 custom options for character and warhawk. ive had the game since launch and am still airman 1st class. had viral rank up bug, and i miss it :( i like the medal and ribbon system, please make it easier 2 rank up.

  • sorry did not mean to post twice site asked 4 password

  • SNOW LEVEL… too cliche… what about a CAPITAL SHIP level with side and bottom mounted turrets, command quarters, even vehicles for deck battles. bring the capital ship to life. you could have like 5 ships spread out over a landscape and zones which spawn warhawks on a flight deck like area. this could add a tighter area to fight in as well as being open outside the capital ships

  • @ 25 (King Cook909)

    That comment reminds me of (I beleive) Major Nelson’s comment on the Halo 3 16 player cap where he said something along the lines of “16 is a really good number and any more than that would be a next-next-gen feature” Sure am glad Sony knows that 16 is a fairly sad number.

    Also, is it just me or is The Goat Ass one of the coolest guys in the industry?

  • Hey Dylan!


    Consider someday releasing the single player campaign. Granted, it may not be as good as the online, but now I am all curious about the beef between the Chernovan and the Eucadians—it would be nice even if it is just a short game (heck, if you release it as a 5 dollar download you don’t need to make it feature-length!)—-but either way I have to say Warhawk is one of the reasons I am proud to own a PS3—-it is a great game and I am having continuous fun with it—actually LOL I am getting stressed because I am trying to triple fist online shooters (WH, RFOM and UT3)–something I have never done–and the pacing and style of each is drastically different, so when you switch from one to another it feels like you have to learn everything all over again!! Oh well, nice problem to have!

  • I’m really happy & sad in the same time. happy because it’s just couple of hours & the new pack will be released. sad because I have the NTSC version of this great game but our PSN store s for the PAL versions of the games. why we in KSA can’t purchase anything from the USA store? I really don’t the PAL versions of the games.

  • Sounds awesome! Is there any chance (in a later update) that Warhawks can land on the Dropship to get health and weapons(refill for Swarm Missiles)?

    Also, is there any chance of adding parachutes that you would use when you jump from a Warhawk?

  • good call zookey

  • I thought I read everything…and I couldn’t find the answer to this question:

    Is the carried vehicle susceptible to damage while being transported? Can it be targeted and blown up in mid flight?

  • Dylan and the guys at Incognito Entertainment – You rock! Amazing work fellows, can’t wait for the next patch.

  • wait, is there a seperate booster pack from the Omega Dawn pack? can everything be sold seperately? like can i buy the Dropship itself instead of the map. i want to have everyone to have dropship. and is there going to be SKINS for Dropship??

  • I’ve read that the dropship changes color depending if it’s occupied by the Eucadians or Chernovans. Is this true?

  • @CLauX its only $8

  • Another question! Related to #45.
    Can we shoot the vehicles weapons (the machine gun o the 4×4 or the turret on the tank), while being transported by the Dropship?

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