Attention Music Lovers: PSP Firmware (v3.80) is Live

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From the PSP’s launch, we’ve been discussing its multi-functional strengths, and with the addition of Internet Radio in firmware update 3.80, PSP owners will be able to access thousands of stations in a wide range of diverse genres. Interested in Top 40 Pop? Check. Country? Check. Talk radio? Check. Ultimately, this addition speaks to how much we listen to our consumers. Music has been one of the primary uses of the PSP system, and with the addition of Internet Radio, consumers are able to access even more of their favorite artists. Enjoy.

How to use Internet Radio on PSP:

  • Download and install firmware update 3.80.
  • Ensure you are in a Wi-Fi environment before attempting use
  • With Memory Stick Duo containing firmware update 3.80 inserted into PSP, select Internet Radio icon under Network, and then “About Internet Radio.”
  • Select “Adding the player to the Memory Stick Duo(TM)” and press the X button.
  • When you have added the Internet Radio player, the player icon will appear under the “About Internet Radio” icon.
  • Select Internet Radio player icon.
  • Choose a genre and select a station.

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  • @49
    Gotta disagree in the biggest way. This is great news for the PSP and for me. I live in Germany and my only access to UK radio is via the internet (you don’t want me to tell you how bad German radio is !). So if I can plug my PSP into different speakers around the house and not have to switch on my laptop/PC I’m in heaven. Connect it with a 3.5mm and stream away…if it streams Radio 1 (Will no one answer me ? Please ?

  • So… on the player… what are the buttons, at the bottom of the player page, with the hieroglyphic symbols and question mark for?
    What do they do?

  • nice internet radio :)

    but i live in Germany and i want to hear german internet radio for example . :)

    Please Sony create a option to enter other Internet Radio Stadions/Streams

  • Wait, where do I even go to download Firmware Ver. 3.80? The PSP site own posts the update to 3.72. Please send a hyperlink or directions on where to get the latest update. Thanks

  • Website is now updated for the latest firmware

  • i forget something at my first posting :)

    Please Sony, UPDATE the Flash Player in the Internet Browser! I want see Videos on Youtube&co.

  • This is such a surpise feature. I think I may actually use this….

    Thanks again….

    I’m off to update my PS3/PSP…

  • Please do the fallowing for updates for the PSP:

    Use Memory stuick Duo as extra memory for Web browser: IE as it says make it so we can use what ever space is left on the memory stick for the web browser so we can look at web sites that most of the time don’t load, or crap out on us due to lack of memory errors.

    Flash updater: Please make it so we can update flash for our PSP systems with special firmware updates that only add in new flash features. This way we can get flash updates like the latest 9.01 versions and watch any flash video out there on the net!

    Websites blocker: Please make it so we can enter into our PSPs web pages that we don’t wan’t people going to on our PSPs.

    PSP news tiker: Please give us a PSP news tiker just like the PS3 has!

    More Visuals for the Music player!

    More support for more video formats: IE Divix, MP5s, ETX5, and more please!

  • This is great and all, especially the added RSS stuff. However when are you going to give me PSN on my PSP?

  • Just set up the Radio on my PSP and it’s great!!!!

    Another option for endless music is great…

  • if anyone from sony is listening, i have a suggestion for you. Make a patch for the psp so i can use my iwear to play games on it and not just watch movies.

    They have it setup so the video out will ONLY work when its playing a movie and not a game. IF they patched it so it could do a game as well, i could use my 350 iwear glasses to play my games on a virtual 65″ screen.

    WHo here agrees with me on this. Any other psp users? If enough people [DELETED], maybe they will patch it. It woudl be [DELETED]!!!!

  • this is very cool.

  • Anyone from Sony going to publicly announce the rumored PS1 Remote Play feature? I think you guys are going in the right direction with the interconnectivity between the two. It makes me feel even more confident in both my PS3/PSP purchases because these firmware updates are adding value and life to the products.

  • This is a great feature. I listen to podcasts on my PSP frequently, so being able to listen to some good radio stations would be great for a change.

    @vandam, please shut up. Something like that would require a lot of memory and can’t be developed over night. Be patient. Download games from the PC store, it’s so frickin convenient. If anything, it’s the store layout that needs to get priority.

  • So sorry vandam…we SONY should bow to you right?

    You bought a PSP with x functionality…ANYTHING they add extra is a bonus…and this is a nice little bonus.

  • Definitely very excited about this!

    I suppose the station has to be listed on Shoutcast or otherwise you can’t listen? I am not sure if all the stations I listen to are…

  • Good update, keep them coming

  • I actually thought this update was great. Can you guys please add a “Screen Capture” in an update any time soon? Think about how many PSP owners would like to share scores, kills, or just show off with something cool. It’s something that I find is beneficial. Please for the love of Pete add it in a PSP firmware update!!!!

  • Please update the link on this site for the Download of 3.80 so i can download it from there i dont have Wifi here yet unless i go out

  • I agree with post 18 bring this to the ps3 it would be nice with surrond sound. Also new visual players on the PS3 would be nice.

  • Ok, to anyone and everyone who complains about having to be online in order to listen to INTERNET RADIO, step away from the PSP and PS3. You are officially too stupid to own them. Give them to someone smarter than you, like the 4th grader next door… or a house plant.

    To Sony, GREAT job with this update. Thank you so much for giving us great stuff. You listen to us and we appreciate it. It’s events like this that keep my faith firmly in place when people ask about in-game XMB and custom game soundtracks. I KNOW they’re coming because you work hard to give us great features. I also know internet radio is to help us pass the time as we wait for those killer features we’re looking forward to. Thanks again and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! You totally rock!

  • If you like this you should definately go to FilmOn to find your next thing!

  • This update is pretty damn sweet.Thanks!

  • That’s a great feature, can’t wait to use it :)

  • Damn, I LOVE my PSP! :)
    Why people choose the DS over this is something i’ll never understand.

  • Forget the radio, PS1 classics can be played through Remote Play now. I was playing Final Fantasy VII all morning with this new feature. Just upgrade the PS3 and PSP firmware and enjoy. Saw the story here:

  • Nice! Internet music radio option is a big plus.

  • I like the internet radio, lucky for me my most listened to station is on it! However, GET RID OF THE STUPID STATIC NOISE! its extremly annoying.

  • Totally never would of thought about asking for this one but hey, thats totally awesome. With this and divx support on the ps3 in one fell swoop really proves that Sony is going to evolve the systems.


  • Awww, I was so psyched to stream XM Radio online through my PSP but alas, it looks like I am out of luck. Cool feature though.

  • I read in another online forum that the new firmwares enabled you to play PS1 games disc or downloads in your PS3 on the PSP with remote play. Is this true?!

  • @82

    yea its true, if you put a ps1 disc into the ps3 and activate remote play its playable on ur psp

  • Internet Radio!?!??! COOOL!


  • Does it work with KCRW??

  • PSP Radio Ya Thanks Love the update but for Christmas all i want is a update Internet browser to view video off of you tube or abc or fox

  • Does this mean I’ll be able to add Pandora to my psp now? I luv these random updates.

  • Damn this update bricked my psp. Battery was fully charged, didn’t unplug, just hit x to reset after downloading. Did anyone else experience. What can I do?

  • Oh… Please add this to the PS3 internet radio on both systems please!!!!

  • I’m not going to sit here and ask for more things when you just gave me 2 of some of the biggest firmware updates in a long time (3.70 and 3.80)

    I mean yea WMV playback for videos or DivX playback heck even Flash 9 would awesome, but guys Sony is giving this to you for FREE, I’m gettin tired of hearing this update is lame, i wanna see some of you people that are talking that way to get off your lazy asses make me a good handheld system and give me updates every friggen month, and everything else Sony provides for the PSP oh is that too much to ask of you? good shutup

    but again I thank you much Sony, I’m looking forward to what 3.90 and/or 4.00 firmwares might have

  • I just wish the people at would make their site accessible via the PSP. If there’s anything better than internet radio is custom-station internet radio

  • great i love sony products= sony=best of all!!
    I also love updates for the psp 3.73 not even a month after 3.80 NOW THAT IS GREAT!!

  • Now I just need an update on my PSP so that I could use the infra-red and use my cell-phone as a modem for it :)

  • Cool thanx.

  • @50

    Lame if you don’t like music I suppose. The fact that it’s cost-free makes it even better

    From the rest of us who happen to be cultured individuals, a big thanks to the good folks at Sony. Here’s to hoping this is the first of many pleasant surprises.

  • Oh God I can listen to Groove Salad on my PSP!! THANKYOU!!!

  • FINALLY a PSP feauture that is actually useful! I hate when I am on an international flight and my iPod dies and I dont have any music on my PSP. Now I will have unlimited music. Good on ya Sony. Now get the **** to work on the PS3 lol!

  • Great job guys, @ Sony… keep up the great work, I would have imagined you release something like this for the ps3 first… but hey, I don’t miss out because I have 2 PSPs as well… gotta’ admit though, jamming non-stop internet radio tunes through my amp&surround sound would be amazing. could you please drop a line about considering this for the future ps3 updates?

  • I love this update! Another item to add to the list of tough choices of what to do on my PSP since I only get to do one wonderful thing at a time. I would love to see this released for the PS3 as well. Great job Sony!

  • I just got the Radio on my psp Running and its good. if you don’t know how Google it its easy and free.

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