Attention Music Lovers: PSP Firmware (v3.80) is Live

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From the PSP’s launch, we’ve been discussing its multi-functional strengths, and with the addition of Internet Radio in firmware update 3.80, PSP owners will be able to access thousands of stations in a wide range of diverse genres. Interested in Top 40 Pop? Check. Country? Check. Talk radio? Check. Ultimately, this addition speaks to how much we listen to our consumers. Music has been one of the primary uses of the PSP system, and with the addition of Internet Radio, consumers are able to access even more of their favorite artists. Enjoy.

How to use Internet Radio on PSP:

  • Download and install firmware update 3.80.
  • Ensure you are in a Wi-Fi environment before attempting use
  • With Memory Stick Duo containing firmware update 3.80 inserted into PSP, select Internet Radio icon under Network, and then “About Internet Radio.”
  • Select “Adding the player to the Memory Stick Duo(TM)” and press the X button.
  • When you have added the Internet Radio player, the player icon will appear under the “About Internet Radio” icon.
  • Select Internet Radio player icon.
  • Choose a genre and select a station.

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  • Updated the psp already. the internet radio is a sexy added feature!

  • hmm. comment didn’t appear O.o

    But the psp update was sweet. the internet radio is a cool feature!

  • It’s always nice to get updates. That sounds like a pretty cool feature. I’m actually downloading it as I type this.

  • I can’t figure out how to add internet radio stations that use shoutcast or icecast, but aren’t on the main media players. :(

  • how about adding this to the ps3? maybe even get a XM radio add-on or download. i don’t see any profit in doing this but hell it’s a idea.

  • awesome. Now I can save memory on my card for more movies!

  • any chance of divx support coming to the psp any time soon?

  • Nice too bad I don’t have a psp… yet. ;) However, I bought myself a PLAYSTATION 3 last week. So what you are about to read are my impressions of Sony’s PlAYSTATION 3. I just want to preface that I was a Xbox 360 fan, who just so happens to own an PS3 now.

    I’m not going to bore with nitty gritty details, because you all know what it looks like. Sony did very well with the industrial design. The straight and cruved edges demonstrate how disceptively simple the machine is, while the lusturous black sheen, hides the seemingly sinister power within and that chrome trim, just adds the perfect little touch of elegance. Just looking at the PS3, you know its an expensive machine.

    But, how is it? Turning on the PS3, I know I was in for something cool. Sony wanted to make sure, that every detail in its design and function, in the PS3, was looked into. Just like an orchestra, every piece must act individually, but also in unison with the other parts, in order to create one, cohesive, fluid experience.

    Everything is fine on its own, but its even better when everything culminates, and acts as one beautiful movement. Anyway, I’ve heard stories about how much setup was a hassle with the PS3 and how annoying it could be. For me, it could not have been any easier.

    There were some issues with getting the System Update, but that is because my internet connection is currently shaped. Other than that, setting up my console, profile and PSN was as simple as 1, 2, 3. Everything is pretty much done for you. After setup was done, I wanted to check out all of the neat settings. Akin the setup, I had the pre-conveived notion that the menu would be nothing that was troublesome, but just like the setup, the XMB is fantastic. What I like about the PS3’s interface, over the Xbox 360’s is that everything is all right there, in front of you. No pages, no “blades”, no loading, its all right there, smack dab in the middle. Plus, its easy to use which is always a major plus! I think its neat how the background changes tone/ tint, depending on the time of day.

    Additionally, I like how the background changes whenever you highlight the active game disc in your drive. However, what is really strange is how some things are placed in the menus. System Update is first while Network Settings is at the bottom. They both deal with the internet in some fashion, so why aren’t they in close proximity? Some as important as networking should have higher priorty over say, Printer Settings. When it comes to the PlayStation Store, it would function a lot better if it were to use a similar structure of the XMB, rather than the web browser. It doesn’t follow the same unfied forumla that the rest of the features have. Everything else, when it comes to Folding@Home, the web browser and accessing media are great too. They all fit well within the XMB and are easy to use and access.

    One big thing that the PS3 has that the Xbox 360 doesn’t is compatibility. I can literally plug

  • Continued*

    One big thing that the PS3 has that the Xbox 360 doesn’t is compatibility. I can literally plug everything that I have into it. USB drive, keyboard, my digital camera, my 360 Vision Camera (yes, it works), my iPod, et. It all works as soon as you plug it in.

    Now, I love the Xbox 360 controller. It fits so well in my hands. I was a Dual Shock man, before, and just with the console, I back to where I was. I really like the SIXAXIS a lot. I have a better grip on the buttons and shoulder buttons, plus, it feels less cramped, unlike the PS2 iteration. I thought I would miss the rumble, but to be honest, I don’t and do feel like it is too light at times.

    The day I bought my PS3, I could have gotten a Wii. Instead of getting a PS3 with Sega Rally, I could have gotten a Wii, with a ton of games. Then I woke up and realized something: as much as I wanted my purchase to be validated the moment I turned on my PS3, I knew that would be impossible. Was my 360 validated day one? Of course not, Perfect Dark Zero and GRAW were certainly not worth $600. Plus, I didn’t even have Xbox Live at the time. I got an Xbox 360, because I knew that games like Halo 3, Gears of War and Mass Effect were on their way. It’s the same thing with the PS3. Even though I don’t have a use for everything the PS3 offers, it doesn’t mean I never will.

    This use to annoy me in the past, but the PS3 does have a lot of potential, and by the looks of things, its going to be used. Metal Gear Solid 4, Home, LittleBigPlanet Killzone 2 and the next Final Fantasy are just a few things, that will show people what the “Playstation” difference is.

    I am really excited for what Sony has in store for 2008. All I can say, is that I am ready!

    Let the games begin! Play B3yond!

    Good job Sony!

    PS ID: RunningTurtle

  • Thx sony for another great update. and to who ever you ppl are that complain about too many updates, your idiots , why would you not want to improve on a product. as long as the updates add useful options the more the better. plz keep them coming. :)

  • i like this update! Probably gonna update my psp tomorrow cause its late.

  • @ Turtles, I loved your post! Awesome review! I agree with all of it except the part about still waiting on the big titles, cuz there’s tons of awesome titles out already.

    Anyway, awesome update, the earth background on the music tab is amazing! I love it! Xvid/WMV/DIVx whatever support is cool but no big deal for me.

    The voice changer is AWESOME and great to see support for new BD stuff! Keep updating! The more updates and features the better!!!

  • sounds awesome, i’ll post again once i dl the update and get it running, but this has me ver excited.

  • Pretty sweet!

    I swear, the PSP just keeps on getting better every time!

    Never stop those firmware updates, and thanks for hearing our pleads!

    Just checking it out now, and sadly, “Talk” stations don’t seem to work, and I suppose some of the other genres are the same.
    And I was also hoping for a Holiday station, heh…

    Again, thanks a lot for the great update!

  • Very cool update. I love all of the functionality of the PSP. This little device continues to impress me.

  • ok, I got it a bit!

    I’m quite amazed!
    I’ve got streaming radio from states away in Mississippi, all the way to a student station in England!

    I know I’ll really spend a lot of time on this, now that I have internet radio almost anywhere with wifi without the computer!

    Again, keep it up, and thanks for this AWESOME pre-xmas gift! =D

  • Wow Sony you keep surprising me! You really found your mojo back! Keep up the good work! Now if you could also make it possible to use the black xmb that is not included with the “fat psp” I would be really satisfied.

  • You know, a lot of PS3 owners have expensive surround sound set-ups.
    Now considering that random, unprotected wireless networks don’t ACTUALLY exist (at least not anywhere near where I live) do you not think it would be wise to bring this to the PS3?
    Rather than forcing people to sit at home sitting on their couch listening to some crummy quality audio whilst their surrounded by a $6,000 5.1 system,

  • OK now I’m back after having used the thing. I’ve gotta say that’s pretty sweet. The only thing I’d say is that there needs to be a dance or party channel. Love the fact that JPOP is in there so props for that. Also the only other thing I can think of is being able to flag your fav stations so they’re easier to find when you go back. Seriously though this is awesome. I DJ for my college’s radio station and I’m always trying to find more places to discover music and this will definitely be a big asset. Keep up the good work guys, now just get us more visualizers for the PS3…at the very least port over all the ones from the psp. Speaking of that…add the internet radio for the PS3, considering that it will have a more steady connection I’d think this radio thing may be more viable there.

  • Is there a way to keep track of the stations that you like the most?? …however, this is great!

    @ 16, you can always change the theme for your PSP, I have a black XMB in it right now…

  • the internet radio is sweet!! the sound quality and no lag is great. i know a whatever internet radio maker will be releasde on the japanese website, but any alternatives to listening to local stations or at least in my state? remote play with psp and ps3 seems a lot better and less lag ^- ^

    the ps3 update is sweet to with the divx,vc-1! i really like the earth visual display for music. All sony has to do to match XBLA is add in-game messaging and update the Playstation Store layout.

    once these features hopefully come out and HOME is released, xbox live will be junk!

    thanks sony!

  • It would be nice if this could be added to the PS3, I would definitely use it for background music in my living room.

  • ZOMG the music is really lagless! Full stereo and stuff! Me sticks on top 40 :P

  • I know this update adds BD profile 1.1 functionality, but I’m wondering if this adds BD Live (profile 2.0) functionality as well. Seems odd that Saw IV and War will be shipping with BD Live functionality next month, but they’ll be no players on the market that support 2.0 features.

  • Sorry wrong topic. Ignore my above post.

  • wow this was a big let down.. be nice if you could just have radio with out needing to be online.. also that screen saver .. what a joke.. come on guys i know its x-mas and all but where the effort

  • I wanna know who requested these features, not me! Why cant we get the features we really want first and deal with the petit stuff later. I mean seriously, voice change and DivX?! I still cant play any videos I have on my computer. You know what, forget the entire “In Game XMB Access” and just give us “In Game Custom Soundtracks” and ill be happy for years to come!

  • man i love it! is a nice feature when will the PS3 get this!!!
    And when will the PS3 finally get an well deserve upgrade On the VISUAL PLAYER i mean COME ON I HAVE AN HDTV and all i want is to look great while even playing music on HD! even the PSP has better a better looking VISUAL PLAYER!

  • Can anyone tell me if it plays Radio 1 from the UK. They broadcast in Real or WMA which normally needs a plug in. If it does I’m a VERY happy man !!
    (and if you’re bored check Yorkshire Radio Digital. I need my Leeds United games !)

  • Okay, now I’ll definitely have to “get my own” and stop using my brother’s. Keep it up Sony!

  • @27
    Apparently there is one with the latest PS3 firmware !

  • Wonderful update, nothing much to ask for on this sort of note…

    I just want more titles that have remote play content… push that like nothing else, every title available through the PNS should have remote play content!

  • Oh man, Sony is going to get their ass handed to them here when they announce the new PS3 firmware and the lackluster Video support.

  • psp firmware is better then ps3 firmware.. cool… but why?

    anyway.. Alex Jones on PSP radio how cool is that :-)

  • great update for the PSP, thank you.

  • Cool! We did get Internet Radio! ROCK ON! Thank you Sony!

  • I love the internet radio on the PSP. Is there away to book mark fave stations?

  • This is interesting..but the PSP still needs to find a way we can have play list like the PS2 can :( The m3u files don’t support songs with Japanese text or other languages besides English alphabet. It’s not realistically a playlist with the m3u files..

  • Like the PS3 I mean to the above comment :D

  • Is there a link to the update, the US Playstation page does not show the new update?

  • First and foremost, great work Sony! It really says a lot to see how well you listen to your fan base, it’s certainly a next generation attitude from a company that, in my opinion, is leading the next generation of gaming as well as home entertainment as a whole. This update really shows just how well the PSP was initially designed, it’s already over two and a half years old, and it’s features like this that really add to the longevity and the value of the initial purchase. I love my PSP, never leave home without it, and now I have a few more reasons to keep doing that!

    Firmware 3.80 = +1 Brownie Points for Sony :)

  • Hmm, been looking at the homebrew-scene again? I´ve been having internet-radio a long time through PSPradio-
    I do not really like piracy, I do like my homebrews. They let me use my PSP as I want it.
    (also got xvid support ;) )

    But hey! A great update for a lot of people, give us what we want Sony! :D

  • The PSP is looking better and better to me. I love and listen to internet radio everyday at work. I gotta pick a PSP up soon!

  • Internet Radio is the greatest new feature the psp has had in a long time. I’m thinking I will use this feature alot… THANKS!

  • I want this on the PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @7 & 8: Please…..PLEASE send them that stuff in a message and quit clogging up the comments area. Seriously. We don’t all need proof that you gave Sony feedback. Use the form.

    Does anyone with the update see any metal and/or hardcore stations? At the office right now…

  • Yeah they got hard rock 5 stations, Metal 12 stations, and 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s rock each with 12 stations. It’s got alot to offer. There are even talk shows, and it has some cool radio like sounds when it changes to another station.

  • but what about UK Radio 1. I’m desperate people ! …

  • Lame something I will never use. Get that PSstore for PSP. Then I might give you some credit. But these updates are lame.

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