More Year-End Lists: Top PS3 Games of the Year

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Last week, we asked you to make your voices heard among the year-end list-making din. This week, I thought I’d pass along something that might appeal to you PS3 fans out there.

While GamePro eschews the democratic vote, I thoroughly enjoyed reading its list of the 11 Best PS3 Games. Counting down from #11 (Folklore) to #1 (no spoilers here), it becomes clear: the PS3’s first year featured a *lot* of really strong titles. The exact order leaves plenty of room for debate – so feel free to do so below. But what is clear is that there are some surprises. Who among us last year would’ve predicted that Everyday Shooter would become a hit? Find that feature here.

So while it’s easy to venture a guess as to what might be on this list a year from now (LittleBigPlanet, anyone?), I’m particularly curious about which PS3 game we’ve never even heard of will be knocking our socks off in 2008. Can’t wait.

Another interesting read: Next Generations’s Top 10 Game Design Innovations 2007 includes a couple of PS3 fan faves.

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  • we are defenitely gonna see this games in next years list: MGS4, LBP, RESISTANCE 2, 8 NIGHTS ( is it a ps3 exclusive?? not sure ) GT5, we’ll also see some other exclusives that will be unveiled during the year ; )

  • I’ve heard nothing but great things about R&C, so I won’t de-throne it, but Uncharted should definitely come into the top 3!

    Heavenly Sword in the top 5 is good. I Haven’t played Everyday Shooter, but it’s quite far up.

    I loved Stardust HD, but it was a bit overrated.

    MotorStorm deserves it’s spot just for the long loading times! (J/k, love the game)

    I’m surprised by Warhawk, though, yet there’s still so much that the game needs to add (like messaging people, party, and maybe voice chanels like in Resistance)!

  • although I own almost every single game on that top 11 (as I own almost 20 PS3 games), I dunno about their order. I love stardust and own it but it beating out Uncharted?

    But I think thats what people are missing. Again, I ve owned every single console at launch. From PSP to PS1 to 360 to PS2 and what people dont see is that there are some Amazing games for it being year 1. On the 360, we were soo hungry for games. Same with PS2 and PSP.

    But holy god, I cant keep up with games and there might not be a flux of games, but the ones that are out are damn quality based games.

    I think thats the messege Sony needs to pound out. The amazing and quality games that exist currently is amazing.

  • Little Big Planet = Instant smash hit = cash = fun fun fun for all the family, I don’t know about you guys but LBP for me will ‘slap around’ the competition. I cant help but think how when I first played the Wii before it came out(I won a comp thingy), I felt that it could be massive and it was, it was the same feeling with LBP when I only watched a video of the game being displayed but LBP is no gimmick. I’m pretty sure that some of the stuff that the common folk come up with will blow even the dudes from MediaMolocule away and that’s a good thing.

    I’m getting a white PS3 from Japan in 2 weeks, I’m saving $150 by importing so screw the Aussie retailer or who ever ups the price downunder, Sony??? it really is disgusting you know, anyway keep these games coming!

  • I agree that the order on then list is off. These are some of the best. I love NBA2K8 on PS3. That and Call Of Duty4. I think they were going for only exclusives. I think Uncharted should have been higher. I still have to buy SSHD, I bought Pain instead and I was sad at the lack of depth.

  • warhawk should of been in the top 3. ive never played a playstation game so much before. Last time I logged in over 100 hours on a game was pokemon…haha!

  • i had a long debate about this on gamepro..i don’t even wanna relive this article…that whole list was wrong…the order of the list and they forgot some games at that.

  • warhawk is the most fun game i’ve played in a long time….my team is the red team..don’t like the blue everytime i play the blue team have little to no communcation…sad..they need to add more players to warhawk..make it 40..or 60..with bigger maps…anyone will pay for that if they played warhawk already.

  • @the first post guy who wanted to know something about the wireless singstar mics.

    They didn’t think it was good enough (No reason why), but they will launch it when its as “good as it gets”.

  • I’m pretty sure that R&C:FToD is one of my favorite games period, no matter on PS3 or anywhere. It’s right up there, below Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy IX.

    I digress, It’s great to see you on these boards now, Mr. Rubenstein. ^-^

    …And any word on if Sucker Punch is working on a PS3 title yet? *Giggles* Yea, I know you can’t say… Or wouldn’t know. But I want a R&C treatment for Sly, I really do.

  • Has anyone noticed the poll on the left of the page on gamepro we are being directed to?

    I have a feeling jeff rubenstein , may have influenced this poll by directing us there from sonys own blog lol according to it 38 percent of peeps on game pro want a ps3 for xmas .. Nice one jeff :)

  • Sorry should have posted this with my last comment . anyway

    I would like to congratulate sony on not going down the microsoft route with themes and gamerpics(although i would like to see some new gamerpics or ability to use ps3 eye to take gamerpics) microsoft charge for gamerpics and themes it is a complete rip off it can cost up tp 1200 ms points for a theme.

    oh and there latest trick is if your not a gold member ie £40 a year subscriber you have to wait a week longer for demos or arcade games videos etc etc.

    I like my 360 tbh but the value i am receiving from my ps3 and the quality of the exclusive games is really impressing me. if anyone asks me which console to buy i always say ps3 i feel you get more for your money

    and my last point i downloaded the drakes fortune demo when it was region locked and naughty dog sorted it out with in days its not sonys fault or the devs that the EU naughty dog proved to me they want to make everyone happy THANKYOU

  • edit above comment sorry again.

    It was meant to say its not sonys fault that the eu takes longer to make a game for firstly you have 15 mabye 16 countries to get a certificate for then you have the language barriers this stuff takes time the us really only has to worry about spanish and english so its obviously going to arrive there faster

    If you want a game fast import it sony has been nice enough not to region lock any GAMES

  • Whoa! I didn’t know there were TEN games already! 8-) Only bought Ridge Racer, Resistance and Ninja Gaiden this year and haven’t played either much. Uncharted is on it’s way.

  • I think a GT5 theme would be really awesome…. where you can make everything in the XMB car related… i’m not very creative, so if anyone does this it would be great.

  • Sorry Off Topic!;-D Er wheres the new BurnOut Demo??? Xbox Live have got it now???
    Is it out 2009!!!;-D with HOME,L.B.P,KillZone2 etc etc!
    (i’m JOKING!) ;)

  • For 2008 I would like to see more Amiga games brought back like what was done for Lemmings and Super Stardust HD.

    Either way i have to wait till Christmas to see how much I agree with the list. the wife wouldn’t let me get any games for the past couple of months. *sigh*

  • COD 4?? Assasins creed??…that list is not ok ….. =´(

  • Kudos to Sony for making sure that it’s sticking close to it’s core gamers.
    Top games for PS3 this year was R&C,HS,uncharted,Warhawk and UT3. Not counting multiplats.

  • @Jeff

    I think I’m about a day late for this post, but I figured I’d try anyways. Great articles, and good to see that the industry, and others are taking notice of the PS3. They really tried their little hearts out to dethrone the king of gaming, but eh, in the darkest hours, you prevailed.

    But enough with the over-dramatized nothingness.

    Let’s get on to the real reason I’m here, which thankfully, doesn’t involve any ranting so much as just questions. None of it concerns that one thing, that people just love to comment about here….

    Question the first!

    I have to agree with that guy you commented back to about the custom XMB theme maker, the thing that I think really surprised me about the custom themes Sony have released are the redone sounds, this is something I always pondered as a feature, and whether or not it would ever bother me. It stood somewhere like the iPod. You can have that *click* sound on when you scroll the wheel, or turn it off. Two options, but easy to choose depending on preference. Anyways, I would just like to state that I would really enjoy that in the theme maker, but I really want to ask you in context, will there be version updates for the theme maker to allow the changing of the rest of the icons on the XMB? I noticed that the PSN section and some of the others were left out (presumably for copyright reasons, but this can be worked around? Right? …Please?) but to see those included would add a lot, simply to attain that visual aesthetic I crave.

    Qu3stion th3 S3cond…

    I know your really not a FW kind of guy, but you do work with people that know some guy that knows a guy and so on…. SO.
    DivX support incoming? Yay? Soon? Hopefully? Just looking for an update before I lose any interest. When they announced it, I almost ruined my pants with giddy excitement, but with no time table given, and the 360’s fall update in place with said feature, I’m feeling a bit turned off.

    And finally, QUESTION ZE THURD.

    With this whole new year of great (undeniably) great PS3 gaming coming up, what are YOUR picks for what games will really change the flow of the industry at the moment, when in it’s peak financial state, is choosing to cheap out on some things, when the placement is there for better ideas. Or in “human speak” What game(s) on the PlayStation 3, scheduled to be released in 08 do you personally think will be the one to bring the PS3 back up top, to beat out the WIi and 360, because we all know it’s gonna happen, it’s just a matter of when.

    Always behind ya,


  • After seeing this list I really don’t get people saying the PS3 has no games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is one reason I bought a PS3 for new gaming experiences and great game inovations.

    Great job and keep them coming Sony.

  • Jeff will we ever get any of the FFXIII videos on the network? I mean they are all over the net but I want to watch them in HD on my PS3 to show off to my friends. Also how bout more videos of games like LBP, Killzone, FFXIII & VS, Home, MGS4, and others coming in the next few months.

  • Shooter is one of the best PS3 games…
    I would be saying it all wrong if i deny the fact that all games in PS3 are good…
    i really like them all…

    Akshay Singh
    Website Design and Development Company

  • why not give away 5 copies of the top games. make a contest out of who can guess the top 3 in the right order. come on sony, be smart about fun here.


  • Jeff

    I would love to put Folklore and Eye of Judgement on my top 10 list but I don’t feel I can since they don’t support 1080i.

    I was hoping you could shed some light on this issue of not upscaling 720p only games to 1080i for those of us out there (and there are a whole bunch of us) whose TVs only support 1080i. All 720p games downscale to 480p. I know this is not really related to this post but I have posted to you several times in more relevant threads on this issue and haven’t heard a comment yet.

    Please try and give us an update and check out this thread It is on the Playstation3 message boards to see how many of us are affected.

    Thanks again.

  • Ratchet & Clank is worthy of being in the top three, but so is Uncharted. What’s up with #6? It’s by far better than Heavenly Sword, which is also a pretty nice game.

    However, Uncharted and Ratchet are two of the best action/adventure games exclusive to the system so far in it’s first year. I think most gamers who have played them will agree.

  • I will also agree I would have thought Uncharted would have been higher on the list and even Warhawk.

    Plus even though Everyday Shooter was not my most liked game I am happy to see it at second place. Because for me at least I like seeing indie games and may be next year PSN will be able to bring out a lot more indie games like Aquaria.

  • Well this would be my list for this year.
    1. Heavenly Sword
    2. Call of Duty 4
    3. Uncharted Drakes Fortune
    4. Assasins Creed
    5. Warhawk
    6. Unreal Tournament III
    7. The Eye of Judgment
    8. High VB.
    9. Folklore.
    10. Calling all Cars.

    It was a great gaming year for me :)
    Looking forward to 2008s line up even more.

  • Any word on when Sony is going to release that patch for COD4 that they are supposed to have? IW said they gave it to them and they have had it for over 5 weeks now I believe. When are you going to patch this buggy game for us?

  • READ!!!

    Man I sure wish that many all of these games supported 1080. That way I could play them in HD on my HDTV as it does not accept 720p (same as many others’ TVs). So until Sony enables a way that all output can be scaled to a desired resolution based on user preference any game that does not support 1080 (either native or scaling) will not be on my list.

    HD games should never display at 480 on an HDTV

    BTW any word on when this will be addressed or if this concern has been acknowledged by anyone at Sony?

  • @p-s-3 (#65) – let’s revisit the Burnout Demo question after the Store update today.

    @CitizenInsane27 (#69) – I’m working on getting something together from the makers of the RCF and/or Uncharted Theme creators, sharing their tips.

  • @juanleche

    Well unfortunately it appears that we are being ignored on this issue once more. I know many of us have posted on Sony’s site and this blog site hoping for any kind of response to no avail. We will just have to keep on trying.


    Please let us know if you can try to take this up the chain for us.

  • I say Uncharted shoulduve been #1 in my opinion, or if not, then at least #2 or3, either way its the list is really good.

  • 1. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
    2. Unreal Tournament 3
    3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    4. Assassins Creed
    5. Warhawk
    6. R&C Future: Tools of Destruction
    7. Heavenly Sword
    8. Everday Shooter
    9. Motorstorm
    10. Lair

  • Well i’m going to go for the games I have,
    6-Conan(What?I likethemovies)

  • I’m going to make my own for the games I have.

    3-NinjaGaidenSigma(Rachel is Hot)
    6-Conan(What? I like the Movie)

  • I think the games are here now, but the marketing is not up to speed.
    Had these games been on the 360 they would have been selling much better and not just because of install base.
    It seems if 5 stars or 10/1 0 cannot be attached to the advertisement the game doesn’t get as much push
    Hell I saw more adverts for CPD4 PS3 than I have for Uncharted which I think is just wrong, furthermore the CG advertisements (for Ratchet and Uncharted for example) are not nearly as entertaining and appealing as the actual game play. All in all Sony is moving in the right direction but they just don’t truly have their fingers on the pulse.
    Less flash less flair less boom!! less pretense and more about the game.
    (copied here for emphasis)

  • I loved R & C But Uncharted is without a doubt, number one in my list :)

  • Sony really needs to get some commercials out about their exclusives. Uncharted and UT3 are both great games, and Sony needs to tell people that they are both out for PS3.

  • Hi guys, I love the new v.2.10 PS3 firmware update just for the fact of the new visualization of the earth while listening to music. Here is the thing though….we have DivX support but I still can’t watch DivX videos on the DivX/Stage 6 website with the PS3 browser. This is the feature I was looking for and now that it doesn’t work I feel totally let down. Do you guys have any information on this problem at all and whether or not it will be addressed? Thanks guys you are doing a great job, keep it up and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. :)

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