More Year-End Lists: Top PS3 Games of the Year

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Last week, we asked you to make your voices heard among the year-end list-making din. This week, I thought I’d pass along something that might appeal to you PS3 fans out there.

While GamePro eschews the democratic vote, I thoroughly enjoyed reading its list of the 11 Best PS3 Games. Counting down from #11 (Folklore) to #1 (no spoilers here), it becomes clear: the PS3’s first year featured a *lot* of really strong titles. The exact order leaves plenty of room for debate – so feel free to do so below. But what is clear is that there are some surprises. Who among us last year would’ve predicted that Everyday Shooter would become a hit? Find that feature here.

So while it’s easy to venture a guess as to what might be on this list a year from now (LittleBigPlanet, anyone?), I’m particularly curious about which PS3 game we’ve never even heard of will be knocking our socks off in 2008. Can’t wait.

Another interesting read: Next Generations’s Top 10 Game Design Innovations 2007 includes a couple of PS3 fan faves.

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  • 1st post…..any news on th wireless PS3 mics for singstar, thats the only thing stopping me from buying.

  • Uncharted should’ve been much higher, but its a good list overall. Unfortunately I can’t comment on Everyday Shooter :(

    Not to be an ass Jeff, but can you please get someone to kick SCEE up the ass for PAL gamers? We still haven’t gotten Everyday Shooter and Pain isn’t released until mid Jan (wtf is up with that?).

    Ahem, but it’s been a great year for the PS3 imo. Great to see some PSN titles there, hopefully it’ll pave the way for more small dev to make PSN titles, which in turn will pave the way for Sony to pick up some great devs :)

  • Good list, like you said the order is debatable but those are the best ps3 games no matter the order

  • I can’t wait for the future of the PS3. It’s bright, even if there is negativity born from jealousy pushing some peoples patience… I’m glad I purchased a PS3.

  • So that list was almost completely backwards. As Uncharted should be at #1, then Warhawk, then Heavenly Sword, then MAYBE R&C

  • Uncharted should be #1, no question about it.

  • The order seems very debatable… but you know what’s really embarrassing? None of those games even comes close to offering what Resistance did.
    Resistance had a stellar single player campaign, an excellent co-op splitscreen campaign, and excellent online play. The online play supported 40 person maps (with NO lag because of dedicated servers), It had multiple voice options including party mode, it offered lobby listings and matchmaking – and they’ve continued to update the game with patches that adjust weapons balancing issues or add new modes and they also have offered additional map packs (and let’s not even mention the totally customizable controls and the fun things that Insomniac does like making us all into skeletons for Halloween!)

    This game was a release game. That game set a standard that every online game has since been measured up to … and has failed miserably. Devs should have been trying to surpass the technology of this release game, but instead they seem to be trying to alter our expectations – sorry – it’s just not going to happen, our standards were set high.

    It’s a good list… but in all reality, the games seem to be going backward, not forward in terms of what they are offering.

    (though Warhawk should have been rated higher… it’s not only a fun game, but the 4 player ONLINE splitscreen was a stroke of genius that lets us share our fancy toy!… and we like to share!)

    My thoughts anyway.

  • This list just makes me thankful that I have a 360 and a Wii, because quite frankly, it just shows how bad PS3’s line up was for this year in regards to good exclusive games.

  • Wow, no Eye of Judgment. That’s a little disappointing. That is in my top 3 of great PS3 games this year if not my #1. Good list overall though.

  • Who of us last year even knew what everday shooter WAS? I do now. Great game.

  • Uncharted should have Been #1 or #2. Ratchet was a great game. Too. It was my Game of the year before Uncharted released. Uncharted is amazing!

  • Two twin-stick shooters in the top 4? Ratchet at number one? A remake at number 3. Heavenly Sword above Uncharted?

    I can see why I’ve never been to the GamePro website before!

  • I bet home beta would be up there if it actually got released….

  • Unreal would have made that list if it came a tad bit earlier. I love it! It’s such a fast paced and great FPS, I can’t believe Sony and Midway aren’t marketing it more, because it’s one of those games that should cause a buzz in the industry like God of War or Bioshock.

  • I have to agree with Gamepro on #1. I can’t believe what little attention Ratchet & Clank Future has been getting. Uncharted is a great game and deserves all their attention. It would be nice to see R&CF get a lot more attention though. I’ve been playing it since it came out. I’m close to 100% and I won’t stop until I get there.

  • 1. Uncharted
    2. Warhawk
    3. ESIV: Oblivion (i don’t care it’s still great)
    4. Rachet
    5. MLB 07 The Show
    6. Superstar Dust HD/Everyday Shooter
    7. Hot Shots Golf 5 (Give me english version now!)
    8. Motorstorm
    9. Resistance
    10. God of War 3 (i can dream since it’s not real yet it’s at #10)

  • The rest of the list isn’t too bad, but Uncharted should definately be #1.

  • I like the variety in these games. Although I will say that more FPS games need to be on the list next year. Sports games have always just been a non-issue(no offense).

    Next year?(in no particular order)
    +Little Big Planet
    +Devil May Cry 4
    +Killzone(refusing to call it killzone 2)
    +Eight Days
    +God of War 3
    +Heavy Rain
    +L.A. Noire
    +Metal Gear Solid 4
    +White Knight Story
    +WarDevil(can you guys get us an update on this one?)

  • My top games

    Lair “yes, I love this game”
    Genji 2
    High Velocity bowling
    Ninja Gaiden sigma
    Everyday Shooter

  • warhawk is way better than ninja gaiden.

  • @ Elsa43
    Resistance came out last year so it couldn’t have made the cut for this year.

    All in all, I liked the lineup they had on the list. I was about to click the last page and was wondering what the last game could have been. In my mind was “Ratchet and Clank (no joke! my first thought, even though I didn’t agree), Lair, uhhhhh.”

    I still agree with you guys, though: Uncharted needed to be higher up on the list, if not, number 1.

  • Why is little big planet not coming out next year? I read an article about it on in the news section.

  • @12 Soong: I totally agree, now I see why I never go to GamePro’s site.

    @7 Elsa: I concur meh lady! R:FOM should be on the list. So what if it came out at the end of ’06, it’s still one of, if not the best title for the PS3 to date!

    @9 Snap: EoJ should make the list for being pure genius for new inovation, and great use of an accessory. Plus the game is just good fun, although a little dorky. Only bother is the online match making, or lack there of.

    Warhawk should be alot higher. Folklore should be inside the top 10, not 11. How does Tekken even get on this list? They publish this a week later, like HELLO? This week, and HVB and UT3 are deep in the list aswell.

  • The only Blu-Ray game I have owned to date is Warhawk. Still waiting for Haze, Little Big Planet, Soul Calibur4, and Metal Gear Online. Not that the list isn’t great, but it’s not good enough for my hard earned money, yet.

  • Didn’t necessarily agree with the order of the list, but it was a good one none-the-less.

  • Solid list, Solid year 1. Got my ps3 with the first price drop and have been loving it. Just waiting for Burnout, Mercs2, and MGS4 now, among others.

  • sorry, off topic is the psnstore being updated later tonight with burnout demo? if it is can u plz tell us around what hour plz…

  • My top ten are:

    Rached & Clank
    Heavenly Sword
    Eye of Judgment
    Every day shooter
    Rally Revo
    F1 Championship Edition

    Can’t wait for next year games like Socom Confrontation, MGS4, Motorstorm 2, Little big Planet & a possible Resistance 2 by holiday of 2008.

  • Forgot abou Haze & Killzone 2, How silly of me.

  • Haze is going to be great. InFamous has my eye too.

  • They picked the right #1.

  • @I_Love_New_York (#22) – it’s not coming out *this* year.

    @alucard2023 (#26) – the store update will fall on Thursday, as per usual.

  • Does anybody knows if these titles will have trophies available once PS Home is release next year?
    I’ve been finishing all my games in anticipating the PS Home reward system. Hopefully I wont be disappointed.

    Below are the titles I currently own.
    1. Ucharted: Drake’s Fortune
    2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    3. Ridge Racer 7
    4. Call of Duty 4
    5. Resistance Fall of Man
    6. Heavenly Sword
    7. Warhark
    8. Virtua Fighter 5 (No online…boooooo! With online play it would’ve been totally awesome!!!)
    9. Rachet & Clank Tools of Destruction
    10. The Eye of Judgment
    11. Motorstorm
    12. Folklore

    Will we be seeing the DualShock 3 Sixaxis Controller in January? Also, will we have different colors available? I’d like to white one asap!

  • Thanks Jeff. I guess a misunderstanding on my part LOL. But anyways I’m still happy that Ratchet was number 1. I still haven’t bought uncharted yet but I will before Christmas

  • My top five
    5. Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    4. Heavenly Sword
    3. Warhawk
    2. Uncharted
    1. Ratchet and Clank Future

    By the way, how are these games doing in terms of sale? Will there be some sort of Heavenly Sword follow-up (prequal or sequal)? Will you guys have a GREATEST HITS for the PS3?

  • Also, will you guys allow in the near future to upload THEMES to the PSN store or to allow THEMES to be exchanged through messages?

  • @P_tear_griffin (#35) – we’re looking into putting up a themes page on As someone who apparently makes themes – what would you like to see? What would be the most convenient/easy way to share themes?

    Look at me pushing things off topic, haha.

  • Just wondering, when will the PSN Cards be avalible in North America?

  • Hey Jeff your comment replies are quick and great.Kinda off-topic but I have a question that I’m sure everyone wants to know:

    Is there any word on a open Home beta this month? Everyone wants it and Phil Harrison said late November early December so where is it? Any information at all is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Aw, Uncharted should have been a lot higher. Definitely one of my favorite PS3 games. I would even say it’s one of my most enjoyable gaming experiences ever.

    And you’re already hinting at some unannounced titles, eh? Making us wait a little for some tidbits? Don’t want to share things early? That’s okay. We can wait. =P

    As for the themes page on, I would love to see it take on a guise much like that of the PSN Store, but with us submitting the content instead of developers and movie studios. Let us submit themes, to be approved by Sony, of course. Have the themes broken up and hosted in categories that are easily navigated so people can find what they want. Do some “Featured” themes on the page for the top rated or best-liked themes amongst you SCEA bunch. Have some contests or something to get the theme creators interested, with the winning themes being uploaded to the PSN Store. Just follow this motto: Anything is better than nothing, and everything is better than anything. =D

    And on an off-topic note, are there any plans that you can share, or at least hint at, of improving the PSN Store? Both aesthetically and functionally? It’s neat the way it is now, but I can’t help but think (and I’m not the only one, *coughIGNcough*) that it could be better.

  • Everyday Shooter is one of the best PS3 games out there.Definitely!

  • I use to haev an Xbox 360, but i had problems with hardware, lack of different games ( More like ShooterBox 360! ) and problems with Microsoft.. I liked what i saw of PS3 games in April/May. I was excited for alot of PS3 games, which have released in the last few months. I can tell you ever since August with the release of Warhawk, I’ve been proud to get the PS3. Warhawk is great, Eye of Judgement is unique, Uncharted is sheer brilliance, i could go on. I’m even more excited for next year!

  • Sorry, i forgot to put this in my previous comment and i dont know how to edit it if i can.

    * I’m also happy that Sony updates their games ( extra content. ) And the open-ness of PSN rules.

  • @ Jeff #36…

    What games I would like to see? a multimedia theme, not just another game theme. I’m a mature man and some good looking multimedia icons will be the best you can do for the mature audience and for those who love to use the ps3 as a blu-ray player, is dumb to see a movie with some friends and have some childish themes or boring themes. I know how to make a theme and theres sites that have a lot of themes, but nothing near what I want… and I just don’t have the time and the brain to make one, maybe I’m a little lazy to do it jejeje… just a multimedia and eyecandy theme and I would be happy

  • @benzboi92
    … my point was exactly that! Resistance was a launch game from 2006… and yet in the following year, not one game gave us what Resistance did. While there were lots of good games in 2007, Resistance seems to have set a bar that none of last years games reached in terms of overall quality – which is a shame.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my PS3 (in fact I just bought a second one for my husband so he’ll quit sharing mine!)… but I rather expected many of the features offered by Resistance to become somewhat “standard”… as that was the first game I played on the system. So far, most every other online games has not reached that standard.

  • Uncharted should be #1 R&C #2 all the rest were good too especially Folklore.

  • 1. Ucharted: Drake’s Fortune
    2. Warhark
    3. Rachet & Clank Tools of Destruction
    4. Heavenly Sword
    5. Resistance Fall of Man
    6. Unreal Tournament 3
    7. COD4
    8. The Eye of Judgment
    9. Motorstorm
    10. High Velocity Bowling
    11. Super Stardust
    12. Calling All Cars

  • @ Elsa43

    Agree. But U haven’t played R&C yet. So the SP part might be matched. Uncharted came damn close as far as SP. Nothing is a better complete package though.

  • @Jeff: Sorry I got you off topic. First, the themes tool is not that easy, it’s a bit time consuming. Anyway, it’d be nice to either submit them to the playstation site and then have those submitted available for many to DL straight from the store or just upload them straight to the PSN store somehow. And do you know if we can already set sounds for the icons. ever since the Ratchet theme I’ve been dying to see/make more themes with custom sounds.

  • I’ve been playing Uncharted again. I really go back and forth between R&C and Uncharted for the #1 spot. They are both really good games

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