More Year-End Lists: Top PS3 Games of the Year

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Last week, we asked you to make your voices heard among the year-end list-making din. This week, I thought I’d pass along something that might appeal to you PS3 fans out there.

While GamePro eschews the democratic vote, I thoroughly enjoyed reading its list of the 11 Best PS3 Games. Counting down from #11 (Folklore) to #1 (no spoilers here), it becomes clear: the PS3’s first year featured a *lot* of really strong titles. The exact order leaves plenty of room for debate – so feel free to do so below. But what is clear is that there are some surprises. Who among us last year would’ve predicted that Everyday Shooter would become a hit? Find that feature here.

So while it’s easy to venture a guess as to what might be on this list a year from now (LittleBigPlanet, anyone?), I’m particularly curious about which PS3 game we’ve never even heard of will be knocking our socks off in 2008. Can’t wait.

Another interesting read: Next Generations’s Top 10 Game Design Innovations 2007 includes a couple of PS3 fan faves.

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