Beats: Play What Everyone’s Talking About

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In case you missed it, Beats came out for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC yesterday. It’s getting great buzz from Kotaku, PSP Fanboy, Joystiq, and others. As you can see in the video below, it’s a funky interactive music player that gives you a new way to interact with your personal music collection on a PSP.

Basically, it creates a rhythm action experience with whatever music you chose on the go. Every game experience will be different from the last, varying as much as your music collection. Biggie? Radiohead? Sinatra? It all plays great! When you start a song, simply react to the on-screen musical and visual cues, pressing the PSP’s buttons in harmony with the music to score points.

There are three single player game modes and two multiplayer modes (both competitive and cooperative). Multiplayer modes can accommodate up to four players connected via Ad Hoc communication.

Head over to the PC Store to check out Beats for yourself. Beats is available for $4.99.

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  • not-buying-incognito

    not that cool, when i get my psp i’m not buying that.

  • #49.

    If you have a ps3 too.

    Buy the Game on the PC. the download will be on the ps3 as well since it’s linked to your account. Log into your PS3 and in the PSN store click “Download List” it’ll be there.

  • Doesn’t look that good, maybe the videos doesn’t help because everyone that bought it says is super fun and cool, without mention thats is only $5


  • I don’t get these types of “games”. I actually don’t even consider them “games”. I personally dislike Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I feel like I’m playing Simon in real time on a TV screen. Glad most of you are enjoying it tho.

  • This is definitely a fun thing to do while passing time listening to music. And it’s only $5 at that…

    People who are complaining are the types of people who thrive on complaining about everything… If you’re complaining about a $5 game, there is something seriously wrong with you…

    Oh and for people having trouble with the game not playing certain songs for you, I found a solution that has worked for me so far.

    1) make sure all of your songs are in MP3 format

    2) This may sound weird, but make sure the folder(s) that your songs are in can be fully read in Beats. (That means no … at the end of a folder title.) I’ve tested this out already. I put the same exact songs in two folders. One had a name that fit entirely, the other didn’t. The one that had the readable name worked.

    For some reason the song titles don’t matter, just the folders they are in.

  • Do you guys accept Paypal?

  • @odz

    No they dont. Sorry.

  • Yup thanx, I have to use bopo, so for those of us in Australia who don’t have a credit card, use bopo.

    bopo is a prepaid Visa card

  • Nice. I really felt like Sony Music missed a real opportunity to encode all of their music CDs with Frequency track info for the PS2, so any Sony CD could be played as a song in the game. It would have made a nice value-add.

  • Wow, love this game! I wonder if they are going to update it over time to make it even better?

  • I’m agreeing with the “make it on the PS3” crowd… Until all of my friends have Progressive scan TVs (which won’t happen for a while) I wont be able to share this with friends if it’s just on PSP. If it’s on PS3, I can share it with anyone that simply owns a TV, plus I can do it 1080p if I have the desire.

  • I would love to buy this game, but i don’t have a credit card =( Please Sony, allow PayPal =]
    *And no, i don’t have a Ps3…

  • For those who says the rhythm doesn’t match the song are playing on a low difficulty. When you play on hard or extreme the button presses are spot on with the beat almost all the time. Its kind of like when guitar hero is awkward on easy because they notes dont seem to match the song, its because its trying to oversimplify for you.

    Play on hard or extreme if thats your complaint.

  • This has nothing to do with anything that any of you are commenting about but XBox sucks, im sick and tired of hearing about XBox versus Playstation 3 what is the difference WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE honestly someone answer that question and tell me the reasons why everyone loves that system more than the WII and Playstation 3 PLEASE ANYONE


  • @Paul

    You can get pre paid visa cards which is what I am going to do, this is for Aussies though so you would have to check your region I guess

  • Only $4.99, will get!

    You don’t know how much I love my oldschool metal and anime music, this is gonna own so much.

    The psp is a fierce beast, I see the DS lagging and staying behind.

  • JESUS CHRIST SONY!!!!!! why why do you keep innovating? do you think it’s your job? are you trying to prove something?? well what ever your up to it needs to be put to an end. i’m watching you, you hard working vision drivin new idea having bastards!!!!!! lol jk jk

    nice jod sony. when i get my psp this christmas i will be downloading/buying this. btw who is incharge of all the “magic” at sony. do you guys have a core group of people that come up with these ideas and then teams up with gifted developers? i know you probly won’t tell me for competive reasons but it’s been something thats been buging me

  • Sony,

    Please add this on the PS3 PSN.

    Please make the PS3 PSN and this PC PSN have the same content.

    Please make the PC PSN use standard http/https download instead of downloading though a windows-only application — at least call it “Windows PSN” to clearly signal what it is.

  • Why is it you insist on having all these different PSN Stores instead of just one common?? Is there any communication between the different Sony departments — at all?

  • Justin Money, you may wanna go seek some mental help. You have a PS3 who cares many people have 360’s who cares. Play what you have/like and be happy with it. You are taking this a little too far, all the shootings in malls and churchs now, and I have a feeling these people are like you and care about the stupid things in life too much, like kids video game consoles. Sit back take a deep breath and don’t worry about why people like the 360 better.

  • @Zta
    Use your mac, linux or ps3 browser, go to, log in with your PSN account, buy the game, but don’t download it. Then go to your ps3 store, go to download list and there it is. Connect your psp and download the game.

    Its not the fastest way to do something, but I hope it helps.

  • @Enedok
    Thanks! Allot better than nothing.

  • NP. BTW If you wonder why they have separate stores its because of licenses and localizations. I was surprised to see Heavenly sword animations with Norwegian subs. (I’m of course in Norway) Then it is the pricing system. They have agree with the game companies with prices and etc etc. If you have ever worked with many people at one time, you always got some guy “want something like that and nagging about it and then sees its not working out after all”. Get rid of them, they take time and is annoying for people who wants to move on. Hire perfectionists that can do it them self, not ask other people to do it.

    /random as you can see, I have some experience with it.

    To everybody, thing takes time. Do something else then screaming about it. Asking one time is enough.

  • Looks really fun.

    I’m glad Sony’s embracing innovative game development. So many of the games these days have so much marketing, focus group testing and positioning principles that they are all about mass appeal playability and completely lacking in identity or soul. I play a game today and forget what it is a week after I stop playing it. A cool title like beats looks to be one I’ll remember, and that not only makes me a customer, it strengthens the PS brand as a whole by associating it with unique and fun experiences instead of generic game experiences that result in short term gain but long term forgettability.

  • Is it possible to patch it to support the Atrac format from the Sony Connects store. All my music on my PSP is purchased from that store. I know I can convert it, but that’s a pain. Would be nice if it supported the Sony Music format as well. Awesome game, regardless. It even works with Podcasts, LOL!! Love it

  • Nice little skill game. Perfect for people who never blink or ever have to stop playing to use the bathroom. I’m liking these micro games that we have been seeing but I am still waiting for a real MMO.

  • Holy… Wow. What a surprise this game was. I’m a sucker for rhythm based games and this hails back to Harmonix’s Frequency/Amplitude. Well done, lads and ladies. This is one of the PSP’s best titles ever. Clever and fun stuff.

  • The best $5 I have ever spent in gaming :)

  • Is beats not available on the store or something? I tried to download it just now…but it says “can’t be accessed.”

    Tks for the tip fellas…man!!!

    I wanna play it now too:-(

  • I’d buy this if it was for my PS3.

  • Despite the awkward way I had to download this game, not being a Windows user, I really think this game is actually quite interesting. I really like the user interface when recording music; the way to select a pad with right/left/up/down, and activate an instrument with X/O/^/#.

    I was thinking that it might actually be great to be able to compose music while you’re on the move. Perhaps the PSP isn’t a bad platform for a music creation program, complete with a tracker, different synthesizers with a wide range of filters, the option of adding custom samples (WAV), download additional instruments, and of course midi support in some way (either directly with an adapter in the PSP’s USB port, or simple import/export of saved music tracks). The program should of course conform to as many standards as possible when it comes to midi music, instruments, samples, etc. (I’m not at all familiar with these, sorry), so the music one creates, can be used together with one other (possibly highly professional) equipment.

    Just a thought. Maybe it’s all rubbish. I can image a keyboard could be quite difficult to implement. But then again.. everything is possible these days, and the UI of Beats sure is great.

    I’ve been thinking of getting myself some sort of a synthesizer with an built-in tracker. That’s why I came up with this =)

  • This is the game I bought my PSP for at launch (we were all hooked on Frequency/Amplitude back then).

    Glad to see this finally happen, and for such a low price is great!

    You guys need to be hyping this game though, it wasn’t even mentioned in the PS Store for PC press release and I found it after checking out the site on a whim.

  • What kind of files work, I’m disappointed now that I see that some of my music is not working.

  • @jazzagers

    I have a few cruddily encoded mp3s that it balked at, so I just quickly converted them to .wav and back to .mp3 with DBPowerAmp and now they work fine.

  • Why can’t I doWNLOad it from the sTORE!!!!

    I wanna play:-(

  • @OmniCloud:
    1) Buy the game from the PlayStation Windows Web Store, but don’t download it. Your purchase will be added to your PlayStation Store Download List.
    2) Go to the PlayStation Store from your PS3 and download your purchase from the Download List.
    3) Copy the game from your PS3 to your PSP.

    I’ve been told that you can also access the PlayStation Windows Web Store from your PS3’s browser, but you still have to enter the real PlayStation Store to perform the actual download. So you can perform the entire purchase, download, and copy from your PS3 if you want.

    But I can’t understand why Sony just don’t move the PSP content into the real PlayStation Store. If it’s safe to download Beats from the web with their app/possible rootkit, it should be safe to download it directly to the PS3.

  • @Zta yeah another user informed me of how to get it on my PSP if I don’t use Windows…

    The problem is Beats is unavailable on the PC store itself!!! at least for me it’s not working…

    When I try to add it to my cart, it says “it’s unavailable at this time”

    I dunno what the hell is going on!! BUt hurry up and fix it SOny!!! I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY $5!!! LOL…

  • Strange. It worked for my the other day, using Linux and Firefox for the Windows Web Store and the procedure I described.

  • Here sony, HERE SONY sony sony….got a nice juicy 5.99! ya want it? hmmm?

    Then provide me a path to get it to you! please!. Where is access for PSPs or PS3s to this content??

    A small but loyal demographic of coustomers, people who have every thing but PC’s got shafted in this arrangement.


    Again, Please any information/action on a PSP psp store would be not just great BUT highly recomended.

    (Proudly typed on a PSP not pc)

  • @zta–yeah I thought it was my account or something…

    But when I went to add Wild Arms into my cart it worked fine?

    It seems everyone who went and got it around the first few days of release got it and it’s fine…

    Damn…I don’t even know if this is a widespread thing or not?!

    It specifically says “this item” and other games add to my cart just fine…

    I really wanted to play this one too..

  • @86-Know any good programs for the mac that can help me do that.

  • I have a problem downloading the beats game with the downloder program. Could any one help?

  • WOW impressive! that looks like a most for music freaks like me!

  • Still can’t download from the store. Getting the “content is unavailable” message…

    WTF Sony?!!?!!

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