Beats: Play What Everyone’s Talking About

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In case you missed it, Beats came out for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC yesterday. It’s getting great buzz from Kotaku, PSP Fanboy, Joystiq, and others. As you can see in the video below, it’s a funky interactive music player that gives you a new way to interact with your personal music collection on a PSP.

Basically, it creates a rhythm action experience with whatever music you chose on the go. Every game experience will be different from the last, varying as much as your music collection. Biggie? Radiohead? Sinatra? It all plays great! When you start a song, simply react to the on-screen musical and visual cues, pressing the PSP’s buttons in harmony with the music to score points.

There are three single player game modes and two multiplayer modes (both competitive and cooperative). Multiplayer modes can accommodate up to four players connected via Ad Hoc communication.

Head over to the PC Store to check out Beats for yourself. Beats is available for $4.99.

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  • Nice video!

  • I brought my PSP into work today just to download this but alas I don’t have a memory card that’s big enough to hold the game. :(

    Also does anyone know if you can gameshare these PSP games liek you can with PSN content?

  • Like Guitar Hero for your own music and on the go, no less.

  • oh….”AD HOC.” LOL. I was trying forever to play online. This game is great. Do you happen, by chance or not, to know what the requirements are for .mp3 files?

  • I have no idea how to start the competitive multiplayer matches…and some MP3’s that play in the PSP are not compatible with the game. Is there a specific bitrate/encoding scheme we need to get them to?

  • You should definitely bring this to PSN for PS3 owners.

  • Cool idea for a game.

  • I love the game. It beats just listening to your music. Since it uses mp3’s on your mem stick, you can change the playlist anytime you want.

  • I’d try it if there was a demo for this and the other games on the PSN stores. I can’t keep buying PSN games so often.

  • This game really needs to be brought over to the PS3!

  • This should be on on the PSN for PS3 not PSP…if you want to make money stop being idiots and put on TRIALS OF TOPOQ!!! PLEASE

  • I’d love to buy & play Beats, but for some reason, the Playstation store is not accepting my credit card, even though it is valid & a major company.

    There’s no Help option at the Store, so there’s no way to tell if Sony is aware/working on this problem.

  • this is awesome

    hope it comes out for PS3 as a downloadable game too!!!

  • The game reminds me of Gitaroo Man.It’s awesome!

  • I enjoy what it is, but I am having issues with its compatibility with a number of my music files. Is there any place to get help with this?

  • This is really an addicting game. 5 dollars was a definite steal.

    I found out that songs don’t play at 48000hz but at 44100hz.

    Or is there a perfect setting for the song? ;o

    Will you add more features too in the game? like maybe a “Game Over” screen.

    and… Online play? ;3

  • Please add the ability to create your own button pressing layout! that would be so awesome.

    maybe upload it to the web and some people download it.

  • I just bought this game and I love it! My girlfriend enjoyed playing it too!!! This is a perfect game to just pick up and play with the psp… it was designed and made just for it. I really hope that you guys release it on the PS3 PSN because I’d love to play it on the big screen as well.


  • peope need to buy this game! its amazing!

  • Please make this available for the PS3 as well.

  • I downloaded the game and i have not been able to put my PSP down since yesterday… This is what i was waiting for on the PSP. Love the game hope you guys make one for the PS3 to.

  • Freaking MP3 format….I got AAC so…

  • I love this game so far, but I have a question if someone can answer. Can you put this game in another Memory Card? I have 2, 1 GB MC and a 4GB MC, so I wanted to know if there is a way to pass it over or not. Or how many times I can download it back to my PSP?

  • @Darkaoz.

    if same PSP you can do it as many times as you like. the game should work on 4 other psp ;o

  • Okay yes, please make it for the PS3 as well!

  • FOR ANYONE INQUIRING ABOUT METAL: Meshuggah’s ‘Catch 33’ album IS ORGASMIC. Played every single track all the way through- which says a lot considering it’s a 45 minute album that’s basically one giant track cut up into pieces.

    Clark, BULB, and Aphex Twin work excellent as well.

    This game has completely blown my mind. Sony, keep putting out stuff like this. I am amazed at what you did. Best $5 I have spent ALL YEAR. PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME PLAYABLE ON PS3!!(so that it won’t lag and skip randomly too…)

  • can’t play the video on my ps3. please change the video codec for this site so i can play the video clips on my ps3. thank you

  • i have about 78 songs in a album on my psp….its entitled ‘Metal’ the actual folder shows up in the game but for some odd reason when i click the folder none of the songs pop up….can anyone help me?

  • I figured out a setting that works perfectly for me.

    Encode your songs to be at 320bps and 44100Hz. it makes the synching work best.

    Unsure about other settings. i know 48000Hz does not work. so if any song that doesn’t work, it’s probably because of that :D

    Hopefully it can be fixed?

    OH, i’m guessing the local play only lets me use “Jamming” Songs because it would be hard to stream the music over to them? ;o

  • Amazing game. I downloaded it to the PSP before bed, yeah, I spent the next 2 hours playing the game. Took the PSP to work and spent my entire lunch playing it. Addictive and great fun. Thank you for bringing this to the PSP Store. Would be great to continue the experience on the PS3 as well!

  • id love to check it out but i cant use the PSstore on my mac.

  • This game rocks…been waiting for it since I saw th vid, and it’s great!!!

  • I didn’t get this game yet, I watched the video but couldn’t understand what are you suppose to do.

  • I would love to buy it, but since I live in Europe SCEE is asking for € 8. Vs. $ 5 that is a ridiculous price especially considering exchange rates. So I won’t buy it until the price comes down to € 5, then we can talk.
    Fair pricing by SCEA though!

  • There seems to be little incompatibility issues with some bit rates & audio sample rates that don’t work in the game. Therefore some mp3s won’t work with Beats. But overall, it’s a neat game. Fun and entertaining to pick up and play on short burst while on the go.

  • not too bad.. however the download seemed to take a while for being around 250mbs..

    too bad i can’t play it on my ps3 since i have a TON of music on there.. and could use my bluetooth remote control as a controller!

  • Looks to be kind of like Harmonix Ipod game Phaze, and that is really cool. I’ll have to check this out.

  • I love the interface options and the fact that I can use my own music. As far as the game goes however, I don’t really like the game play. It’s unnecessarily complicated. The directional input with the analog nub or the d-pad could easily be substituted with a single button press. At least having the option to use the left and right buttons for the directional input would be nice. It could also open up new game play options (hold both left and right to activate something or other)

  • I’m really disappointed.

    The buttons i got to press are NOT related at all to the rythm of my MP3.

    Basically, this “thing” (can’t be called a game, it is not) is :
    – listen your MP3
    – watch lot of lights exploding on the screen
    – press random buttons not synchronized at all to any of the MP3

    Totally disappointed,

  • @#39

    Your way off buddy. That or very rhythmically challenged. Its a great GAME akin to Dance Dance revolution and the like.

    Have you even tried creating your OWN song in the game and playing to that?

    Wow you should really know what your doing before you post something. Makes it all the more obvious your are talking out of your ***.

    Dissapointed for $5.00? Gimme a break man.

  • This video doesn’t SHOW anything. It’s just a trailer. No actual gameplay going on to where you understand what’s going on. I’m not impressed at the moment.

  • Please make a PS3 Beats game too.

  • Does the music play when you hit the correct notes? I don’t get it..if that’s how it plays then this game probably is the best music game out.

  • bring to the ps3 playstation store, please

  • Is this game supposed to also support ATRAC files or only MP3s? I have ATRAC files that are automatically put in the OMGAUDIO directory when transferred to the PSP, but Beats does not seem to find them (and moving them to the MUSIC directory does nothing). The PSP finds them fine in the XMB, but Beats doesn’t.

  • I suppose I will have to try this out later since it has gotten some amazing reviews around the GameFAQs boards.

    Still have some lingering doubts about whether I should or not but it definitely sounds great.

  • Can you guys please bring this to the PS3 store or make it easier to transfer games from PC to PSP or something…

    This is just freakin lame–not everyone uses Gay windows as there operating system and that’s the only way you can transfer files…

    Why is this not on the regular store? You have consumers who want to buy the game that can’t–Fix this plz

    would be nice…

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