Beats: Play What Everyone’s Talking About

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In case you missed it, Beats came out for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC yesterday. It’s getting great buzz from Kotaku, PSP Fanboy, Joystiq, and others. As you can see in the video below, it’s a funky interactive music player that gives you a new way to interact with your personal music collection on a PSP.

Basically, it creates a rhythm action experience with whatever music you chose on the go. Every game experience will be different from the last, varying as much as your music collection. Biggie? Radiohead? Sinatra? It all plays great! When you start a song, simply react to the on-screen musical and visual cues, pressing the PSP’s buttons in harmony with the music to score points.

There are three single player game modes and two multiplayer modes (both competitive and cooperative). Multiplayer modes can accommodate up to four players connected via Ad Hoc communication.

Head over to the PC Store to check out Beats for yourself. Beats is available for $4.99.

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