High Velocity Bowling: My Favorite Stuff

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Hi again guys & gals! Finally, the launch of High Velocity Bowling is almost here…a much anticipated day for me and Team Ramrod down here at SCEA San Diego. I’ve already talked a bunch about the game and some of the characters, but I thought I’d take this opportunity on launch day to point out a couple small things that I really like about this game.

High Velocity Bowling 1

The coolest thing we’ve done is a progression feature that we call Trick Shots. As you play through the game, unlocking stages involves beating 3 types of challenges. I think Trick Shots is the most entertaining of the three. As I’m sure you’ve seen in the videos, we do things like add chairs, cones and ramps to the lanes that you’ll have to navigate through/around/over to knock down pins. You’ll also get a chance to try some of the most difficult trick shots in bowling, such as the “Flying Eagle“, a trick shot that Chris Barnes has made famous on the PBA Tour.

High Velocity Bowling 3High Velocity Bowling 2

Another thing that I really enjoy is some friendly competition with my teammates here in San Diego and at our QA facilities around the world. You can post high scores from games and series for each bowler in the game and see how you stack up. Only one 300 game has been bowled, so we feel the difficulty level seems pretty appropriate. We’ve also started guessing how long its going to take for one of you high-caliber game players to toss the first perfect game after release… but I won’t tell you what our over/under is!

Anyhow, that’s it from me – I hope you go out and get the game! Its a fun game to play with friends or play through by yourself to try and unlock everything and see all we’ve put in there. There are 49 different patches to earn, so get busy. =)

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  • THANK YOU!!!! Finally, a game where the 6 GB of music I have on my PS3 is put to some good use! Why Pain lacks this feature, I’ll never know, but thank you and everyone else that made this game for finally implementing this feature.

  • Yeah, I have way to much music to put on my PS3. I use Media Player to keep all the mp3 meta data updated and for playlist management. I stream everything from my PC.. So, I was kidna of stoke’d when I heard in game music.. But now bumbed as I probably will never use it as I really don’t want to go through the hassel on pulling music off my PC every time I was to listen.. Ohh well, can’t wait to try this out.

  • This game has me pretty excited. I will probably plan on buying it, but two things I’d like answered first- 1) Will this game receive DLC, or say online multiplayer later on? 2) Will this possibly be switched in with Home somehow? Thanks.

  • If you can do it, why the hell would you not make pain compatible with in game music, Its a [DELETED] little fun game that should have music…. PLEASE GOD WHERE IS TRIALS OF TOPOQ< DO I SERIOULSY HAVE TO GET ONE OF THOSE FREAKIN WIRECARDS TO BUY IT FROM THE UK….JUST SELL ME TRIALS OF TOPOQ, MAKE MONEY!!!!!!

  • hey this game has custom sound track
    its sweet
    load up your song

  • I also have a lot of music on my P.S. greatness and I think you guys took a huge step in the right direction. Good job!! I hope you guys give us updates so we can play our music on other dowmloadable games and possibly regular games. but great job

  • it’ll also be great if we can control the volume on the music too

  • You know what would be great? The ability to turn off the toons comments. I love that you included the ability to do custom soundtracks, but seriously, I am sick of hearing the same [DELETED] comments over and over. I bought his game from you, please make my purchase worthwhile. Thanks!

    Honestly, did you not think we would hate the trite comments from the toons?

  • No ONline Mplayer?

  • The voice-overs from each of the characters are pretty annoying. What is the point of custom sound track when you have to listen to “Can we hurry this up, I have to go pick up the mini-van from the shop” for the 1 billionth time?

    How about letting us turn off the sounds from the characters? This is a big negative on what is otherwise a great little game.

  • Best implementation of the six-axis to date.
    Can we get an eyetoy interface to add our faces?

    Love the game.

  • Thanks guys! I had fun with this game for a few hours last night.

    Great level of difficult.
    Great use of the six axis controller
    Great job in creating it in such a way that makes it easy to hold on to the controller (we’ve all seen a wii remote go through a TV on Youtube).

    And finally.. thanks for full 1080p support!

  • I spent a dw hours last night also, even played for 5 min this morning.

    I’m loving the in-game custom music!!!!!

    It’s see mvery realistic pins falling and even the swing and ball motion, great work…Can’t wait to show some non-gamers haha

  • So is it possible to use my iPod to listen to music?

  • I think playing the music of the HDD was a GREAT idea it really add to the game making it feel a bit closer to being at a bowling alley haha…

    Great controls also, took me about 3-4 games to get some decent scores, not i have to learn the curve.

    Can’t wait to try the trick shots thats my next challenge.

    Like a reader above playing from Media Sever would be SWEET!!!!!!!!!

  • What about Online play? I love this game so far but I think it would be awesome to play Online! WHAT ABOUT ONLINE PLAY?

  • Oh yea, I agree about the whole character voices. I think we should be able to turn that off. I get tired off hearing them say the same stuff over and over!!!!!

  • OK….Me and my boys have been playing it but since we apparently suck, we can’t unlock much. How’s about a cheat code for those of us that are getting SICK and TIRED of the same things coming from the SAME characters. We just want to play the game with who we want and how we want. Peeps coming over to see the game DON’T want to “Unlock” anything either. CHEAT CODES!!!

  • This is a great game and a good value for only $10. It definitely has more content than say another game that came out last week has. Though I will agree, it would have been nice to play friends over the network…

    Great game, I just need to learn how to use the spin better, lol.

  • @jedson328

    Can’t you just turn down the voice volume in the options menu? Lol, I don’t know, I haven’t bought the game yet.

    Just a suggestion…

  • video on XMB music access posted on youtube last night. check it out if you’d like. It’s already spoiled me. I barely want to play other games because I can’t get my music now. lol


  • ONLINE PLAY????????????




    I agree the comments form the other bowlers get pretty annoying..

    it would make this game worth playing again if i COULD TURN THE VOICES OFF!!

    they drive me crazy!

  • I think HVB is pretty good value for a $10 game. And finally we have the first game that makes proper use of the six-axis. Congratulations to the developers! HVB is nothing like Pain regarding its value. I highly recommended it – it is a true party game and also accessible for non-gamers.

  • @50 KazeEternal…

    lol… lol… lol…
    first everyone wants in game xmb … or in other words, using their own music files in game, and to be able to chat during gameplay, now… that we’re starting to see them roll that kinda’ stuff out, you complain it’s not ‘complete’ enough? I disagree… get a bigger hdd in your ps3, it’s easy as snip snap paddy wack… and then import all your cd’s/pc’s music tracks in mp3 format etc… and there you go… done deal, and in my opinion, no game should be without this feature, especially not online competitive games.

  • i certainly hope there will be more content for it in the future.. like being able to create your own character.. or customizable characters past the basic clothing.. and online multiplayer would be great.. being able to have tournaments with several other people would be nice.. the leaderboards dont seem to update properly.. my high game wasnt registered at all.. and my patches and stuff arent updating on the leaderboards either.. but overall, its been fun.. and i do enjoy the custom soundtrack feature.. holding the controller isnt nearly as difficult as i envisioned… good job..

  • please add a patch for
    on-line support
    this is a game that should have it
    this could make a good game great

  • I just wanted to say thnaks for this awesome game! It’s the best 10 bucks I’ve spent over PSN yet, Everyday shooter aside, and I’ve seldom had this much “actual” fun playing thru a game. You came thru for me in ull force, man. I’ve been waiting for this since I 1st heard about it. Awesome! Now, Sony… get to work on a PSN wrestling game in full 1080P!!!! A pool game too!

  • I sure have enjoyed this game! Holding the controller hasn’t been a problem at all!!!

    What about online play!!!!

  • Character voices is really annoying especially when playing custom soundracks! But this is a great feature to be able to play our own music!

    What about online play! I have multiple friends who are not real interested in PSN games but would definitely but if they could play ONLINE!

  • Volume control needs to be added, other than that its a fun party game.

    Oh btw, swinging a controller over a coffee table while drinking can be hazardous to your carpet. I’ve already had to clean up a few spills but its worth it.

  • HEY PJ!

    How come my stats aren’t showing up on the leaderboard…I can look at the leaderboard which constitutes the fact that I am signed into playstation network…so what gives?

  • Really good games i play with friend, and just to say its the first time they play playstation and they get it after 5 min, i think its really the first games the sixaxis its really good, so you guy do a amazing job on that games look like a real bowling games :)

  • just bough the game… worth the money really… just need online play and everybody will be happy…

  • Just wanted to say thanks for this great game.

    We had everyone over on Friday night for some food and drinking and HVB kept everyone busy for hours. This game is so much better than Wii bowling.

  • love the game…nice degree of difficulty and I can’t wait for the add-ons.

  • As soon as I’ve got a PS3 I’m getting this game. I really like bowling, but haven’t played very much real bowling.
    So with this game, I can play bowling everyday!

  • Would be nice to have this in the U.K store in the next update.

  • Ok Honestly this game should’ve been in development longer why you ask? Well simple there’s No ONLINE FEATURE!!! And My wrist hurts if I play this game to long I even got a sprained Arm from playing this game! I mean what were you people thinking?…You should’ve looked at Wii Sports lol.Now thats real bowling! lol.I’m sorry but if I compare Wii Sports with High Velocity Bowling? Wii Sports wins hands down!..Next time watch a real bowler..lol the same goes for PAIN no online thats is just crap there..What were you thinking! Shame on Sony for allowing this in a game that we had to buy! >;(

  • But I do like the idea of being able to use my Music in a game but why only this game?.Seriously SONY needs to get that Xmb music player out already and being able to chat without having to leave a online game be it War Hawk etc!

  • I guess we aren’t gonna get anymore responses! I’m still wondering about Online Play???? How about being to turn off character voices????

  • Danger-X: Sprained wrist??? I hope your kidding! Some people kids!!! Anyway, still looking for a comment on anything? ONliNE Play??

  • Sorry about the lack of responses, guys – we’re hard at work getting the localized version of HVB ready for SCEE to release. A couple of quick notes on topics:

    @ turning off character voices
    This was something we talked about during development, but couldn’t find a good way to implement it. We’ll see what we can do.

    We’re working on something…I can’t make any official promises, but keep an eye out.

  • @93

    Thanks for the reply. I was wondering about these features as well.

  • I love HVB, its really the most complete Bowling Game I’ve seen, however I think there are many things that could be added, to get even more depth in the bowling scene.

    My first Idea would to actually be able to create a bowler. Every bowler had to start somewhere and weren’t a decent-pro bowler when they first started. Plus in the bowling scene, beginner bowlers are at a very high rate so I’d love to see a create a bowler mode (With possible PS Eye capability to further personalize your character).

    Second Idea, along with the Create a bowler idea, there would have to be some training mode where you can build your skills.

    Third Idea, I think some of the associations of bowling should be added in the game, like ABT(Amatuer Bowlers Tour, http://abtbowling.com/ ) for bowling tournaments and such . Also I think the game should have Plaques, just as Trophies and Patches are in the game.

    Just a thought, but thanks for making a quality bowling game. I truly love how the game captures the bowling swing and approach.

  • Great, thanks for the reply. I can only hope that Online play is coming soon!! My friends and I have been really playing alot but it would be awesome to not have to come to eachothers house everytime!!

    This (Online Play) has to be a must for HVB!!!!!

    Also want to reiterate my happiness with the in-game custom music though the characters voices are just disrupting my music! Anyway, Great feature though and I’m sure you will find a solution to turning the character voices off!

  • Online Play Please!!!!!!!

  • Online Play PLEASE!!!!!

  • Bug Report!

    There is a problem with the music selection. If you either have either no music or corrupted music on your PS3 and select change music then you cannot get out of the loop you find yourself in without restarting completely.

    I love the game, I had to jump through all sorts of hoops to get an American account working (its still not released in the uk) so I could d/l it to my UK PS3 though, why on earth do you make it so difficult…

    Apart from that, give an option to get rid of the voices and I’ll be happy.

    Two questions.
    Can some-one explain what the B, C ,D etc is on the balls? Is it how good they are at spinning?
    Is there a downside to throwing the ball as hard as possible? I see that the lane goes red, but it still seems to go straight..

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