High Velocity Bowling: My Favorite Stuff

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Hi again guys & gals! Finally, the launch of High Velocity Bowling is almost here…a much anticipated day for me and Team Ramrod down here at SCEA San Diego. I’ve already talked a bunch about the game and some of the characters, but I thought I’d take this opportunity on launch day to point out a couple small things that I really like about this game.

High Velocity Bowling 1

The coolest thing we’ve done is a progression feature that we call Trick Shots. As you play through the game, unlocking stages involves beating 3 types of challenges. I think Trick Shots is the most entertaining of the three. As I’m sure you’ve seen in the videos, we do things like add chairs, cones and ramps to the lanes that you’ll have to navigate through/around/over to knock down pins. You’ll also get a chance to try some of the most difficult trick shots in bowling, such as the “Flying Eagle“, a trick shot that Chris Barnes has made famous on the PBA Tour.

High Velocity Bowling 3High Velocity Bowling 2

Another thing that I really enjoy is some friendly competition with my teammates here in San Diego and at our QA facilities around the world. You can post high scores from games and series for each bowler in the game and see how you stack up. Only one 300 game has been bowled, so we feel the difficulty level seems pretty appropriate. We’ve also started guessing how long its going to take for one of you high-caliber game players to toss the first perfect game after release… but I won’t tell you what our over/under is!

Anyhow, that’s it from me – I hope you go out and get the game! Its a fun game to play with friends or play through by yourself to try and unlock everything and see all we’ve put in there. There are 49 different patches to earn, so get busy. =)

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