High Velocity Bowling: My Favorite Stuff

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Hi again guys & gals! Finally, the launch of High Velocity Bowling is almost here…a much anticipated day for me and Team Ramrod down here at SCEA San Diego. I’ve already talked a bunch about the game and some of the characters, but I thought I’d take this opportunity on launch day to point out a couple small things that I really like about this game.

High Velocity Bowling 1

The coolest thing we’ve done is a progression feature that we call Trick Shots. As you play through the game, unlocking stages involves beating 3 types of challenges. I think Trick Shots is the most entertaining of the three. As I’m sure you’ve seen in the videos, we do things like add chairs, cones and ramps to the lanes that you’ll have to navigate through/around/over to knock down pins. You’ll also get a chance to try some of the most difficult trick shots in bowling, such as the “Flying Eagle“, a trick shot that Chris Barnes has made famous on the PBA Tour.

High Velocity Bowling 3High Velocity Bowling 2

Another thing that I really enjoy is some friendly competition with my teammates here in San Diego and at our QA facilities around the world. You can post high scores from games and series for each bowler in the game and see how you stack up. Only one 300 game has been bowled, so we feel the difficulty level seems pretty appropriate. We’ve also started guessing how long its going to take for one of you high-caliber game players to toss the first perfect game after release… but I won’t tell you what our over/under is!

Anyhow, that’s it from me – I hope you go out and get the game! Its a fun game to play with friends or play through by yourself to try and unlock everything and see all we’ve put in there. There are 49 different patches to earn, so get busy. =)

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  • Wasn’t this game supposed to be the first game to incorporate in-game soundtracks?

  • It’s out today. Sweet thanks for the update. Had my doubts but sounds fun.

  • Yayyyy, High Velocity Bowling!!!
    Now can we please get some Mac support? MS’ 360 is now supporting Macs. How come we are always 10 steps behing MS?

  • so this game has in-game soundtracks

  • @Ghostm
    Like I mentioned in a different post, it’s not M$ that made that program, so why are you blamming Sony for not having the same thing that’s totally community based? Shouldn’t you be complaining to the people that made the program for 360 and not PS3?

    OT: can’t wait to pick this up. PAIN has me totally hooked on the “Unlock Patches” thing, so I’m excited.

  • Yawn, US only, how depressing…

  • Cool I may have to get this tonight. Whats the price on this one? @Ghostm if you want to stream audio or something off your mac to the PS3 use eyeconnect. Its free and if you google it, it will show up. I use it.

  • sweet… i cant freakin wait for this game!!!!!!

  • @ ghostm
    You’re talking about a third party program that now lets you stream divx from macs to 360s. lol MS had nothing to do with that.

    There are already programs that do this from macs to ps3s, google “stream from mac to ps3”. (ps3 doesn’t support divx codec yet, but it will very soon, it was announced).

  • Jeez, it took me 234242334234 login attempts to be able to leave a comment. Man, fix that.

    Wait… Wait… Wait… This game is ACTUALLY coming out? I’ll believe it when it’s actually up on the store. Should be 1/2 price for the wait and the mention on IGN’s top games released in NOVEMBER (HA!).

  • looking forward to playing this one .. especially with my heavier Dual Shock 3 (import, sorry just got one couldnt wait).

  • @GhostM .. get EyeConnect .. i have been using it for months now and it does a great job .. where the PS3 bests the XBox is the DNLA support and letting you copy files over to your PS3 not just streaming it .. so you have better control.

  • @#7

    If it helps. this IS a US blog lawlz.

  • Is there no online play?

  • I can’t believe it we guys in Australia haven’t even got PAIN and now your getting HV Bowling.

  • I want online play!!!!!!

  • @16 … well at least its not winter there.

  • Us in the UK are still waiting for Everyday Shooter. I guess we can expect this in May…

  • Do you have to play this game using the motion sensors? Because I haye playing games like that. I like the good old 3 push button way. Please tell me there is an option for both and not just motion sensors.

  • total bollocks.
    i hope that bald idiot harrison os ashamed of himself.

  • So let me get this straight! you can only POST your score online and not play against someone online?

  • Its in the store now, guys.

    As is the new GTA trailer. Hell yes.

  • it looks very fun, but the price?

  • Looking forward to this game.

  • @8 and 10
    Thanks for the info guys. I’ll check it out!

  • The games are so expensive! $11 for a PSN game? Yikes!

  • Its about time! This game should have been out last month! Why doesn’t this game have online play again? Other than that, I am d/ling it now and I can’t wait!

  • @Stoffinator
    How much do you pay for a 2 hour movie?
    10$ in theatres, 4$ on video.
    Considering most people spend more than 2 hours on these games, especially games like this and PAIN that are fun party games with real people in real life, how is this price “yikes”-worthy?

  • In my mind way better than Wii sports bowling, also good use of the sixaxis.

  • downloading now and it was only $9.99.

  • During development of this game, how many people actually threw the controller? The Wii has wrist straps…what keeps people from throwing their SIXAXIS through their TV screen? I’m just a little nervous about people throwing controllers around.

  • @ 29

    This is the reason I don’t go to the movies. They are over priced. And so are most PSN games. But Pain falls into this more then any other.

  • I was hoping for maybe 6.99 but I will probably end up getting it. It seems too good to pass up.

  • Thanks for the comments, I’ll respond where I can!

    You’d be surprised at how comfortable it is to hold the controller for this game. Since we use the shoulder buttons, it promotes holding onto the controller. I’ve been one of the very few to throw a controller and that’s because I was being lazy and I caught an analog joystick in my pocket.

    @ the price issue
    Frankly, for $10, you’re getting a bunch of gameplay. I’d compare it to a typical non-mainstream sports title and you’re getting it for 1/6th of the cost of a normal PS3 game.

    We’re in the final stages of testing for the UK version, should definitely be out WELL before May over there. =)

    Good luck, guys – hope to see you on the leaderboards today!

  • Overpriced as was PAIN…not going to make anymore purchases of these little BS games. Tekken was about the only good purchase and possibly Blast Factor…just my opinion.

  • I posted on this game last time they Blogged on it. They confirmed your in game music is from your PS3 library and you can chage it in-game. Look back at the posts. WE get in game music for the first time!!

  • I don’t think it’s overpriced. Not for a bowling game. I actually like that price. Just like I like poker at 9.99 when it first came out. Plus, it looks like a lot of fun. Was definitely waiting for this game to come out. Now I need $10 :P

  • I am so tired of everyone complaining about the price of these games. If you’re having difficulty relate it to the cost of food or a movie at the theater. God forbid you actually buy a coke or popcorn at the theater…you’ve just spent 20 bucks for 2.5 hours of entertainment.

    Here you spend 10 bucks and you own something you can play anytime you like. You can play it with others and in most cases you’ll get way more than 2.5 hours out of it.

    Stop your whining…get a job, learn to save and reseach the games that are important to you. If it’s your sort of game and you’ve read the reviews then you shouldn’t be complaining about 10 bucks.

  • Even though I am jazzed about the first game with in-game soundtracks, I think I’ll wait until this one hits the bargain bin on sale.

    Unless you really like game of bowling, I bet you can get pretty bored with this pretty quick.

    It sounds like at least it has a few levels…better than just one on PAIN…

    And it’s two player if my girlfriend wants to play?

  • Yeeee finally so this week end will be a bowling week end :)

  • Oh and @39Muckraker and 229 Solace

    I’M sick of people pushing their opinions on others..

    If someone thinks the game is priced to high, that is their opinion.

    I also respect your right to freak out and defend a multi-billion dollar company, in the hopes it make even more money.

    Why feel the need to personally stick up for these developers and Sony..unless you are actually on the payroll yourself…

    my OPINION.

    flame away wieners.

  • “I’M sick of people pushing their opinions on others. If someone thinks the game is priced to high, that is their opinion.”

    Just, for a moment, read that statement.
    Spot the irony and flaw in your logic?
    No? I’ll wait until you do.

  • Solace- I posted a pist of games and videos hitting the PS store about a month ago. You asked if it was true? They just keep coming don’t they?

  • Awesome Game!

    Finally we see, albeait slim, version of custom soundtracks. (I’d like to get music off my USB flashdrive).

    Great, Great use of the SIXAXIS controller. Took me a few bowls to figure out I had to stop throwing the SIXAXIS at the roof, and instead down the lane.

    Thanks PJ, and RamRod.

    Do you have any DLC planned if the support is there?

  • dont listen to these guys, this is a great buy, $10 isn’t much to ask for something that will keep you entertained for a long time, plus i would also like to say thank you for the custom soundtracks, this is something that i have been waiting for for a long time, i hope more devs. start implementing this or even sony themselves

  • awesome game PJ! congrats to you and Team Ramrod!

  • Where’s the online part of the game?

  • yeah, $10 for these types of games is hardly bad at all.. i see higher prices on those casual games online all the time.. they provide plenty to do when you dont have a ton of time to jump into a regular game and are always plenty of fun..
    i like bowling, so ill probably download this game soon…

  • Loving the game, loving the ability to play music off the hard drive. However I think this game needs to be patched so I can play music off my network or off of a CD.

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