New Folklore Tales Coming

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First, I would like to thank you for helping make our little game a big success. Without your support, deep and innovative games like Folklore would never be made, and quite frankly, I would be out of a job.

So, you’ve played through Folklore, been to Hell Realm and back, and you want MORE??? Well, you’re in luck! Starting this month, and only on the PLAYSTATION Network, you’ll be able to purchase new downloadable add-on packs – each to include a new costume for either Ellen OR Keats, a completely new Folk, and 4 additional quests that extend the Folklore story.

Check out the packs you can look forward to and be on the lookout for more Folklore “surprises” around the corner. Thanks again for your support!

Add-On Pack 1: “The Kidnapped Folk”

Set during the timeframe of the original story, this is your opportunity to return to Doolin – gateway to the Netherworld – and take Ellen and Keats’ extraordinary adventure a little bit further. The quests include a mission to recapture a kidnapped Folk and an attempt to regain the trust of Brumbear’s soldiers. The pack also includes a new look for Ellen and a Folk called Maximillian who has a mean cannonball attack.

New Folklore Tales ComingNew Folklore Tales Coming

Add-On Pack 2: “”Bottom of the Sea”

Search the seabed for a mysterious item requested by Damona, get to the bottom of an accident that takes place in the Endless Corridor and complete the Wandering Thoughts mission started in “The Kidnapped Folk” Add-On. For Anime fans, Keats gets a “familiar” body suit that appears when he is in his “trancenscion” state and can face Phutcampus, a new Folk to defeat.

New Folklore Tales Coming

These Folklore Add-On Packs are priced for download at $3.99 apiece, or bundled together for $5.99. Details on more Folklore Add-On Packs coming soon!

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  • Anyone know if there will be a Folklore 2?

  • what they do is take things out to sell it too us later because ‘we need’ it or you can’t play with your friends.

    when the warhawk upgrade comes i’m out of my clan the way it is now.

  • “I’m beginning to feel punished for wanting to use my PS3 online. but at least there’s xbox live for the multi-platform titles, such as rock band and guitar hero.”

    Because having the option to spend $50/60$ a year for something that’s free on PS3 isn’t “feeling punished”?
    Or maybe you like their newest update feature – making members to its “FREE” service wait a week for demos.
    Unless this is opposite day, I say “HA!” to you…

    For those who didn’t read the news, Japan just announced cards for their PS3 store. It’s only a matter of time before they make their way over here.
    Prepare to cross another “fan want” to be crossed off the list.

  • “when the warhawk upgrade comes…”

    The simple fact that you acknowledge it’s an “upgrade” means that you know it’s an addition and not something that was fundamentally missing from the start.

    DLC “additions” are a good thing.
    DLC “unlocks” are not. (like what aaquib said about EA’s games).

  • Very nice. Thank you, Game Republic. I’m really glad you guys are commited to improving this wonderful game.

  • Agreed with Traziun. This game is sooo overlooked and so underrated. I’m just wondering if Game Republic would kindly make another Folklore, for its dedicated fans like myself?

  • I’d have to say the game is a “breath of fresh air” its a rpg…but its a different concept. I think its definitly worth a buy…forget mass effect, i heard they released that game before it was ready anyway :-P Get Folklore! :)

  • I agree with DLC, but I haven’t with most of the prices I’ve seen for the content. The stuff for Pain and Sonic is an outrage. Stuff for Motorstorm should of been free. Why? Because the game was lacking in tracks when it shipped, yet we paid full price for it.

    This is what keeps me from buying DLC, the primary games have become no more then 6 hours of game play yet we still pay top price for games. Then a month or so later ask to put out more money for more content that should of been in the game to begin with.

    I doubt anybody here doesn’t understand that developers need to make money on DLC. That is a given, but don’t jip us on our regular length games and sell the rest of it to us later.

  • I have been waiting for these for a while. Think, you could put the fragments back, add the DS3 support like Japan has, and confirm Coded Soul for the US? Please….

  • what is keats outfit from?

  • Thanks very much Eric. I have been looking forward to the DLC for Folklore. It’s a superb game which is highly under rated and unappreciated. People should give it a try, the immersive storyline is one of the best in any PS3 game to date and the use of the sixaxis in capturing the Folk’s ids is great.

    I take it though that DualShock 3 support for the game won’t be added. Will these packs be in the store this week or some time later? Good pricing for the content, I’ll be sure to pick them both up. Hope these packs help sales of the game. Go out there and buy this game people.

  • @60
    Keat’s outfit looks an awful lot like a certain character from Tekken.

  • Good stuff, i bought Folklore a few weeks ago and its a great game!

  • @#58 Stoffinator-

    be careful when criticizing the pricing of Sony products when Solace is around!

    She is the self-proclaimed Blog boss!

    She will not take it too kindly if you express your opinion.


  • Keats’s new Trancension outfit = GUYVER!

  • @ Solace, those PSN cards have been out for ages in Japan and the rest of Asia. IGN was very slow to pick up on that news. I guess they just wanted to throw it out there again because a certain GT5 Prologue game is out next week in the stores. Get in there! That game will cause more bickering I can guarantee as people throw $40 for a demo! around the place.

  • @64
    Thats to bad for Solace. I’m a huge Sony fan myself, but I still point out their flaws and mistakes, I ain’t blind. ;-)

  • Shoot, another add on that i cannot play because YOU DONT WANT TO BRING THE PSN CARD, when, when, when,when are you going to respond to that simple question????????????

  • Looking good!

    Love Ellen’s and Keat’s new costumes, a great reason to replay it =P

    I really love when they add new costumes, makes the whole experience fresher.

    This game is pure magic, it always keeps you in the game, very cool stuff.

  • Thanks for continuing to give me reasons to spend my money on PSN Sony. I’m not a fan of paying more than $60 for a game, but I AM a huge fan of Folklore and I guess $6 isn’t gonna break the bank. I’ll gladly slide you a ten spot if you can add 2 new worlds to explore…

  • Question for those waiting for PSN cards….why don’t you just get a pre-paid Visa card from Wal-Mart? There’s no approval or anything, and you can use it for whatever. I’ve been using them to buy stuff off PSN since I got my PS3 last November.

  • Is is pick on Solace day??….can i play??…LOL j/k :)

  • @zola
    Someone here has to be the voice of reason and fight off the trolls and banshees (the whiners). :P
    So, by disagreeing with the stance that I have that developers should get paid for their extra work, are you saying that they should work for free?

    @66 Gavi
    The PSN cards aren’t out in Japan yet. They come out on Dec 14.
    If you did a little research using this new fandangled web site called “Google”, you’d know this. But considering you think that a game with more cars and tracks than most racing games AND at a cheaper price point is still a “demo”, I guess you’re not that clever to have figured out how to do research…

    @72 Loucifer
    Oh, Louci – I thought you had invented “pick on Solace day”? Why are you letting them show you up? *huggles* ;)

  • will the add ons be compatible with the asian version of folklore?

  • Ok i have the game i play 3 times with the chick and 2 with the dude and i never play it again it is a good game but i got Uncharted and i’m going back to it one day but if you don’t have it buy it and she is hot already i just don’t like the dude he looks gay

  • Awesome! Thanks for bringing this over stateside. I’ve been playing through the new DLC and having a blast. I can’t wait to see the additional packs get released. :)

  • Why do the add ons cost a dollar more in canada?

  • Wow… there are quite a few posts here and I’ve only been able to skim (apologies). A number of people have asked about Dual Shock 3 support, and yes, we will be supporting it (the patch should already be live).

  • What a great Idea! Thanks Folklore team! I cant wait to see what you release for halloween!

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