New Folklore Tales Coming

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First, I would like to thank you for helping make our little game a big success. Without your support, deep and innovative games like Folklore would never be made, and quite frankly, I would be out of a job.

So, you’ve played through Folklore, been to Hell Realm and back, and you want MORE??? Well, you’re in luck! Starting this month, and only on the PLAYSTATION Network, you’ll be able to purchase new downloadable add-on packs – each to include a new costume for either Ellen OR Keats, a completely new Folk, and 4 additional quests that extend the Folklore story.

Check out the packs you can look forward to and be on the lookout for more Folklore “surprises” around the corner. Thanks again for your support!

Add-On Pack 1: “The Kidnapped Folk”

Set during the timeframe of the original story, this is your opportunity to return to Doolin – gateway to the Netherworld – and take Ellen and Keats’ extraordinary adventure a little bit further. The quests include a mission to recapture a kidnapped Folk and an attempt to regain the trust of Brumbear’s soldiers. The pack also includes a new look for Ellen and a Folk called Maximillian who has a mean cannonball attack.

New Folklore Tales ComingNew Folklore Tales Coming

Add-On Pack 2: “”Bottom of the Sea”

Search the seabed for a mysterious item requested by Damona, get to the bottom of an accident that takes place in the Endless Corridor and complete the Wandering Thoughts mission started in “The Kidnapped Folk” Add-On. For Anime fans, Keats gets a “familiar” body suit that appears when he is in his “trancenscion” state and can face Phutcampus, a new Folk to defeat.

New Folklore Tales Coming

These Folklore Add-On Packs are priced for download at $3.99 apiece, or bundled together for $5.99. Details on more Folklore Add-On Packs coming soon!

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  • I haven’t checked out this title yet, but maybe it’s time for me to pick it up. Does anybody else on here owns it? Hows the game?

  • Has Dual Shock 3 support been added to this game yet?

  • Unfortunately its hard to gauge a game by feedback you’ll get here. Its a bit of a niche game IMO. Happy though to hear they are finally releasing some more content for it! I would like to see more add on packs but please bundle at a nice cheap price.

  • THANK YOU guys so much. I just asked about this on ps3forums and here’s my answer!

    My only question is, since I haven’t beaten the game, how do you go back in and play these extra quests after you beat the game? I know the bartender dude is where you go for new quests, but after you beat the game are you still free to run around etc.? Or do you have to start a new game, and then go to the bartender?

    Either way, I think this is a great way to do DLC in games. You get new functionality(monster), new gameplay and story extension(quests), and a little extra with the costume.

    Price is pretty good too. TEAUXTALLY picking both these up, along with Shivering Isles on the 15th when I get paid.

  • Great news, but needs to be cheaper–we already paid $60+ for the game, so why make the add-on packs so expensive. Shame.

  • Sweet.

  • Folklore is a good game. I’m starting the 3rd level with both Ellen and Keats now. The amount of attacks/folk you can collect is pretty impressive. The graphics and animation are actually quite nice too. All the folks are very fun interesting designs. Soundtrack is beautiful but I do wish there were a few more songs to it. Gameplay is good but sometimes the animations of the characters gets in the way of responsiveness of controls (especially Keats). The story is interesting (sort of like a supernatural murder mystery) and i like how you get two sides of the story with both characters. The dialogue translation from japanese is ok but I’ve seen better some of it is a little awkward. Nothing game breaking but you’ll see. I also like the “comic book” look of a majority of the cut scenes, reminds me of the comic book metal gear graphic novel umds for the PSP. So far I’m enjoying it and would give it an 8-8.5 out of 10. Looking forward to the DLC.

  • cool i bought Folklore 2 weeks ago, and about to go through my second playthrough to get all of my folks to their max levels, now that some DLC will be released i look forward to returning back to Doolin much more than before:)

  • Great News, I thought only Japanese version can play Folklore’s add-ons before…

    by the way, I like this game very much, graphic and music are all really beautiful.

  • Yea! Finally :D

    I’ve been waiting for these for a while now.

    Virtual Cookie to anyone who knows which anime character Keats new outfit is “familiar” to.

  • great, this is one of my fav games, i will get the dl as soon as it comes out

  • I tried the demo and my first impressions made me think it was kinda lame (for some reason) so I neglected it for a weeks until I finally got around to playing it 2 days ago. Looks promising, should pick it up. :)

  • Glad to see the add-on content finally come to the US. I finished the game a while ago and have been anxiously awaiting the additional content.

  • Nice–DLC that adds to the story hehe—PSN just getting better and better!

  • “familiar”…? I’m intrigued… Now is that a play on words, I have to wonder…

  • you can go back at anytime and do quests.

    when you reach a portal, go back to doolin.
    Go to the bar during the day and night to get quests (they give different quests).

    Furthermore, at night time, you can go to any netherworld that you’ve already been to. When you’re ready to continue the story line… then you go back to the netherworld that you’re in.

    I beat this game 100% (capture every folk, Leveled up every folk).

    This was a great game with beautiful graphics, a great sound track, and very innovative game play. For those who complain about games being too short…well… this game is very long. Some people complain about it being too long. haha.

  • That’s strange?! I have that pack since 12 November!!! it’s really weird. anyway I want to thanks all the great people who work on that awesome game.

  • Would buy those DLC:ses in an instant, but I am currently unable because my credit card isnt supported. Gotta wait for those PSN cards wich will hopefully get relased soon(?)

    The game was great altho the levels where quite repeative and adventure section could have been ALOT deeper.

    next game should have:
    – more lenght
    – non linear or pipe feeling maps. dont mind loading times, just want to roam more freely catching folks. 1 big map/world where you do quests would fit folklore well.
    – voice acting (it was great, but why it was in only few parts of the game.
    – more music tracks, the ones in game where top quality but there where quite a few.

  • Umm…. picture links don’t work. Says I don’t have permission to view them?

  • Now that I have finished, Uncharted 4 times and Ratchet 3 times, I am finally going to play this game.

  • @fizan (#12) – I, too, was kinda nonplussed by the demo – but the full out game sucked me in a lot more due to the story elements. Folklore just has a very unique feel to it that’s kept me coming back.

    @The Souljourner (#19) – Fixed! Now you can take a closer look.

  • This is awesome! Soon, FPS’s will charge you for each bullet you fire!

    Uh, no thanks. Again, you guys are offering DLC that past games shipped with. I suppose I can just wait for you guys to come up with an actual good reason for me to open up my wallet.

    Until then, I’ll just go play a game that shipped with side quests included and didn’t charge extra for them.

  • That’s it. I’m now boycotting any game that releases addons for MORE money after we’ve already spent $60 on the game itself.

    Stop it, you’re killing the industry.

  • Good to see you guys are making great new content for the game, so that we can all keep getting enjoyment out of it, even after we have finished the thrilling, mysterious storyline!

    You guys are great game makers. This game is honestly one of the best i bought this year. I preordered this instead of Skate, and WOW was i pleased i made that decision. The storyline is great, the gameplay is awesome, and the mystery is frankly thrilling.

    Congratulations on such an awesome game. I have downloaded all of the content up on the European store (which is these two) and they are great, and add a lot of gameplay hours to the story.

    If you have the game, these add-on packs are so worth the money. If you don’t have the game, go out and buy it. It’s awesome.

    Oh and i voted Folklore as the best RPG over on 1UP. That’s how good it is.

  • Awesome news. Lot cheaper than i was expecting.
    For anyone complaining about this kind of DLC, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – you don’t like it, don’t buy it. No one’s forcing you or making you purchase these.
    If developers want to do extra work and invest extra time for us to have extra play time with a game, it’s only right that they get paid for it.

  • Oh! Ha, I was a little worried about the price, but then I took a closer look- they come bundled too! How stupid of me- Hurray!

  • This isn’t about buying it or not buying it. It’s about principle.

    I own every triple A title on all 3 platforms. But forking out more money on so called ‘add-on’ packs that SHOULD have shipped with the game in the first place is basically stealing from you guys legally.

    Imagine if games like FF7 charged 2 bucks for some of the side quests it offered. When all was said and done, that game didn’t cost you 40, more like…100.

    Those of you who purchase this pack, are just opening up the flood gates to being screwed royally for every single game in the future. If you keep encouraging this kind of business practice, pretty soon you’ll get to the ending of a game and have to pay an extra 5 bucks just to unlock the ending.

    I understand that developing a game costs a lot of money. I am not against DLC, but I am against the kind of DLC that blatantly tries to pull a fast one on the fans. Us, you guys.

  • It’s good to see more content for this game. I’m curious, did it meet its sales? I think that this is a great game that stands out amongst the shooters this year. I highy recommend that gamers pick it up.

    I really liked the Doolin village exploration moments. The game does get repetitive switching back and forth between the characters but the story hooks you and it’s fun capturing different Folks.

  • I hope these are better priced then the Pain content. That stuff is a huge rip off. But I am glad to see Sony supporting the games beyond retail, just stopping making the retail versions so short or, cut the price of them down to $40.

  • I guess this has really turned into an argument about extra content, so here’s my two cents: I agree that $60 is already a lot to pay for a game and don’t really want to pay more, but that $60 gets you a complete, full-storied game. The add-on pack is exactly what it implies – it’s extra content for those folks that want a little more of the game without waiting for the sequel.

    Now if a developer were to release an game, sell it for $60, then charge for add-ons that were integral to the story of the game (or the ending, like Pistolaero mentioned), then I’d be upset.

    In this case, do you really believe that this stuff should have been in the game from the beginning? I liken it to buying a “special edition” DVD – you’re paying more for added content than you are for the “regular” version that comes with just the movie. You don’t really need the extra content, but you pay for it because you really enjoyed the movie and want a little more out of it.

    I do wish the add-ons were a bit cheaper, and it would be fantastic if a developer were to surprise us with a few free add-ons, but I do think these are good for the gaming industry (not “killing it”, like one poster stated). Until these newest-generation consoles, we’ve never really had the opportunity to get this much extra content for a game before.

    That being said, as long as the add-ons are worth the extra money (meaning that they provide some level of gaming enjoyment, not just a new character outfit), I have no problems with them.

  • @Pistolaero
    I get where your coming from but in this case I think it was a complete game I recieved for the $60. Thats why I am ok with paying a bit for extra DLC. I think though I will wait for a larger bundle than this. I would encourage the concept of giving some more content away for free occasionally. It shows good will towards fans.

  • “I liken it to buying a “special edition” DVD – you’re paying more for added content than you are for the “regular” version that comes with just the movie.”

    BINGO. That’s EXACTLY what it is.
    You don’t have to get the add ons if you don’t want to, and it won’t affect / ruin your enjoyment of the game whatsoever. Like the game? Want to play it some more? Here’s your option.
    New missions, new costumes, new folks: for only $6ish? Sold.
    Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.
    It really is that simple.

  • Well, I warned you guys! =)

  • Just picked up this game two days ago, it really does suck you in. Love the combat, love the art style- very impressed and will dl the new content.

  • Holy crap! That Keats outfit makes me so glad I bought htis game. I haven’t beaten it yet, but this will definitely give me reasons to start playing again.

  • This game is great. It really deserves a look if you enjoy a great story and beatiful visuals. I am definitely picking this up on day one! Thanks for the news, Eric. You have made me a happy Folklore fan. Off to the Netherworld again!

  • What’s happening with the dualshock support? Are they waiting until Sony releases the controller here? (And when will that be??).

  • How come no games coming out for the PS3/PSP are an event anymore? The Playstation Store for PSP came out and noone even cared. You need to get people to know whats going on more Sony.

  • I loved playing Folklore, and maybe I will pick these up and play it some more. Very unique game. Nice that you offer them apart, and as a bundle for cheaper.

    No need for the new Ellen cloak though, because once you get the Hell Realm cloak, no reason to have her wear a different one! *wink wink*

  • I am very pleased with all the ps3 support, weve been getting alot of dlc, and demos just keep on coming. Sony your doing a great job with the PSN and a very good job on supporting your consumers.

  • I liked this game; but haven’t played it since I finished it. I’m glad to hear there is new content, but would rather have seen new levels instead of simple new side missions (which I thought were kinda’ boring compared to the rest of the game). I think I’m going to have to pass on these. I’d be willing to purchase a new level though.

  • May I refer you to the PSN store, selling characters for PAIN for $1 each.

    Warhawk, releasing the new patch to add maps and vehicles. Of course, it’s a multiplayer game, so naturally mostly everyone will buy it, thus forcing you to buy it if you want to enjoy the game.

    All online shooters will do this, charging 5 bucks here and there for a map or two. Motorstorm has already paved the way for paying insane amounts of money for inane DLC. Cars, tracks, game modes; these things should be given for FREE. You buy the game, that’s called patronage. The developers should show a little love to the patrons of their games by releasing extra content for free, or not doing it at all. I can’t think of one plausible scenario where I would want to pay for extra content. Not extra missions, not extra characters, definitely not extra costumes. On buying maps, you’re practically forced into it if you play the online mode competitively. PSN is touted as this amazing store where there are no monthly fees, yet we get nickel-and-dimed to death like any other DLC channel. The sad thing is, PC MMOs are what started this BS trend, and the MMOs weren’t even good to begin with. People just want something to throw their money at.

    Maybe I just expected too much from PlayStation with regards to their online setup. I wouldn’t mind paying $10 for a game if the DLC were free. I wouldn’t mind buying a $60 game if the DLC “add-ons” (which are not likened to special edition content no matter how you slice it) were free. While I’m on the subject, special edition DVDs usually come with something like, behind the scene footage, deleted scenes, etc., not extra things to do in a game. How you are drawing a comparison between a movie’s special edition and a game’s add-on content is beyond my comprehension, apparently.

    Forgive me for my rant, I just am so disappointed that not even one developer will release free add-ons. Keep sucking the players’ money like you don’t care about them, and see what happens to your support later.

  • I’m glad sony continues to add content to their games. Unfortunately I can’t buy anything since I don’t have a credit card. I read an article on Kotaku today that they will be releasing the Playstation Cards in Japan, can we expect them soon as well? Please somebody from sony respond, I’ve asked this question for months very politely and have never been responded to. Thank you

  • i’d really, REALLY Love to buy this game, but at present, the lack of an alternative to credit cards with the PSN just convinces me to wait all the longer…….

    I’m beginning to feel punished for wanting to use my PS3 online. but at least there’s xbox live for the multi-platform titles, such as rock band and guitar hero.

  • @Rainer
    “How you are drawing a comparison between a movie’s special edition and a game’s add-on content is beyond my comprehension, apparently.”

    Since it’s beyond your admitted level of comprehension, I’ll try to explain it to you in as simple terms as I can.
    Regular Edition of the movie or game is about 10$ cheaper than the Special Edition.
    You pay about 10$ more for those Special Edition features / bonuses / extras.
    See, when you pay more, you get more.
    When you go get a Burger King, you can get a Whopper. Want extra cheese on it? You have to pay extra for it.
    You don’t HAVE TO get the cheese to enjoy the burger, but if you that option, it’s there for you.

    I don’t know how some of you think things work, but DLC isn’t pooped out magically by puppies. Would you work overtime if you knew you weren’t going to get paid for it?

    Please, people, take an economics class before you continue these simplistic “gimme everything for free” replies that some of you have on here.

  • what will happen is people will buy less games, if we have to account for those updates we’re spending more on upgrading the collection then actually buying new games… oh joy.

  • Yay!! Folklore is the one of the best games I’ve ever played. And thanks for the DLC, I’ll be sure to purchase it the moment it gets updated, although I really thought you guys forgot about us for quite some time lol.

  • @42

    So, developers spend millions making a game and then sell it to you for $60 a pop hoping to make a profit. Now, if they need to make new content, it costs them, like the game, a lot of money to make. They have no motivation to make it if they know they’ll be LOSING money by making it. Bottom line: Their time and money is spent on downloadable content and they need to make it back.

  • Looks like some great additional content, not just some crappy additions….good job!

  • @45

    Well said. The only type of DLC I refuse to buy is the EA sh1t where they charge you to unlock content that’s already on the disc.

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