Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition

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Hey ya’ll! This is David Jaffe, co-founder of Eat Sleep Play and former SCEA Santa Monica Studios Game Director/Designer.

When myself, Scott Campbell (my partner in crime) and a handful of other Incognito folks left the SCEA mothership about eight months ago, we told everyone we were working on three new games for PLAYSTATION 3. And we are … work is moving along nicely on our first new PLAYSTATION Network title and we’re hoping to let you guys/gals in on it soon. But we’ve also been working on this:

Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition

Now when SCEA first asked us to make this game, we were a bit hesitant. It was our first game from our brand new company and we didn’t want players to think we were making “just another port.” Eat Sleep Play is a lot of things, but one thing it’s not is a “port house.”

But then we started talking and thinking and wondering: what if we could make it so much more? What if we could just stuff the thing to the brim with bonus features and new levels and updated graphics and really give the Twisted Metal franchise a fantastic send-off on the PlayStation 2? And when we thought about it like that, we got really excited.

And so that became our mission, our goal. And while ya’ll will – as always – be the final judge, we feel we’ve succeeded.

Here are some screens of the game to give you an idea of the new levels and the updated graphics for Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition:

LAWood TMHOGrimm TMHOTwisterEgypt TMHO

Twisted Metal: Lost:

Twisted Metal: Lost

Man, it’s been so much fun to work on a new Twisted Metal again. I thought I was burnt out on the whole franchise but the second I sat down to design, it was like coming home. It’s been so much fun! So there she is. Our first game from EAT SLEEP PLAY! Our love letter to Twisted Metal fans old and new. We hope you’ll give us a shot when we hit this Spring and we hope you’ll feel – like we do – that with all that’s been crammed onto this little PlayStation 2 disc, that this game is the Ultimate Fan Edition… This is – Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition.

Talk to ya’ll soon!

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  • Cant wait to buy this. I never played the tm on the psp cuz I’ve been addicted to the grindfest that is world of warcraft for the past 3 yrs but now im goin cold turkey soon as i get rid of my account. I’ve always had fun with the TM games besides the unmentionable sequels. The day I buy a ps3 will be the day that a twisted metal made by you comes out for it.

  • A PS2 game? What a letdown. Oh well, at least you guys have the install base to turn a buck on it.

  • I already own head on for PSP so i probably wont buy this,still not sure. but im going to rent this game no matter what just for the Sweet tooth part. hopefully it isnt just to run him around and there is some killing. but still going to try

  • I remember playing Twisted Metal Black.That game was awesome.I wish a TM game would come out on the PS3,but PS2 is still nice though

  • And i thought God of War 2 was my last PS2 game! Seems like this one will be unless we get more surprises.

  • Looks good, could use it on the PSN!

  • David, if you’re listening out there, please please PLEASE include the classic alternate control schemes. I spent many an hour playing TM1 and TM2 with Control Freak, and losing it killed Head On for me but helped me ADORE Black. I’m counting on you, man :-)

  • looks good i hope there will still be a god mode cheat. thats the only way ive ever fully completed a TM game.

  • Yet another title I’ll have to buy :)

  • Jaffe…me…you…1 on 1…Calling All Cars!

  • Jaffe rocks as usual. :)

    I’m glad you finally took the wraps off of this one. I’ll be adding this game to my collection as soon as it’s out!

  • personally, i have the psp game, its fun and everything, but a ports a port, i know you are trying to spice it up a little, but its for ps2 for heavens sakes, thats not a lot of upgrade on graphics, and the commercial didn’t sell me too well, so yeah, TRY AGAIN, and i did like calling all cars though, that was a good game.

  • NOOOOOOO, you’re suppose to make it for ps3! ps2 is good and all and its REALLY nice to see the series is back but….I would rather wait for 1Q of 2009 for this game on the ps3.

  • Would it be possible to stick this game onto the PS store? I’d would increase my chances of buying it a lot :)

  • This will be a great game to send the PS2 off into the sunset. I’m hoping there will be a PS3 Twisted Metal. I think TM would be something special on PS3.

  • A full PSN release with online would be completely COMPLETELY awesome, and would almost quell my beggings for a PS3 TM game… almost… please, make this happen.

  • Old dogs and new tricks don’t mix. I don’t know what you guys expect from him anymore. He’s washed up has been. Get ready for months of hype for games like CAC. Living off unsuspecting noobs $10, 10 minutes downloadable games.

    Just kidding, can’t wait.

  • Is this a PS2 game??? I certainly looks like one, or is it a PSN game, i’m a little confused.

    Pls someone enlighten me

  • OMG not another Twisted Metal….whatever…i wont buy it…it looks cheezy anyway

  • Why PS2? Do you see new Xbox 1 games or Game cube games coming out and someone actually blogging about it on a major blog?

    What is even more Stupid is the newer PS3 will not play this because Sony took backward compatibility out, LAMO shot themselves there.

  • “Our love letter to Twisted Metal fans old and new.”

    Ok now where’s your real love letter. Old fans of the series wants a new one on the PS3. Not a port with “lost” levels from a 5 or 6 year old game.

  • To #4- Well Sony came to us and asked for a PS2 version of the game, so you’d have to ask them why they wanted it on PS2 and not PS3 or PSN. My gut and experience tells me that it was a business decision – and a smart one at that – given the massive numbers of PS2s out there. We assumed that hard core Twisted fans, folks who have not made the leap to PS3 yet, and semi-casual gamers who were just getting a PS2 as the price for that system is now so low would all respond to this title. So we were- and are- very excited to bring the game- with all the new upgrades and new features- to the PS2. All that said, we hear you guys who are asking for a TM with some more kick on some newer hardware and with online…we hear you.

    To #13-Hey- I think you will find our next game more up your alley. Eat Sleep Play is not a big games studio. We don’t have or want 100 game makers pumping out epics. It’s not what we are about. But we’re also not only about smaller Calling All Cars style games. Our next game is much, much bigger than Calling All Cars…so give us a chance to entertain you with that one, yes?

    To #14- It’s not a shame. There are many, many millions of folks who still have PS2 and play PS2 as their main and/or only console. At Eat Sleep Play we are so jazzed to give PS3 gamers what we hope will become our signature brand of ultra fun arcade gameplay. And trust me, that’s on the way! But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to also entertain the huge audience of PS2 gamers. As much as we love the PS3, not everyone can afford a next-gen system right now. Doesn’t seem right to leave the PS2 only folks out of the fun, does it?

    To #17- I did not work on Warhawk. It was never a game I had anything to do with. But thanks for the insult.

    To #26- Hey- Twisted Metal is and always has been a Sony owned property…darn it

    To #35- It is amazing isn’t it? I’ve just gotten used to it since I started my blog…it seems 90% of the folks read the headline and don’t read what is written under it. I have no issues there…but then they leap to all these conclusions that- if they had just read the text- they’d know better. Ah well, welcome to the world wide internets.

    To #46- I hear you, man. Loved the rear view. Loved the first person view from TM1 as well. Neither will show up in this game…but who knows what the future holds?

    To #49- We hear you and if we ever decided to make a new TM, it would be a real fun challenge to figure out how to bring it into the new millennia while at the same time keeping what has made the series so special in the past. Because I have a feeling that tossing 64 cars in a map and saying ‘have at it’ would just be chaos…fun for like 5 minutes and then just too much noise to focus on anything going on. I know some folks dig games like that, but I don’t.

  • To #53- Well to paraphrase something I heard recently about the movie biz- I forget from whom: it’s called the games business. Without the business, there ain’t no games.

    To #58: Sorry man. We’re only supporting Classic, Control Freak, and Run N’ Gun! We’ll get you next time…promise!

    To #59- Don’t get me started! The TM God Mode has been the same since 1996! We kept forgetting to change it and it would make me SOOOO mad! So on this game, we made sure we had a God Mode in there but it’s a totally different code this time! I am so glad people won’t be breezing thru the game in God Mode the first hour the thing hits stores! Sucks to be you, tho …but don’t worry…I’m sure the new code will hit the net soon enough.

    To #61: You’re on! Go to my blog and comment and we’ll find a time to play.

    To #65- Would love to put this on PSN but it’s not in the cards for the moment. I hope down the line it’s possible. But not at the moment, for sure.

    To #68- Jeeze, this sounds like my wife! Hon, is that you?!? I didn’t know you went to the Playstation blog!

  • I never really was into the twisted metal series and have only played the game for about 15 minutes but now that your releasing this one ill def give it a shot.

  • Looking good!

    It’s good to see some color in Twisted Metal again, makes things a little funner for me.

    The whole dark stuff was good for Black, but it’s good to be back to normalcy…if you can even have ‘normacly’ with Twisted Metal :D.

    Might get it, but I’m not that good with TM, never been.

  • Thanks for the reply, David

    If i understand you correctly, you are saying that Control Freak *is* supported?

    If that’s the case, that’s all I needed to hear. Thanks, looking forward to purchasing the new TM then! :-)

  • Hello Jaffe I wanted to say it is great to hear you on this blog. I have read your blog in the past and I thought I read that you were going to show your first game Eat Sleep and Play was making. I took it was one of the new ones and not Twisted Metal. So was it TM or will we see that new game soon.

    Also what are the chances this version of TM will come out on PSN too. Plus another thing any chance you will go back and work on HeartLand or is that game really dead.

    Other then that thanks for the up-date.

  • So will there be online play? Will there be any new online modes like in Twisted Metal: Black Online; Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Collector and Manhunt? Can we play with those who have the PSP original game (Head On) online? Any new characters?

    I’m also interested in controlling Sweet Tooth. What exactly is it? Is it like what Tekken did with Jin in Tekken 5. That sucked btw. Please elaborate on the Sweet Tooth experience. Is it a cheap gimmick?

    PS. I bought Head On on launch day with my psp and consider this game to be a true sequel to TM2.

  • wow this game really looks amazing, I can’t way to play TM: Lost, it almost hurts to have to wait for this to come out. Any chance that either portion of the game will be online?

  • I cant stop scanning all the tm hotspots on the interweb daily/hourly I cant wait to play a this port. I also keep thinking of how sick a ps3 TM would be. Imagine the destruction and detail!!!! And ways that would make TM go the the next lvl.

  • I am a HUGE collector and a true fan of twisted metal!!! I have EVERY twisted metal game exept 1: TWISTED METAL HEAD-ON!!!!! the only reason is because I don’t own a PSP! But now that I know that twisted metal head-on is coming to PS2, I can finally have every single twisted metal game ever made!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sincerely, 39393

  • P.S. will you ever make a twisted metal 5??? PLEASE!!!!!???!!!!! And when is Twisted metal head-on for PS2 coming out????????

    Sincerely, 39393

  • OMG!!!!!!! Its for the PS2 and not the PS3 what a rip-off buttttt I own a PS1,PS2,and a PS3 so im good but I wish it was HD 4 PS3 Is there going to be a Twisted Metal for the PS3 iv’e played ever twisted metal and I own ever twisted metal exept the first and I love them all thats
    TM2 TM3 TM4 TM:Black and………………….
    ..TM:Small Brawl

  • woops, did I post that sorry :(
    Its just that I saved for a PS3 for almost 2 years and the day the 40GB came out I bought it and now I hear its not for the PS3 kinda sad for me =.(
    and im only 12 so it took me a while to save for my PS3

  • AWESOME !!!But I wand make on ps3!!! I like Online play ! Costume Ur unique Car n wepons !! Something big big big game Never On PS3 ! Plz David Jaffe n Scott Campbell Make One on PS3 I cant whait !!! //// C’est super ! Mais jerais mieux qui creer sur la ps3 avec le PSN. Quel que chose de gros, Comme jeux :)

  • Here my Twisted Metal All-Collection

  • Ok why on ps2 ? Or not on ps3 ? Ok that is cool Twisted Metal Head-On Extra Twisted Edition this is so awsome. But my question is… will it making one on ps3 ? With Online and Costume Car and special ! Some Big big On ps3 ?

  • Ok You can say all Release cars on new twisted metal ? But on Video i see: Sweet Tooth, Gold Tooth, Dark Tooth, Darkside, Mr.Grimm, Hammerhead and more But why a gold Tooth what is that, a special car ?


    p.s. sorry abot the capitals but I just knew it was coming to ps2.

  • so it isn’t for the PS3 never because I don’t wanna go but TMHO for the PS2 and then a month later find out is coming to PS3 while I already finished it on the PS2

  • I see a gold tooth too weird

  • Hey David Jafee will it be a multiplayer or just a single player but with the multitap it would be a pary!!! keep it cool everybody

  • well I just watched the video because I finaly got High speed and i just wanted to say that this is going to be awsome “my hunger for souls has grown unsationable” lol thats Mr.Grimm from TM3

    David Jaffe got some questions for you

    #1) Are you able to play as Dark Tooth in story/ 2 player/ single player because you couldn’t in TM2 and thats the only TM he’s appeared in until now.

    #2) Are the some of the TM:Black characters going to be included into the release version of the game?

    #3) I heard that in TM:Head On there was no minion have you included him into the game?

    #4) are all the charactors on the PSP version going to be included on the final release version?

    #5)Is this going to be online because if it I i can’t play it its to hard to play online with the PS2 but its very simple on the PS3 because it got wireless built in =D
    you need stupid cable to play PS2 online
    and I can’t play it on my PS3 because its the 40GB =.(

    thanks in advance Antonisbob

  • O ya I see on some of the screens on the TM:HO website that theres 2 flames coming out the bottom of Mr.Slamm but he has a egsaust pipe coming out of the top part could you move the boost flames to the egsaust coming out the top like it was in Twisted Metal 4 it came shoting out the top ion TM4 so could you please pit that in it makes way more sense than to have it coming from 2 invisible egsausts on the bottom of an articulated machine

    thanks in advance ; ) Antonisbob

  • darn is there a way to edit your posts here?
    i forgot to ask you is there a planned release date for this game It looks so fun I was thinking about it all night

  • game fan intervention 2097

    yah man! you are so right! why leave them wondering about the egsaust! if the boost is cooming from no were than that will lessen my intrest in the grafics. and you don’t want to do that now would you. Would You! WOULD YOU!!!!!

  • thanks for agreening now is any one going to aswer my questions??????????????????????????

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