Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition

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Hey ya’ll! This is David Jaffe, co-founder of Eat Sleep Play and former SCEA Santa Monica Studios Game Director/Designer.

When myself, Scott Campbell (my partner in crime) and a handful of other Incognito folks left the SCEA mothership about eight months ago, we told everyone we were working on three new games for PLAYSTATION 3. And we are … work is moving along nicely on our first new PLAYSTATION Network title and we’re hoping to let you guys/gals in on it soon. But we’ve also been working on this:

Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition

Now when SCEA first asked us to make this game, we were a bit hesitant. It was our first game from our brand new company and we didn’t want players to think we were making “just another port.” Eat Sleep Play is a lot of things, but one thing it’s not is a “port house.”

But then we started talking and thinking and wondering: what if we could make it so much more? What if we could just stuff the thing to the brim with bonus features and new levels and updated graphics and really give the Twisted Metal franchise a fantastic send-off on the PlayStation 2? And when we thought about it like that, we got really excited.

And so that became our mission, our goal. And while ya’ll will – as always – be the final judge, we feel we’ve succeeded.

Here are some screens of the game to give you an idea of the new levels and the updated graphics for Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition:

LAWood TMHOGrimm TMHOTwisterEgypt TMHO

Twisted Metal: Lost:

Twisted Metal: Lost

Man, it’s been so much fun to work on a new Twisted Metal again. I thought I was burnt out on the whole franchise but the second I sat down to design, it was like coming home. It’s been so much fun! So there she is. Our first game from EAT SLEEP PLAY! Our love letter to Twisted Metal fans old and new. We hope you’ll give us a shot when we hit this Spring and we hope you’ll feel – like we do – that with all that’s been crammed onto this little PlayStation 2 disc, that this game is the Ultimate Fan Edition… This is – Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition.

Talk to ya’ll soon!

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  • Whoa! “Control Sweet Tooth?!” Now that is worth it all on it’s own. Playing this game with two analog sticks will be awesome!

  • More Twisted Metal is ALWAYS a good thing.
    Jaffe – you’re my hero!

  • Whoa, looks amazing. I’ll defnately be picking this up if it (somewhat) mixes Black with Head On.

  • I loved Twisted Metal for PSP!

    Just one question, why did you guys decide to release it for PS2 and not PS3/PSN? Maybe you guys can release it on the PSN as a “PS2” game. It’d be the first PS2 downloadable game for the PlayStation Network! :o

  • Yo David Jaffe, you rule. WHATEVER you bring to the PS3, I’ll give it some serious attention.

    Just want to say thanks for staying true to the brand that has helped you out in your career. It seems so many people are about the money these days and no loyalty—you’re no lapdog, but you give props where props are due.

    So props to you.

    I also read your blog occasionally and I recall when a certain website gave Calling all Cards too low of a review score. Well, I don’t know your thoughts, but recent events with that website must seem…justified.

    Anyway, keep it real. Thx for the PS2 love as well.—12

  • no need to point out we need PS-Cards is there :-)

  • Jaffe,

    Honestly, I thought I was done buying PS2 games after I just recently purchased GoWII as my final PS2 send off. I was DEAD wrong. This is gonna be a first day buy for me and a first experience with Eat, Sleep, Play (that is the BEST name for a game company.) I’m confident that you’ll pull through and deliver something amazingly awesome. Can you possibly hint at how many maps, vehicles and weapons there are? Like using, “…over 14 levels of twisted insanity.” or “utilize an arsenal of over 15 weapon pickups.” and stuff like that. Don’t give us the real number, but an underestimation. I’m really stoked for this game.

  • hmmmm, looks like a PSP game. Best bet would’ve been to start hitting the PS3 asap. PS2 is old news in my book unless it’s Metal Gear Solid. MGS has always look incredible on PS2.

  • Holla at me when you start pushing the PS3 to its limits. Besides that, you wont see a dime of my cash!

  • NNIIIICE! I might have to pick this one up even though I owned the original hehe!

  • Awesome! I never picked up Black, and I haven’t played the PSP game, but if this is a good mix and is a ‘love letter’ to all us hardcore TM fans(been playing TM2 off PSN for a week or so) then I can’t wait.

    I know you probably won’t come back to answer questions but…

    -Does this have all the Black levels, PLUS the unreleased levels?
    -Does this have any classic levels from old TM games?(i saw the paris map in the video)
    -Will it support widescreen and/or progressive scan?(needs to be an industry standard)

    Anywho, glad you’re excited and happy where you are David. Can’t wait to get my hands on those 3 PS3 games. I’m crossing my fingers that at least one of them is a big fat BD title… :)

  • PS2 disc and PSN download for PS3 right?

  • I have to admit, I’m pretty bummed this isn’t a PS3 game. I’ll buy this someday when I can get it used for $5-$10, but I’m not paying more than that for this. I’m don’t with PS2 games unless they’re classics and I can get them for $10. I really don’t understand why we can’t get a good Twisted Metal PS3 game.

    I’m also disappointed to hear that Jaffe’s first effort with ESP is going to be another PSN game. Most PSN games, including CAC are fun for a day and then they’re done.

    Honestly I wish you were doing a new IP or a real PS3 Twisted Metal game.

    Please tell me the remaining two PS3 games you’re working on are full retail games and not PSN games. I am just not interested in seeing someone with as much talent as the people at ESP waste their time on PS2 and PSN games. I’m interested in seeing what you can make the PS3 do, and PSN games don’t cut it.

  • I’m a little confused here, PS2? Why PS2? It’s 2007 PS2 is about to visit the old folks home for game consoles. While it is the old man who still goes out to bungee jump and do all the things it did as a kid it is time for it to settle down and take it easy.

    Anyway thats my view as far as PS2. However I believe a Download from the PSN is in order making this the first PS2 download for the store assuming a PSN edition that is compatible with the PS3 wasn’t already available (friendly for our 40 gig users). Just a shame.

  • this game looks very nice… i always liked this serie.. i was happy when they put twisted metal on the PSN, it reminded me when i was a little younger lol
    But seriously even if this game looks cool and i would love to play it, its going to be on ps2 and personally even if i still have my ps2 and my ps3 have the backward compatibity im not buying ps2 games anymore… im focusing on ps3 only now.. so thats too bad, ill wait for twisted metal for ps3 :)

  • Oh man, I would LOVE to buy this game but when I was playing Twisted Metal Black all i could remember were massive headaches.

  • Big deal, who cares, why didnt u hang out to help finish warhawk? u gonna cut n run with this co. also?

  • If you can play this on the PS3 through the PSN then this game will ROCK. I love the Twisted Metal series and having more of what you love can’t be a bad thing. Can’t wait to see what else you’re working on.

  • Big question, will this be released in the PSN? I think it will increase visibility to most people that are not in the know.


  • Awesome! I’m going to buy it! But a PS3 version would be much better in my opinion (think Warhawk).

    Or maybe as a PSN title from the PS Store. That would be great.

    I just hope you guys (and Sony) don’t release the PS2 version first then a PSN version. That would be terrible for me. I was forced to buy the Warhawk bundle that included the bluetooth headset. A month later it was released again without the headset and a cheaper price and I got pissed. lol

    But yeah, it’s gonna be awesome! A PS3 version would be much better if it used SIXAXIS motion sensing (DualShock 3 for me because I imported one).

  • It’s great to see Twisted Metal get a console release again, Black was one of the best games on the PS2. We really need a full PS3 Twisted Metal game, though, but this will do for now. :)

  • Twisted Metal: Head-On, apply directly to the forehead.
    Twisted Metal: Head-On, apply directly to the forehead.

    This game looks awesome!

  • JAFFE!!!!~

    Good to know you’re behind the wheel for this.~

    Good luck man!~

  • I guess it was premature for me to think after GOW 2 I would be done buying anymore last gen games. Damn that ps2 will probably out live us all!!!

  • Awesome! I will be picking this up! David are you guys going to make Twisted Metal for the PS3? Also do you own the rights to Twisted Metal or does Sony?

    Aaron :)

  • are you going to start making games for PS3 or any other consoles???
    Good luck man,loved your old stuff,sure i will love this.

  • OMG, I am very excited about this

  • About time! I loved Twisted Metal on the PSone it was a great MP game. Now I can get it on the PS3! ROCK ON!

  • WHOA!!!!! I will definately be picking this up!!!

  • Though Twisted Metal is certainly a title that is associated with the name David Jaffe, I hope your new company can delivery to gamers new and interesting IPs that will really set you guys apart.

  • PS2 support ftw!

  • thanks jaffe any hints to what the psn title is????

  • If it is ps2 bound its because the ps2 still sells 1000’s per week, i personally think it’ll be a good send off, just like god of war II and sotc they all sold 100’000+ on the ps2, im sure it will carry on selling thousands well into late 2008!, as for 2009 it’ll be ps3 only games.

  • It seems quite a few people just don’t read what David posted????
    He clearly states at the top that the team is working on *3 NEW GAMES FOR THE PS3* and that work on their PSN title it going well.

    Please people, evolve some eyes and a brain to assimilate the information your eyes feed you.

  • I know you are forced to make this so you can make other games. Twisted Metal Black is the best of the series. Will Head-On surpass that? I never played the PSP version.

    I cannot wait for what comes next from Eat.Sleep.Play.

  • will it have in game xmb :D

  • Thanks for a TM Jaffe, but it would have been best if this was on PS2 and PSN (for PS3 users).

  • Glad to see you posting here, Mr. Jaffe and I can’t wait to see what else is in store from Eat.Play.Sleep for the PS3!

  • I can’t wait for this game. Twisted Metal was one of the games that got me to buy a Playstation. Great series. I can’t wait to see what a PS3 version looks like if that ever gets made.

  • looks like ill be buying a PS2 game again hahaha and if the PS3 is PS2 backwards compatible…and my unit is…Wooo Hoo!!!

    If as a PSN download, it would be awesome but regardless, I want

  • I can’t wait for this to come out! I’m a big Twisted Metal fan and this sounds like a great idea.

    It’s a shame some of those PS3 users out there who got the 40 gig system and don’t have a PS2 won’t be able to play it.

    But there’s probably not a whole lot of them left anyway.

  • All i can say is WOW!!!!

    I started playing TMB Online a few months ago after no playing for years with some friends and it was cool but the online servers went down shortly. This will be great to get back in there with upgraded graphics and all the added features…


    Is this not fan loyalty at its best?

  • Hmm…this might be the last PS2 title I pick up. I really wish they would’ve done a PS3 Twisted Metal though.

  • This is not good Mr. Jaffe, not good at all.

    Looks like I’ll be buying at least one more PS2 game!

  • Jaffe, please hear my cry!!!

    Back in Twisted Metal 2 (I believe) there was an option to toggle on a rear view mirror

    -not a hit the button and the view switches to behind your car, I’m talking about a rear view mirror that would stay up in the right side of the screen-

    Please bring it back, I beg you.

  • Seriously, you guys need to do a PS3 Twisted Metal. I’d preorder it the day it’s announced, especially if it had online play.

  • Damn….no PSP or PSN version?
    Guess I have to buy the game again….
    Oh well, I loved TM: Head On.

    Also, “Controlling SweetTooth”?!?!?!
    Now I must have it!

  • Still seems like the same old Twisted Metal to me. I loved the old games, but that was back then, not now. I think a new Twisted Metal for the PS3 would be awesome! For instance, new physics, new vehicles, new weapons, new strategies… unleash the power of the PS3 and you would have an AWESOME game, especially for multiplayer! Imagine the physics of the game Driver, but with weapons, nitrous boosts, and complete carnage with 24-32 players online…. wow. That would be a killer game for sure. I know I’d buy it on release! This PS2 version though… I’m not that impressed with it based on the video. Good job, just not my particular brand of Vodka.

  • I’ll pass on this Jaffe. The series just doesn’t excite me anymore. I do look back on the first Twisted Metal on PSX as a good game. It wasted a bunch of my time in the high school years.

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