PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Downloadable Games

Pain ($9.99)
It’s the funniest game in town! Load characters into a super-sized, ultra-powerful slingshot and launch them into an active, physics-controlled environment filled with precarious and humorous situations. Score points by stringing together PAINful collisions and unleashing chaos on the downtown environment. Enjoy single player challenges like Spank the Monkey or head-to-head modes like Fun With Explosives.
File size: 200 MB

Add-on Game Content

Resistance: FOM: Map Pack 2 ($4.99)
This map pack contains both Bracknell and Axbridge. Both are additional multiplayer maps designed to be played with Resistance: Fall of Man. Both maps support all Resistance multiplayer game types. You must own Resistance: Fall of Man and update your game to the most recent online update to play either map. Also available: Resistance FOM Map Pack Bundle which includes Map Pack 1 & 2 for $7.99.
File size: 340 MB (Map Pack 2), 652 MB (bundle)

MotorStorm Vehicle & Skin Pack ($1.99)
Increase your range of MotorStorm vehicles with this new batch of rides and skins.
This pack adds two new vehicles, each with three different paintjobs, and two new Team Paintjob sets, each with a new skin for 7 classic MotorStorm vehicles.
File size: 100 KB

Guitar Hero III: Boss Battles Track Pack (free)
“Devil Went Down to Georgia” as performed by The Charlie Daniels Band; “Original Composition by Slash” as performed by Slash; “Original Composition by Tom Morello” as performed by Tom Morello.
File size: 77.3 MB

Rock Band
Customize your Rock Band experience by purchasing these playable Rock Band tracks. Please note: you need to actually own Rock Band in order to play these tracks:
* Heroes – David Bowie ($1.99)
* Moonage Daydream – David Bowie ($1.99)
* Queen Bitch – David Bowie Age ($1.99)
* David Bowie Track Pack 01 ($5.49)
File sizes: 24.9 MB – 48.8 MB (singles), 99.2 MB (Track Pack).

Download Shivering Isles, the full official expansion for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Enter a massive new realm of Oblivion with unique locations, dungeons, and dozens of quests. Discover all new creatures, weapons, clothing…even armor you can have forged for you.
File size: 1.20 GB

Game Videos

Ratchet & Clank BTS – Weapons (free)
Get a behind the scenes look at the weapons of Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Download it now!
File size: 304 MB (HD)

Timeshift FPS Differently Video 2 (free)
Watch this series of videos on how you can Master Time to Become the Ultimate Weapon!
File size: 50 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers

Stop Loss Trailer (free)
Decorated Iraq war hero Sgt. Brandon King makes a celebrated return to his small Texas hometown following his tour of duty.
File size: 30 MB (SD), 111 MB (HD), 146 MB (1080)

Resident Evil: Extinction (BD Trailer)
Milla Jovovich is back to kill more zombies in the third chapter of the hit Resident Evil franchise!
File size: 157 MB (1080)

Memoirs of a Geisha (BD Trailer)
A Cinderella story set in a mysterious and exotic world, this stunning romantic epic shows how a house servant blossoms, against all odds, to become the most captivating geisha of her day.
File size: 158 MB (1080)

PS3 Wallpaper

Aquatopia Wallpaper (free)
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new Aquatopia Wallpaper
File sizes: 362 KB

(6) Pain (free)
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new Pain Wallpaper
File sizes: 348 KB – 714 KB

(5) Resistance: Fall of Man Wallpaper (free)
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new Resistance: Fall of Man Wallpaper
File sizes: 432 KB – 718 KB

Hope you enjoy!

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  • I love the new resistance wallpaper, i have one as my background already, i ahven;t played resistance in awhile cause of warhawk but i might start again because of the map pack

  • please just tell me
    where is high velocity bowling

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  • Wow. Someone call the Waaah-bulence.
    Sony puts demos up on the Store. People complain “Where are the games?”
    Sony puts games up on the Store. People complain “Where are the demos?”
    If they put out every game and every pack and every EyeToy thing that they have in their pipeline, they’re gonna end up losing money. Seriously, folks – take an economics class.
    Seriously, stop and listen to yourselves. They’re putting out demos AND games on a regular basis. What’s wrong with a little pacing?
    Oh yeah, I forgot – not everyone took their Ritalin today.

    Yeah, demos might be nice, but for a $10 game (11$ for us up here in the North)?
    Are you serious? It’s only $10. I’d expect and encourage it for disc based games, but for a fun little diversion, who cares.

    Also, everyone complaining about the TimeShift demo – sorry to burst your bubble, but judging from the demo, it’s not going to make the game any better. Quit the complaining for something some company has to pay for (their servers) just so you can have something FREE. You’re not going to buy the game anyway, so why should they waste money on those fees?

    And I’m sure they’re working on the cards – why wouldn’t they? It’d give them money. I guess I don’t understand how you could get a $400-$600 console and NOT have a card. Unless you’re underage and mommy and daddy bought it for you (then ask them!) or you’re a drug dealer who paid cash for it (please don’t shoot me).

    No HVB’s fine with me – I’ll be too busy playing Pain tonight any ways. Yeah for monkey butt slaps….

  • I want to see Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee in the store, those games wold force me to either use my credit card or search for prepaid cards for the store. It would also be awesome to find some ps2 games there for download, games like RobotArchemicDrive which seemed to dissipater soon after release.

  • Without the PSN cards there not reason for me to look over the store except the Demo. Please, Sony bring the PSN cards to US before christmas.


  • how come no themes? and how come no High Velocity Bowling?

  • Thanks for bringing the Shivering Isles expansion pack out on PSN. I’ll check out Pain soon too. More themes would be appreciated.

    Note to Jeff: So no Folklore content today, you weren’t crossing those fingers hard enough. Better luck next week then, right?

  • I just want more PS EYE games

  • I was playing pain when it said there was an error with content. it told me to re-download it. I redownloaded it but it still is saying error with content

    Please help!

  • Solace? You… you just insulted me? Not everyone has a credit card you know. I happen to be underage and I bought the PS3 for myself, last console my parents bought for me was the PS1 in 95, good times. But ya know between Birthday money, small jobs and school annual financial aid($400) I made the money to buy a PS3. Take that solace!

  • @KnaveX
    Shush, you. Hardworking minors discredit my point! ;)

  • I thought Pain was going to have MP3 support? I see no mention of it…

    The game is kind of boring without any music.

  • @silentmatt
    Bowling is having music support.
    Or, you could have what I have – it’s called a “stereo”. It gives you full audio playlist support for all games AND is backwards compatible. :P

  • Damn! warhawk crashed , the only time this week I risk spending half an hour to find a game, and when I get in it, it crashes.

  • Thanks for the update guys.

    However, with the PSP Store for PC now officially launched, someone really needs to get with it and release more PS1 Classics on a consistent basis.

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  • Has anyone bought pain? Is it fun?


    1st off, thanks for this update! It’s great to see the Shivering Isles update! But I was crestfallen to see the price, as the game itself is only like $25 now…lol. Always after a buck. too bad.

    I have some suggestions for you!!!

    1) PLAYSTATION EYE SUPPORT!! PLEASE DON’T DROP THE BALL ON THIS!!!! Don’t let people get tired of the Eye because there is no new content..Europe has 2 games we don’t right now, seriously, what is the point of that? People will start telling their friends to not buy one if there are not multiple cool things you can do with it!

    And the voice chat still has feedback echos!

    2)Official Themes!!! Why release a firmware update option that only has like 4 themes available? (and one is cutesy hearts????) There are tons of websites that are offering them now…why are you guys dragging your feet?

    3)The sales you guys have on games every now and then is a great idea, maybe adding multiple games in one pack at a discounted price? just an idea. I’m sure you have seen a huge influx of purchases when the games go on sale.

    4) Don’t stop listening to our comments! We are your paying customers, your most ardent supporters here on the blog. Consider us a focus group, if you can please everyone here at the blog, it’s a cinch that will translate to the masses!!!

    Thanks for listening!


  • No offence, but im here to critique on what needs to be done…

    First off THE PSN STORE is going downhill….What is up with no demos this time?! I mean last week we got the worst demo of all, I mean it had ps2 graphics! Then we get these add-ons which shouldnt even take place of demos or trailers because some of us dont have those games. If you guys put mostly add-ons inorder to take away more content, Then you guys really need to add way more content!

    Add more movie/game trailers for upcoming games..Add something different to the PSN store to actually compete with XBOX Marketplace! Remember THAT is free as well, AND THEY HAVE A BUNCH MORE STUFF THAN PSN STORE! PSN STORE IS REAL WEAK AND THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR THE SYSTEM AND WE SHOULD BE HEARD!

    Sorry if I come as rude. But im here to help you guys out. I put CAPS so someone from SONY can hear me out as well as others =)

  • @joel
    Pain is fun but it won’t let me play with a couple of characters b/c it says there is an error with content

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Again, the prices in Canada are being marked up by a dollar. Why are we paying more for the content when our dollar is the same or better than the US dollar. That’s not right. Maybe We should be calling the BBB and reporting it.


  • @frito
    Oblivion may be $25, but the expansion is the same price on the Store as it is in stores. Look at it this way – do you want the convenience of not having to rummage for the disc every time or do you like having the actual hard code with packaging? It’s a win-win, so I don’t see why it should be different. Besides, considering it’s adding 30+ hours of content to a already 100+ adventure, $30-ish is totally reasonable.

    “going downhill”? Are you serious? They give us all this content, and you want more trailers? HA! You’re either being sarcastic or are one in the minority. I’m leaning towards the former since you ask for more demos, but then complain when it’s not what you want. You do (but probably don’t) realize that Sony doesn’t make the demos nor the games from 3rd Parties, right? So how is that their fault?

    Sony – ignore this idiot as we do NOT want more trailers at the expense of demos, games, or addon content.

    Either ask your folks for a raise in your allowance or send me your address. I’ll send you a whole dollar to make up the difference if it’ll shut you up. *hugs*

  • God, finally got Shivering Isles.

    I hate the lack of Playstation Cards, we dont all have credit cards Sony.

    And where are all the PS3/PSP titles? Least you could do if you don’t pump out more, is at least make the ones you do put out worth it.

  • Ncie PSN update! Now for the love of god update the PSP Store on the PC with like 8 game demos, as well as some more game trailers, and stuff.

    Also give both the PS3, and PSP more themes like you said you would! We have waited for over 4 months for the new offical themes you were going to release and we still have nothing.

  • re: Themes
    At least Sony isn’t charging for their themes like M$.
    Go here (you can do it from your PS3 browser) if you are that desperate for new themes.
    You’re welcome (in advance).

  • Awesome..PAIN here I come!

  • Lots of new game content today, Nice.

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  • i cant believe people still complaint… will you ever be happy??

    Anyway its a great update.. i just downloaded Pain and its fun loll i didnt play it much but it is very entertaining

  • @ 88

    I’ll be happy if SCEA adds Intelligent Qube to the PSN store so I can play it on my PS3 AND PSP. It really seems like SCEA is going out of its way to keep from getting my money or giving me a reason to turn on my PS3.

  • Does PAIN seriously only have one level or am I missing something?

  • So i bought pain today and had a good time with the tutorial and started playing but it would only allow me to play with Jarvis. When i clicked on cookie or Santa it told me it didn’t download right and to go to the xmb to redownload it. I did that and then tried to use them again and got the same error. Is that happening for everyone or should i try and redownload it… i dont want to use up all my downloads if they’re going to fix this in a few days

  • @The Lost

    I am having the same problem that you are?


  • We need demos for all PSN titles. It’s pretty sad that the PS3 can’t provide demos for all PSN titles. In this day in age of digital distribution for new IP games, demos are critical.

    I won’t buy a single digital game from PSN without a demo. Please rethink your strategy.

  • tulane thanks for letting me know im not the only one with that problem… hopefully sony will update it and fix that… i dont want to run out of downloads

  • @81 Solace

    about Oblivion, you’re totally right! I love the game, I have played it more than any other PS3 game combined! I just hoped it would be a bit cheaper as it just an expansion, and costs as much as the original full game..

    But IT IS worth it, because the game is just so great, it’s already almost impossible to be able to do everything in the original game, and now we have even more!

    (wouldn’t it be great if the textures on Oblivion looks as great as on Uncharted? maybe on Fallout!)


  • oh and thanks for that link to PS3 themes Solace!

  • As others have stated… Where is High Velocity Bowling? I thought it was due out about 2 weeks ago? How about when you release it, you make it half price since we’ve been teased along with it???

  • Shivering Isles came out of left field. I thought they gave up on it… after so much time.

  • Has Divx support been released? I haven’t read all of the comments yet either. I thought it was going to be released soon.

  • Please someone from Sony i thought you were reading these now, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PAIN WHY IS IT NOT WORKING, FOR EVERYONE! AND WHERES TRIALS OF TOPOQ!!!

  • Oh yeah!

    When we we be hearing an official announcement about the DivX compatibility?

    It’s killing me every week since the DivX labs actually announced it and we still can’t play our movies yet!

  • I am also getting the “error with content” error when trying to play Santa or Cookie in PAIN.

  • Nice update, too bad today I bought Oblivion: GOTY edition which includes shivering isles lol but its still great to see it on the PSN, I hope that means there’s going to be more downloadable content for Oblivion in the future?!!! I will be sure to get the new resistance maps. =)

  • JEFF!


    now that there are lots of themes sites where we can get PS3 themes, is there a way to have it so every time we turn on the PS3 a random theme, or random background could be chosen? That way it would be different every time!

    just an idea!

  • Incredible update, guys!

  • Please can someone tell me when i should REdownload Pain so it actually works!!!…JEFF ARE YOU DOING YOUR JOB, PLEASE ANSWER ANY QUESTION AT ALL TO SHOW US YOU CARE…Trials of topoq…

  • So Sony, the question is – when is Europe getting all of this?

    You Americans might think we’re better off with the PSEye games, but we’d kill for PAIN, the Oblivion expansion and paying £1 (UK) for loads of MotorStorm skins and cars in one.

    We pay the equivalent of $4 for two cars, and $4 for the skin set.

    How can you complain that things are too expensive when you get everything that Europe gets for a quarter of the price?

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