New MotorStorm Vehicles Out Today

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Hey MotorStorm fans! Are you ready for more high-octane content? Drive on over to the PSN Store later today and check out the latest vehicles and skins from our hard-working friends at Evolution Studios. The new pack available includes two new vehicles – The Mohawk Roadhog Bike and The Lunar-Tec Buffalo BigRig, both with three different paint jobs. Two new skins, QuickFoot and Crazy Samurai, are included in the pack and will allow you to place a new skin on any or all of the seven different vehicle classes in MotorStorm. The pack will cost $1.99.

And for those of you who haven’t checked out the Devil’s Weekend downloadable content that was made available earlier this month, it is worth clarifying it includes the Devil’s Crossing, which is a brand spanking new track for fans to race. In fact, it is the biggest track available yet for MotorStorm and we foresee quite a bit of bone-crunching action online as well. Oh yeah, we also included a brand new music track that’ll fit right in to the game, keeping racers on edge as they look for their next victim to destroy.

We hope you enjoy your new rides and skins, and please check back in the near future for more exciting new content for MotorStorm. Until then, survive the off-road!


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  • @ Felice Standifer

    when will the US get the Patriot 85 rally car that europe and asia have already for DLC.

  • I did hear rumours of new modes, like a Destruction Derby kind of mode. What about a stunt mode? We’d love to do that cockscrew that’s seen in the background of MotorStorm at the carnival. It’s good to see the content coming out. I know it annoys quite a few that they’re being charged for, but it’s your own decision as to whether you buy it.

  • I honestly love this game, even after all this time, so far I’ve only bought one other racing game, and that’s the excellent DIRT.

    I really appreciate that even after a whole year they are still adding new features and stuff..


    This game really should have shipped with all these extra tracks and cars…remember-all the reviews for this game when it came out all focused on how bare bones the game shipped, so it could be a launch game…

    $66 buck for the game (after tax)…it shipped barebones, and then we have to purchase new cars and tracks and songs?!?!? Seriously…just think of how many fans you would please if you simply released the new features in one big bundle for free!!!!

    Custom Soundtracks really would breathe new life into this game…as well as of course the splitscreen feature that we WERE told WAS COMING…but never did…

    sorry to sound so negative, but at some point this game is going to cost over a hundred bucks with all the tiny add-ons! $100!!!lol!!!

  • it’s only $2

    worth it.

  • BLOG FOR VIDEOGAMES.COM » Blog Archive » New Vehicles Coming to MotorStorm

    […] Standifer, senior U.S. producer for MotorStorm, announced on the PlayStation Blog that today’s PlayStation Store update will include two new MotorStorm vehicles to download […]

  • This is a general question for the PS3 games. I tried Motorstorm with my 80 GB PS3, and though the detail and tracks look amazing, I am completely turned off of it due to the extremely extremely slow load times. There is way too much of a pause when you are choosing a vehicle and it seems 30 – 45 seconds is taken to load the first track.
    Does anybody else experience these delays? Is this a norm for the newer consoles? I am currently enjoying some of the older PS2 games that I never had (i.e. FF X) instead of playing PS3 games.

  • Half these flamers don’t know what they’re talking about, I too was skeptical, and had a falling out with MotorStorm for a while, I was upset about a lot of the same stuff you all were, but then I grew up, got over myself, and recognized what MotorStorm was, it’s RAW POWER, and 2000-4000lbs coffins rolling around a rugged, harsh terrain, While my above comments still stand for what i’d love to see implemented in my currently favorite offroad racing game, I honestly can’t say anything bad about it, other than it was missing ‘in house multiplayer’, and that the content needs to be something more ‘fresh’ than just skins/tracks, We need Story or Events magnified, like I mentioned in previous posts in this thread, please Sony/Evolution pay attention to my posts, because they come from a place that represents a large demographic.

  • And I don’t know what the Devil’s Crossroads hate is all about, that track rocks!, on a part rating of appeal I’d give it an 8-9 out of 10 for design/execution/delivery, it was at least 2x better than the Coyote’s Revenge pack.
    A lot of these people are a little harsh about it, They’re the kinds of people who would flap around like fish out of water if tossed into a video game company to try and do what you all do… Great Job, keep up the good work, next time, bring a content pack that will knock everyone’s socks off, that will shut them up.

  • Yeah, while the game is quite good, there is now a lot of room for improvement. So I think a more appropriate release would be a whole new patch that included the following…

    Much much MUCH improved loading times (don’t care how, move stuff to my HDD if needed).

    Improve the joining of an online game. I was thinking, like a shooter game, just let me join the back of the pack, half way through a game. Then, when finshed, start another race (Same or random). We, the player, can leave when we want to find another race. This would be much much more preferable to waiting longer than a race lasts to get into a race with only a few people.

    Night time racing needs lights. WTF? Come on.

    Offline AI needs improving. I’m sick of the AI cars spending more time trying to drive me off the road than actually trying to win themselves. It’s like they’re playing a different game. It’s sort of The RunningMan with cars. They’re trying to kill me, I’m trying to finish. It’s not fun, and many of my friends have stopped playing when they got so far in.

    Weather! I’d like to see rain. You already have the mud!

  • Damn evolution studios, I have bought every update you have given us, but this is enough now. I want to see other things than just skins.

    I have seen in time trail that I have 2 new locked maps, shall I pay for that also?

  • please PLEASE add offline multiplayer!!!!

    its a MUST HAVE feature

    my brother and I would have a blast.

  • @Kedaro

    slap that Sony hotdog out of your mouth, man…

    You don’t have to insult people to make yourself feel better.

    I already said I love this game-

    But face it, the game shipped barebones.

    For $66 (w/ tax) It was too short, limited courses, no 2 player action, no custom soundtracks, (though i didn’t think the music was too bad) to be charging for all this extra stuff (the new cars were on 100k in size!!!! I can model these in Maya no prob!) It’s like charging for Horse armor, and we all know how that turned out.

    I know, I know, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

    So I won’t.

    have a nice day.

  • Online too hard for you all? =(

    All of a sudden everyone likes offline multiplayer more than online multiplayer? =O

    But I agree on the custom soundtrack deal…

  • So why didn’t Europe get all this for this price?


    the delay you are speaking of is intended by the devlopers. they feel it isnt a big deal. before you had to wait for the selection screen to load (about 1.5 mins) and then slide to your car, picking it before it tries to load. now you just have to wait.

    what needs to happen is this screen replaced by a photo of the car, with statisitics on speed, acceleration, weight, and its different effectiveness’ on the different surfaces. an easy fix, but just like local multiplayer, it is something that we probably will never see until motorstorm 2.


  • Nice new vehicles and skins, well worth the two bucks.

    I would love to see the ability to save races in a future update.

  • I’m wondering if any of these add-on packs include the free ‘Hallowe’en Livery’ that was released in Europe/Japan and doesn’t seem to work with the NA version.

    Not a big deal, but would have been nice, since it was already created.

  • Er online is not to hard??? We just like to play the game with a few mates on one t.v in the same room!;)

  • I’ve purchased all of the other DLC put out for Motorstorm so far but I’m done now. I’m sick of being nickel and dimed for skins for cars that don’t drive any different and take ridiculously long to load.

    You’d better fix that in the sequel because I’m not buying another game where you have to wait that effing long just for a car to load up.

  • game fan intervention 2097

    that red racing truck is SWEET!!!! i would crash 1million people in the wall for that!

  • game fan intervention 2097

    OOPS! i was mistaken. it’s a big rig.

  • game fan intervention 2097

    HEY!!! who cares how long it takes! you gotta amit this game is fun!!!(if you know what your doing, NOOB!!!!)

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