New MotorStorm Vehicles Out Today

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Hey MotorStorm fans! Are you ready for more high-octane content? Drive on over to the PSN Store later today and check out the latest vehicles and skins from our hard-working friends at Evolution Studios. The new pack available includes two new vehicles – The Mohawk Roadhog Bike and The Lunar-Tec Buffalo BigRig, both with three different paint jobs. Two new skins, QuickFoot and Crazy Samurai, are included in the pack and will allow you to place a new skin on any or all of the seven different vehicle classes in MotorStorm. The pack will cost $1.99.

And for those of you who haven’t checked out the Devil’s Weekend downloadable content that was made available earlier this month, it is worth clarifying it includes the Devil’s Crossing, which is a brand spanking new track for fans to race. In fact, it is the biggest track available yet for MotorStorm and we foresee quite a bit of bone-crunching action online as well. Oh yeah, we also included a brand new music track that’ll fit right in to the game, keeping racers on edge as they look for their next victim to destroy.

We hope you enjoy your new rides and skins, and please check back in the near future for more exciting new content for MotorStorm. Until then, survive the off-road!


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  • Don’t really care to pay for vehicle packs. However if they are added into packs with new tracks they are much more appealing. I still need to check out the Devil’s Crossing track. Haven’t got around to downloading that one yet.

  • Sweet vehicles, still loving motorstorm

  • Moterstorm lost me when I couldn’t play it with friends splitscreen. You guys said if we wanted it you would add it, you lied and that really didn’t go well over a lot of fans. I haven’t played it since the week I bought it on launch.

  • And Motorstorm keeps on chugging :)

    After I d/l the Devil’s Weekend Pack I became re-aquainted with the game again (after a long hiatus) and I am really glad I did.

    I was waiting to play it with a DUALSHOCK 3, and I am glad I did wait :D

  • Wait a i have to PAY for cars? LoL

    No thanx..

    I don’t care if it was 99cents, I’m not going to pay for cars..

    Now what i wish would be included with Motorstorm: The ability to customize my ride in game..something like Forza 2 does with stickers and paint job..

  • Any chance of MotorStorm 2 (if there will be one, sure there will!) having 4 player off-line splitscreen multiplayer???
    It’s a BIG shame MotorStorm doesn’t even have 2 player splitscreen! :-(
    Brill game tho!;)

  • These are so absurd… We’ve paid like 80 bucks now for this game. what a piece a’ damn joke! I’m not buying this one. I’ve bought every pack that’s hit and haven’t touched none of it. Why don’t you add something good… ? Like a speedomitor, in dash view, cars that contorl different and not just look different, bikes that are fun to drive and not frustrating and lame? I see you added a new song… Well, the 30 tracks you have on here are probably the worst songs I’ve ever heard. I’d rather listen to Hanna Montana sing while she’s getting kicked in the gut by a circus midget.

  • when do we see the update on PSN?
    still waiting for these cars, and PAIN and new songs for Rock Band

    Sorry had to say it again! ;D
    +yes have i’ve got 3 mates to play it with! ;D

  • I would settle for 2 player splitscreen even I mean Online is nice but I have this great game that my friends see me playing. I wish I could let them join in these races but NNOOO! can’t do that because you guys lacked in the development department and didn’t listen to the thousands of fans begging for it. great job on listening to the fans.

  • I like the look of the 4×4 looks cool…:)

  • Ah, if only i could play this 720p-only game in hi def on my 1080i tv.

  • that big rig looks weird, that isnt necessarily a bad thing :P

    anyway, i’m confused, you said something about a music track, did it come with the devil’s crossing pack or with this one? cause i got devil’s crossing and didn’t notice a new msuic track, maybe i wasn’t paying attention.

    Nice job, keep the add-ons coming.

    And to those complaining, shut up already, no one is forcing you to buy it so if you don’t want it, just don’t buy it.

  • Yeah, that’s another thing… I feel sorry for anyone who has a 1080I only tv. Sony should really think about those early adopters. Oh, wait… no they shouldn’t. They’re pushing 1080P and blu-ray too much to care. I have a 1080P bravia and an ambilight but I still feel for those who don’t have support for their tv’s. It’s a shame… almost as bad as Evolutions choice of music for motorstorm. Why not good music or atleast the option for us to play our own? That works, right? I hate RAP and everything else you put on this game. Just wanted you to know.

  • This d/l content is exciting. I’m planning to pick up Motorstorn for xmas.

  • well, what else is out today?!?!

  • @gamesblow:
    As far as i know, motorstorm doesn’t have rap songs…????

    And what’s wrong with you guys complaining about everything…

  • @leetfoo – 720p is hi-def :) but i know what you mean, it runs at 720p on my 1080i set. other games scale up to 1080i even ps2 ones! on my old set they’d lock at 576p, yes, i’m in Urp. -heh- i hear alot of 720p games down scale to 480p in the USA on 1080i sets is that true??

    i’m going to download the new track this weekend from th UK stoe, it has ve-hickles included.

  • so many people are so negative. If you dont want to pay than shut the hell up

  • oh yeah, and split screen racing would have really made this game, i know online multiplayer is ‘teh future’, but c’mon, can’t we enjoy sharing a sofa, a beer and a game with mates in our front rooms anymore.

    no wonder i’ve kept so many ps2 titles. great 2 player modes!!! don’t let the dev’s forget this plz.

  • @18 (mobiletone) Many US HDTVs only support 1080i and don’t do 720p. So we get to play these games in 480p. The two most dissapointing offenders are motorstorm and R:FoM. yay low def!

  • I’d love to see splitscreen Motorstorm. I actually was shocked to learn that the game didn’t include it the feature when I first heard about the game.

    I only have a copy because it came with my bundle, but I certainly would never have bought it at retail due to the lack of local multi-player. Seriously, what racing game in recent memory has NOT included some form of local play?

  • Anybody who is willing to pay whatever amount of money for this crap is an idiot. I’m sorry Sony, I love you, but if you think you’re going to get more money out of me by charging for what SHOULD have shipped with the game in the first place is utter bs.

    I expect this kind of crap from MS, who thinks they can charge for every little thing they do. This is why DLC bothers me, because it gives developers the excuse to release a full game with features excluded, only to be released later for more $$$. Give me a GOOD reason to spend more money, not half-assed features that should have shipped with the game in the first place.

  • Give me split screen. I like new cars/tracks/skins but I want to play offline with friends as well…wtf?

  • Felice,

    I like the music in Motorstorm, but is there any way the developers can add in a custom sound track player? I would really love to tare this game apart using my own trance.

  • I’m not trying to complain here, but I would really like to be able to do local multiplayer in Motorstorm. I really enjoy Motorstorm, but it mainly gathers dust on my shelf because it doesn’t have multiplayer. (I’m not really into single-player racing games so I’m stuck playing Burnout Revenge for my PS2……oh yeah, a crashbreaker add-on for Motorstorm would be greatly appreciated :-D )
    …and there’s also this nice little game called Warhawk that kind of distracts me at times…
    Anyway, it’s cool that you keep adding stuff to the game to keep it fresh and new.

  • Oh yeah, on the music track………………………………………………………………………………………..let’s just say it leaves a little to be desired…….

  • Great pack thinks Evolution Studios.

  • @leetfoo 21 – harsh man! having a 1080i and being forced to play in 480p jeez, what’s the world coming too?

  • MotorStorm, is a visual masterpiece, It’s an Audio masterpiece, hell the game in general is pretty damn good, offline and online… but let me tell you, it’s drastically important that this game gets something new soon, I know you all are pouring your hearts out on content, ie. tracks-vehicles, livery’s (paint jobs), What I’m referring to, is some sort of a game mode online where we can do destruction derby type stuff, or split screen offline/online, maybe some modes that have racers not racing, but clamoring around the beautiful tracks, this would give everyone an opportunity to really see the detail, blood, sweat, and tears that went into making a game like this, instead of just speeding on by it all 100x a week.

  • VOTES UP FOR new gameplay modes in MOTORSTORM!!! Who’s with me?

    I see High Octane Capture the flag at 200 Miles an hour, how about you?

    or maybe, a game mode called Barricade or ‘WALL’ or something like that, where two teams have walls of cars+debris+obstacles, that need to be battered to the ground before the opposition can expose a team ‘weakness’ for a goal or a point?

    Yeop! I do need a new job btw…

  • While I love the Add-On idea, I think the Motorstorm thing is getting a little out of control… And this is extremely weird to hear coming from me, since I always have Sony’s back. I think it’s kind of a tricky area of frequency and timing. It might help if these were all grouped together for a special price or something like that. Speaking of which… Would it be possible to get a sort of special Holiday Bundle Deal? Like bundle some of games add-ons together for a special price (Ninja Gaiden, hint-hint :P ), maybe even have a Game Bundle like Piyotama, Go! Puzzle, and Blast Factor all together. I think these ideas would rake in major dough for the developers, and get gamers new experiences. It’s sort of like the bulk method Costco uses- profit would be reduced from a per-piece perspective, but overall you’d make more since some of the games probably weren’t in consideration beforehand. Just a suggestion. Thanks for reading and, while there may be issues with it, thank you for working hard to provide us with more content!

  • Glad it’s not just me who wants 4 player splitscreen MotorStorm! ;-D
    Most played game at my house?
    TimeSplitters 2 + PS2 + 3 mates = FUN!!!
    + i’ve just got a normal sony 28” fat ;-D
    T.V and it looks brill;)on it. I’m happy;)

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  • Finally a place to voice my grips with this game. First let me say I love motorstorm! The demo is fantastic and when it came out I promptly bought the full version. Soon after playing the full version, I promptly went back to the demo! Why you ask.? BECAUSE THE IDEA OF THE MULTIPLE ROUTES ON LARGE MAPS IS THE WORST IDEA EVER FOR THIS GAME. What is so great about motorstorm is the interaction between all the vehicles weather exploding, bumping, and the like. The maps are so large and so specific that, while you may encounter other vehicles on occasion, the majority of time is spent alone or with a few other vehicles completely isolated from any sort of “pack” that you may have started with. If Motorstorm ever has maps like the demo with everyone crammed together in one insane free for all, ill be happy to play it again. Until then, its the demo only for me. All you would have had to do was to add the different terrains, on small demo like tracks, with limited alternative routes, and you would have had the prefect game but the high road, middle road, low road concept totally kills it!

  • wheres my back to the future car!!!!

  • Wow no comment Felice Standifer // Sr. US Producer for MotorStorm? We see how you handle when customers complain about a flaw that your team said would be taken care of if the demand was there. Your game would have been the best if you only would have listened to us when we asked by the thousands for splitscreen. I bought the game on the hope that you guys would do as you said and add splitscreen in a patch.

  • @36

    OH DEAR GOD!! Do not listen to that man!!

    What i love about this game is no matter how many times I crash I never have any trouble catching up with the rest of the pack.

  • @Seanscythe2
    If you aren’t going to play your copy can I have it?

  • this can relate to the comment @ 36 a little bit and its a suggestion to the guys working on the dlc for the game. hopefully Jeff will pass this along to them.

    I’d like to see some small tracks. Primarily, a figure 8 track would be cool. My favorite part about racing in motorstorm is only the beginning of the race when I intentionally knock into people. On these long tracks all the racers get stretched out and most of the time I find myself racing – by myself. I want something where I’m going to have a lot of contact with other racers. I know it all depends on how you race, but just sayin’. The figure 8 would be cool if you put in some ramps at the 4-way of the track so I could watch some wreckage in slow motion haha!

    I love the tracks that the game has now, but it wouldn’t hurt to have 1 or 2 small courses too. You guys have worked hard for this game and all of you have done a great job. Love the game, Thanks.

  • @40 Rothgar

    Sorry dude already gave it away to my sister, she got a new system a few months ago and didn’t have a game to play. Gave her that one because I didn’t play it anymore. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great game but it doesn’t have lastign appeal.

  • Seriously love this game. I haven’t had as much fun with a racer since the last Burnout. Even if it’s just vehicles, you’ll have my money.

    I noticed two unselectable slots under the tracks in Time Attack mode (with track names I hadn’t seen before). When are we gonna get those?

  • That Big Rig looks sick!

    This is the pinnacle of off-road racing!
    Evolution keeps making Motorstorm better and better.

    Man going to buy this as soon ASAP.
    I mean it’s only 2 bucks!

    Less than you’d waste getting fat in McDonalds.

  • By the way Evolution, you should consider making a point A to point B track, that’d be sick.

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  • Yeah… What about offline multiplayer, custom soundtracks, you know, stuff that should have been there on day one. That would be nice…er. Much nicer.

  • there is no reason for this one. everyone at the motorstorm dev center needs to take a long look at where this game is going.

    THE NEXT THING THAT NEEDS TO BE ADDED IS LOCAL MULTIPLAYER. i would love to play this game with friends, but i just cannot because there is no way to do so.

    2nd, why release 2 cars and some skins? save it for the new dlc pack, or at the very least give it away for free because it is just so cheap. the new skins anyways.

    as for devils crossing, there are some major issues with this course, i dont know it it was a bug issue or what, but you really need to fix it up.

    (i do not know if this will post, but it is woth a shot, it is a post from my blog on the dlc)

    so i just about have beaten the devils weekend download pack, i have to say i am extremely disappointed.

    when i first got the pack i saw of an actual plot line, this just is not true. i was told there were over 11 races, this just isnt true. i was told there were tons of unlockables, this just isnt true.

    first mistake, use of the word “liveries” if it means “deliveries” (as i have been informed) then type out the other 2 letters. if it is just a fancy way of saying “hey you beat something, here is your prize” then at the top of the screen just say “content unlocked” and flash the picture, just as it has always been.

    second mistake, the buggy as hell track. i dont mean you hop in and out of stuff or there is texture issues or anything like that, but the track design and code is just horrible. whenever you crash on “the crossing” you always start 10 feet back and have to “cross” again. this is the first map in the entire game to do this.

    i mentioned to torgo a while ago about this track that it was “simple, and something you could get through the first time without any problem.” i dont think i could sugarcoat it more, but by golly this track is made more morons.

    the big rigs go only one way, the rally cars another, and so on. but the fact of the matter is if you at all criss cross or get spawned in the wrong place, then you will lose the race because your car just wasnt meant to be in that spot. when you crash on the crossing you either end 10 feet back, or 10 feet back on the other side. it makes it seem like you get thrown even further back in the latter instance simply because you have to do what you just did again.

    the biggest issue i have with this content is that it is just too hard. i am on the last race, all i have to do is beat the crossing track on hard, and then i get the jester bxr v 3.0 (Black edition). it is just a pain in the ass to win on this track because like i said before you have to choose everything just right.

    so far a race car isnt the one to pick, nor a dust buggy, or a 4 wheeler. im thinking the only way to win would be a big rig. the trucks and mud pluggers are just too slow to make a different.

    i will end with this note. at the end of the tract there is a cage, you go to the left or the right of it to get to the finish. on the right is a wide open field but it is a wider turn to the finish line. on the left you need to navigate through a series of sewage pipes to get to the end. problem is, there isnt a car that at speed can navigate through those pipes, not even an atv or a 4 wheeler. but the fact that every single opponent manages to woop my ass right at the last lap because they take the left is beyond comprehension.

    the track is poorly designed at best, and it needs to be patched immediately to fix the spawning issues.

    they are starting to drop the ball, and i hate to say.


  • and since i cannot edit my post, i will just add another. my apologies for the typo’s i thought i had spell checked it.

    here is a reply to my blog post where i elaborated more on the situation:

    just an update, i tried it with a big rig for over an hour last night, no luck… but it was hillarious to see the other big rigs crash when they tried to push me around.

    as for the end of the track, i would bounce off a rock leading into the left side, hit the side of the sewer tunnel and somehow make it, or i would go into without hitting the rock, and crash.

  • Hi Felice

    Is there any chance of receiving custom sound tracks and split screen multipayer via downloadable updates?

    I dont want to have to wait for the sequel for these features :(

  • ………………..
    Still, again, will buy after Split Screen Multiplayer online or offline is added.

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