Firmware Update (v2.01)

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The latest System Software Update is now ready for download for the PLAYSTATION 3. Here are the details of what this firmware accomplishes:

• Stability during playing some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved.

• Stability of System Software including Internet Browser and Information Board has been improved.

• Stability of the upscaler for PlayStation 2 format software has been improved. (Playability of PlayStation 2 depends on model)

• [Remote Start] feature is changed to avoid unintended power on.

As always, we’re continually evaluating and improving your PLAYSTATION 3 experience. We will continue to share similar updates like this on the blog, so keep an eye out. Thanks for your ongoing feedback!

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  • Eric,

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea for you guys to list exactly what you just listed on this post, in every respective update. Think about the people that are not frequent visitors of this blog. How do they find out that their PS3s now do X and Y without the knowledge of this blog? Or your average Joe that just plays Warhawk and when he can’t log on he is forced to update, but first, has no idea why he HAS to update. Second, after he updates, has no idea what the heck just happed. I’m just putting this out there. Who agrees or disagrees?

  • Ok, I’m not understanding correctly. You guys put out an update to FIX a BROKEN update. THEN, you get MORONS who comment on this blog saying “GODD UPDATE SONY” and “THANKS FOR THE UPDATE SONY”. All of you IDIOTS condoning this type of behavior are just that, IDIIIIIIOOOOOOOTSSSSSS!!! You’ll get IN-GAME XMB, when the [DELETED] that comes out of my rear grows wings and flushes the toilet by itself. Don’t get me wrong, SONY FTW, but seriously, you guys need to step it up.

  • GREATTT!!! I can’t connect to the PSN now!!!!!
    The best firmware ever >_>

    Fix this NOW!

  • In a new update I’d really like to have background copying of files from a wireless network. I would also like queuing for file copying.

    Currently, if I want to copy a video file from my PC onto the PS3 I have to sit there for 10-20 minutes while it goes across the network. The PS3 won’t do anything else during that time.

    If this could happen in the background, using latent connection availability like downloads from the PSStore that would be great.

    Option two would be that I could queue up a load of files for the PS3 to copy and leave it copying while I go away and do something else. Currently I have to return to the machine every 10 minutes to tell it to copy the next file.

    A combination of background network-files copying and queuing would be brilliant.

    Thanks for the updates, keep up the good work!

    (And please keep on working on improving backwards compatibility for us European users too! It really is very important to us!)

  • Thanks for the update, but Remote Play’s Auto-start feature is still broken for PS3’s using a router’s DMZ.

    Please fix Remote Play so we can take advantage of this otherwise awesome feature. Thanks!

  • You can tell who the pre-teens are in this thread because they’re whining about XMB in-game menus. Grow up little children. It’ll come when it comes. It is obviously not going to come in a minor firmware update.

  • how do we report abusive posters?

  • nevermind…I will just stop reading the comments.
    Sony should call for a volunteer to moderate the posts though.

  • How about a “Go To” option in the audio files menu ?!?
    I’m asking for this because I usually listen to a lot of trance mixes, two hour or longer in length and it take days to go back to where I was using the FR or FF options.
    Borrowing the resume technique “Play from Beginning” from the video files options menu will also be a good idea !!!

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  • I just installed the new 2.01 FW and tried to play a bit Assassins Creed, it frooze after 5min of play, i can’t use the PS button, need to do a hard reset. This is no good.

  • I think I have found a bug with my PSP in regards to remote play.

    First, the units:

    PS3: 60GB EU launch model
    PSP: Slim&Light Ceramic White AU

    Whenever I connect these two together for remote play (transfering the ps3 system info via USB over to the PSP) I can no longer in any way connect to a wifi connection with my PSP. It’s like the wifi component isn’t working. If I turn the switch off, it knows I have it off so it’s aware to some degree. I get error 00000001 each time I try to connect.

    I have tried:
    – Upgrading the firmware
    – Deleting network settings
    – Deleting PSP settings to factory standard

    There is only one way.

    Deleting the firmware. And then letting the battery run out completely (a thorough system turn off does not fix it). After the battery is completely drained and I start the system up again with a power cable connected, wifi works as supposed, no problems at all.

    But if I try to pair the PSP up again with the PS3 for remote play, the wifi functionality completely stops working again.

    Anyone heard of this before?

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  • did you try to reboot your wifi router first?
    same thing happened to me but the restart of the wifi router fixed it.

  • Start banning people! These blogs are getting ridiculous!

  • @168 – I know. I was really enjoying the community input, but with this annoying “INGAMEXMB” crap, I am starting to get to the point where I am not going to read the comments. It is a shame because I enjoy responding and helping where I can.

  • Future Firmware:

    Shuffle Play Photos:

    PLEASE let us have the option to SHUFFLE the photos in a slideshow, the same photos, in the same order, is not a good thing when you have 1,000’s of them on your PS3

    And to make it even worse:

    Effects Dont randomize either:

    So if photo 12 zooms in on a nose, and pans to a tree branch, it will do the EXACT SAME starting and ending points EVERY time photo 12 is shown, very boring

    And to make it even worse still

    The slideshow style with the ‘thrown pages’ cant remember the name, assumes that ALL your photos are landscape, not good for showing portraits

  • Can we do something about it SONY….banning people like these? “Darkpitiless | November 20th, 2007 at 4:39 am”….this is a nice community with different opinion and views….all the time…however it seem to have get out of control recently….with those people who can’t live without the “IN GAME XMB”…sounds like they have been born and bred with it from day one and can’t live without it….pls….have to do something before it got ruined.

  • Thanks for the tip.
    And it worked! Thanks again.

  • And as for in game XMB, you are in a game to play a game, why would you want access to XMB, it would probably be a good thing for you to take your useless fanboy spam somewhere else and let us that actually use ALL the features of the PS3 have a nice forum

  • @172 – glad it worked for you!

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  • thanks =)

  • Still can’t remote start over the internet. Fail.

  • Not sure exactly what this does, but my PS3 has crashed 3 times, & gets stuck on some menus for minutes at a time following the 2.0 update. Hopefully this will fix the problem. Thanks for the update!

    Oh, I’ve got Warhawk, Skate, & GH3 & I haven’t noticed a pattern as to which game it does it to. Seems to hang more in XMB related stuff, mainly when switching applications. Like exiting a game to XMB, or exiting the PSN Store or browser. Maybe that will give a little clarity to others wondering what this update could be fixing.

  • Please ban the users MOBST3R, Khaqan, chimpum, and Darkpitiless. It’s really irritating.

    Anyway, thanks for another worthwhile update!

  • I am a big sony fan, but something really bother me at the moment.

    I see some unbelievable ps3 advert on the net, but on tv all i can see is (ds and wii).
    So my question is why the hell don t you guys broadcast them on tv. Specially during the christmas period.

    Common guys you know it makes sense.

    Nintendo serve old, reheated, games with nicole kidman or whoever to promote and sony(last time i ‘ve checked)
    Have a great catalogue of games, but more importantly of stars(sony music, sony pictures)

    common sony.
    and long live playstation

  • good update thank you!

    ERIC can you tell to the engineers to improve the the view in the ps1 games in the next update??, becouse in HD Tv’s the games are seen bad. Thats my only request, even i want more this than the in game XMB.

    thanks for your attention.

  • Remote Start still randomly turns on my PS3. Come on Sony.

  • i think everyone who has an account here should be requested to give their serial numbers for their PS3 this way any repeat serials get there accounts deleted and anyone trying to join with a serial already given is denied i do notice people sometimes just go and make another account with their name as WHEREISIN-GAMEXMB or FIXFIRMWARE2.0 its sad that these 10 year olds on there DAD’s console can get in here and spoil it for everyone else with genuine requests i recommend 18+ for this site

  • Sony, the best feature ever would be to set BLURAY stills (paused shots from any blu-ray movie) as wallpaper. I don’t know how many times PER blu-ray movie I’ve dreamed of this feature. I think you can do this with DVD and Windows Vista, so why not blu-ray and the PS3?

  • Thanks for update.

    I got one question. Would you improve compatibilty of PSX titles in next firmwares? I’ve got EU 60GB console, and many games don’t work for me (eg. FF VIII non-platinum).

    Thanks for answering

  • @183: I second that. I almost hope Sony never gives us in-game XMB just to spite these people.

    On another note, I hope Sony is aware of the issues people are now having with Call of Duty 4 since 2.01.

  • First, thanks for the update.

    Now, here’s a few things to work on for future updates (in no particular order of preference):

    1. Put a clock somewhere in the XMB. Either on the desktop or on the pop-up menu when the PS button is pressed. Either place is fine by me, but I guess I’d prefer to have it on the pop-up menu if I had my choice.

    2. Allow music section to be displayed/sorted the same way the PSP handles it. Basically, just give an option to list a straight directory tree. The current sorting options have issues because of small spelling differences, etc., on ID3 tag data obtained from CDDB, it leads to too many folders that should really be grouped together.

    3. Music playback needs to be able to automatically continue to the next folder in the sequence according to the current sort option selected. Currently, it only plays files in the current folder and stops when the end of the list in that folder is reached. Example: Sort by Artist/Album. Play the first album by a particular artist and then automatically go the the next album in the set when the first is done. When all albums by that artist are finished, go on to the next artist and repeat.

    4. In-game XMB. Not gonna harp on it. You already know we want it and why.

    5. Add an option for changing font size on the XMB. Large, Normal, Small options would be adequate. My 27″ HDTV can handle 1080i, 720p, 540p, 480p, and 480i. The problem? If I run at any resolutions higher than 480p, the XMB text becomes nearly illegible from my sofa because it’s so small and it gets masked by the pulsating light bloom effect on selected text. This is my current biggest single complaint because it means I’m forced to play my games and Blu-Ray movies at DVD resolution when my set is capable of playing at 720p or 1080i. I’m being artificially limited because I want to be able to read the XMB text without switching resolutions constantly.

    6. As an alternative to adjustable XMB font size is an option under the Home button to quickly change resolution on the fly.

  • I had a problem with Ratchet and Clank, My Wife palyed for a few hours and stopped. I began a new game, but there is no voice acting that typically goes with the game. I tried resetting, double checked the in-game audio settings and even re-set my reciever. Please tell me this was fixed!!!

  • Is anyone starting to think that they just post in this Blog because “they have to” and don’t ever come back to answer even the littlest thing?

    Or am I just the only one who feels that?

    Anyway, nice update. Don’t bother asking for the details here in the blog. It would be better to have the changes log when you are about to install the firmware, like any other game and not filling the blog with those things since not all the people understands that.

  • Sorry Sony, if you were doing your job properly, there wouldn’t be need for “improvements”.

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  • Good update, my only complaint would be a lack of a change log on the update… why do you guys randomly decide which updates get a change log and which don’t? Change log… every time, no excuses.

  • Very disappointed this does not fix the streaming/transcoding issues I have had since upgrading to 2.0 with nero mediahome.

    Breaking something that worked before just shows poor testing (and/or a poor attitude on sonys part for not caring).

    My ps3 was a great media hub. Wish i could go back to 1.9x which i had no issues with and still be able to play warhawk.

  • saundersman,
    I understand where your coming from but you have to understand that there are also 18 year olds that are immature and act worse than most kids.

  • @16: “Also, what stability issues in the browser are being fixed? I’ve never had any problems with the browser, yet I would like to have known of the potential for instability, so I would be aware already and prepared if an error did occur with my browser and I wouldn’t end up claiming that you left us in the dark.” —
    Really? You want a company to come out and email you or post a blog for any bug they find? Isn’t it enough to maybe have a FAQ online or a customer support number to call? Yeah, it might be nice to know information, but it’s certainly not something that really matters in the grand scheme of things and the majority of people will just be happy knowing some minor bugs got fixed and go right back to Warhawk.

  • I second the clock with the PS button

    With the information board, allow us to pick several news streams (such as Yahoo News) so we can display several types of Headlines—this would make it a media center beyond all others hehe! Plus, it would cement it more as a family room kind of thing since parents would be more enticed to use it!

  • Can you do rss feeds with the information board now? I haven’t tried that, but if you can that’d be the balls!

  • very true then everyone should be made to login with there PSN I.D this way there Console can be BANNED from PSN for breakin the terms & conditions if not for ever then atleast a week maybe they will stop being idiots when they cant play there games ONLINE

  • Long time GAP member here, good to hear from you guys. My first time posting. I hope to see you guys more often!

  • Thanks for the update. Will download after work. It would be nice to have a list of what particular games it fixes. This way we know for sure it’s related to AC or other games. Also, I’m REALLY hoping I can enable Media Server Connection after this fix. Maybe it fixed that stability!? Doubtful, but keeping my fingers crossed. What’s the point of having that option if I have to keep it off? Thanks.

  • IN-Game messaging at least would be a cool addition. I could care less about in-game custom music….But I’d love in-game messaging since some games don’t have a messaging system of their own….Like CoD4…Amazing game but incomplete since you can’t talk to anyone without party invites….I enjoy the game but if you guys added this every PS3 game would come faster since the devs wouldn’t have to waste time and resoursces implementing these features. It’d be a one-time cost…And many people want this feature…

    Thank you for your time.

  • Oh man. Just reading through some posts real quick and saw some issues with COD4 after this update. Man, I’ll be really upset if it messes with COD4. Sigh…

  • I think i’ll re-iterate the fact that Eric Lempel is a waste of payroll :)

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