Firmware Update (v2.01)

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The latest System Software Update is now ready for download for the PLAYSTATION 3. Here are the details of what this firmware accomplishes:

• Stability during playing some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved.

• Stability of System Software including Internet Browser and Information Board has been improved.

• Stability of the upscaler for PlayStation 2 format software has been improved. (Playability of PlayStation 2 depends on model)

• [Remote Start] feature is changed to avoid unintended power on.

As always, we’re continually evaluating and improving your PLAYSTATION 3 experience. We will continue to share similar updates like this on the blog, so keep an eye out. Thanks for your ongoing feedback!

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  • @95 yeah i would try and get the 60GB if u can still get it i had mine for a year and i never had any prob. with mine it never locked up on me it never glitch on me. too me its worth every penny! and it makes a great BD player! I think the 360 is 349 bucks and the HD-DVD player for the 360 i think is still 199 bucks im not sure though. and the Wii i get sick of play’n it like into 30mins of play’n it my Wii gets more dust time then play’n time thats y im selling it to my friends little bro!

  • the hd dvd is 179 now, but not much of a difference…stupid licensed microsoft accesories…..don’t even get me started on THAT….ugh

  • thanks’ guys as far as I can understand my best but would be a 60 gig due to ps2 player because 80 gig wont play alot of my ps2 games which i have alot of are you sure the 80 gig wont play them also

  • @105 k thanks for letting me know i was not sure if it went down in price or not

  • You know what’s amazing? The cars in Gran Turismo 5 prologue take about 180 days each to make, and they have over 200,000 polygons each.

    That’s so f***ing detailed that I about crapped my pants when I read that.

    Go PS3! \m/ O \m/

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  • I don’t care for any of the updates in version 2 or 2.01 what I want and what I would hve expected by now is:
    support for avi divx avid
    support for other file formats on external hd apart, fat is way to limited.
    One more thing. I’m english, but I live in Italy. When I buy a game it never says whay languages are on the disc, you’d immagine that all main languages would fit on a bluray disc. Not so. Activision and others seem to think that if you buy your game in Italy then you must be italian. Wake up! This is europe!

  • Im Sorry to say im a little disapointed in the neglect to detail with this firmware, i’ve heard over 3 games are not functioning properly, i hope that someone with some kind of reputation will read this and act accordingly… But Call Of Duty 4, the game of the year that i bought lil more than a week and a half ago for 60 dollars is basically junked because of this update… leave the mistakes and bugs to XBOX360 and Microsoft would you Sony? I’m a true Sony fan so this is very dissapointing

  • I just read that in PGR4, they DECREASED the polygon count and cranked the shaders….

    THere were only about 80,000 polygons in the cars in PGR3…

    Looks like they’re having to milk that GPU for all it’s worth to free up those 3 CPUs for other stuff!

    Thank god for the cell…rendering multiple cars with over 200,000 polys each…dear lord….

    Gran Turismo will crush any racing game you’ve ever seen before. The detail will melt your eyes.

    Oh wait…isn’t this a firmware thread?



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  • hi there!

    Here is simple visual tool I have coded for viewing, editing, creating PS3 themes in realtime. Please try it out and give your feedback. Thanks!!

  • @106 im not sure if it will play them all from what i have read the 80GB dont play a whole lot of PS2 games my 60GB played 97 out of 115 of my PS2 games

    @111 i know only of AC and WAR HAWK was giving people problems. like i said b4 AC is at fault bc of UBISOFT cuz AC on the 360 is doing the same thing that the PS3 AC is doing so UBISOFT has to fix it NOT SONY! for as COD4 i have yet had no problems with it

  • @106 the last time i check to see if they all would work was back in April

  • I bet after 1.81 (well after april), all or almost all, of your 115 games work on your 60gb.

    I can guarantee you that number would be far less on the 80GB.

  • @117 yeah i read that after 1.81 that u can play almost every PS2 game i just cant remember what ones didn’t work and i dont have time to go trough them and see cuz of how i work

  • haha 118 posting link to his blog…


  • I don’t know what you have done but i am having major issuses with COD4 online which i never had before 2.01, i have had my first hard freeze in game and i can not access multiplayer…..great work Sony, not a rush job at all…..maybee next time a little testing would be appreciated.

  • @121 the only thing that i have done was disabled my media server and that info board and i never had any problems with my PS3 when i downloaded 2.0 my xmb (oh no i said xmb i hope i didnt start anything) ran kinda slow cuz it load the info board 1st so i disabled it and i never had any problems. my copy of AC only locked up on me one time and that was it and COD4 ran smooth for me but i only had it for 3 days now and i only played it online one time for a few hrs on sat.

  • Give me cod back plz.

    Don’t think fixing bugs that pop up only a few times is more important then killing a populair game.

  • @120 yeah the only good thing in that blog is the movie that he named!

  • After the Update my Call of Duty 4 is not retrieving my information when I click “Play Online”

  • well i aint had any problems with my machine since 2.0 i just hope this update does’nt screw it up :) cheers

  • thanks to new update, I’ve just a little question.

    in 2.01, PS2 upscaler output seems like change back to before . It shows big black bar in left and right side, 2.00 won’t.

    Can you consider make it a option , let me select which output I want.

    thanks again !


  • azik from the firmware forum has posted this link, a fix for Call of Duty 4 connection issues on PS3:,3038.0.html

    It basically states that you need to make sure your router has both ports 3075 UDP & 3074 UDP open to resolve Call of Duty 4 online connection issues. People with COD4 connection problems may want to give it a try.

  • I want the Ingame-XMB… Please,…. :)

  • why should we do anything it works right now if after the update it dont then sony need to fix it am not messing with settings

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  • stupid bots posting on forums…I don’t know why sony doesn’t just delete that crap immediately….


  • ” saunderswan | November 20th, 2007 at 3:05 am

    why should we do anything it works right now if after the update it dont then sony need to fix it am not messing with settings”

    I did say for those who have a problem with Call of Duty 4, that they might want to give it a try. Since you don’t any, then it doesn’t apply to you. Also, for your information, some application requires certain port to be open up on the router to optimize connection speed.

    The COD4 developer is saying on some routers, as a default, Port 3075 is set to as closed. PS3 uses both 3075 & 3074 for COD4. So, if there’s a connection issue with COD4, they suggest that users might want to check those two ports to see if they are opened on the router (assuming they are using routers with their PS3).

  • i have not updated yet i am doing it now was just letting sony know dude i dont see why we need to change settings since its not my router i am updateing

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  • thanks for the update!

    DIVX? at a guy claimed he can now play them, hope it’s true.
    But why would you not mention that change if it’s true?

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  • i’ve already got divx support, TVersity… seriously, you sony guys should have TVersity as like THE video player for the ps3, that way, no firmware updates would screw it up like 2.01 just did!!!!

  • well my COD4 is fine after the update.
    i notice its mostly the AMERICAN consoles that are having problems almost every Firmware i have not had any problems with ANY firmware update with my european launch system but then at twice the price AMERICANS paid i should think not :D cheers

  • im pulling out my internet lead!!!(on my ps3) ;-/ after a few bugged firmware updates im going to wait a week and see if this one is ok! not got faith in them at the moment:-/

  • Thanks for the update, but please pay more attention on future firmwares, what happened with the 2.0 is unacceptable. I also hope that future updates will add things that gamers really consider as relevantAll in all 2.0 was totally disappointing and a mess

  • @ MOBST3R & chimpum & Khaqan
    Cool off gays I now you are very disappointed but things well get better in the further updates.

  • + Posted by Eric Lempel // Director, PlayStation Network Operations

    Can you do us a favor and just come out and say, that you are not and have never been working on in-game XMB? I mean we’ve aske for it over a year now, and you’ve avoided giving it to us or any reason why we don’t have it yet and I think it would probably be much better received than the silence on it.

    So Eric on behalf of the entire Playstation community, “What is the status of In-game XMB?”

  • @147


  • Please, 48Hz support in order to get rid of JUDDER in almost EVERY DISPLAY.

    Lot of people gets more confortable with DVD’s instead Blu-Ray’s because of the JUDDER of their displayis.

    48Hz is the way to go to avoid this in the near future and improve Blu-Ray sales.

    Please, just add 48Hz support. If I can do that with my PC with a single click, it can’t be hard to do the same in Sony’s Playstation 3.

  • Wow, I hear they fixed the upscaler… This is impressive. I’ll hafta download this when I get in later. I noticed “and complained here” about my upscaler being broken after 2.0 and now it seems they’ve fixed it from what I hear. I’ll have to see for myself before I start handing out congratulations to you, though. “ha” Keep up the g’work, sony. Also, advertise R&CFTOD more!!! It needs to sell a million atleast… What’s wrong with you people buying the same garbage games over and over? FPS this and FPS that. Give me Ratchet any day of the week. I love you Insomniac!

  • IS there a place where a single wish list can be put together? I’m fed up of seeing a constant stream of in game XMB requests. It’d be nice to see the completed items being highlighted, so progress can be clearly identified. Perhaps a Sony representative might make comments against any of them too. So if someone adds a request for something silly, a comment saying that that request will not feature into Sony’s future plans. If someone somewhere is putting one together, could the following please be added?

    Firmware / Software:

    Could we have Linux as a semi-official download, which would also just install without having to lose the content I already have on my drive?

    Can I have a nice clock please?

    While we’re thinking about it, could we have a calendar, perhaps with known release dates and events highlighted?

    Could I please have a new music visualiser?

    May I please have a much much better web browser, with up to date flash, java, and media players.

    Could I please use the Bluetooth connection to send and receive files?

    I see someone put a little tutorial that would help organise files into albums, but while this is a workable workaround, I’d actually like to see a more robust directory and file manipulation tool.

    Could you make some of the new PlaystationEye games work with the old EyeToy? I have one of them you see, and while I’d like one of the new ones, it’s a little way down the priority list.


    Could I have a more splash / water proof controller please? I opened a can of beer, and some extra foamy head dripped on my controller. It wasn’t much, but the controller is now kaput. I can turn it on, but nothing else. My old wired controller took a ridiculous amount of stick, and never broke.

    Could you let us know when the PVR add on is going to be released?


  • my PS3 is still switching itself on when remote on/off is enabled =(

    haven’t really had any FW related issues since launch except this one, which is a pain in the a***!


  • any chance of a update that makes my PS3 make my cup of tea for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

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