Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – First Review

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Hey everybody, I’m back again!

I just wanted to drop everyone a quick note here five days before we launch Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (a day earlier than expected even!). I also wanted to point out that our first review has posted with IGN, be sure to check it out.

All of the Naughty Dogs couldn’t be more excited to see the game finally hit the shelves. The marketing machine is starting to move into high gear, so hopefully we’ll all start to see Nathan Drake plastered all around town. On the note of the marketing machine, check back with the blog later this week to catch a sneak peek of our TV spot.

The response to the demo that we released last week has been outstanding. I’m really glad everybody’s enjoying it. And I hope I don’t come across as too conceited to say that the complete game is even better! We really tried to design Uncharted as a comprehensive package and it was challenging to select a slice of it that captures the huge variety of gameplay that we have in the game.

In closing, I’d just like to say congratulations and thanks to everybody who had involvement in the creation of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. And that includes all of you on the forums who have been giving us encouragement and feedback along the way… believe it or not, we were listening, and many of your comments helped us make Uncharted a better game.

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  • @ 40, some HDTV’s models dont support1080i .. but rather it’s obvious 1080p.. so you gonna downscale to 720p.. go to warhawk.com foo!
    that’s the only place i haven’t seen gamesblow at.. so enjoy!

  • I can’t wait until Monday… or Tuesday? Whenever the game is in stores, it will be in my hands. Absolute day-one purchase.

  • Let’s not be rude to Evan Wells here… let’s keep focus off of me and my success and fame as a forum poster and smash hit blogger, Turn it back to Uncharted, shall we? I’m buying the game, folks… I love Naughtydog. They’re my favorite dev’s this side of Insomniac, but lets face it… The ps3 is what it is. Just as the video review guy had in his tone… he doesn’t like it, either.

  • wow the best ps3 game graphically can only score 9/10 on graphics. the ps3 is really a weak machine its true

  • he is now at n4g trolling.

  • @47 I think he’s still playing with his xbox.

  • congrats for the good game and the good review. now whats next for you guys uncharted sequal,
    Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

  • That’s kill. I’ll be getting a hold of this game hopefully around Christmas.

  • I’m well documented on my blogsite and a super success at posting on forums. Ask around… I’m huge in the videogame realm. My PSN idea is Gamesblow… add me as a friend “ha”

  • I don’t want to be your “friend” “ha”

  • i dont understand why you losers hate on the ps3 so damn much.. go get your damn 360 and gtfo then… stop flaming on a ps3 site…

  • Hence why I put the “ha” in the end of my sarcastic sentence.

  • @50
    My HDTV is capable of doing 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p

  • It’s not weak it’s new. Developers don’t really know it’s secrets yet. Consoles take years to reach full potential otherwise a new console would come out every year. Difference between XBox360 and PS3 is that the PS3 has more potential.

  • @60 I’m not hating on the PS3.

    I’m hating about ND’s business practices and ethics. (They have none)

  • I have a feeling the next ND game will be another Jak game which is a shame imo (J&D: The Final Frontier). Uncharted looks to be the best game ever made by the company, no reason to return to Jak.

  • then you might wanna talk to tech support @ warhawk’s website dude..

  • Congratulations Naughty Dog on an awesome game! This is definitely a first day buy for me.
    @Darkendless: you seemed to totally overlook the fact that this is a first generation PS3 game, and Naughty Dog’s first foray with the hardware…I am confident they will learn from any mistakes on their next project. Also learning from Uncharted, this sets an exceptionally high benchmark for Naughty Dog games in the future.
    I also wanted to point out that when things appear to turn around for sony, meaning high quality games at a competitive price, all of the trolls come out full force with their doom and gloom. I could have bourght this sob story about 3 months ago but now, its just silly…Why can’t we all enjoy the games?

  • nice to know ppl are actually starting to notice the age difference on both systems.. just give it time guys..

  • BTW.. the only complaint i have about SONY overall.. is the ability to blacklist damn fools like gamesblow.. @ their website..

  • @Nephlabobo: What are you talking about? that whole demo issue is water under the bridge.
    It seems to be that quickly fixing the problem and keeping an open and honest discussion with the gaming community is far from having a blase attitude… Maybe you should read many of the post concerning Naughty Dogs open stance with its fans…

  • You guys make a bigger deal out of me than anything. If you’d just shut up and talk about the topic none of this would be happening. I hope Evan locks this thread now. You all have ruined it.

  • For the love of God why hasn’t Gamesblow been banned yet?

    And in case you don’t follow NeoGaf, all the people that played the game have stated the pop-in is a non-issue and non-existant while you play the game. Most of them can’t understand what it is IGN was seeing.

  • Cause you’re always making trouble and posting ridiculous comments about how you hate the PS3 and how the 360 is so much better.

  • I freaking love that boxart. This game was exactly what we need for PS3, I played the demo about 20 times already. I can’t wait until next week to play this beauty.

  • @gamesblow and comment 71:
    But isn’t that what you want?
    After all you are “well documented on my blogsite and a super success at posting on forums” because you are so “huge in the videogame realm”
    Its very hard to have it both ways when you crave attention from the things you say in your comments…

  • Here’s another good question for ya’ll.

    Does any of you guys ever had this issue with your PS3 SixAxis controller?
    Twice over the weekend my controller dropped connection between the PS3 for about 10-20 seconds over the weekend. Is this something I need to be worried about?

  • trust me.. no one wants to focus on you.. but you are so g’damn annoying…
    and to top it off.. you are arrogant with your “gaming expertise BS” ….

  • Hey, I can’t help it if I bring the grind and twist and bump and grind and… really, I don’t see nothin’ wrong with it. Being a smash hit forum poster has its downsides, sure… but I don’t think my 98% approval raiting has anything to do with this topic right now. Let’s focus on the topci and how awesome this game is going to be for Sony. I just hope it actually sells well, unlike R&C has done… Sony needs their games to sell… They don’t need 300,000 units of these games to sell. They need million sellers, people. Make it happen!

  • @ 76 did you check the battery charge?

  • @gaYsblow

  • @ 78.. can you plz get warhawk so i can enjoy destroying your silly @ss over and over again…

  • dont forget to do your homeworks gamesblow.

  • I have Warhawk, man… I love that game. I play 3 times a week. Send me a message and let me know next time you’re on. I have a blast when I’m gaming under the Gamesblow persona. People get a kick out of kickin’ my ass to. Trust me. Resistance and Warhawk both.

  • lol.. gamesblow prolly still lives at home with his momma.. and works at gamestop
    cuz no one likes his annoying @ss… i hope i get a 98% approval rating on this comment from you guys.

  • @ Gamesblow:
    I agree that this game is going to be awesome, but aside from true anomalies like Halo 3, I don’t believe most games move units in the millions in a week or two, I am not sure on that though,
    Most games mostl likely have a much larger window to see true profitability. I think it is more reasonable to look at sold units that way…rather than your more short sited view, after all Rachet and Clank has been out for less than a month… The window to judge a games success i believe is much larger…

  • Gamesblow lives in newport with 3 roomtates and goes to college and actually is the DM of a Gamestop as we speak. “ha” So, you got 1 right.
    https://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=145154342&blogID=328353987&Mytoken=C9B65171-FB50-439D-9B000D3CEC6DE2FB1410138 Check that blog and tell me I’m a 360 fanboy.

  • @James41

    See James, there are these things called *lists*. And when you make a list you have to include more than one thing on it. Which is why I put two beefs on.

    *pats head*

    You’ll understand when you’re older.

  • Anyways, back on topic here… I know Evan is probably scared away and rightfully so he should be after your alls rude behavior here on this topic. But, I take it Drake doesn’t have any swiming sections in the game, huh? That’d be awesome if he did, but could you confirm or deny this in anyway, man?

  • @87 I see you didn’t actually respond to my comment concerning the 1. point I mentioned. I merely pointed out that your comment/concerns on that 1. point were invalid… (Clearly I wasn’t concerned with the rest of your comment)
    To that you had no reply…

  • @Gamesblow
    Well at least you got one thing right on your Myspace page. Check it guys he says it himself Occupation: Professonal Troll

    Two words:Much deserved.

  • Want me to address the demo? Fine.

    1. From the start – shouldn’t have been region locked.

    2. The blase attitude of *you’ll get it by the 22nd” was a slap in the face of those who had been waiting for it.

    3. It was *only* after the news was reported on every gaming website and they had egg on their face that they fixed the demo for a ton of screaming, pissed off gamers that they had previously told “You’ll wait – and you’ll like it.”

    It’s fixed now – but that’s not the point.

    The point is ND handled the situation completely improperly and treated gamers like crap.

    That’s why I will not be buying this game.

  • I don’t see where ND is at fualt… The PSN and servers are already weak. They caused a crash just by posting the demo to the states. Imagine what it would’ve been world wide. Sony wouldn’t have recovered probably. The thing is… they got you the demo. What’s done is done. They made amends. Hell, is the game even out in the u.k until december, right? What’s the complain? Import it. I don’t see this as a ND fault. Just an infancy of the netowrk.

  • @91. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect yours.

    But it seems to me that treating gamers like crap would be to not fix and acknowledge a mistake and as you put it force those those affected to “wait, and like it.”

    I get your point, but I found Naughty Dog to be quite honest and candid about the situation (maybe because i am not as cynical as most) I respected them more for their quick response. To me it really showed that they do listen and make accommodations where they are reasonable… but hey, I am just glad that It is an awesome game…

  • ima just say one more thing.. seriously..
    if you think a game company or sony itself treats you like crap [have you dealt with them on a personal level and actually got treated like crap] then you need to stop crying about it.. move on and just dont support them in any which way…. but just remember.. when companies do things, like releasing a demo earlier in one region then the other.. they must have a pretty damn good reason… dont think so? then go to gaming design.. and try to really figure out why they do what they do..

  • I can’t wait to play Uncharted but I want to know if Jak and Daxter will see another game. Some time back there was a rumor the game would be Called Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. Is this true or not.

    Also I have heard that both you and Insomniac have a great friendship back from when you both worked together at Universal Interactive Studios. So do you still share ideas or do you guys keep more stuff to your selfs.

    Also is there any chance that there could be a game with both Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter. If both teams worked together or is that not even possible.

  • Thanks for the update! Looking forward to it!

  • anybody happy with the divx upgrade we are getting soon. what do you think about that gamesblow?

  • Divix would be nice… if we got it anytime within my life time. I doubt it’ll happen, though. I think Sony’s got plans for it in late 2008 so they can roll out their online mvoie service more than anything. I don’t think we’re gonna be burning and ripping movies in divix for our ps3’s anytime soon without streaming them 1st or using WMP. Interesting, none the less. Then again, Sony likes to talk. Talking is what they’re best at.

  • @91:

    The region locking is fixed now… I think that is entirely the point. A problem was brought to their attention and they fixed it in a timely manner.

    Once they were aware of the problem, what would you have recommended they do differently? Jump in the time machine a couple of days and fix it before releasing? Guess what, that’s not the reality we live in. Sh*t happens and cleaning it up within a day or two of the mess seems to be pretty good customer service. I don’t think you have any right to assume this is some pattern of behavior/bad business practices by Naughty Dog.

    My 8 year old nephew used to turn off the Gamecube when he wasn’t winning in Mario Kart. He’s 10 now and doesn’t do that anymore. Thankfully, he has learned a lesson you might be interested in: “Get over it”.

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