Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – First Review

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Hey everybody, I’m back again!

I just wanted to drop everyone a quick note here five days before we launch Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (a day earlier than expected even!). I also wanted to point out that our first review has posted with IGN, be sure to check it out.

All of the Naughty Dogs couldn’t be more excited to see the game finally hit the shelves. The marketing machine is starting to move into high gear, so hopefully we’ll all start to see Nathan Drake plastered all around town. On the note of the marketing machine, check back with the blog later this week to catch a sneak peek of our TV spot.

The response to the demo that we released last week has been outstanding. I’m really glad everybody’s enjoying it. And I hope I don’t come across as too conceited to say that the complete game is even better! We really tried to design Uncharted as a comprehensive package and it was challenging to select a slice of it that captures the huge variety of gameplay that we have in the game.

In closing, I’d just like to say congratulations and thanks to everybody who had involvement in the creation of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. And that includes all of you on the forums who have been giving us encouragement and feedback along the way… believe it or not, we were listening, and many of your comments helped us make Uncharted a better game.

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  • Congrats on the great review guys and gals. I look forward to dropping this into my PS3 ASAP! :D

  • Dam rights 9.1 Woot!!!!!!!!!!! It beat assassins creed lol. Nice work sony and naughty dog, this is a forsure buy.

  • Oh, btw I believe EGM gave Uncharted 8.5 all around. ;)

  • Hell yeah. Uncharted rules. This game is amazing and if you guys marketed it well on it it will sell millions during this holiday season. And i gotta admit that demo was fantastic. Must of played it at least 20 times. It’s a 1st day buy for me,

  • Number four yaaaaaaaaaaay

    this game is sick man, i’ll buy it on the first day

  • I take it you can’t swim in the game… that’s a bummer. Oh, well… this will be my last game with Sony, so I’m going to make the most out of it. Texture pop in for a Naughtydog game? Aliasing too? I can’t believe it… Oh, well… Ps3 just isn’t the system it was touted as being. We can’t fault Naughtydog. Fault the inferior hardware.

  • I was dissapointed with the weak AC review, but this just brightened my day. I am very happy about the review and cant wait to get my hands on this beautiful looking game. Sony and Naughty Dog has done it again with another AAA title. That video review on ign really physced (i spelt that wrong, maybe ?) me up for this game. Cheers to Sony and ND for one of the best games of the year.

  • @rsx3.2 I also played the demo about 20 times, everytime i played it i experienced new combat moves and the graphics “wow”ed me eveytime. Day one purchase for sure, if i had to wait in line i would, but our EB will have enough stock, im sure.

  • The review almost seemed to peg the doom and catastrophe that is the ps3. Did any of you get that from it? They liked the game, but talked about the short comings of the hardware. POP in and aliasing?? Thsoe still bug me, more so from a naughtydog game. I can’t believe it. Also, the review was good, but it seemed as if he wished it was on the xbox 360. Maybe if it was we’d have a more quality experience…?? Sucks… I really wanted this to be “THE” game that made me keep my ps3. I don’t think it’s going to be now.

  • Very well played, guys. You’re really at the top of your game. Bravo.

    I hope there’s been no regional slip-ups like with the demo in the full game, though. I just can’t wait to get my mitts on this, so I’m getting it shipped here (Ireland) from the USA.

  • A year in and the big releases finally are starting to hit.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some RCF and Warhawk but Uncharted really is the first AAA title.
    Now hopfully we can get MGS4, GT5: Prologe, and FFXIII with-in the next 2 years.

  • gamesblow. We understand that you’re still crying over firmware 2.0, but please man.. act like a mature human being. Most of us are fedup with your nonsense and spam throughout every post.

    Hopefully SCEA will IP lock you out of these comment boxes.

  • Good stuff, Evan. Can’t wait. Send me an early copy too, huh…I need to uh…”review” it.

  • A year of terrible ports… Loss of exclusives. Lack of AAA must have exclusives and a Ps3 that has struggled to sell 5 million units world wide. Sounds like a perfect day for Naughtydog and Insomnaic to call it a day and jump on board Apple or Microsoft’s game train, if you ask me. It’s been good Sony, but you’re so far out of touch with society you’re like the old man who can squeeze a quarter so tight the eagle would scream.

  • I’m definitely very excited about this game. I’m glad to see IGN like it and I can’t wait to buy it myself. The demo is very good.

    Thanks Naughty Dog. I hope you make another Jak (or platformer one day) also.

  • @Clinton, I’m jsut stating the obvious. I love Naughtydog… I mean, I’m a huge supporter of them and always have been. It’s not a question of me buying their games. I hear naughtydog and I say when’s it coming out? That’s just me… You can turn a blind eye to the problems at Sony and their inferiro hardware all you want… There is a problem. It’s not Naughtydog, either. They’re super amazing developers. But pop up and Aliasin issues shouldn’t plauge a next gen system. Not one as “powerful” as the Ps3 was touted as being.

  • Game looks great and sounds great. Gamesblow I wasn’t planning on getting an account for the blog because people were already giving my opinion. Your comments are just ridiculous. Inferior hardware? Have you done your research? PS3 Hardware is better than all the next-gen consoles out there. Games? Tons of games are coming out right now and where did it ever say the guy wished it was on the 360. Crazy. 360 couldn’t handle this game.. Developers even said it. “Amount of stuff in this game couldn’t fit inside a dvd” .

  • damn it gamesblow, sell your ps3 and stick that 360 to your butt if you love it that much.

  • It is a great game, but IDK how people can say that they were wishing that they could have a game to justify their purchase, with HS, RFOM Motorstorm, Folklore, R&C, and now this. These games are amazing, Keep up the good work Sony!

  • This a sweet game. The Graphic are amazing. I took my time look at the details of the environment. I rolled in the water and the clothes was soaked. Pretty Good Game. I might cop this on Tuesday.

    Do follow the review. I believe they are promoting the 360(American) more than the PS3(Japan) system.

  • nathan drake for president!

  • I don’t get why people [DELETED] about losing exclusives. Even if they make the game for 360 as well, no one is stopping you from buying and playing the game if they make it for PS3 too. Are you really that much of a stupid fanboy that you can’t enjoy a game just because people with an xbox can play it as well? Seriously, stop whining, it’s not like they’re taking away DMC and GTA from PS3 and making them a 360 exclusive. They’re still making them for PS3, so what exactly is the issue here?

  • On topic: congrats on a great review. Hope you have strong sales through the holidays.

    Off topic:
    gamesblow states: “I really wanted this to be “THE” game that made me keep my ps3. I don’t think it’s going to be now.”

    I consider myself to be an atheist, but when you do get rid of your PS3, I (along with hundreds of others) will know that their truly is a God.

    And to all you youngsters out there spending too much time on the internet reading this: take a good look at gamesblow. That can be you in a few years if you don’t get out of your parents’ basement and try to appreciate life a little; be prepared for a lonely, forgettable existence otherwise.


  • I doubt it that gamesblow own a PS3, he is a 360fanboy on playstation blog.

    Now, back to Uncharted, congratulations ND, 9.1 in my point of view was not enough, from the demo I give 9.8.

  • Helen Keller? I heard she’s an xbox fanboy.

  • You can swim in the game – I’ve seen Nathan swimming on videos.

    Gamesblow – perhaps you should play the game before giving up. (In the demo) I didn’t notice any aliasing problems and saw some pop up in the background once (a tree top appeared right in the distance – for some reason, I just happened to be looking at the spot when it occurred otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed).

    I think people are expecting far too much these days. Name me a game without some graphical glitch or hiccup.

    I see Uncharted as an early showcase for the PS3 and proves what it can do. Also consider that although Naughty Dog are top developers, I’m sure they (and other devs) can only get better.

    What are the alternatives if the PS3 is so bad? 360? I’m not convinced that is any better. In fact, I’m much happier with the PS3.

    Naught Dog: Thanks for Uncharted! It’s just what we (and the PS3) needed! =)

  • *Naughty Dog!

  • Sony seems to have a good “relationship” with IGN if you know what I mean.

    But conspiracy theories aside, this is THE game for 2007.

  • Tv Reviews » Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune - First Review

    […] Evan Wells wrote an interesting post today on Uncharted: Drakeâ??s Fortune – First ReviewHere’s a quick excerptOn the note of the marketing machine, check back with the blog later this week to catch a sneak peek of the our TV spot. The response to the demo that we released last week has been outstanding. I’m really glad everybody’s enjoying it. … […]

  • I’m glad to see that the game is getting a good review. Hopefully other sites will follow suit. I’ve already ordered the game and am looking forward to playing it all day long. lol

  • Sony’s probably happy everytime they get an exclusive game so people can’t compare it to the xbox 360 version. Case and point… COD4 and ASSCreed. Both visually better on the “so called” inferior xbox 360.

  • I have been looking forward to Uncharted for along time now and can now say after playing the demo quite a few times that this is going to be a great game. The water soaking into Drakes clothing and the way he moves through the deeper water is an awesome touch. This will be another $64.93 that I will gladly spend.

    Way off topic. I just got done watching the Disney/Pixar film Ratatouille on Blu-Ray running on the PS3 via HDMI into a 40″ Sony XBR5 LCD HDTV and had to say that this is one of if not the most eye opening High-Def 1080p experiences I have ever seen. I can see why Disney went with Blu-Ray after watching this. WOW!

  • Graet game indeed, I wish they could make a little cheaper the downoloadable content for motorstorm, is waay to expensive. At least a car for free, that would be awesome.

  • Congrats guys I can’t wait to play all the way through!

  • @gamesblow

    Whoa, easy cowboy. I have played COD4 on both 360 and PS3 and can safely say that the PS3 version looks and runs better in 1080p.

    I will find out about Assassions Creed tomorrow.

  • good job, he had nothing but good things to say in the video review

  • They look the same gamesblow. And the problem with games that are released on both systems is that they are made to work on both systems equally well. So they don’t spend more time on ps3 version even though it would surpass xbox360 given more priority. Example is uncharted. Possibly one of the most realistic looking titles coming out and designed SPECIFICALLY for the ps3.

  • gamesblow, the PS3 version of CoD4 is superior. Seriously GTFO. You’ve been trolling here for far too long. Uncharted is going to be awesome. I’m sorry you can’t enjoy it like everyone else for what it is. If you think a 9 is a bad review score, you have some issues. I would have understood your concerns if it were a 7, but give me a break.

  • g’damnit gamesblow… why do you even bother comparing the ps3 with the very flawed 360? Dude… the 360 it’s about to enter it’s third generation of games… while the ps3 is still on it’s prime.. it’s not really a fair comparison tbh.. i’m pretty sure that in the near future, and even now.. there are a few games the ps3 has, that the 360 cant handle… MGS4… nuff said… i’m pretty sure when sony enters it’s 3rd generation on games… even 360 fanboys like yourself wont be able to deny how powerful and great the ps3 is, and will be.. now gtfo and go have fun with your doomed 360.. which i’m sure you wont mind taking back to the store over and over again with it’s freakin red ring of death feature!!

  • 9.1 BABY!
    I’m so excited about this…Congratulation to Naughty Dog and Sony.

    (Off the subject)
    I’m a total noob to Warhawk and I have a few for some of guys on here. Hopefully I can get a few replies. I’d be very grateful!

    1. How come Warhawk only plays on 720p and not 1080i like it shows on the back of the box? “I have a Sony full HDTV.”
    2. Where can I get some tips about playing? I’m getting my ass handed to me on the regular.

    Reply with playing tips/suggestions please!
    Thanks so much.

  • @ gamesblow

    I’m sick and tired of all of your comments, if you don’t have anything constructive to say then don’t post a comment.

    Congradulations on the review Naugty Dog. The games looks amazing, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • @gamesblow

    “There are few differences between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. PS3 owners are blessed with a slightly more solid frame rate, although the 360 version features a little more contrast in the lighting,- Gamespot.com

    So what where you trying to say again?

  • Congratualtions on the positive review and nice score. 9.1 is outstanding and the reviewer himself said it was the most fun he’d had playing a videogame this year. Which begs the questio, is 9.1 too low a score?

    Also, I hear there’ll be a chat on the PlayStation forums on Thursday. Will you be there taking questions? I’d like to know what you think about IGN giving you guys a 9 for graphics, docking points for screen tearing and pop-ins. I’ve never seen a better looking game, so a 9 leaves me baffled. I know that you guys did your best to eliminate screen tearing, but it’s still there, can you comment further and talk about the pop-ins too if possible.

  • 8 hours eh? looks like another rent IMO.

  • It looks amazing Naughty Dog, I loved the demo (I’ve had to have played it at least 20 times) I can’t wait for it to come out.

  • Does anyone believe gamesblow actually owns a ps3?

  • Congrats on an excellent game. Of course, it is no surprise, coming from a AAA developer like you guys. :-)

  • Sorry ND, you blew it.

    First your discriminatory release of the Uncharted demo.

    Next, your blase attitude (You’ll get it on the 22nd and you’ll *like* it!)

    Next, *undoubtedly*, you could have released this soundtrack on the Blu-ray disc of the game. Yet, you skimped and released it separately.

    Not only did you release it separately, you went iTunes *only*. (Discriminatory release, yet again!)

    If you do end up releasing a Greatest Hits version in the future, put the bloody soundtrack on it!

    I don’t know what kind of death wish you have for this game, but *continually* discriminating against potential customers seems like pure idiocy to me.

    As a PS3 owner, I *was* looking forward to this game. It’s too bad you seem determined to alienate customers. Get your head out of your rear and wake up ND. People are only willing to be treated like garbage for so long.

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