Bowling, anyone?

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Hey again everybody – P.J. Snavely here, Sr. Producer on High Velocity Bowling. HVB is the first foray onto the PLAYSTATION Network from the group of talented (and modest) developers down here at SCEA San Diego. I’m happy to reveal that the game is in the final stages of approval for the PLAYSTATION Store and will hopefully be up next week!

I know I’m pretty excited about it, personally – I’m sick of seeing only my team and our hard working Quality Assurance guys & gals on the leaderboards. I can’t wait to see you all get your hands on it!

So with this new trailer, I hope you all can get a feel for the type of game we’re going for. While we do use the SIXAXIS controller for the bowling swing, we’ve incorporated a bunch of different gameplay experiences. You’ll start with just a couple of fairly vanilla characters and work your way up the High Velocity Bowling ranks. If you watch the video, you’ll see our resident bad boy Spider and his sidearm delivery. One note here – don’t try this in real life…it hurts!

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Each “level,” if you will, has 3 challenges that you’ll need to pass before moving on. You can see a couple of the “Trick Shots” challenges in the video, with our ramp, chair & cone props. You will also need to beat each bowler head-to-head before being able to use them. Tournament mode makes you prove your consistency before moving on.

Anyhow, I don’t want to give away all the surprises… and trust me, there are some good ones. I hope you’re looking forward to this game as much as I am looking forward to getting it out there!

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  • @46; Yeah, ban Gamesblow from this blog and every known Sony product please!!!

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  • I might of missed it, but is this game multiplayer offline or online?

  • I think i’ll pass on gay bowling…thats anyway

  • When you say PSN is this world wide or are the EU/UK and the rest of the Sony game playing world overlooked. Again.

  • Looks like fun and swinging with the sixaxis sounds cool.

    I will pick this one up also.

    Keep up the great PSN titles coming…

  • Will this game upscale to 1080 if a HDTV does not take 720?

  • @ 9 Solace That was frickin’ hilarious! “Once again, you prove that, like a flaming bag on a doorstep, you’re full of crap.”

  • P.J. Snavely

    Thanks for the comments, guys! A couple quick answers:

    You’re absolutely right – I love thinking about this game as “Hot Shots Bowling”. I think they (Clap Hanz) have a great formula for non-traditional sports games. The first few challenges/levels get you a solid feel for the fundamentals and then the game gets more challenging from there.

    We’re going worldwide with this game. The US version is closest to being done, but we’re very close to finishing the European and Japanese versions as well.

    Yet another surprise uncovered (although smaller, since we’re on the list already). We do support the DualShock 3.

  • Oh and thanks to all the hard work of the developers! This game seems to have a good sense of humor and personally I think more games would do well to share this trait.

  • One more thing: I don’t know how it works financially but if it’s feasible that trailer would be a great TV commercial!

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  • @ P.J. Snavely

    That’s awesome. I couldnt really see a bowling game played with a ligther controller. without any vibration!

    Glad to know the DS3 is supported!

    Online? That would rock and it would be perfect to have in this game! or at least if there’s online play, there’s you know. spectator mode where people can come by and watch and they can do a little voice chatting!

  • it looks pretty good, i’ll try to get it :)

    I also like the fact that you can listen to your music.

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  • Well, it looks great to me and bowling has always been a fun drinking game for me with a few buddies. I’m highly impressed by you guys putting in Custom Soundtracks! That should be reason enough for the masses to buy!! Support that feature if you want it introduced elsewhere people!!!

    So, can you play in groups of say 6 people? How many can play in a sitting? Can you create your own players and does it keep your stats?!!!

    I’m seriously one of the customers whose big time into bowling games, so please answer Mr Snavely!!!!

  • Thanks for the info PJ! game looks fun

    and dont mind gamesblow hes nothing but a troll

  • Thank you for including in-game custom audio soundtracks!!! This is a small feature that adds so much value to a game. I want to see this feature in every game for PS3. People obviously really love this feature. Look how many people have already commented about it here? I greatly appreciate the games Sony has been selling in the PlayStation Store. The prices are very reasonable and there’s a nice mix of different genres. I want to see more Sony games on PSN that use motion control support like High Velocity Bowling, Go Sports Skiing, Flow, and Super Rub A Dub. My only complaint is that Sony has been putting so few games in the PlayStation Store. Give us more ( PS1 games too )!!

  • yo P.J. Snavely dose your game support the vibration and PLAYSTATION eye.

  • i’ve to say that i’m not a huge fan of ‘alternative sports’ games (i would say we should stick to the soccer, basketball and wrestling game), and if i heard about a “bowling game” comming out for Ps3 wihtout reading your (P.J.) comments my reaction would be probably… “yuck, what a waste of time” – gammers, you should thank God for not allowing this creature to be part of the gamming business.

    though i’ve to admit that this one seems to be fairly interesting. The way you say you’re putting together some different aspects and ellements of the Ps3 on this title got my attention.

    Thumbs up!
    SP – Brazil

  • P.J. Snavely

    Thanks again for the comments guys – half the fun for me is reading and responding to the comments you guys leave. And don’t worry too much about forum trolls – these guys typically just enjoy hating things and I feel kinda bad for them.

    We support up to 4 players per sitting. I would’ve loved to do more with stat-keeping and averages and such, but we were kinda limited in what we could with this version. We really wanted to get it out so that people could enjoy it for this holiday season. I’m a big bowler myself, so we’ve gone out of our way to make sure that this game is an accurate reflection of the sport.

    We do support the vibration feature in the Dual Shock 3, but we don’t support the PS Eye…we’re letting Eye Of Judgment take care of that. =)

    Typically, I’d agree with you. I’m usually much more of a fan of “regular” sports games – I’ve worked on baseball (All-Star Baseball) and basketball (NBA ’05-’08) games for a long time, so I think this feels more like a regular sports game than a gimmicky sort of title. Thanks for the Brazilian love.

    Thanks for reading guys…the thread is dying, but I’ll check back periodically!

  • I’ve just tried holding my PS3 controller in one hand and pretending to bowl with it. It’s not as comfortable as the Wii controller (which was designed with this sort of thing in mind) and there seems a high likelihood of it slipping out of my hand and into my TV screen.

    Will there be a better suited peripheral for the PS3 to accompany this game?

  • PLaystation is beteer than the wii
    Why not ?

    How more PS3 only game’s how better it is !

  • can you give us a little more info about which modes the game is launching with.

    and are you guys planning on future add-ons to the game?

  • Good question Captain Fury. Also, further to my last question, Is there any permanent stats keeping?

    If not and add-ons do come, is stats keeping then going to be an option? Nothing worse than playing one-off only multiplayer. Where would the bragging rights be?

  • I can’t wait to get a Sony 80GB PlayStation 3 this Christmas and I am going to download everything I want from the PSS.

  • :( Im asking myself what happen with your games …….. soooo bad :( i invite few friend last week end …….. they pull the released date to the 27 ……… after the 29 ……. and now we dont see it, soooo bad :( can you give us a dates or you guy completly lost in your dates ……… or the games really not ready ??????????? Please give us some news. :(

  • This game looks like it gonna be good. I just hope that it doesn’t come out with only a few alleys or levels (i.e. GoSportSki). When you say up to 4 players sitting, does that mean up to 4 on your console? Does that mean no online play?

  • Any news on this for the UK? It all seems to have gone very quiet….

  • GAMESBLOW, Dude get a life and get a girlfriend. Your PS3 is not a piece of doody it is Way better than XBOX 360. Why can’t you stop Spamming the SCEA servers with your junk messages! If you hate PS3 SOO much sell it to an EBAY user!!! YOU ARE DUMB GAMESBLOW. HV Bowling is awesome since it does have an in game XMB!! just music mind you but a good effort by SCEA to open the PS3 up to user demands. I’m pleased with buying this game. It is a little tiring though having to hear the same old recycled comments the bowlers make in game. Anyways BUY THIS GAME tick Gamesbow off by not listening to him anymore. The guy won’t even reply to my e-mails to his PS3 account Lame wad. He can’t back up his words, My PS3 account is the same as this one austinite04 so bring it on Gamesblow!

  • Just downloaded this gem a couple of nights ago. Wow, this really is a great bowling game; a lot of fun to play. The SIXAXIS controller makes you feel like you’re playing a real game of bowling. I can hardly wait to invite a few friends over for a night of bowling and brews.

  • I downloaded High Velocity Bowling last night and it is OK. Why just OK? Because the only reason you use the motion sensing is to flip your wrist for your power meter. NOT for spin on the ball. I really hope there is a patch to add spin with the SIXAXIS motion sensing, and not pressing a button for it.

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