Bowling, anyone?

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Hey again everybody – P.J. Snavely here, Sr. Producer on High Velocity Bowling. HVB is the first foray onto the PLAYSTATION Network from the group of talented (and modest) developers down here at SCEA San Diego. I’m happy to reveal that the game is in the final stages of approval for the PLAYSTATION Store and will hopefully be up next week!

I know I’m pretty excited about it, personally – I’m sick of seeing only my team and our hard working Quality Assurance guys & gals on the leaderboards. I can’t wait to see you all get your hands on it!

So with this new trailer, I hope you all can get a feel for the type of game we’re going for. While we do use the SIXAXIS controller for the bowling swing, we’ve incorporated a bunch of different gameplay experiences. You’ll start with just a couple of fairly vanilla characters and work your way up the High Velocity Bowling ranks. If you watch the video, you’ll see our resident bad boy Spider and his sidearm delivery. One note here – don’t try this in real life…it hurts!

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Each “level,” if you will, has 3 challenges that you’ll need to pass before moving on. You can see a couple of the “Trick Shots” challenges in the video, with our ramp, chair & cone props. You will also need to beat each bowler head-to-head before being able to use them. Tournament mode makes you prove your consistency before moving on.

Anyhow, I don’t want to give away all the surprises… and trust me, there are some good ones. I hope you’re looking forward to this game as much as I am looking forward to getting it out there!

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