Bowling, anyone?

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Hey again everybody – P.J. Snavely here, Sr. Producer on High Velocity Bowling. HVB is the first foray onto the PLAYSTATION Network from the group of talented (and modest) developers down here at SCEA San Diego. I’m happy to reveal that the game is in the final stages of approval for the PLAYSTATION Store and will hopefully be up next week!

I know I’m pretty excited about it, personally – I’m sick of seeing only my team and our hard working Quality Assurance guys & gals on the leaderboards. I can’t wait to see you all get your hands on it!

So with this new trailer, I hope you all can get a feel for the type of game we’re going for. While we do use the SIXAXIS controller for the bowling swing, we’ve incorporated a bunch of different gameplay experiences. You’ll start with just a couple of fairly vanilla characters and work your way up the High Velocity Bowling ranks. If you watch the video, you’ll see our resident bad boy Spider and his sidearm delivery. One note here – don’t try this in real life…it hurts!

Spider Alt 1.jpg

Each “level,” if you will, has 3 challenges that you’ll need to pass before moving on. You can see a couple of the “Trick Shots” challenges in the video, with our ramp, chair & cone props. You will also need to beat each bowler head-to-head before being able to use them. Tournament mode makes you prove your consistency before moving on.

Anyhow, I don’t want to give away all the surprises… and trust me, there are some good ones. I hope you’re looking forward to this game as much as I am looking forward to getting it out there!

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  • Love what Sony is doing with its PSN games.

  • We’ve been promised this game for abotu a year. I remember when Sony said a stream of orignal PSN games were coming and they never did. Now it’s the end of the year and Sony has to push all these abysmal rip off carnie-like gimmick games out their *** for us. No thanks Sony… I’m done buying your mediocre crap! Your system is a 600 dollar piece a joke!

  • *GASP* NOT Santa Monica Studios? Seriously? OMG.
    Cool. Agrees with GloBox, they are pretty original, look good, and fun.

  • Why do all the characters have to be stereotypes?

  • If you’re done buying their crap, you should quit reading their blog.

  • looks awesome, one of the few games i will be getting day 1 this year. is sixaxis forced? or is it possible to turn it off? any chance of a demo video showing how it works?

  • Looks fun, but characters look wack. Does it have online play?

  • @ PJ
    These simple games are great. Any news on the price? Will this game be available from the Home area? I see a large MP3 player thingy in one of the pictures, can we play our own music? Is there a demo coming? Is that enough questions? Thanks for your time.

  • @gamesblow
    We’ve been getting a steady stream of games for the past 4 months or more. Sure, not all of them have been AAA titles, but they’ve all been pretty much original in one way or another.
    I love how just because something doesn’t interest you, you threaten to be done with it.
    Once again, you prove that, like a flaming bag on a doorstep, you’re full of crap.

  • Before I even glanced at the name, I knew that foul-smelling second comment had to have been from gamesblow. Bravo for trolling yet another blog!

  • I think gamesblow is a troll, heck his name alone is hint enough of that

    I hope this turns out cool tho–why can’t you do spin with the Sixaxis too? It would have been cooler to have both spin and throw on motion sensing and just pull the trigger to hold the ball like Wii Bowling—oh well this will prolly be fun either way..back to warhawk.

  • I can’t way to buy this. The game looks very good and well polished and well though out. I can’t wait to play some of the modes and all the extras. I’ll be getting this and Pain this month.

  • I love bowling and this would give me a good chance to play.

    Will there be a demo to this game?

  • Seems interesting. Unfortunately I won’t be able to buy it since the playstation cards aren’t available. PLEASE GET THE PLAYSTATION CARDS OUT SONY!

  • Thanks all for the (mostly) positive comments. I’ll post responses as time allows…

    Very nice observation! One of the things that we are shipping with (and may be the first) is the ability to play your own music from within the title. So much for saving that surprise…

    We just couldn’t find a control mechanism that we were happy with until we moved the spin to the shoulders. Having the spin there also eliminates throwing your controller at your nice HDTV.

  • thanks for in-game music.. let it be an excaple for the rest!

  • exsample (oops)

  • Yeah… thanks for the in-game music. More and more developers need to do this. I hope GTA IV has it.

    Anyway, I’ve been looking for a good bowling game for a while. I’m anticipating this one.

  • This was a blast to work on, and I hope you guys have as much fun playing it.

  • that will be a good game to play with friend … sure with a advices to have a good grip on the controller lol :) and a messagte to gameblow: man stop crying like a baby sell your console and go play with the [DELETED] of microsoft i really dont understand what you do with sony.
    So to all the team keep up the good work sure i will buy this one … and i thing finally the sixasix will have a great use :)

  • Looks really fun! Cant wait to compare it to wii-bowling!

  • First : Gamesblow ……stop crying sell your console and go play in microsoft leg, i really dont know why your with sony ? Ok now to the subject :) this game look really good to play with friend and family, question ? do we will need a lot of controller or we can play with only one ? ( with a advices to have a good grip on it lol :) kk to finish sure i will buy it and i think finally the sixasix will be a good used here :) Keep up the good work team.

  • Lol @ 2, I guess you have no life?

    As for the game itself, haha, it’s looking pretty good.

    Awesome that we can use our own music.

    Are there any plans for a Party type mode of play? You know, a multiplayer option where you have to avoid all withces hats or something of the like? Or is that another of the surprises :P

  • This game looked fun when it was 1st announced… now it’s lost in all the mediocrisy of the Ps3. The PSN is a breeding ground for bargin bin games, only… the prices of these PSN games are premium priced. 8 bucks for Pixle Junk racer? Please.. 30 for Tekken LAG online? Yeah, that’s a steal… Even GoSKI is a rip off and it was only 3 bucks. That game is just offensive it’s so bad.

  • Thats so cool that we can play our own music.

  • First game to have our own music in-game gotta love it but for the bowling thing i might pass this one up because im too busy with Ratchet & Clank Future TOD and Call of Duty 4

  • Once again gamesblow fails at life.

    If you think the PSN is such a rip off, go buy a 360 and pay for online and their arcade games.

    If you’ve got nothing constructive to say to the developers that come here, out of their own time, to give us information and the ability to give useful feedback on their products, then I really don’t see your purpose for being here aside from attention seeking.

  • My purpose here is the fact I’m a consumer… one who paid 600 dollars for my pile of junk Ps3, that seems to play AAA games rated at 8.0 and nothing above. Sony wants to sell me ****? Well, I’m going to give it right back to them.

  • If you’re unhappy with the system, do us, and the general human population a favour, and sell it.

  • Hay gays it seems we have an Xbox fan here (gamesblow)

  • It looks way better than wii bowling. I also like waht sony is doing with PSN games. Its a great way for small companies to release small downloadable games, and a great place to test game concepts, like FLOW.

  • Looks like a good buy to me. I’ll be fighting for a spot on the leaderboards!

  • Maybe we should take up a collection and buy gamesblow’s PS3?

    I’ve got $50, anyone else want to get in? Buy it, auction it on ebay and either split the $$ or give the proceeds to charity?

  • hay P.J. Snavely dose your game support the vibration and PLAYSTATION eye.

  • @gamesdontblow i have $ 200 tell the ask the others to collect the rast.

  • @gamesdontblow i have $ 200 can you ask the others to collect the rast.

  • WOO_HOO!!!!!!



    Thanks for the info- but even though i am totally stoked about the features, a game about bowling just doesn’t sound too fun, i’m used to saving the world and space travelling and god summoning and other usual gaming fare….i mean, i can go real bowling anytime..

    I guess i would buy it if it’s $4.99.

    Seriously, I will go on record now as saying I will buy any small budget PSN game if it’s $4.99 or less… it’s just a nice affordable figure…a little marketing advice there guys!

    oh yeah, and gamesblow, i respect your right to say what you want, this is America, so respect my right to invite you to f#$k off and go troll somewhere else, just hit your “back” button on your spyware ridden Micro$oft IE browser to go back to your llama-humping forum you were just at before you came here. douche.

  • HVB looks great. I will be downloading this as soon as I can. Thanks for the great party game. Drinking and bowling at in the living room on a Saturday night, sign me up. Wii bowling is fun and all yet HVB has that mature feel to it, I cant wait. Neither can my friends that are ABA members.

  • nothin but a better version of WiiSports, nothin much.

  • Good to finally see a game supporting custom soundtracks. That should please a few people.

  • In game music? That’s an insta-buy for me. Looks fun!

  • I think one of the other people behind the game mentioned that he can best describe High Velocity Bowling as “Hot Shots Bowling”, and to me, that’s what I like.

    i mean, Unlockable characters and lanes, trick shots, and now music integration!
    Seems like a good deal of fun for a downloadable title that uses the SIXAXIS control in a fun way.

    Just can’t help but think that I should play with a rubber grip on the controller or some sort of wrist-strap, hah…

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  • meh
    looks pretty lame

  • This game will support the Dualshock 3 right? ;o

  • Game looks really cool.

    NOTE TO SONY: ban Gamesblow from this blog, NOW!

  • I’m definitely getting it- it means that 1) people can just have fun on the ps3, and 2)PSN games are more than just PC/Arcade/ancient console ports

  • I’m definitely going to give this game a try, the ability to play your own music is a nice touch as well

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