Firmware Update (v2.00)

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Hi everyone. Here’s a preview of the next PLAYSTATION 3 firmware update (2.00) scheduled to release within the next few days. This update contains features that will allow you to receive news directly from us on everything PlayStation, enhance the way you access and organize your media, and allow you to customize your XMB in new ways.

Here’s a closer look at the new features:

You’ll notice this icon in the Network category of the XMB. This is the Information Board.


Once activated, you’ll notice scrolling headlines in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. We’ll be delivering the latest news on new games, PLAYSTATION Store updates, hardware, accessories and lots more through the Information Board. Click on the Information Board icon and you’ll be able to see all of the headlines and click through for more detail. The headlines and associated stories will be updated on a regular basis. You can choose not to display the Information Board, but you never know what you might miss, so I’d recommend keeping it on.

We’ve added a nice enhancement to Remote Play called Remote Start, to use Remote Play locally or from a Wi-Fi hotspot, you needed to make sure that your PS3 was on. With Remote Start this is no longer necessary. As long as your PS3 is in standby mode, you’ll be able to turn your PS3 on remotely via the PSP. You can then use Remote Play to access media on your PS3, and when you’re finished you can put your PS3 back into standby mode.

Another feature we’ve added with this update is the ability to set themes on your PS3. Themes will change the whole look of your XMB; the background, icons, and in some cases sounds on your XMB will completely change. We will be providing themes on and through the PLAYSTATION Store. Once you have downloaded a theme, under Settings go to Theme Settings, select Theme and then choose a theme to display or install a new theme. We are also providing the ability for you to get creative and make your own original themes.

We’ve also added a new way to organize your photos and music on the PS3 – you can now create custom playlists for all of your music and photos.

Finally, regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I’m using a new avatar. You will see that logo above on your XMB representing the new PLAYSTATION Network category. You’ll find the PLAYSTATION Store and Account Management in this category.

We’ve added several other features in this update. I’ll soon be back with more details with a quick video demo of some of the new features.

As always thanks for all of your support and feedback.

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  • Seriously though, this is a blog, at least make a statement about no in-game xmb. You guys did seem to care about community when this blog first started.

    Show us that you’re working on it, or at least acknowledge that it’s important, not just apathetically ignoring what’s upsetting your ENTIRE community!

  • Didn’t it say “We’ve added several other features in this update…” So why are you all complaing. Does anyone know what the other features are yet? NO. Give them time. No point in getting mad over nothing yet.

  • How hard can it be?

    Go and buy ICQ or something so people can talk when playing!!

  • And the Square,Circle,Triangle, and X avtar is soooooo cheesey!!!!!!

  • does the information board link to stories from this blog?

  • @53

    Don’t even start speculating that in-game XMB will be one of the “other” features. Go to and they say right there that SCE said that they’re working on it but there is no date on when it’s arriving.

    This update was a flop. The highest anticipated firmware ever was a complete disaster and shouldn’t even get the name 2.0, but rather 1.95.

  • No in game messaging?
    Once again you guys drop the ball on what could have been a “great” announcement.

  • I got to say that this is exactly what i said would happen. Sony never said that there would be In game XMB in 2.0, they had no idea which revision they will roll it out on. I am worried that it may never come. On COD4 they tell you to “Quit game to add friends” this is in the game menu. I would think if In-Game XMB was planned they would have had code to support it in this latest release. It may never come. If you need it that bad, get an XBOX 360. I might.

  • STOP always complaining folks!

    The new features of the FW 2.0 are VERY GOOD and nice! Expecially the PSP thing. Imagine you can acces from anywhere to your PS3 HDD with your PSP as long as you have an internet connection. And the themes are really very beautiful.

    I’m really looking forward to this Update. Thank you for your effort Sony! :-)

  • Well, given ps3fanboy asked the reps and they said there’s no -in-game xmb or extra video support yet, I’m guessing the extra features aren’t those. But they did say they are working on both.

    I would like to know what’s going on though, the ps3 had in-game xmb before it launched. What happened?

  • gamesblow | November 7th, 2007 at 9:36 am

    lol, that site is pretty funny…

    “If I don’t like something about Nintnendo or Microsoft I’m going to say it… I pull no punches when it comes to true, 100%, unbiased behavior on video game insight.”


  • It’s almost like Sony is looking at all the right things to do and then completely taking the wrong path… I mean, they see the success of the wii and 360, yet choose to completley ignore it. I couldn’t believe the 360 outsold the ps3 in japan this week.. and Sony did nothing about it. Didn’t even try to stop it. Thanks for making such a [DELETED] system to dev for Sony. Appreciate all the money I’ve spent on you guys.

  • Yes how could i forget to mention the browser they really need to update the version of FLASH used by the browser as well as javascript and css support. but more than anything else is flash support !
    the old version 6/7 is not going to cut it since quite a few sites limit support to version 8 or 9.

    Please update adobe flash ASAP.


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  • Well I think the update is awesome. *shrugs*

    Hey, will the Information Board overlay on just the XMB, or on top of games too?




  • wow. some of you guys are pathetic. are you telling me that you bought a ps3 just to be able to send a message to someone while playing a game or to listen to your own music?

    i fail to see how either one of these features could make or break a system. nintendo seems to be doing fine with out even half the features of the ps3.

  • Seriously. Why are so many people complaining? You ungrateful folks should be praising Sony for providing all of this functionality without expecting you to pay a premium. If you’re genuinely so unsatisfied, go buy your Xbox360 and enjoy paying for themes and comprehensive online game play.

  • I agree, the web browser SUCKS

  • This update is disappointing but what I would like now is an official statement from Sony acknowledging the fact that they are working on what the fans want. If they can’t do it, at least tell us this fact so we can stop looking for it in every future update.

    It has seemed like for every step forward you have taken two backwards and this is coming from a fan that has supported the Playstation brand from the beginning. We are the fans you should be aiming to please.

  • IN-GAME XMB! chop chop!

    1 year and still we don’t have this feature. stop wasting your time with new colored xmb’s and get to work on something the ps3 could actually use like in-game xmb!

  • I love the new features – nobody from Sony has ever stated that 2.0 would include Ingame XMB afaik.

  • @65

    Shutup, honestly. It’s people like you that said “It’s coming, probably in the 2.0 update with HOME.” Guess what? The 2.0 update was a flop. Im not going to believe or buy into the hype of any of you morons who believe that in-game XMB or any feature is coming anytime soon. Sony can’t be bothered to even give us an approximate date of the release, so a lot of people buy into your stupid rumours, but let’s just give up, in-game XMB is not coming anytime soon. Buy an XBOX 360 if you want to experience the pinnacle of online gaming, and visit your PS3 once in a while to see the laziest effort in online since the PS2, yes im talking about PSN.

  • @u_nick
    We are not saying the system’s is bad, we’re saying the update is bad. Sony needs three things:
    -Ingame XMB
    -New Browser
    -AVI playback capability
    They need these things badly.

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  • im hoping “We’ve added several other features in this update. I’ll soon be back with more details with a quick video demo of some of the new features.” refers to ingame XMB somehow

  • as long as you get out the personal xmb editor out quick, i’ll be happy. i’ve been wanting to tinker with some new xmb icons.

    oh and remote power on will be nice. thanks. [:

  • By the way I’m very happy with the new psp Remote Start feature. That’s a plus in my book!
    I cant comment on the headline feature yet. I have to try it out first. Sounds cool though.

  • @75

    If you don’t like the update leave your ps3 off, and go play the other system Xbot, you obviously only bought a ps3 for in-game XMB, oh wait you can’t play the other system because of RROD leave the blog and don’t come back, those of us who appreciate what we’re given won’t miss you!! AGAIN GREAT UPDATE SONY THX FOR ALL OF THE HARD WORK!!

  • Hi Eric Lempel !!!
    Is this download already avaible??
    Mine ps3 doesn’t say that is a new firmware, or it’s going to lunch yet?

  • Give us in-game XMB. That’s all we really want.

    Thank you

  • Nice Update! Thanks for the heads up!

  • @75

    Now that you’re done hitting Sony with your PURSE LEAVE AND DON’T COME BACK!!

  • I like how Sony is attempting to control the “news” with the ticker they are putting on the xmb. How much of that news will contain anything negative about Sony?

  • oooooo [DELETED]. you’re in for it, Sony. Get ready for massive hatred. Should’ve been workin on that in game XMB from the beginning. You did this to yourselves, Sony.

  • Somebody’s been naughty this year and her name is Sony. Hopefully you’ll give the goods to us for x-mas.

  • I don’t care about ingame XMB… for me it’s senseless. When i’m playing i don’t want to listen to other music or chat.
    but why not add sub-folders to the categorys? I have atm > 100 vids, >30 demos/games. It really screams for a sort.
    That shouldn’t be hard to implement.

    MPEG4-ASP (DivX/Xvid) support would be nice, but i understand that sony consider them as piracy formats.

    One positive thing. I’m really looking forward to the standby feature, altough i don’t have a psp.

  • Starting the PS3 via the PSP is AWESOME. I didn’t like leaving my PS3 on for nothing and this resolves it, woohooo………

  • Thanks Sony. Keep the FREE updates coming our way. Looking forward to checking it out.

  • I don’t think we’ll be seein’ ol’buddy come back to update with news now. Not after this. “ha” He’s probably use to disappointment, though.

  • oivay see they get 2.0 and they complain twise as much never be happy you heathens.


  • Give me a break. Why do you guys think they need to post a VIDEO to show the other items that they did not mention…perhaps it is because they want you to SEE it to believe it.

  • OMG these features are useless. We get in-game ads and not in-game friends list. Sony atleast tell us in game xmb is coming this year if not stop dragging it on.
    This false hope is killing this system and i wotn be buy the ps3 version of any game till i get in game xmb. Just tell us if the ps3 just doesnt have the ram to do it or not and stop asking gap member if which 1 they would want most. 80% of ps3 owners are not happy we want awnsers.

  • @ 87

    I do not care for in game xmb as a technical thing either.
    But, I would like to be able to communicate with people when I’m playing, With alla the multiplayer games and Co op the interaction between people is very important.

    In game xmb would solve that.

  • No in-game XMB = no further PS3 game purchases. I’m voting with my wallet Sony and you need to get this straightened out ASAP. You’re lucky you still have time because once MS fixes the 360’s hardware issues, its checkmate.
    And I’m a Sony FAN (TV, Receiver, etc. all Sony), imagine what people think that are in the middle of the road.

  • Hold on hold on…..WHERE…IS….MY….IN GAME….
    *Must calm down now*

  • I think the stuff in this update is pretty cool, a little superfluous, but so what? don’t forget their network is FREE. once you start paying for it, then you can complain.

  • Where is the access to the XMB ingame???What are you waiting for,to let us consult our messages and chating ingame on the XMB???I’m sorry to say i’m disapointed ,you might have called it 1.95 not 2.00

  • Hey guys, don’t uproar so easily… its just a PREVIEW of the features include on the 2.00 be patience LORD!

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