Firmware Update (v2.00)

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Hi everyone. Here’s a preview of the next PLAYSTATION 3 firmware update (2.00) scheduled to release within the next few days. This update contains features that will allow you to receive news directly from us on everything PlayStation, enhance the way you access and organize your media, and allow you to customize your XMB in new ways.

Here’s a closer look at the new features:

You’ll notice this icon in the Network category of the XMB. This is the Information Board.


Once activated, you’ll notice scrolling headlines in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. We’ll be delivering the latest news on new games, PLAYSTATION Store updates, hardware, accessories and lots more through the Information Board. Click on the Information Board icon and you’ll be able to see all of the headlines and click through for more detail. The headlines and associated stories will be updated on a regular basis. You can choose not to display the Information Board, but you never know what you might miss, so I’d recommend keeping it on.

We’ve added a nice enhancement to Remote Play called Remote Start, to use Remote Play locally or from a Wi-Fi hotspot, you needed to make sure that your PS3 was on. With Remote Start this is no longer necessary. As long as your PS3 is in standby mode, you’ll be able to turn your PS3 on remotely via the PSP. You can then use Remote Play to access media on your PS3, and when you’re finished you can put your PS3 back into standby mode.

Another feature we’ve added with this update is the ability to set themes on your PS3. Themes will change the whole look of your XMB; the background, icons, and in some cases sounds on your XMB will completely change. We will be providing themes on and through the PLAYSTATION Store. Once you have downloaded a theme, under Settings go to Theme Settings, select Theme and then choose a theme to display or install a new theme. We are also providing the ability for you to get creative and make your own original themes.

We’ve also added a new way to organize your photos and music on the PS3 – you can now create custom playlists for all of your music and photos.

Finally, regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I’m using a new avatar. You will see that logo above on your XMB representing the new PLAYSTATION Network category. You’ll find the PLAYSTATION Store and Account Management in this category.

We’ve added several other features in this update. I’ll soon be back with more details with a quick video demo of some of the new features.

As always thanks for all of your support and feedback.

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  • awesome!!! cant wait

  • no in game xmb…

  • no music while playing, no friendlist while playing..

    sry but these were the most important things for 2.0 :(

  • nice when are we going to get in-game xmb

    Where is it?

    I think the whole PS3 Community is talking and begging to a… don’t know….

    This is like stoneage: Quit Game to send a Message…

    I’m disappointed…

  • This doesn’t sound like it deserves a 2.0 versioning. What’s happening Sony? Ran out of digits before you could get in-game XMB working?

  • You might want to explain to everyone that this is only called 2.0 because you ran out of minor revision numbers. Is there a real major release ever coming?

  • yeah we really need xmb while playing…
    xbl also has this ability and it is sooooo extremely important!!!

  • no in-game xmb. screw you.


  • Comment # 5

    I so totally agree.


    Be heard, people… Don’t allow this to continue. All I can say. Sony just got trounced in Japan by the xbox 360 sales too. Sony is in trouble. Big time. Everyone is leaving the company and now this. No xmb in game. What a joke! Sony, you let me down too many times.

  • Are you kidding me?! Where’s ingame XMB? This sounds more like 1.95fw not 2.00

    Come on!! Bring out the big guns this really really blows!

  • this ship called sony is sinking, fast.

  • Sonym I think you just made you biggest miss 2007.

    You made good on bringing the games you did not have in the beginning. But realising something like this before the christmas shopping frenzy.


  • Since sony doesn’t wanna tell you why they can’t give you xmb in game… I will. It’s because they split their ram allocations up for the OS and in order to run a game and xmb it’d kill the system. It would run slow as hell. thanks, Sony!

  • PSN will always be garbage until in-game XMB releases. I can’t believe you even bothered with this stuff when you knew we all want 1 major thing: In-game XMB. I don’t know why you’d waste your time on this garbage when you should be focusing on major aspects of the PSN like….. IN-GAME XMB!

  • @gamesblow…. get outta here man



  • Quote: We’ve added several other features in this update. I’ll soon be back with more details with a quick video demo of some of the new features.

    As always thanks for all of your support and feedback.

    Me: It doesn’t say the XMB isn’t going to be in it, so hold on before you jump.

    Good Work Sony

  • No custom soundtracks, no in-game xmb, santa isn’t real.

    c’mon man. at least let us know when its coming!

  • its coming tomorrow, according to threespeach anyway

  • Are you people kidding? This is sweet! True, I would like in game XMB, but that is not that big of a deal. Also in game music I would probably only use for online and on games that have bad music, which are few.

  • @21

    hes talking about in-game XMB not this crap update.

  • They haven’t finished announcing the features yet. Relax.

    What they did announce looks good.

    Looking forward to see what other features are included.

  • Sony just punched us all in the guts and then took our candy. Sony, since you’re not answering any questions… why don’t you ponder this one. What are you doing to secure our investment in your company as we did buy this 400 to 600 dollar boat? All the games you’ve released have got garbage scores. Your software lacks. Your sales are sluggish… What gives?

  • Eric Lempel says,”We’ve added several other features in this update. I’ll soon be back with more details with a quick video demo of some of the new features.”
    Umm, I hope these other details include in game XMB and AVI play back features. Anything outside of these two updates, I may not even download it.

  • These comments are going to be strikingly similar to threespeech’s post on the this firmware update methinks.

  • I have to say, that having the ability to better manage images and music is a big bonus. I have about 3,500 images spanning 7 years on my PS3, and it’s nearly impossible to view them in a reasonable way. Thanks Sony!

    Please tell me there’s much more info to come. This is getting a little depressing, if this is it.

  • The new features are all great, but could you please give us a little bit of info on in game XMB?

    I don’t understand why we don’t have it yet. everyone has been asking for it, yet u guys are so quiet about it, and now to everyone’s surprise, still no XMB in 2.0.

    Come on! You are really hurting your fan base, at least tell us why is not out, and what u are doing about it, so you can stop the dam complaints and the rumors and speculations.


  • There’s still another post with more, the soundtracks will be nice

  • You know what’s even worse… They’re not allowing us to arrange the stupid ass PSN games we’ve bought the way we want to. We have to ahve them all palced the way Sony wants to. What a joke! Sony, I really hate you right now. Like… bad. Only, I don’t want to invest more money on a much more capable machine since I’ve wasted thousands on yours.

  • Boooo, no in-game xmb no 2.00
    lol good way to ruin christmas with the likely hood of no in-game xmb. What was added to even go to the next non-decibal number? xmb themes was done in PSP without a fw increase (i.e. 4.0 instead of 3.7 or w/e it was) adding a icon doesn’t result in the change or the RSS ticker feed. Remote start same deal. the only 2 things people wanted in 2.00 aren’t there and stuff everyone expected for a random incremental fw update was all that was left. This should be at 1.94 or 1.95 update at best

  • Come on, can we at least get an ETA for in-game XMB?

  • so is this video going to take a year to make? or maybe we just wont get it.

  • I hope In-game XMB is included in this “We’ve added several other features in this update. I’ll soon be back with more details with a quick video demo of some of the new features.”

    Otherwise you guys deserve every flaming comment that is coming.

  • Christmas was already ruind by Sony… Look at the comeitions line-up and look at ours. We have uncharted. They have like 3 to our 1 game. It’s a joke. Sony just flat out wants out of the console business altogether.

  • This seems weak. I really expected more from Sony but i am happy to get better handling of all my music that just does not get managed properly with the current XMB.

    I also really wanted to see Home as a part of this firmware update (though home would be more of an app update/install), i think that would have made this worthy of being called 2.0

    P.s. for all that use there PS3 for blu-ray movies as much as i do, you may want to pick up Ratatouille and Cars from Amazon, bundle is on sale for just $45

  • I dont think Eric works 8-hours days. Anything can be done if you work hard enough Eric, I know you heard that from your boss.

  • Ya, know a new browser wouldn’t hurt either. I hope this is part of the “added several other features” thing your talking about.

  • Some of you people are nauseating. Just because you assumed an update ending in a solid number (X.0) was going to be a big update, it’s not Sony’s fault. It’s yours for assuming and believing rumors. If Sony says they are working on it, then they are working on it.
    ANY Update is a good update. As long as Sony keep providing updates to this awesome system, then I’ll keep being happy about them.

  • Well, that was certainly disappointing.

    I like the idea of the PLAYSTATION Network XMB group, but thats not the way to do it.

    Remove Friends, under PLAYSTATION Network, add in Friends under there. We need game invites as well.

    Under Game, add categories, such as Demos, Games, and then the Blu-Ray Disc icon stays right above those.

    Under Video, add categories, such as TV Shows, Movies, Trailers, and Game Videos.

    Add in-game XMB so that we can use the game and cross game invites so we can actually have a good online experience.

    You’ve had in-game XMB in the prototype so I don’t understand why it would be so hard to incorporate into the system.

    Add support for video files such as WMV and AVI, nobody likes converting to MPEG4 all the time.

    Add real profiles to the games, like how gamertags work on the 360. Add those entitlements that you were talking about a while back.

    If you want to send me an e-mail telling me why you don’t want us to have good system features, send me an e-mail.

  • It’s been 1 year since Sony launched almost… 1 year is more than enough time to give us what we wanted. Motorstorm has the worst damn soundtrack ever! I don’t play it cause all the music is complete f’n garbage! I mean all of it… I’d love to be able to slap some of my bands music onto my ps3 or MAtthew Good or U2 or Echo & the bunnymen… anything other than the trite drivl that’s on there. But no!!!!!

  • This line interests me:

    “We’ve added several other features in this update. I’ll soon be back with more details with a quick video demo of some of the new features.”

    Please for the love of Sony have in-game XMB. At least the ability to send and recieve messages and have a proper chat room where you can type messages to people instead of PMs.



    Firmware 3.50 in late 2010

  • Yup, this update is pretty disappointing!
    I don’t even know how much more patience I still have with this.
    Please hurry things up with home! Enough is enough…

  • Maybe it is because i do not have a Xbox360 that i do not find the great need for in-game XMB access.

    I would find use for in game chat with buddies in my friends list but what else would i need to do while blasting people in warhawk (WHICH KICKS A$$ BTW!!)

    But as i said before they should open the Beta for Home during this FW update.

  • guys, anyone expecting in game xmb support is lost on Sony… They don’t understand what that means. They can’t wrap their ehads around how Microsoft has been doing it for 3 years now and they can’t even access it, let alone getting it up to speed. I said it once… Uncharted will be my last game for the Ps3, I believe so. I hate to say it, but I’m sinking too much money into Sony and I could be buying guitar equipment and other stuff. I’ve bought 30 Blu-rays to date. 12 ps3 games… 17 PSN game downlaods. Add on packs. I’m done. I’m really done this time. Gameblow will be changed to a pro xbox site.

  • It’s obvious there isn’t in-game XMB in it. It’s Sony, come on! If there was in-game XMB they wouldn’t stop bragging, and talk about how good the PSN now is. I wish they would do that, because PSN is garbage right now, and in-game XMB isn’t happening this year.

  • This is a really disappointing firmware update. It’s been one whole year and we still can’t have in game messaging nor music.

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