Firmware 2.00 Video Demonstration

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Hello again. To better illustrate new features in the forthcoming firmware update, we’ve created a quick video demonstration of some of the new features (shot using the PLAYSTATION Eye). Inside, you’ll see a quick run through of how Themes, the Information Board, Remote Start, and custom photo and music playlists work.

As soon as the firmware goes active, our System Software Update page will refresh to reflect all of the features found in firmware v2.00.

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  • Looking forward to downloading the Firmware update.

    Also I know a lot of people are asking for in-game XMB access but I would also like the Avatars to be updated weekly or monthly. You know, just a couple here and there.

  • @46

    …PS3 is beating 360 a lot in Japan. Where did you get those numbers?

  • With remote start will i be able to pull my PS3 out of F@H or does it have to be in standby mode or remote play mode, because mine is almost always folding when I’m not using it.

  • i understand that programming is hard, but maybe try to make the interface more user-friendly rather than aesthetically pleasing? i’m sure you all are working hard to get the in-game xmb to work right, but how about starting it off slow. my main issue is having to quit a game to send a PM. how about adding that feature first, then the music and whatnot can come later. and that’s really all you need. i don’t see why someone would wanna watch a picture playlist or a video in-game. maybe change settings, that’s understandable also. what would be cool is if you guys added a two-tabbed window when you push the PS button in-game. One tab, and the default one, would be what you currently see, the “quit game, change controller #, turn off system/controller.” Then, by pushing R1 or L1, you can cycle to the next tab, which would be the in-game xmb (or most of it neway, like i said before you, really only need settings, music (maybe), and the friends list). now THAT would make things a lot easier.

    thanks for this update though, and i hope you guys like my idea.

    p.s. will you guys be explaining the reason behind why the ps store was temporary offline. was there an update for that too. i noticed some news online about a new card feature (like one of those wii-point thingies? i’m assuming) but has anything else been changed?

    thanks again

  • You must not have seen the new sales data from Famitsu today. “hahahaha” Xbox 360 sold 16,300.00 to Ps3’s 15,440.00 Sad times… Well, sony should’ve done something about it, so it’s not sad times. It’s reality.

  • Disappointing, VERSION 2.0?
    DTS HD MA?
    BR 1.1?

  • Ok, now that we can organize our music and photos, organizing our games would be nice too. It’s really annoying to have to scroll down to play my favorite game when I have tons of games and demos. Making folders for demos, games, etc., as someone mentioned before, would be awesome too.

    As for the custom themes, I look forward to that. It’s pretty cool on the PSP, so I can’t wait to get it going on the PS3. The Information Board looks cool too, along with Remote Start.

    For what this update gives us, I’m very happy. Thanks for the info.

  • Thanks for the vid. I have one question though. I know you guys might have more then one background theme right? The current one you’re showing on the vid is that the best looking one?
    I’m totally digging that Remote Start feature.
    Will we be seeing a lot more remote play title from the PS3. I believe this is going to be a key feature between the psp and ps3. I know you can play Lair through your psp. But will there be others and better titles to stream to our psps?

  • OMG everybody STFU about in-game XMB. 2.0 is not the last FIRMWARE up-date they are doing. I know Sony will bring in-game around when HOME comes out….chill out, and play your games, and stop Fricken crying about the smallest things in life!! Or in fact….. GET A LIFE!!

    Oh yeah I am happy with this up-date, keep it coming, and can’t wait for Uncharted Demo tomorrow!!

  • Although many people are complaining, I think this is a good update with or without in-game XMB, because it has awesome customization. From what I know is you guys didn’t announce in-game XMB for 2.0, and I know down the road we will get it, so I find it ignorant for people jumping down your throats demanding somthing you guys are not ready to distibute to us. Looking foward to tomarrows update and keep up the good work!

  • So, with this update… Sony has pleased 4% of their target audience and upset 96% of their target audience. Good job…

  • Lol, I agree with Gavi (#41), but man Gamesblow is starting to get annoying, and over reacting.

    His name sounds familiar though…. oh yea, he got banned from a few forums a while ago… Can Sony ban him? LOL

    Anyways, people are overreacting, mainly gamesblow and the people he is helping come to the conclusion that Sony has failed because of… because of what? Because of no in-game XMB yet.

    So sad.

  • Wow – a lot of weak things in the update.

    That said, this update does not include valuable features that consumers have been asking for – such as in-game xmb functionality. Personally, I’m looking forward to using this feature as I’m frequently messaged while in a game – and I know a lot of you are too.

    As far as other features many of you are adding (such as themes) – gamers continue to respond to these blog posts to provide new functionality to PS3 that are more important. New features and functionality have continually been added to the system since it debuted, and we’re sure the updates that follow will continue to be mediocre.

    We do read your blog posts, and they have haven’t shaped previous updates – including this one.


  • Please tell me that we can change the text color! Its hard to see white text against certain BG’s.

  • very nice update Eric. btw will it come out at midnight or later during the day?

  • I’m feeling the information board to. I forgot to mention this on my last post.

    Is there anyway we could get animated backgrounds or themes? That would kick some major a$$. It would be sort of like a background screen saver.

  • It’s not really full XMB functionality that people are requesting.

    It is merely the messaging functionality and the settings menu. Being able to change sound/video/etc settings while in a game would be extremely useful.

  • If the Home closed beta has in-game messaging, there’s no reason to think they’re planning on implementing that feature separately in the firmware.

  • Well, cant wait to play the Uncharted demo tomorrow on my new 2.0 firmware! :P

    Off to get Ratchet & Clank Future and Call of Duty 4 now!


  • No, S3NTY… My biggest complaint is the fact that we still can’t arrange our games the way we want. XMB in game is a pipde dream.. ISony couldn’t deliever that on a bet. There system isn’t strong enough. As I said, it would take firmware updates for every game in order to run in game XMB and you’d have to rewrite it in a way it’d run off of one of the SPE’s on the system. In game music is something I do want… that’s legit. It’s asking to much, though. I know… Sony and all. But what about the option to arrange stuff we’ve bought? It’s absurd! We can’t even do that!

  • Well I think, I hope Sony has got the point regarding In-Game XMB we have beat that point to death so once again we NEED In-Game XMB! Also when are we going to get 5.1 AAC support from videos stored on the HDD? Along with that can we get a list of the exact MP4 specifications the PS3 supports as to make encoding easier for us “power users”.

    To recap I want 5.1 AAC or even just 5.1 Audio from the videos stored on the HDD. The PS3 handles 5.1 from the m2ts files on my Sony HDR-SR1 so let me have it from videos stored on the HDD of the PS3 not just the camera, even if that means encoding in AVCHD m2ts format. Also one more for good measure we NEED In-Game XMB/Messaging/Friends List!

    Now to comment on the post itself I like this new idea of “showing” the new firmware coming out and as always keep up the wonderful work!

  • Omg Gamesblow still goin lol.
    Dude your gonna get carpal tunnel.

    I can not believe how bat**** crazy some of you are behaving over a “firmware update” seriously a firmware update.

    Granted it’s pure comedy for us over here but it makes us wonder. How you react to other things in life?

    We think it would look something like this.

  • Where the Hell is in-game-access XMB????
    Answer me Eric!

  • In game XMB is hanging out with Big Foot, a couple aliens and Nessy right now. I’ll tell him you called when he gets back in, though.

  • @ Gamesblow

    Maybe you can provide a link for 360 outselling PS3 in japan cause I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Cant you guys just figure out a way to send messages while playing a game? And fix the ps2 log out thing, thats it. Then we will be happy.

  • This looks very very interesting Thank you alot man And for all the fanboyism comments whereis my in game spam Delete them or block them plz :-) We dont need them SHouting like this thats why they had a poll

  • I’m looking forward to the update. Thank you for posting the video and explaining the features.

  • Here’s one of the stealth updates.

    By far more important than in-game XMB and custom soundtracks. Parents rejoice. perhaps this new feature can stop people looking at fake and rumored firware lists on websites too, hey Eric?

  • I found the video very informative and interesting and I am looking forward to it. It puzzles me why people can get so down about something, when really, they should be happy that you can even update the system software. Also, you should appreciate what the PS3 already has. It would be great if you could read and send messages in-game, but you don’t need the XMB for that, folks.

  • Sweet update! I am really looking forward to this one. Thanks for the informative video.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Good update. It’s cool of you guys showing us the update before it’s out.

    I know you guys like feedback so here are what I want to see in future updates in order of importance. (1 being most important)

    1 – In game messaging and checking friends list from pressing the PS button.
    2 – Ability to play music on our PS3 while in game.
    3 – Support for more video formats. Most want would be Xvid/Divx support. (even if it was a $10 add on from the Playstation store)
    4 – Create folder to put games in. (like I could make a demos folder and put all my demos in it)
    5 – Improved PS1/PS2/DVD upscaling. You guys said it was possible so lets see it!
    6 – Option to have PS3 shutdown after all downloads are done.

  • LOOks awesome!!
    Love the great support and firmware updates Sony! Glad I choose your console.

  • @gamesblow, you’re THE man! You should work for M$ man. Or maybe you should get a life first before working for M$ lol. Don’t you have other things to do man? Unless you’re dumb enough to do anything. hahhahahahahaha.

  • Is he serious about wanting our feedback? I will say it for the 1,000,000,001 time ,WE WANT IN GAME XMB! Obviously he and those other white collars have been sitting behind a computer reading the wrong blog about what us consumers want. If he was honest he would have seen the millions of people asking for in game XMB. That is the number one wanted feature so where is it? Eric responds with ” As far as other features many of you are calling for (such as in-game XMB) – SCE continues to evaluate opportunities to provide new functionality to PS3 on an ongoing basis. New features and functionality have continually been added to the system since it debuted, and we will continue to update you with new developments.
    We do read your comments, and they have helped shaped previous updates – including this one”.What a bunch of bulls#!@$! Why can you not just answer our questions with a simple answer.
    Here since you seem to be as educated as a rock maybe this is easier for you.
    Are we getting in game XMB?
    If not why? If yes then when?
    It seems to me that you dont really care about your mass consumer. We want to be able to play a game and message a friend while doing so. But no we have to shut the damn game off to do so. That is a great feature eric thanks for keeping it in there for us, please thank the other idots who helped with it also! We have a great system but your just giving microsoft another reason they are better right now. Oh and we have a multi media machine, thats holds movies, photos, and music. Can I listen to my own music while playing a game? No of course not that would be to great of a feature that most everyone asked for. Lets just add more folder options for music and stuff. Whatever dumba$$ monkey you have over there making these decisions needs to go back to the zoo. You guys need to get your act together. You are not going to always please everyone, but if you take the millions of people asking for in game XMB and actually put it in there, guess what? You would not have all these comments about sony letting us down again. See what the mass of us want put it in there then update the small stuff as you go. Sony is constantly letting us down please do something right for once. Listen to us!!! Remember your paycheck comes from satisfied PS3 customers!

  • 1. In-game access to PSN messaging

    2. Ability to play my own music from the XMB while in-game

    3. Larger buddy list and buddy-list features such as categorizing

    These are the things we want the most sony in that exact order.

  • All i can say is: good thing those of us who wanted Divx support aren’t acting like the crybabies who wanted in game XMB.

    2 things. First, if this were being called firmware 1.97, i doubt any of you would be getting this upset. Secondly, you’re all upset because, frankly, you all spent the last 3 months telling each other that you were going to get something with 2.0 that you’ve come to find out you’re not getting. So if you’re all this let down and this angry, it’s your own damn fault. So quit with the “wahh wahh wahhh” and move on.

    If you’re going to get it, you’ll get it some time in the future. If you’re not going to get it, then i’m sure there’s probably a reason for it. It may not be a reason that speaks well of Sony’s design of the PS3, but i doubt it has anything to do with Eric or his team.

  • I don’t see why everyones complaining
    in game xmb will come soon enough!
    anyway thumbs up for the update cant wait to have a mess about and personalize my PS3

    maybe in future you can add folders for videos and games so we can store them and keep things looking tidy (damn my OCD)
    update the browser so its easier to use and has flash updates automatically
    oh and some sort of multiple client instant messenger

    dont ask for much do i?

  • @jeremyprice11: They do read these comments and you can tell by the things they do. I know that it sucks not having in game XMB, but like most companies they have strategies of when they want to release what. It now a question of are they going to release in-game XMB, but when.

  • I’m going to be leaving work now and in doing so I leave this message to you all… Sony’s fate is sealed. We don’t need to complain about this and that. It really just hit me as I was rushing my last customer out of here after selling them an xbox 360 over a ps3… sony doesn’t need us to tell them what to do. They’re doing a great job on their own, right? … I mean, the lackluster sales speak volumes. I’m done with Sony and this site. It’s been real and it’s been good, but it hasn’t been real good.

  • wow look at the whining little babys like gamesblow…..saddd…..never satisfied..

    I’m so excited for these features and the fact Sony is letting us customize our own themes which goes waaaaaay beyond what the other system is doing at the moment and charging for them on top of that. We all know in-game xmb is coming so just quit whining and go play some ratchet and clank or w/e floats your boat. Anyways……..

    Tomorrow will be a great day with new ways to look at the PS3 and now no 2 ps3s will be the same. And tomorrow will be the day PSP users/ps3 users will be able to do what no other console in this world is doing and thats accessing it from anywhere in the world. You guys might not appreciate the features you have at your fingertips until there gone and you realize how much of a rich experience Sony has been offering there customers since day 1 and beyond. I didn’t even mention the Uncharted demo which will be great as well or the free online Sony provides us and the robust online play.

  • can we seriously get a mod or something to delete gamesblow? hes on this blog ALL DAY. he’s spreading FUD about 360 winning in japan when anyone’s grandma can tell you how much thats a joke. He’s a microsoft viral marketeer, and should be deleted.

  • Thanks for the video update. I can’t wait to try it out tonight.

    I suggest you start using the IP block feature because it’s becoming increasingly to sift through the blog with the amount of rude comments from certain users.

  • Sweet; can’t wait! ^,^ …..>,>…..also can’t wait for the infamous in-game XMB….til then give us more!!! XD

  • Edit “…It’s not a question of….

  • make sure you clean those dishes well gamesblow. have fun at work!

  • I just wanna say. Im a multi-console owner but I am a long-time fan of the PlayStation. Believe it or not the PlayStation 3 is my favourite, it looks the best, I love watching Blu-ray movies, and Im looking forward to getting my hands on exclusive games like Ratchett & Clank & Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

    CALL OF DUTY 4 is released today (in the UK) and I can either buy the PS3 or the Xbox 360 version. Reviews indicate that the game is virtually the same on both consoles. If no version is better how do I choose which one to buy?

    Today (sadly) I will choose the Xbox 360 version. Why? Because it allows in-game invites, access to my friends list, and in-game access to the 360. As well as the added features of Achievements.

    Sony come-on! Give me a reason to choose the PlayStation versions.

  • Eric Nice to see you made a video about it. will the information board show up in games also? also i was wondering if your ever going to allow downloads to download during dvd movies? Maybe not blu ray but atleast during dvds?

  • Thanks for demonstrating the new features on video.

    I loved the themes feature on PSP, and had been hoping they’d bring this feature to PS3–now it looks like they’re doing that. I’m also glad that they’re introducing playlist management, and Remote Start should be a great boon for playing media content remotely using the PSP.

    Is this everything I could possibly want out of the PS3 user interface? Nope. Should Sony stop here? Heck no. I’d love to have in-game messaging and in-game custom soundtracks, too. Hopefully we’ll get those features sooner than later. There’s a lot of other features on my personal wish list, too.

    In another year, there will surely be other features people will clamor for. That’s the great thing about having a system with upgradable firmware–it can evolve and change with people’s needs. Just because a desirable feature isn’t in there yet doesn’t mean it never will be, or that they’re not working on it already.

    For now, I’m grateful for what they’ve given us so far. They’ve done a good job at adding new abilities at a steady pace, and I’m sure this progress will continue.

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