Firmware 2.00 Video Demonstration

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Hello again. To better illustrate new features in the forthcoming firmware update, we’ve created a quick video demonstration of some of the new features (shot using the PLAYSTATION Eye). Inside, you’ll see a quick run through of how Themes, the Information Board, Remote Start, and custom photo and music playlists work.

As soon as the firmware goes active, our System Software Update page will refresh to reflect all of the features found in firmware v2.00.

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  • Sweet, looks great

  • Yaaaaaaaawn. Like I care to use your custom backdrops. this is terrible. Why won’t you let us arrange our PSN downloads the way we want? I’d have been happy with that, but no… you all didn’t even give that to us. Nice Tv… too bad it’s being wasted.

  • Looks great too, but please, put a clock on next firmware by pressing the PS button.


  • Its a shame, no in game xmb. IN game xmb was the only thing we wanted. We dont care about anything else.

  • A question. I’ve got a lot of media files in Simple Profile and Advanced Simple Profile MP4 format.

    The PS3 only supports MPEG-2 and MPEG 4 High Profile I believe. But since the S and AS profiles aren’t supported they will have to be transcoded to MPEG-2 for me to watch them through my UPNP server.

    As I’d love to have this functionality are there any plans to support this?

  • none of those features matter… I mean, basically we’re just going to have another mess of folders to sort thru with the pic and music option. We’re going to not be able to sort and toss our PSN games into folders… What is this? Those idiotic custom backgrounds??? Who wants this stuff? I mean, really… this is just absurd. It’s an insult to anyone who paid 600 bucks for this system and that’s that. No 1.1 for our blu-ray I suppose…?? What happened, Phony?

  • Heres some feedback, you failed. VERY HARD.

  • Well no new features shown, I was wrong.

    I agree with #3, PLEASE do that, would it even be so hard?? Doubt it.

    But I hate the PS Network symbol. Well, actually I like it, looks great, it is just not corespondent to the other icons. So it looks out of place and dose not fit with themes, dont like that.

    And HOPEFULLY we will have the ability to access our friends list and stuff in game, exactly what RFOM did… and what the Home closed beta is doing, which is great BTW…

    But please, all these small things matter too, and aren’t that hard to do.

  • I love how at the end he’s like.. we look forward to your feeback. no you don’t. Trust me.

  • If it wasn’t for Naughtydog and Insomniac, Sony… I’d drop you deader’ a six card poker hand right now.

  • Playstation » Firmware 2.00 Video Demonstration

    […] Darren Murph wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptTo better illustrate new features in the forthcoming firmware update, we’ve created a quick video demonstration of some of the new features (shot using the PLAYSTATION Eye). Inside, you’ll see a quick run through of how Themes, … […]

  • Please put a clock like the PSP when pressing the PS button! We need one… Also it would be very nice to be able to create and manage folders in games to have them separated by DEMOS, DOWNLOADABLE GAMES, etc..

    You are doing great Sony, It is very good to see great features being implemented in the XMB, but please try to focus more on more important ones. THANKS

  • I want to know this. Is the news channel going to be available IN GAME?

  • Cool, but In-game XMB would have taken the cake.


  • Nothing is available in game with Sony, Joel… It’s to be expected, man. Also, what’s Sony think about gettin’ smoked in Japan by the xbox 360 in sales this week? That’s what I want to know… more over, I’d like to know what they’re doing about it so it doesn’t happen again? I mean… are you even trying anymore Sony?

  • Thanks for the video, it explained the new features pretty good. Can’t wait to try out the new features and the demo you know the one I’m talking about I’m sure.

  • I wasn’t too happy about the lack of in-game messaging.

    But I have to say, that news ticker is actually pretty cool.

  • @Joel (13): That would be kind of a distraction if it was there all the time, but I HOPE that it is there when a new article or piece of news shows up.

    If not, damn, but its still great to not have to get on my computer all the time just to see stuff like whats gonna be in the PS Store update.

  • I’m really digging this update. The different themes look fantastic.

    And remote play (enhancements) is one of the most innovative feature ever, for the PSP and PS3 owner a dream come true.

    Don’t see what the fuss about ingame XMB is all about. It’s more an annoyance than something usefull. Custom soundtracks should get put in though.

  • I was a little unhappy about the lack of in-game XMB, in particular, I want to be able to chat with my friends while I play.

    But that news thing looks pretty cool.

  • I want my in game xmb! Sweet update though, but still could have been much much sweeter. I’m sad now……

  • “Shot using the PS Eye”

    This blog is nothing more that a freaking commercial.

  • i dont care about japan, you see the ps3 sold nearly 2 million units there the 360 hasnt even sold half a million there.
    Nintendo took japan from sony like a buglar taking candy from a baby.

    Anyhow, Europe the ps3 is destroying the 360,in the U.S 360 is destroying the ps3.

    Lets stay on topic. You guys should hold the update until next week. And put in more features because if you release it tomorrow I suer to god I will sell the ps3 tomorrow and buy a 360.

  • cooool!!!!

  • AWESOME UPDATE! Sony pulls through again!

  • Lol, looks like some people are happy with the update.

    I am too, just dont like new icon since it doesn’t go with any of the others, and of course, no in-game messaging, but thats ok..

    Like many have said before me, good update, looks great, and I hope Sony releases a theme maker.

  • learn to spell swear first :)

  • Aaron, you are what’s wrong with Sony right now. People just like you kickin’ Pixie Sticks down their throats when they need to have a good kick to the tip of their D**ks!


  • I cant wait! thanks Sony!

    firmware v1.9?

  • Wow – two blog posts to feed the trolls.
    Careful you don’t feast too much on the opportunity to spread your FUD or trip on your way to run to an opportunity to twist the facts…

  • I wish we had in game xmb and be able to talk and send messages while in any game.

  • We’re now almost a full year after launch and the PS3 still doesn’t have completely basic features that the XBOX 360 launched with (2 years ago now). I’m talking about in-game access to messaging, being able to chat with anyone on your friends list no matter what you’re doing (including in-game), access to your friends list, cross game invites, and being able to play your own music in any game. You can do all of this on the 360 seamlessly and you’ve been able to for 2 years now… meanwhile the PS3 is still stuck in the stone age.


  • Can’t wait to see what Sony has up their sleeve for the next firmware update! Its has been a GREAT year in updates so far :)

  • Quite a update not what everyone expecting… but how know maybe there a update for this December like a Christmas present with the DEAR IN-GAME XMB features that everyone want ^_^. There plenty of days before the year end soo how know maybe we receive the features late on December or early next one.

  • Sorry Eric, but you failed. I don’t know why I had hope you guys would do something right…

    Homebrew developers give better updates on the PSP than any Official FW!
    Thanks God, we will soon have homebrew on the PS3. Then we will see some cool updates.


    That’s more interesting than the 2.0 update… Watch that vid instead. Or my site intro “ha”

  • I’m actually pleased with the update. I didn’t expect too much and actually got more than what I expected. Can’t wait for the next update.

  • did he say the PSN Logo is a test unit and it could change over time?? or am I crazy??

  • If they gave you XMB, would you be satisfied? I know it’s a big if, and it’s a bigger if if you would be satisified. Wouldn’t you just want the next thing, you’d scream blue murder for custom soundtracks next, then what? Moan and complain, get what you want, rinse and repeat. T

    he playlists, themes, information board and remote start are excellent additions in my opinion and I would love to see in-game XMB and custom soundtracks just like everybody else, but it seems they’re having a hard time getting those features into the firmware updates. If they could, they would. They’ve heard it from people for the last year. Perhaps Home will save us all.

  • I’d have been happy to be able to move my impulse PSN buys away from my Warhawk download… That can’t be, either. Cause Sony’s so cool.

  • were the eye games

  • gameblow why not just blow ur self away from here. Geeez, Lord someone need a life or a girlfriend hahahaha I’m joking :oP

  • Put simply, those of us who are after in-game messaging and custom soundtracks will be spending 6-7 games worth of money on buying a 360 as well at some point soon.

    Thats 6-7 games PS3 won’t sell. Then for every game we want those features we’ll also buy the 360 version.

    Those who agree with me and want those features really don’t want to do it, but are having the gun put to our heads by (ironically) Sony.

  • I think it’s safe to Say Sony failed… again. I’d like to see what they have to rescue their system in Japan now. I mean, we all know America and U.K. were xbox 360’s to have anyways,… but now it looks like Ps3 is in last place with xbox 360 beating the PS3’s sales this week in Japan by nearly 1300 units sold. For a total of 16,300.00 What a shame.

  • I want that TV :P.
    Anyways, nice, but could be better.

  • I feel sorry for you Eric. Everyone on here is complaining that they got free stuff, and wanting more. I think it’s a good update keep up the good work.

  • Great video. These features sound awesome. I love the remote start one! And Jebus all this complaining is annoying.

  • Look, someone can give me a bag of steaming **** for free… Am i wrong to complain about that? I think not. This update and that bag are one in the same.

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