Warhawk 1.1 Patch Escapes Early

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Warhawk Community … I swear there was supposed to be text with the headline above (for those who saw this post before 8pm PT). What I meant to say was …

This afternoon, some of our US players were inadvertently able to download the v1.1 patch prior to its official, worldwide deployment. This problem has been resolved and the v1.1 patch has been taken offline until we finalize our global test cycle.

We super apologize for the inconvenience — we all want the patch out as soon as possible, but we need to wait for it to clear the last stages of our world-wide test before we “pull-the-trigger.”

So…for those players that were using the Blu-ray version of Warhawk that *did* update to v1.1 today, we advise that you go to the XMB (cross media bar), and in your “Game Data Utility”, delete your Warhawk game data. Once you’ve done that, just re-boot Warhawk and the game will re-install v1.0, allowing you to play with the 1.0 world again. And I know you’ll all ask this…it will *not* affect your stats or Save Data.

Also please note that this inadvertent pre-release of v1.1 *only* affected players using the Blu-ray version of the game in the US. All
other countries and products were unaffected.

Once more, we are very sorry for the unscheduled, unplanned, preview roll-out v1.1 :-)

We are still tracking the end of October for the “real” deployment of the patch and, as always, we will keep you all posted!

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  • I downloaded the patch seems to be running fine for me as long as there are enough servers I will keep it on mine. So far I have 0 problems finding a game.

  • hurry up and sort this out and demote me to the rank my score rates me at, got sick of being offed every-time i jumped into a Lv4 game that it just got to the point where i haven’t bothered to play it for ages now. shame as it was a fun game when playing at my level.

    wish i had bought the blu-ray version now, at least i could have made a new account for myself, but as it is i can’t as i got the download job with it’s lack of sub-account users. gyped!

  • i downloaded it. i guess it that was the reason there were no ranked servers

  • @scar28fo The only ranked servers are some of the user servers on 1.1 right now.

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  • I hope they roll this patch/repair out soon, 95% of Warhawk gamers have no idea this site exists. They should at least have a message as you log on that tells you how to fix your setup. Get on it guys!!!!!

  • Thanks. Ill go delete right away.

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  • @MICHELBRAVO | October 25th, 2007 at 7:38 am

    Booster packs are something that you pay for to add things to the game.Like new tanks,warhawks,new weapons,ect…

    Updates add to the game but usually don’t contain anything new to play with.They are usually used to further balance the game are add new features.Updates are free.

    And everyone should delete the 1.1 update so they can download the finished version when its released.If you have the current 1.1 then the system will think it has the update when all you have is a half finished version.

    @Dylan could you label the next 1.1 update 1.11 so those that downloaded 1.1 and haven’t deleted it will still update.Because allot of people will not know to delete the 1.1 that they downloaded.

  • Hey Dylan

    Any chance you could include the player’s name when someone is speaking on comms? It becomes difficult to tell who is speaking to who at times. Thanks and great job!

  • The moment I found out about the patch I removed it from my ps3. Picasso, you are a arrogant gamer because I just started playing and I was one of the misfortunate starters who was promoted to Air marshall on the first hour of play. But let me tell you, I played against true ranked air marshalls, generals, sergants,ect. I was able to hold my own against them some I defeated. I do agree with you about demotion because I would like to start from the bottom and work my self up. But, that shouldn’t give you the right to make assumptions about rookies(I classify myself as a experienced gamer because i’ve played many of these types of games).

  • I love this game, love it! But what is the freakin problem? A launch title delayed for 7 months; then single player mode was scrapped to focus on the multiplayer; beta tested for 2 months; has been out for what…..3 months now? and points earned during a match are still not accumulating. Is it really this difficult to get the damn points to add up after all this time? Also, the forthcoming “new maps” are just smaller variations of the same 5 we’ve been playing. Are new original maps coming? New vehicles? What are you guys working on????

  • just 3 days left.. when is it gonna be released?

  • 2 day left..

  • @Dark_king | October 27th, 2007 at 1:59 pm
    thank you very much. i thought it was like a flying machine.

  • When will the 1.1 patch be released?Please tell me!


  • still waiting… one more day.

  • Still waiting………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………until next time fellow frustrated, patient bretheren.

  • I’m sorry Warhawk but you lost a fan …it’s time Sony steps in and fix this.

  • First off Great game , but I downloaded the v1.1 patch pre-release.After a couple of days I reloaded my 1.0 version so I could play with others in my clan that were still in the 1.0 world.Now here it is the end of the month and still no patch.
    This is crap I had 10 times the fun playing with the 1.1 version.Now there are people playing in both what is going on. Management has droped the ball multiple times so far. When you continuosly fail to do what you say you are going to do there is a word for it …LIAR.Failure to release the single player portion of warhawk witch judging from screenshots was nearly completed,accidental patch releases,stats and join games probles , rank…ect.So in conclusion whats the hold up the patch is complete some already have it and are already enjoying it.Finnally we schould all chip in and get the Warhawk developement team a calender because they obviosly don’t realize it the end of the month and they had a patch to release.Oh yea we better not forget to circle December or we may never see v 1.2.

  • they are pullin a Kojima on us… tic toc.. time’s runing out…

  • Where is the %#!@ patch. LIARS
    Dylan you are full of it and have no clue what the heck is going on with warhawk you schould just keep your mouth shut if you don’t have your facts strait.

  • Hey guys..yeah its the 1st and there’s no patch..but you all need to calm down. This game is still such a great game, but has a few bugs. These guys would be working their asses off to fix all the issues, and its not an easy job..bugs r not just a “ok untick that” its finding why..then thinking of a fix, and most of the times a fix might counter act somthing else and it all becomes complicated. So have faith!

    The only thing that is an issue..is where is our update? Ok, don’t bring out the patch in Oct(understood)..but update us! That’s all i ask.

    Have a good one

  • “we will keep you all posted”.. YEAH RIGHT! i’m gonna play resistance now… THEY DO KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THESE THINGS. Poor PR for Sony they should step up and act, using the official blog to post wrong information is a crime if you ask me. ill check back next week i’m not gonna check every f*** day to see if you did your job Dylan.

  • @anf; the gaming industry is a grown-up industry..your optimism is misplaced, if they don’t know how to make a game and prepare for a patch you should not be in this business at all. Warhawk was a horror from day one.. they even killed the single player just to get it out after all those years.. man just check the history of this game and you’ll see what a horror story it has been. In the end they couldn’t even get a 5 map multi player out right. What happened with that beta test? why where these obvious things not noticed fixed? from Wiki; “Many network issues existed in the Warhawk beta,” .

  • ..also in december “Warhawk expansion pack 1” this is not a free patch… so what we supossed to get is a 1.1 LAST month an 1.2 patch this month and then the expansion pack in december. THE bussiest months of the year full of great games and no time.. you couln’t have picked a worse time. If you’ve checked your sales you will notice that in europe most people got the disk version..why? well most of us don’t have a credit card PS store doesn’t work. How is this problem gonna be fixed before december? or are most of us just gonna have to shut up and stop complaining.

  • @zapruder

    While annoying as it is that the update isn’t here it was never promised to be. Dylan stated that it should be out and was in the final stages of testing meaning that it may not make it by the end of the month. I want the updates out as much as the next warhawk gamer, but there was no hard deadline set by them. Implied yes but not set in stone. I am not trying to be overly apologetic towards Dylan/warhawk team as they should be updating us.

  • I’m pretty sure he did state it would be out in oktober.. never mind i got the info i wanted but not from this blog… “We are going to be globally deploying the v1.1 during an extended maintenance window Friday, November 2nd between 5am and 9am Pacific. “.. in short he’s posting a promise can’t follow up and now sneaky releasing the update info. but not on the blog where he should have kept us posted like he also said. In my book a pretty lame way of dealing with the fans.

  • I heard the same thing about when the release is happening and this is where I should have found out not somewhere else. I just wanted to clarify that they never did make a promise of its release in October in these blogs. Oh well here is hoping it does what it suppose to.

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